The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 203

Chapter 203: Drones
Chapter 203: Drones
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After taking a bath and changing into new set of clothes, Ren Baqian felt fresh and cool. Following which, he gave Xu Shan a call. The last time she called him, he had already saved her phone number.

"Lucky Boy! What's the matter? I'm very busy now," Xu Shan said after picking up Ren Baqian's call. "Lucky Boy" had become Ren Baqian's new nickname. Every time he brought them something good. Even when he was inflicted with a poison, he could still come up with a cure for an incurable disease like leukemia. Furthermore, he was safe and sound in the end.

At this moment, Ren Baqian felt that the Chinese proverb "Dismantling the bridge after crossing the river" couldn't be more apt for this situation. Now that they had the antidote to R worms, they no longer bothered about him.

"I want an antidote that is made up of deadly nightshade and pralidoxime. The antidote is for a neurotoxin. I want one thousand portions of it." Ren Baqian took those enormous goats into consideration as well.

"Why do you need so many antidotes?" Xu Shan was slightly surprised. It wasn't difficult to produce the antidote, but it was hard for her not to get surprised when Ren Baqian wanted one thousand portions of an antidote for an neurotoxin.

"I need them for something. The faster you can produce them, the better it is. How long will you take? Pass me the bill later," Ren Baqian asked.

"This antidote can easily be found in hospitals. However, the sheer amount of antidote you need is too huge, I'll have to seek help from my schoolmate. I can pass them to you the day after tomorrow."

"Alright, I will come and collect them that afternoon." Ren Baqian hung up after finishing his sentence. Then, he switched on his computer and searched for information on various weapons.

Even though he still had ten kilograms of sarin gas, he did not want to use it. After all, it was extremely hard to obtain sarin gas.

He searched through a variety of modern bombs online. Actually, there were a lot of weapons that he could use. For example, phosphorus bombs and napalm bombs. They were light in weight but extremely deadly.

Furthermore, they were exceptionally effective against soldiers that were not hiding in bunkers. The people in that world did not know anything about these weapons. If these bombs were thrown at them, they most likely wouldn't react in any way.

If he encountered an expert and that expert elegantly brandished his sword to deflect the bomb, a tragic sight would unfold.

The only weakness of these weapons would be their inhumane nature. If it was in the past, Ren Baqian would definitely not think of using such weapons. However, now that he had seen so much death, he became more and more indifferent towards human lives.

After browsing through the weapons, Ren Baqian sighed. There were many weapons, but he could not obtain any one of them.

Ren Baqian felt more and more restricted.

He realized every time he thought of something to use, he could only think about it and not obtain it.

He even needed the empress to get the sarin gas from that organization.

Closing the page on weapons, Ren Baqian began to search for other things.

For example, drones. Drones had a few uses. He could use it to find out where the enemy forces were and what their weaknesses were. Of course, the main weakness of the enemy forces usually lay in the location of their experts. Nevertheless, such information was still important.

He could easily buy a drone in this city. After searching for a shop that sold drones online, he went downstairs and drove to the drone shop.

After half an hour, he walked out of the shop with two boxes in hand. One drone cost roughly forty thousand yuan, and it could fly for 27 minutes. Its speed could reach up to 94 kilometers per hour. That meant it could make a round trip of 40 kilometers. The drone was much more powerful than what Ren Baqian had expected.

However, the Wi-Fi distance of drones could only reach up to five kilometers. This was the limit for many drones. Furthermore, he did not have a satellite and therefore he could only receive images from his drones. There were better functions, but he wouldn't be able to use those at this point in time.

A Wi-Fi distance of five kilometers was more than enough for Ren Baqian. He could clearly identify the position of the enemy forces before they detected him. This kind of equipment was far too powerful in a world that did not have any signal disturbances.

If the front line could be supplied with a few drones, they could scout every single movement of the enemy forces.

Other than the drones, he also bought a few spare batteries so that he could keep on using the drones if they ever ran out of power.

