The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 204

Chapter 204: Stunned
Chapter 204: Stunned
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It was not known how long the empress had sat there for. Her eyes widened a little when Ren Baqian appeared out of nowhere. She swept her gaze all over him and stopped temporarily for a short moment. After all, his current image was extremely strange. There was a bag in front of his chest as well as a bag on his back. A gun was slung on his body, and his ears were stuffed with his earpiece. Also, he was carrying two bags in his hands. He was no different from a refugee at this moment.

Ren Baqian placed the bags on the ground, climbed to the top of the rock and sat by the empress's side. He took out one side of the earpiece and stuffed it into the empress's ear. Then, he tenderly asked, "Have you been waiting for long?"

The empress ignored him and listened to the music that came from the earpiece. There were so many things in that world which she had yet to come in contact with. Nowadays, whenever she saw anything, she would no longer reveal an extremely surprised expression. In any case, Ren Baqian would explain to her.

The warm voice of a female transmitted from within her ears. Although she wasn't able to understand the meaning of the song, but, the melody was still very soothing.

This was a very therapeutic song. When the name of the song was translated into Chinese, it was called 'Gentle and Soft Poem'. In the past, Ren Baqian liked to listen to this song a lot, and he wanted to share it with the empress. To be able to share something that he liked with the empress was a form of pleasure and happiness for him.

The both of them sat atop the rock and listened to the soothing melody. It seemed that the upcoming battle had left their minds, and even the wind in the mountain became more genial.

"A very weird language." The empress said.

"It's from a small island nation at the eastern part of our world. Some things are still very valuable over there." Naturally, Ren Baqian didn't dare to say what was the most valuable as he would be beaten to death.

"What are they singing about?" The empress asked again. Even though the melody was a little strange, but the music in that world mostly had such a melody. On the contrary, the type of melody from Dayao and Great Xia was rarely heard over there. However, the empress still felt that it sounded very pleasant. She felt warmth in her heart after listening to it.

Fortunately, Ren Baqian still roughly remembered the meaning of the translated lyrics. He then explained it to the empress and she nodded her head, "Sing for me."

"Wait for me to master this song first. I don't know their language."Ren Baqian grinned. Soon after, he spoke and somewhat flaunted, "However, I do know how to play 'Pomp and Circumstance' on the erhu.

I learned how to play the erhu from my grandfather. As such, I might not be considered skillful. Under my playfulness, I have managed to practice this piece 'Pomp and Circumstance' pretty well. Back then, the evaluation from my brother upon hearing my playing was, 'the erhu looked as though it had a life of its own.'"

Upon hearing the title "Pomp and Circumstance", the empress actually didn't think any further and nodded her head, "Okay."

Thinking of the scenario whereby he would play the piece "Pomp and Circumstance" for the empress, Ren Baqian was overjoyed.

"Let's go." The empress removed the earpiece and disappeared from the top of the rock without even exerting herself. Immediately, she appeared a few steps away.

"This time, I have brought along some good stuff." Only then did Ren Baqian recall and said, "Besides the antidote, there is also some binoculars, you will be able to see places that are a distance away." Ren Baqian propped himself up and jumped down. He took out the binoculars from the bag, opened the front cover and gestured to the empress before handing it over to her, "It should somewhat be useful for scouting."

The empress accepted the binoculars and copied Ren Baqian's action. She placed the binoculars before her eyes. Then, she saw a faraway place, as if it was right in front her at this moment. She was a little unaccustomed to it, but after looking all around, she slowly became familiarized with it.

The corner of her mouth was gently pointed upwards. She gave off the impression that she really liked this thing.

"Is there anything else? This is somewhat useful," the empress said.

"Not only is there the binoculars, there's also the walkie-talkies. It's similar to a mobile phone and people are able to communicate across long-distance. This way, it is also more convenient to communicate with each other." Ren Baqian took out a pair of walkie-talkies, adjusted the channels, and passed one to the empress. He was holding onto one walkie-talkie too.

