The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 199

Chapter 199: Overpowering All Kinds of Weapons
Chapter 199: Overpowering All Kinds of Weapons
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Ren Baqian's words plunged a knife deep into the two persons' hearts.

Even Li Yuanzhu, who was usually calm and composed, turned embarrassed and vexed, let alone Ning Qing. She pouted her lips so much that an oil lamp could be hung on them. She stared at Ren Baqian with a look of hatred, desiring to bite a chunk of flesh off him.

After finishing his sentence, Ren Baqian acted as if nothing had happened. He took out a packet of braised beef from his bag and said, "Do you want to try it? It's our special local product and it tastes pretty good."

Facing this kind of person, Li Yuanzhu did not know what to do. When she was very young, she led an extremely hard life. After she grew up, the people that she encountered would always treat her with respect and courtesy. No one had ever treated her like this, giving her a jujube after giving her a slap.

Does this guy think she's stupid?

However, she did not make a big fuss over this issue. It had been a very long time since she last got angry. Even though Ren Baqian's words shattered the tranquility of her mind, she merely felt embarrassed and vexed.

At the same time, she found him to be somewhat funny too.

This guy was extremely daring, and this was even an understatement. Li Yuanzhu couldn't believe he would say such words in front of Qi Zixiao.

Furthermore, even though Qi Zixiao gave him a death stare, she did not flare up.

This made Li Yuanzhu even more curious.

After all, she had heard a lot about Qi Zixiao's temperament.

This guy looked like he did not even have the strength to truss a chicken. He was average-looking, far from being handsome.

And to see Qi Zixiao risking her life for him and tolerating him saying such words, it was indeed weird.

Li Yuanzhu wanted to know how he was able to make Qi Zixiao treat him like this.

However, she was merely curious. She had always been a peaceful and harmonious person. She seldom cared about worldly affairs as well. She would even forget about this incident in a few days' time. Therefore, she wouldn't ask too much about this guy.

At this point in time, the awkward silence had already been broken. Li Yuanzhu said, "I have long wanted to meet the ruler of Dayao, but Lan City is too far from here. I certainly didn't expect to see you here today."

"What's the point in us meeting?" the empress retorted coldly. She did not really have any opinion on Li Yuanzhu. Even after meeting her, she did not find her annoying. Mostly, she felt indignant.

She used to be the seventh most powerful expert in the world. Now, she ranked fifth. However, Li Yuanzhu was ranked third.

It was a pity she was left with only thirty percent of her strength. Otherwise, she would have wanted to spar with Li Yuanzhu.

"A well-deserved reputation," Li Yuanzhu smiled gently and said.

"Humph!" the empress snorted.

Ning Qing looked at Li Yuanzhu and then shifted her gaze to the empress. She felt slightly irked.

Senior is such a nice person, why did you snort at her?

Let's not talk about your injury, you can't beat her even if you're at your peak form.

"Senior is ranked third in the world," Ning Qing said with pride. The intention behind her words was obvious.

Senior is ranked third in the world. You used to rank seventh in the world and now you're merely ranked fifth. So, what's there to be so arrogant about? Furthermore, you're severely injured now.

This was a very childish and naive thought.

After all, she was only sixteen years old. Having been brought up in a temple, she did not understand the ways of the world. As such, she was spoilt and childish.

Everyone in the temple pampered her, turning her into a spoilt brat.

These words caused the empress's face to darken even more. An aura of battle fervor exuded from her eyes. If it weren't for the fact that she was severely injured now, she would have initiated a battle with Li Yuanzhu now.

"I'm sorry, she's still a child," Li Yuanzhu apologized sincerely.

Then, she turned around and told Ning Qing, "Don't utter rubbish, otherwise I won't bring you out next time."

However, her tone did not sound at all strict.

Ren Baqian frowned. Shouldn't the next line be "please don't let her off that easily"?

If she dared to utter such rubbish at this age, what would happen when she grew up? What was the point of having police then? Furthermore, she spoke the truth. Saying that she was just a child made her words even more hurtful.

"Zixiao has big boobs," Ren Baqian said with confidence.

Ren Baqian felt he was like Feng Qingyang, whose [Nine Swords of Dugu] overpowered all kinds of weapons.