Afterwards, he went to buy five binoculars, ten walkie-talkies, two solar batteries and a solar panel. Now, he was fully prepared.

On the way back home, he saw a few cosplayers on the side of the road. Looking at their appearances, they seemed to still be students. One girl was wearing a red-colored traditional Han Chinese dress that had a phoenix sewn on it. If the empress wore it, she would be very beautiful.

Ren Baqian stopped his car by the side of the road and ran up to those cosplayers. Upon seeing Ren Baqian running up to them, they immediately became suspicious of him, especially when they saw him alighting from a car. Was he going to hit on them? This kind of incident often happened in novels and movies. Furthermore, recently there was an infamous incident of a man putting a beverage can on his car roof to showcase his wealth as a way to hit on female students. As such, students these days were very hostile towards people who drove a car and tried to hit on them.

"Excuse me, may I know where you got your dress from?" Ren Baqian greeted them politely with a smile and pointed to the young girl standing in the middle.

Actually, that girl was also the prettiest out of every girl there. Her face was exquisite and her skin was fair. The traditional Han Chinese dress set off her elegance. Many people surrounding her were looking at her.

"Tianlong Shopping Mall. There's a shop that makes clothes. It's called Xiaoci Boutique." The girl's voice was delicate and gentle, extremely pleasant.

"Thank you." Ren Baqian gave them a smile, returned to his car and drove off.

The cosplayers looked at each other blankly. They initially had thought Ren Baqian wanted to hit on them. They certainly never expected him to ask them about the traditional Han Chinese dress and then promptly leave afterwards. They were rather surprised, but they still eventually felt at ease.

The girl smiled cordially. She felt that her friends had indeed thought too much. Just now, she also thought that Ren Baqian was going to hit on her. Even though she felt disgusted, she was secretly delighted. Now, not only did she feel at ease, she also felt a slight disappointment.

Meanwhile, Ren Baqian drove to the shopping mall that the girl told him about. Very soon, he found the shop. The shop contained many kinds of clothes but most of them were rarely worn by ordinary people. There were various types of cosplay costumes and weird outfits, making this shop very eye-catching. Everyone who walked past this shop would take a look at it, but very few entered it.

Ren Baqian entered the shop and asked for a red-colored traditional Han Chinese dress that had a golden phoenix sewn on it. He even thought of putting the word "empress" on it but changed his mind when he realized it would look cheesy.

After stating his requirements for the material and size of the dress, Ren Baqian paid the deposit. He would have to collect it half a month later. Ren Baqian was not in a hurry to collect this dress. He could collect it even after he returned to Dayao.

For the next two days, Ren Baqian bought a Type 81 assault rifle and some bullets. These days, he had already become quite close with the weapon dealer. He could request them to bring the assault rifle and bullets to a certain place, and this could save him a lot of time.

Afterwards, he went to find an empty and spacious place to practice flying the drone. Even though the drone seller had given him a demonstration on how to fly the drone, he still felt that he needed some practice.

He arrived at a plaza and flew his drone. Immediately, he captured a lot of people's attention. They watched how he activated the drone, flew the drone, and crashed the drone. Many people sighed when they saw the drone crash to the ground.

"Lad, how much did you pay for it?" someone casually asked Ren Baqian upon seeing how much fun he was having with it.

Ren Baqian raised four fingers.

"Forty thousand yuan? It's not cheap, it's such a pity that you broke it," the old man said while shaking his head.

Ren Baqian merely smiled at him. Then, he went back to his car and brought out the other drone. This time around, he had learned from his mistakes and he was able to fly the drone smoothly. This boosted his confidence greatly. After playing with it for a while more, he kept it and returned home.

The next morning, he went to the laboratory and then back to that drone shop to buy another drone. Following which, he packed with him a music player, an earpiece, and the assault rifle he'd bought and returned to that world.

The scene of his living room instantly transformed into the scene of wilderness. In a daze, the empress was sitting on a rock with her hand propping up her chin in front of him. Her entire body was exuding an ice-cold aura.