The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 198

Chapter 198: Boobs Bigger Than Yours
Chapter 198: Boobs Bigger Than Yours
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"Hey, wait for me senior! Just get someone else to search for the Seven Leaves, why insist on looking for it yourself." An approximately sixteen-year-old girl dressed in nun clothing jumped

There was another nun with a spiritual aura, and she was carrying a sack. From time to time, she would enter the forest and stop in front of a shrub, gently picking fruits the size of fingernails, and place them into her sack.

Such fruits were called Seven Leaves and by removing the outer shell, the fruit kernel was revealed. It was high in fat content and it tasted very sweet and fragrant. Besides being one of the more popular snacks of the people in Great Xia, it could even be used to extract oil from vegetables.

The price was rather high for an ordinary person. They were reluctant to eat them and would bring them to the city to sell after picking some from the mountains.

But, this was considered nothing to the spiritual nun. As long as she made a request, countless people would offer Seven Leaves to her and she would have a lifetime supply of it.

Hence, the younger girl couldn't understand why her senior had to go up the mountains during this period every year to collect Seven Leaves herself. Furthermore, they had to venture so far off the beaten path. Her senior and herself had to travel half a day to find that place as the other chaps had already picked all of the Seven Leaves around the temple.

Aren't we just going to eat them anyway?

What's the difference?

It won't be any sweeter if we pick them on our own.

"You will know in future." The spiritual lady gave a slight smile, that was ordinary and modest.

She was Li Yuanzhu, the third most powerful expert in the world, Li Yuanzhu.

If Hua Sanliu was the most loathsome of the experts, then she would be the most admirable character in Great Xia.

She hadn't killed a single person and hadn't touched a single drop of blood since she became famous. She had always been very humble and friendly towards others. Regardless of whether it was a woodman in the mountains or an old woman from a peasant family, nobody would feel the slightest bit of uneasiness when they saw her.

On top of that, that lady was also very eminent.

She was like a fairy in the heart of all others.

The other girl, who looked approximately sixteen years old, was called Ning Qing. It was said that she was Li Yuanzhu's junior. But in actual fact, Li Yuanzhu's master died long ago. She was just accepting a disciple on behalf of her master.

Presently, even though she was supposed to accompany Li Yuanzhu to pick the Seven Leaves, she bounced about vivaciously as soon as she entered the forest. She fancied everything she saw. Whether it was the red fallen leaves or a beautiful piece of rock, it made her happy. When she occasionally saw a small animal, she would make a big fuss and run around chasing it. But, she didn't pick a single piece of Seven Leaves at all.

While Li Yuanzhu was picking the Seven Leaves, Ning Qing had a whole afternoon of fun before returning to Li Yuanzhu's side. She pretended to help pick a few fruits, before her attention was drawn away once again to a few bugs.

Seeing her behaviour, Li Yuanzhu laughed helplessly. She was always like that, not able to calm down for even a bit.

"Oh yes senior, that Qi Zixiao is quite powerful as well. I heard that she killed Hua Sanliu. Hua Sanliu was actually ranked fifth in the world, which was a rank higher than her. But, he was unexpectedly killed by her." Ning Qing turned around and said. She was bouncing about when she suddenly recalled something that she heard.

"Naturally, she's very powerful." Li Yuanzhu pursed her lips and smiled.

"Never have I thought that Qi Zixiao would actually come into Great Xia. What could it be for? She could have enjoyed her life as an empress, but she chose to risk her life to battle with Hua Sanliu," Ning Qing pondered again curiously.

Li Yuanzhu thought about the news that she heard and found it very interesting and unexpected. But, she kept quiet about it. She never liked to talk about such gossipy stuff.

"It would be good if we could run into her. I have heard that she is remarkably beautiful. I would very much like to see what she looks like, but I'm sure she isn't as beautiful as senior," Ning Qing mumbled to herself.

Her senior was good-natured and couldn't care less about anything. But, she seemed to pay close attention to the other lady among the world's top ten experts.

After all, since the both of them were around the same age and were the only ladies among the world's top ten experts, it was inevitable that the both of them were often compared to each other. Li Yuanzhu naturally did not like it, and subconsciously bore an enmity towards the empress.

The both of them conquered yet another mountain peak as they walked, picked the Seven Leaves and had fun along the way. Suddenly, Li Yuanzhu stood erect, turned her head and looked over. She felt a very powerful aura heading towards her location at a high speed.

Even though her awareness level was already very strong, her range of detection wasn't big enough. She could only detect it when the other party was within five hundred meters from her.

"Senior, what's happening?" Ning Qing asked curiously.

"Someone is here and it's an expert. But, the aura is weak, so the person should be injured." Li Yuanzhu replied without much facial expression. She couldn't care less about whoever was approaching, but Qing Ning was present. It wouldn't turn out well if Qing Ning were to be caught in conflict with the other party.

"Expert? That person must be very powerful for you to call an expert. Furthermore, the person's injured Could it be Qi Zixiao?" Ning Qing laughed as she continued talking.

Even though Ning Qing actually wanted to see that world-famous lady, but the world was too vast and it would be too coincidental if they were to bump into her. It wouldn't be possible no matter how she imagined.

Li Yuanzhu kept silent.

Soon after, they saw two people riding on an unusual beast, which was the kirin. It zoomed onto a huge rock and stopped suddenly, staring cautiously at their direction.

Li Yuanzhu looked over and exchanged cold gazes with the person on the kirin's back.

Ning Qing actually called it right, what a coincidence! Li Yuanzhu was astonished.

