The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 200

Chapter 200: Head-To-Head Battle
Chapter 200: Head-To-Head Battle
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"Die!" A burly man was laughing his head off. He slashed the sword directly at his opponent, creating a whoosh sound. He then brought another sword in front of him. The coordination of these two guys was pretty good. The two Man Wheel experts who were at the advanced level could actually withstand his attacks. However, the burly man felt that he would put an end to their attacks.

He turned around, seized the opportunity to change the direction of the sword and one of the other party's heads soared into the sky.

Soon after, the burly man shouted again and wanted to split that same person's body into half. All of a sudden, he was obstructed by a few pikes that were thrusted right in his face.

There was a look of disdain on the burly man's face. He simply moved his sword and those hands which were holding onto the pikes suddenly lost control and the pikes immediately flew to the sky. But, those people didn't stop moving and moved away at once, allowing the people at the back to continue thrusting their pikes over.

This was the centipede formation that Great Xia used when battling against the aboriginals. The advantages of the aboriginal warriors were too huge. Even if the number of Great Xia soldiers was ten times more than the aboriginals, it would be difficult for them to achieve victory on the battlefield if they didn't use such a battle formation.

Not to mention that the Great Xia troops were facing the elites of the aboriginals, the winged cavalry.

Although there were only just over a hundred winged cavalry warriors, they were all Earth Wheel level experts. Even if there were five thousand Great Xia elite soldiers, it was also difficult to withstand the attacks of the winged cavalry warriors.

As a result, after the commander of Great Xia arranged for dozens of people to obstruct the first batch of aboriginal warriors, he directly launched the centipede formation. He wanted to cut up these winged cavalry warriors and annihilate them.

Such situations were commonly seen in the battlefield. After the attacks of the winged cavalry warriors, they discovered that they were about to face opponents which were moving rapidly and held pikes in their hands while forming the centipede formation.

"A bunch of scumbags!" One of the winged cavalry warriors was just like a spinning top, and he chopped off all the pikes in his surroundings. The sword in his hand transformed into a streak of white line and took five to six heads along with it. Suddenly, a pike was thrusted towards his waist at an extremely great speed.

That winged cavalry warrior used only one hand to grip onto the pike, making it difficult for the opponent to advance. After which, he flipped the pike upwards and the opponent released both of his hands at once, this was the result of many years of battle experience.

For example, these type of soldiers were all unit leaders in the Great Xia army. They had the strength of an expert who just entered the initiation stage and had fought more than once against the aboriginal warriors. The fact that they were able to survive meant that their strength as well as their reaction speed, were more powerful than the other soldiers.

But in the next second, he looked at the sword gleam which flashed in front of him in fear. Following which, the portion of his body above his chest flew to the sky.

If it was an ordinary aboriginal warrior, it would highly be possible for him to be obstructed by the centipede formation that was surrounding him. But, the warrior in front of him wasn't anyone ordinary. Rather, he was part of the elites of Dayao, the winged cavalry.

Once again, an aboriginal warrior flipped his hand over and chopped a few more heads. All of the sudden, he stopped in his tracks as he swept his gaze outwards and a pike immediately left a bloody trail under his armpits.

That warrior chopped off the heads of the two opponents with ease and called out loudly in exultation, "Your Majesty!"

Upon hearing his voice, all of the aboriginal warriors became wild with exultation and looked in the direction of the voice. As a result, many people weren't able to dodge some attacks in time, causing a few more scars to appear on their bodies.

However, many people saw a red silhouette dashing over from a distance. If it wasn't Her Majesty, who else could it be?

"Your Majesty!"

"We have found Her Majesty!"

Everyone shouted with a sudden outburst of emotion. They have finally located Her Majesty after searching for days without rest. For a moment, it made all of their hearts surge with excitement.

The middle-aged Great Xia commander behind the military formation was still frowning while looking at the battlefield. Looking at the current situation, granted that the five thousand elite soldiers were able to annihilate the over a hundred winged cavalry warriors, he was afraid that the number of his elite soldiers would decrease by seventy percent at the very least. This was already considered an optimistic estimate. Ultimately, the possibility of both sides suffering a huge loss was also likely.

Such a pity there wasn't a crossbow battalion. If there was one, things wouldn't turn out this way.

One had to know that they were elite soldiers of Great Xia.

Even though it is said that the merciful couldn't take command of an army, but, his heart felt as if it was bleeding.

