The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 202

Chapter 202: Route
Chapter 202: Route
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Ren Baqian, the empress, as well as the over a hundred winged cavalry warriors waited from noon all the way until late at night. It wasn't until the next morning that a unit actually arrived. As for the other unit, there was still no sign of them.

As a matter of fact, this unit of the winged cavalry didn't really encounter any trouble along the way with the exception of running into a convoy, which was about a thousand people strong when they were rushing over. Some of them were killed while more than half of them managed to escape.

Ren Baqian suspected that the other unit might have run into some trouble on the way here. For example, just like the unit which just returned, they might have run into a large number of Great Xia's elite troops and so on. He was afraid that they would be some sort in danger. If they continued to wait, he feared that the Great Xia troops would have already deployed after obtaining this information.

However, he didn't raise this issue.

He was the person who had the least say at this moment.

The empress came over here because of him and the winged cavalry came for the empress. If that was the case, could he suggest that they shouldn't be waiting any longer?

Unless he had no choice, otherwise, Ren Baqian knew that he wouldn't be able to bring himself to raise the issue.

"Continue to wait, I guess. At worst, I will go back and retrieve some deadly nightshade and pralidoxime back. That thing is easier to make when compared to the sarin gas," Ren Baqian thought about it for a long time.

Previously, the empress brought back two bags of sarin gas. One was used in the Nine Pavilions while the other bag was still hanging on Qi Shui's back.

Initially, Ren Baqian still wanted to bring the other bag of sarin gas back to properly safe keep it. He wanted to save it for the battle against Great Xia someday in the future, so that he could throw it at their principal army troop, and perhaps, almost massacring all of them.

However, if they threw the last bag of sarin gas over here, they wouldn't have any more of it.

Back then, the empress made a clean sweep of the sarin gas stored by that organization. As the organization's factory had already been bombed, he feared that there would be no other opportunities for that organization to produce the sarin gas anymore.

Ren Baqian lay on a piece of huge rock and looked at the white clouds in the blue sky. He took this time to think of the load in his mind while the empress was sitting somewhere not far away. As for that three hundred winged cavalry warriors, part of them were prepared to receive the other unit whereas the others were delegated to hunt in the mountains.

Once again, they waited from morning all the way till the skies turned black. Everyone had already been waiting for one and a half days. Just at this moment, a lengthy whistle was heard from a far. The winged cavalry warriors that were in the middle of preparing to hunt, raised their heads and their faces were filled with happiness.

"Does this mean that they have returned?" Ren Baqian turned his head to the side and looked at all of their reactions.

Soon enough, a regiment of goat riders that were bouncing up and down came from afar.

The scene of a group of burly men, with murderous intent from head to toe, riding on goats and advancing towards them was very picturesque. It would absolutely break many people's fantasy of the profession of a horseman. If he were to take a picture of this, people would absolutely not be able to look straight at it. However, Ren Baqian had seen it quite often for the past two days, and he was a little used to it already.

That type of enormous goats usually ran around in herds. When they ran on flat grounds, they were slower when compared to the horses. But, those goats were indeed pretty good for mountainous routes as there were hardly any terrains that could stop them.

"Your Majesty! Subordinate has arrived late, please pardon me." The over a hundred winged cavalry warriors got off their mounts one after another and kneeled on one knee to greet the empress.

Looking at their appearances, they seemed like they didn't get into any trouble. Their armors were not broken, and there wasn't any trace of blood sighted on them either.

"It's good that you all have arrived, get up," the empress said without any expression.

The empress only asked after everyone got up, "Why did all of you only arrive at this time."
The empress merely asked without thinking. After all, they didn't look like warriors which had gone through a battle.

The captain who was taking the lead, sulked the entire time. He turned around and used his leg to kick the person behind him, launching him outwards. Only then did he reply in embarrassment, "That basta*d led us down the wrong way."

As for the other people, they were sulking the entire time as well. All of them gave that burly man the side-eye. Their gazes were full of despise and gave off an obviously-you-have-led-the-wrong-way kind of look.

Ren Baqian, who was not far away from them, immediately burst out laughing after looking at their expressions.

If they weren't an enemy, this bunch of guys were really honest and lovely. Even though many a times they had the halo of a pig-ignorant teammate.

"Take a rest first, we will set off tomorrow." The empress waved her hands and got them to find a place to rest.

Ren Baqian pondered for quite a while before moving towards the empress, "It has already been three days. I will have to return to Earth in two day's time. How much longer do we have to walk in this mountain?"

The empress called Teng Ji over and inquired. According to everyone's speed, they would still require another one and a half days before they could leave the mountain. After which, they would have to spend another half day to pass through a plain to enter the next mountain range.