"This can be used?" The empress was a little surprised.

Previously, didn't Ren Baqian say that it can't be used over here?

But, her voice was immediately transmitted out of the walkie-talkie that was in Ren Baqian's hand.

"This can only be used within a close range, approximately 3 kilometers away. It should be sufficient for the current situation. Many a times, this will make it more convenient and there isn't a need for shouting to pass on messages anymore. I have brought ten walkie-talkies.

The empress calculated the distance of about 3 kilometers and it was sufficient. In actual fact, 3 kilometers might even be more than required for their current situation. If these walkie-talkies were placed with the military troops at the boundary, then, it would fully unleash its usefulness.

With this, Hong Wu would be able to instruct the entire army as he wished, and it would be extremely useful during a war.

In addition, they would be able to promptly report on their findings during scouting. They didn't need to travel a few kilometers back just to report anymore.

At this moment, the empress could think of these two points. From just these two points, the value of the walkie-talkies was already tremendous.

"Next time, bring more of these." The empress replied.

Ren Baqian nodded. Then he picked another bag from the ground, "There's still the most important item, the drone. It can fly in the air like the airplane which you have taken before. You will be able to clearly know the situation of the enemy as far as 5 kilometers away.

Hearing Ren Baqian's words, the empress's eyes glimmered. This time, the items which he had brought back were indeed very useful.

The both of them sat on Qi Shui's back. As for the other bags, they were tied with ropes and hung on both sides of Qi Shui. The originally bold and powerful kirin was now similar to a mule that ferried goods. This made Qi Shui groan non-stop and at the same time, it shook its body wanting the bags taken down.

At first, it was only the empress on its back and Qi Shui was able to accept that. Next, it endured when there was an additional Ren Baqian on its back. Now, it was treated as though it was an animal that was used for its strength and was being ordered around.

No matter what, it was still a kirin. Even though Ren Baqian felt that its temperament was just like that of a husky, it still had that little bit of pride after all.

Ultimately, it was still the empress who pacified Qi Shui before they started on their journey. When it was in the middle of the night, they saw a bonfire that was a distance away and only then did someone came to receive them as they approached. "Your Majesty."

Many people were alarmed by their arrival. When they were receiving them, they constantly gave Ren Baqian the side-eye. The empress was waiting for this fellow and only arrived at this moment. She indeed loved him too much causing everyone to feel that it was unfathomable.

However, the empress had already come to Great Xia just for him. Everyone had no other alternative but could only sigh.

Another day had passed when they set off again. Finally, everyone arrived at the border of Mount Yuyang. After crossing over the mountain ridge in front of the, they would reach a section of plain which required another half a day for them to pass through. Following which, they would enter Mount Lianyin.

Everyone's conjecture was that there should be Great Xia soldiers intercepting them on this plain. But, there wouldn't be too many of them. Also, there won't be any experts. After all, there hadn't been enough time for them to schedule anything.

However, just to be safe, the empress called three captains over and got Ren Baqian to take out nine binoculars from his bag to pass it to them.

"What is this?" These days, everyone had practically ignored Ren Baqian. At this moment, they finally asked him a question.

"Some binoculars. If you all are able to see a small dot that is approximately five hundred meters away, yet you can't clearly tell what it is, this item can pull that object up to fifty meters around it. Simply put, this thing allows you to clearly see objects or humans that are ten times farther.," Ren Baqian explained to the three of them. Looking at the three of them which were at a loss, Ren Baqian had no choice but to place the binoculars right before his eyes to conduct a demonstration. Then, he handed over the binoculars for them to test out.

With a puzzled look, Teng Ji took the telescope and placed it in front of his eyes, but he couldn't see anything at all. It seemed as if it was blocked by something.

Ren Baqian looked at Teng Ji who aimed the binoculars at himself. He then helplessly pointed far away, "Look over there."