The only thing that he could comfort himself was that, after all, they were facing the elites of Dayao, the winged cavalry.

Just then, he heard the shouting of a winged cavalry warrior from within the formation. There was a drastic change in his expression. He could make out the red silhouette while seated on the back of his horse and it was charging towards him.

"Stop her," that commander shouted out hurriedly. He was actually feeling distressed deep down inside. Why did this Qi Zixiao turn up at this time?

He had already invested his entire military strength into surrounding these winged cavalry warriors. With the addition of Qi Zixiao, he was absolutely unable to obstruct them anymore. He could only hope that Qi Zixiao was seriously injured like the information which had been passed on to him said. But looking at that silhouette dashing at him from afar, he didn't pin much on that hope any longer.

Even if Qi Zixiao was seriously injured, she wasn't someone that they could easily stop. Besides, looking at the speed she was travelling at this moment, it didn't seem like she was injured at all.

Half of the more than one hundred mounted soldiers that were surrounding him immediately turned their horses around and dashed towards that red silhouette.

The appearance of the empress was icy-cold. Confronting the over fifty horsemen that were charging at her, she jumped up suddenly and stepped on all of their heads, as though she was playing hopscotch on Earth. Regardless of whether they were evading or brandishing their weapon, there was practically no difference towards the empress.

More than a dozen of the horsemen immediately fell from the horses after meeting face to face with the empress. And prior to falling off the horses they had already met with a violent death.

These fifty-some mounted soldiers didn't even manage to stop the empress at all. When the remaining soldiers turned the horses around, they only saw the silhouette of the empress charging towards their direction.

"Shoot!" The middle-aged commander shivered slightly as he looked at the scene in front of him. He forced himself to exercise control over his voice and gave an order.

He revealed a bitter smile. The five thousand elite soldiers under his control were currently entangled in battle and absolutely couldn't move. As for himself, no matter if he retreated or not, he would still die.

We are ruined, completely ruined.

At this moment, his only wish was to help as many soldiers escape as well as kill a few more winged cavalry warriors.

The remaining soldiers had already placed an arrow on their bows and their bowstrings were pulled back. They immediately release their hands upon hearing the order and approximately sixty arrows went straight for the woman dressed in red with a whoosh sound.

The empress merely extended her hand to seize and there were an additional six arrows in her hand. As for the other arrows, she had already brushed all of them to the side.

She threw those six arrows back at them with ease. Three arrows fell to the ground, two penetrated the horse's buttocks and with a stroke of luck, and the last arrow hit one person.

Upon seeing this scene, the empress's face turned even colder. She brushed away the second round of arrows, immediately dodged and appeared on top of one of the mounted soldiers. She instantly slapped the soldier's head, causing it to be smashed into pieces and seized the opportunity to pounce at the commander who was in the middle. Immediately, three figures at the Earth Wheel level sprung into the air. However, they successively fell to the ground after a face-to-face encounter with the empress.

The empress smashed that commander's head into pieces with just one slap. She carried his corpse and jumped out from the crowd. At the same time, she yelled, "The commander of Great Xia is already dead. Kill!"

Her icy-cold voice disseminated across the area.

"Kill!" The winged cavalry warriors shouted out after bursting into a loud laughter. They didn't show any sign of fatigue even after travelling for days without rest, as if they were high on drugs.

"Let's take revenge for the commander!" This weak voice was immediately drowned by the shouting. However, this personal guard of the commander still had the mentality that the empress must certainly die and charged at her with full or sorrow.

After knowing that their commander had died, the morale of the Great Xia soldiers declined greatly. In just a short period of time, they crumbled and began to flee in all directions.

"Your Majesty!" More than ten winged cavalry warriors bolted towards the empress's side and they were full of respect for her. By this time, her surroundings were already filled with corpses.

"Kill, come back in thirty minutes," the empress coldly replied.

"Yes." With the exception of one captain which remained by the empress's side, the rest of them broke into a run to chase after the defeated soldiers of Great Xia one after another.

Ren Baqian witnessed the bloody brutal battle of this era from the mountain ridge as well as the empress who rode and charged at the opponents alone. In particular, that "kill" which came out of her mouth set his heart on fire.

However, he was only fired up, that's all,

If he really had go onto the battlefield, he felt that he lacked a machine gun, or perhaps, an M61 Vulcan, and such.
He also felt that it would be absolutely suitable if he could play the soundtrack of as the BGM back then.

[- soundtrack from an animation called Guilty Crown]