"Will the Great Xia troops be waiting for us over there?" Ren Baqian asked.

Teng Ji revealed a set of white teeth, "We will just have to kill all of them before going over."

"After that? How are we going to walk?" Ren Baqian asked again.

Teng Ji shot a glance at the empress and then answered, "Following which, we will enter Mount Lianyin. After climbing that, we will reach a gorge that is called Falling Moon Gorge, and there is a huge river that will obstruct us. The widest part of the water exceeds one kilometer. Moreover, the flow of the river is rapid and there are fish that consumes humans. There is only one place each at the upstream and downstream of the river that we can pass through. I'm afraid that there will also be Great Xia troops intercepting us over there as well. In addition, according to the timeframe, the experts of Great Xia would have probably arrived as well.

However, the only good thing is that Hong Wu might be able to dispatch experts from the military troops to wait for us over there. After passing through Falling Moon Gorge, we will reach the borders. Instead, there will not be many interceptions over there.

Because if they are mobilizing troops for an interception, Dayao will not just sit back and watch and will immediately head for Qiuyun pass to bust their ass. The main commander of Great Xia will definitely not dare mobilize their troops to the border.

And even if they mobilized part of their troops, no matter what, they will not be a match for the four hundred over winged cavalry warriors.

Therefore, the most dangerous place is actually at the Falling Moon Gorge."

After hearing what Teng Ji said, Ren Baqian was lost in thought. Previously, it was only him and the empress, and they didn't have to prepare much. With Qi Shui's speed, even if they had to make a detour, they wouldn't need to worry either.

Now, there were so many people. Even though they were more formidable, but, the target had become bigger as well, and it was easier for people to locate their whereabouts. In that case, it would be similar to what Teng Ji had said, there might be a fierce battle coming up.

Once Teng Ji left, Ren Baqian told the empress, "It would be better if I return to Earth now. So that I can return once more before we reach the Falling Moon Gorge. I will be able to bring some things back. At the very least, we will require the antidote for sarin gas. If things go accordingly to what Teng Ji said, I'm afraid that we will have to use up our remaining sarin gas at Falling Moon Gorge.

"Okay." The empress looked at him and nodded her head.

At this moment, there were a few hundred winged cavalry warriors and the empress was keeping watch over everything. Naturally, she couldn't leave together with him.

After informing the empress, Ren Baqian went to find a concealed place and immediately disappeared. Contrary to what he expected, there wasn't anyone that noticed.

At the time of dinner that night, only then did everyone find out that the basta*d who had been around the empress all these days, was nowhere to be seen. But, no one cared, and even if that fellow really died, they still wanted to applaud and celebrate the loss of him.

At this time, the empress got someone to relay the message to everyone that they would set off in advance tomorrow. After all, Qi Shui's speed was very fast and could travel without stopping in the mountains. There was still time if she set off at night.


When Ren Baqian returned to Earth, he directly appeared in the living room. Before he could even move, he heard someone talking in the room that the empress was staying in. He didn't need to think and knew that the housekeeper was here.

Fortunately, the housekeeper wasn't in the living room at this time. Otherwise, he would scare the daylights out of her.

It was much better in the past as he would return to Earth every three days and it would be in the middle of the night. Ever since he could choose to return after every two and half days to five days, regardless of whether it was the time that he teleported back on Earth or returned to their world, it wasn't fixed anymore. He couldn't guarantee when would he suddenly appear in front of the housekeeper. At that time, he might also even have to compensate for her medical fees.

He quietly walked to the doorway while thinking deeply in his head. After which, he opened the door and closed the door.

"Mr. Ren, you are back!" A head immediately popped out from the door.

"Mmm." Ren Baqian nodded. Each of them minded their own business, and he went up to the second level to take a bath. While bathing, he pondered over what he should bring back to the other world this time around.

It would be awesome if he had the strength of an aboriginal, which was equivalent to about nine hundred kilograms. Then, he would be able to carry one tonne of TNT that could flatten half a mountain. Let alone the ability to destroy the entire Great Xia army.

Perhaps, he could bring back a machine gun and on top of that, and approximately eight hundred kilograms worth of bullets. The empress would directly sweep the machine gun across and he would be able to play some BGM while sitting on Qi Shui's back. The soundtrack of The Rock as BGM would suffice.

[The Rock - an American thriller/action movie]

It was such a pity as he could only exert up to 800 newtons of force. It was only equivalent to an ordinary man's strength. Those who frequently did heavy manual work would also be much stronger than him.

Without the medicinal bath, his strength had also stopped increasingly recently.