[Feng Qingyang is a character in The Smiling, Proud Wanderer, a wuxia novel written by Jin Yong. His [Nine Swords of Dugu] is a swordplay that can overcome all kinds of weapons.]

It! Is! A! Fact! That! You! Have! A! Flat! Chest!

Taking advantage of Li Yuanzhu's good temper, Ren Baqian dared to say such words. She was feeling angry and yet she had to maintain her elegant demeanor. Even though she was the third most powerful expert in the world, she could be bullied easily.

If it was another top ten expert, Ren Baqian wouldn't dare to say such ruthless words.


Ning Qing's face turned ashen. She had never hated someone so much before in her entire life. She wanted to bite him to death if it was possible to do so.

Li Yuanzhu almost couldn't hold the smile on her face. She had barely recovered from the humiliation just now. Now that Ren Baqian plunged another knife in their hearts again, she found him to be extremely unbearable.

For the first time in her life, she found herself hating someone.

All this time, the empress was already feeling angry out of embarrassment. Now, her ears had turned bright red. She wished she could slap Ren Baqian to death right now.

However, when she saw the forced smile on Li Yuanzhu's face, she immediately withdrew her chilliness and smiled.

Doing so made her stunningly beautiful.

The smile on her face disappeared within seconds. After all, beating Li Yuanzhu in this aspect was nothing to be proud of.

In her heart, strength was number one.

"Now that we have met, I shall take my leave now," the empress blurted out. She picked up Ren Baqian by his collar and jumped onto the back of Qi Shui.

She somewhat exuded the air of a victor.

During this brief encounter, Ren Baqian had ruthlessly plunged two knives into each of their hearts.

As they passed by the two girls, Qi Zixiao raised her hand and threw a bottle at Li Yuanzhu. Li Yuanzhu instinctively caught it.

After the kirin had disappeared, Ning Qing blew her top and yelled, "That bastard! Qi Zixiao must be blind to fall for him! Senior, why didn't you swat him to death! How dare he compare you with Qi Zixiao"

Li Yuanzhu shook her head, speechless.

That fellow was indeed a bastard.

Following which, Li Yuanzhu looked at the bottle in her hand. It contained a liquid that had the color of a white jade. After unscrewing the bottle, the fragrance of a wine pervaded the air.

Is she treating me to a drink? As Li Yuanzhu thought of this, a smile appeared on her face.

"Senior, you still have the cheek to smile? I'm going to die from anger," Ning Qing spoke resentfully.


After travelling for some distance, Ren Baqian put on a cheeky smile and said, "Zixiao, I have taken revenge for you."

Upon hearing these words, the empress was so angry that she couldn't say anything.

Since when do I need someone like you to take revenge for me? And what are your eyes looking at?

She felt very humiliated today, furthermore it was in front of Li Yuanzhu.

Even though the people on Earth did not seem to care so much about such topics, and she often saw models wearing only bras on the television and girls wearing bikinis on the beach, she still found it unacceptable.

She wanted to give Ren Baqian a slap but couldn't bear to do so.

However, when she thought of Li Yuanzhu's facial expression, a mysterious feeling of joy arose in her heart. Deep down, she was overjoyed

Another day had passed. While Ren Baqian and the empress traversing through a mountain, they suddenly heard blood-curdling screams

Looking down from a mountain ridge, they saw a sea of chaos. On one side, there was a Great Xia army that comprised of a few thousand men. Opposite the Great Xia army, there were over one hundred men charging towards them.

Suddenly, several men at the front of the charge jumped into the air and surged towards the Great Xia army. Immediately, a small group of soldiers at the front of the army stepped forward to stop them from disrupting their army formation.

And at this moment, the rest of the over one hundred men leapt into the air and dived towards the center of the army formation, setting off a bloodbath in the process.

"Are they the winged cavalry?" Upon taking a closer look, the empress identified the over one hundred men. After all, she was very familiar with the equipment of the winged cavalry.

But why were they fighting a Great Xia army here?

At this moment, the formation of the Great Xia army began to change. Other than the soldiers that got tangled up with the winged cavalry, the rest of the army formed a circle around the winged cavalry and trapped them.

With an overwhelming aura of killing intent, the empress jumped into the air from Qi Shui's back and swooped downwards.