Ning Qing initially felt curious when she saw the unusual beast. After which, she looked at the kirin, as well as the man and lady on its back. In particular, the lady in red who was full of heroic spirit. A figure suddenly flashed in her mind, it was someone whom she had just mentioned not long ago. She was surprised, and her mouth was wide open, shaped like an 'O'. Was she about to become a deity? How could she be so accurate?

"Qi Zixiao!" Li Yuanzhu spoke softly. Although they had never met before, but she could tell in one look.

After all, she was indeed powerful. She was dressed in all red and was riding a kirin. Something must be wrong if she didn't know who that was.

"Li Yuanzhu!" Cold air emitted from the empress's body. She never thought that she would bump into this renowned lady at this place. It made her feel as if Li Yuanzhu was there to intercept her.

But, looking at this lady who was as well-known as she was, she couldn't possibly cower the slightest bit even when she was only left with thirty percent of her strength.

She gently landed on the foreground with a flip from the kirin. Then, she looked at Li Yuanzhu, with her body as erect as a spear.

Looking at that stance, Ren Baqian wondered what was happening.

Did they run into an expert? Who is Li Yuanzhu?

Since the empress recognized her in one look, she must be someone strong.

On second thought, it seemed like he had heard of that name before.

Ren Baqian tried to recall as fast as he could of when he heard of that name.

At that moment, Li Yuanzhu gave an ordinary, amiable and gentle smile. "I have no ill intentions and it is just a coincidence. It is fate that brought us together. I've heard of your fame for a long time, how about having a quick chat?"

"What do you mean!" the empress replied coldly.

"I just want to get to know you since we've met. Of course, I won't stop you if you want to leave."
Li Yuanzhu smiled, and her tone was relaxed, making the empress feel comfortable, like how one felt while experiencing the spring breeze.

As Ren Baqian watched from the back, he confirmed that she must be an expert, perhaps even one of the world's top ten experts.

Li Yuanzhu's attitude couldn't be a pretense as she completely treated the empress on an equal footing. In addition, the empress seemed to be afraid of the other party as well.

At the thought of that, it suddenly struck him who she was. Li Yuanzhu, the third most powerful expert in the world.

Previously, he had heard someone speak of her, but he didn't pay much attention to it. For a moment, he couldn't recall who she was.

Ren Baqian got a shock when he came to realize her status.

Even at her peak, the empress would probably not be able to win against her. Not to mention that she currently had only thirty percent of her strength.

It was fortunate that Li Yuanzhu did not display any ill intentions.

The empress simply stood there as motionless as an electric pole. After all, she wasn't the type who would be hostile for one moment and sit down to drink and chat merrily the next.
But, we can't possibly keep standing over here, can we?

In any case, at least Li Yuanzhu expressed some kindness.

It is better not to show any form of hostility to the other party at this moment.

At least till you have recovered.

Ren Baqian shouted at once. "We have meat. Do you have wine?"

The entire place went quiet. Li Yuanzhu never expected that the man whom she did not pay much attention to, would voice out a reply. Furthermore, he made such a statement, immediately making a decision for the empress.

Her delicate face revealed a gentle smile. "We don't have wine, but we have hand-picked Seven Leaves to offer."

After a while, the four people sat together. Li Yuanzhu and the empress looked at each other without speaking a word. One was cold but the other was gentle. They were both entirely different people.

Just the both of them sitting there made the entire wilderness felt like paradise.

Ning Qing looked curiously at the empress, and then again at Ren Baqian, and a thought rose in her mind.

So, Qi Zixiao looks like that, she's very beautiful indeed.

And that's the pretty boy that she has found.

I really can't see anything special about him.

Ren Baqian watched as the two of them looked at each other without talking and found it a little dull.

The third most powerful expert in the world looked like that. She seemed so gentle, nothing at all like what he had imagined.

He had always thought that those who were ranked top ten in the world would have the same type of aggressiveness as the empress. After all, an expert should have the demeanor of an expert.

That girl who looked like she was approximately sixteen kept looking at the empress and himself. She behaved as if she was looking at strange animals, and it made him feel a little uncomfortable.

"I think senior is better looking." After looking for some time, Ning Qing suddenly broke the silence and said something unexpected.

Seeing the two exceptional experts gathered together, there probably wouldn't be anyone who would say such a thing other than her. Such a thought was considered pretty outlandish.

Li Yuanzhu expressed an apologetic look and lightly patted Ning Qing's head, chiding her for uttering nonsense.

Ren Baqian sensed that the empress's presence grew colder. Even her face was as cold as ice.

After some thought, he felt that the empress and Li Yuanzhu were both in a state where they were trying to defeat each other with their gaze. He was compelled to help the empress regain some pride.

But, on a serious note, it was hard to declare who was better looking as both had their own unique features. In terms of martial arts, Li Yuanzhu was ranked third in the world, and it was not something that the empress could be proud about.

Ren Baqian glanced around, and his eyes lit up.

"Zixiao has bigger boobs." Ren Baqian's verbal assault was deadly. Li Yuanzhu was as beautiful as a deity, and she was so spiritual that it seemed as though a deity landed wrongly on a mundane world. But her chest was flat. It seemed flat to him at least.

Not only hers, but the girl's beside her as well.

As a result, the destructive power of Ren Baqian's words was off the charts.

Ning Qing looked at the empress' bosom, at her senior's, and then at her own. Her face suddenly turned pale, and her mouth shriveled up.

After hearing such words, even a ladylike Li Yuanzhu had her spirits shattered. Her ears turned slightly red, and her attention was subconsciously drawn to the empress's body.

The empress's ears were flushed, and she shot a death stare at Ren Baqian.