Teng Ji turned the telescope in the direction Ren Baqian pointed and was frightened to death suddenly. Things that were dozens of meters away seemed to be right in front of him. This made his hand tremble, and he nearly dropped the binoculars.

Once again, Ren Baqian handed the binoculars to the other two people. When the two of them saw Teng Ji's frightened to death appearance, they felt that it was baffling. In the end, their reactions were exactly the same as Teng Ji's after looking through the binoculars to see things from afar. The heads of people that were more than ten meters away, seemed to be right in front of their eyes.

Looking at the three people who looked at the binoculars as if it was a treasured object and had the appearance of whoever-is-going-to-snatch-this-I-would-fight-it-out-with-you, Ren Baqian took out another pair of binoculars to demonstrate how to adjust the multiplier. This time, they finally knew how to use it. After which, they took the binoculars and looked afar while having a lot of fun with it.

He could imagine that kind of shock someone in this era would get upon receiving something like the binoculars. The value of the binoculars was simply too great.

After a long time, they finally put the binoculars down and the way they looked at Ren Baqian had also changed as well. Regardless, this was really a good and useful item.

The surprise that Ren Baqian had given them wasn't over yet. Next up, he took out a night vision device. He only brought along one of it.

"This is a night vision device. You would be able to clearly see any other organisms as well as humans, in the pitch-black night within a scope of 2 kilometers." Ren Baqian just finished speaking before this item was snatched over by someone.

"This cannot be used during the day and is easily damaged. It will only be useful at night. Pass it to the Sentinel." Ren Baqian promptly warned them.

After listening to these words, only then did the three of them suppress their thoughts. Soon after, they shifted their gaze onto Ren Baqian and wondered if he was still going to take anything else out. That was because Ren Baqian was holding onto several bags of stuff.

"This is a walkie-talkie. I'll be giving six of them to you. You can use it to communicate within a range of 3 kilometers," Ren Baqian said while he was holding on to the walkie-talkie.

However, the few of them were incapable of understanding how to use this thing.

After Ren Baqian adjusting the channel of the walkie-talkie, he handed it over to Teng Ji, "Go somewhere approximately hundred meters away from here. Then, speak to it."

Teng Ji nodded. He held onto the binoculars with one hand and the walkie-talkie in the other. With a jolt of his body, he appeared approximately a hundred meters away in less than three seconds. After which, he held onto the walkie-talkie and looked at it for quite some time before hearing a voice coming out from the small box, "Can you hear me?"

Immediately, he was scared out of his wits. This voice actually came from the box, and the owner of the voice was still seated at that same place.

"Ah!" Teng Ji's astonished voice transmitted from the walkie-talkie. The other two captains looked at Teng Ji, who was a distance away and then looked at the small box that was in Ren Baqian's hand. They were amazed.

"Say something."

"Ren... Deputy Prefect Ren," Teng Ji stuttered.

Even an Earth Wheel level captain was stuttering. It could be clearly seen that he was feeling a little nervous and felt that this small box would absorb him inside and trap him.

"Come back." In less than three seconds after Ren Baqian finished speaking, Teng Ji had appeared by everyone's side.

"This is the purpose of this item. You can use it to communicate from a distance away. But, you can only use it for twelve hours. After which, you'll need to recharge the batteries. Thus, only turn on the walkie-talkie only when you require it. Turn it off when you are not using it." Ren Baqian demonstrated in front of everyone.

This time, everyone looked on Ren Baqian as if he was a deity.

Originally, they still didn't understand why the empress had found a feeble chicken like him. She even took such a huge risk to come to Great Xia for him. Everyone was puzzled by this issue right from the start.

After they received the empress, everyone viewed Ren Baqian as their common enemy.

But at this moment, all of their previous thoughts were tossed beyond the topmost clouds.

Ren Baqian made these people stunned just by casually describing the few items that were unheard of to them.

It was justifiable to why the empress chose this feeble chicken.