The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 210

Chapter 210: Qi Zi Ga...?
Chapter 210: Qi Zi Ga...?
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Hearing Jia Yugong shouting loudly made most of the winged cavalry furious. The empress quietly raised her bow to shoot an arrow which did not have a bottle of sarin gas attached to it. In the blink of an eye, it reached the front of Jia Yugong's face.

Jia Yugong's long-handled broadsword was seen being hurled in front of him and a loud sound ensued. He lost his balance and retreated seven or eight steps before managing to stabilize himself again.

Looking at the surface of his broadsword, he saw an indentation. The arrow was also shattered.

He was shocked at the force delivered by just one arrow. However, it also made him realized that the empress had ran out of ideas, and he immediately regained his composure.

"All soldiers, prepare!" At Jia Yugong's order, the foremost soldiers mounted the arrows lightly on their bowstrings, with the bows slightly tilting downwards.

As for the Zhu Mu Elders, they hid in the vicinity and waited to ambush Qi Zixiao.


"Your Majesty, they have retreated 30 meters, please give order for my men to attack," Zheng Hu cupped his hands together in front of the empress and pleaded.

"We are willing to go with him." Teng Ji and Li Tanhua volunteered at the same time.

At this moment, the other side retreated another 30 meters and the shooting range naturally widened. They could actually send more than one hundred people over.

"No hurry," Ren Baqian said as he jumped off Qi Shui's back. "Your Majesty, you can be a thief for one thousand days, but you cannot watch a thief for one thousand days. Do not look at me this way, words are harsh, but it is justifiable. This is slang, do you understand?" Ren Baqian said to the three people who were staring at him.

"Even if they are prepared to guard during the day, but can they still keep their guard during the night? When that time comes, they wouldn't be able to see clearly at all and wouldn't know what was going on either. However, it would only delay us for about half a day," Ren Baqian explained to the three guys.

In actual fact, it was more convenient for the winged cavalry to operate at night as they had strong capabilities, as well as a lesser number of people. As for the elite troops of Great Xia, they would be tired after standing the whole day. Furthermore, if they shot the arrows with poison on them, they might not even be able to detect it.

"In that case, we shall wait until night," the empress said indifferently.

If it were not because of the great decrease in her power, she would be able to launch an attack by herself and save all the trouble.

"However, if we do not make any movements, I reckon that they will guess what we intend to do in no time. At that time, it will be troublesome if they come out with other ideas to deal with us. I still have an idea to try out," Ren Baqian proposed again.

'Speak." The empress looked at him with anticipation and wondered what idea he could hatch.

Ren Baqian took out the drone from his backpack. "I would like to try and see whether we can use this to deliver the sarin across."

The empress turned her head slightly. "Alright."

Those three people stopped thinking of nosily going over to kill people and waited to see what Ren Baqian would do. The gadget in Ren Baqian's hand was more fascinating than killing people.

In fact, Ren Baqian had thought of using an airdrop before and did research on timed delivery with drones. But, the remote controls sold on the internet had a short range: typically about one hundred meters and not the few kilometers range he needed.

There were many conversion methods, but unfortunately, he didn't know how to do it. He was not strong in working with his hands and not that conversant with machinery.

Later on, he thought up the idea of using two ropes to secure a bottle of sarin under the drone.

One of the ropes was tied to the back half of the bottle and fixed to the drone. The other rope was attached through the rubber stopper of the bottle.

After which, he could use the cradle head of the drone to change the direction and dislodge the rubber stopper. With the other rope tied to the back of the bottle, the sarin would naturally flow out of the bottle opening and deliver the liquid down below.

It wasn't easy to detect, and the rate of vaporization was faster, and the area of coverage was bigger.

The only drawback was some wastage, as the sarin gas was volatile and some of it would already vaporize by the time the liquid was spilt below.

However, with the toxicity of the sarin gas, it should be enough.

Even after using two bottles, there were still twelve bottles left. They were roughly equivalent to about six kilograms.

And theoretically speaking, one kilogram of sarin gas could already kill millions of people.

Ren Baqian greeted a few people and distributed the antidote to everyone. This antidote was to prevent them from being killed if the poison was released accidentally. Then, he then took a bottle and a drone far away to fiddle with.

Exactly after half an hour, Ren Baqian ran back to get the remote control.

"Is it okay?" The empress looked at him inquiringly with her clear eyes.

"It should be okay, I will give it a try." Ren Baqian grinned.

At the front, Zheng Hu and Teng Ji were using the binoculars and putting on an act to observe the other party. The winged cavalry got off their mounts and a hundred of them followed behind the empress and Ren Baqian, pretending to get ready and leave anytime so that they could attract the attention of the other side.

As expected, the other side didn't slack off and when the drone rigged by Ren Baqian flew over them, two and a half rows of enemy soldiers collapsed to the ground, giving Jia Yugong a fright.

He confirmed later that the poison sent earlier had dispersed, and that it was not due to other unknown means. The other side retreated by another twenty meters and threw some bunched up animals, which they caught from god knows where, in front of their soldiers. If the little animals died, they would retreat further.

"Qi Zixiao, you are ranked fifth in the world, but you are neither advancing nor retreating, what on earth are your intentions?" Jia Yugong shouted from time to time.

If it was as before, this group of winged cavalry members would have directly charged across.

However, Ren Baqian was at the back doing something at this moment, so Jia Yugong's yelling only caused a stir. After which, everything calmed down once again.

Jia Yugong raised his hand to shield the sunlight and looked across. He muttered to himself and wondered what those people were up to.

The Zhu Mu Elders, who were in their hiding place, opened their eyes for a moment. Seeing that there wasn't any movement, they continued to close their eyes to rest.

Although the more than four hundred winged cavalry warriors were no match for these two people, the addition of Qi Zixiao made things a bit tricky. They didn't know the extent of the decrease in Qi Zixiao's power with any certainty. As such, they deemed that it would be better to wait and scope her out before engaging her.

Just the thought of capturing Qi Zixiao was enough to excite the two jaded guys whose hearts were like dead trees.

The status and power of Qi Zixiao attracted a great amount of attention.

The time passed by, bit by bit. A little dot flew up eight hundred meters high, moved into position above the troops and then descended two hundred meters.

All of a sudden, Zhu Mu Elders looked up at the sky at the same time. With their visual power, they both saw what looked like a small dot in the sky that was emitting a buzzing sound.

Both were somewhat puzzled and didn't know what was above. It sounded like some kind of insect.

At this moment, some water droplets dripped in front of them, making them frown slightly.

Under the control of Ren Baqian, the rotation of the cradle head of the drone in the sky caused the rubber stopper to fall out. The liquid then rushed to the opening and discharged all the sarin gas.

However, the mountain wind dispersed it in the sky and scattered it everywhere.

Controlling the drone with the remote control, Ren Baqian didn't know whether the mission was a success or not. He waited for another two minutes before sending the drone back.

Before the drone had landed, the troops on the other suddenly became chaotic.

Soldiers were seen collapsing to the ground, column by column.

Seeing this situation, the empress knew Ren Baqian had succeeded. Her demeanor became fierce and her cold voice resounded in everyone's ears.

"Take the medicine and kill!"

The winged cavalry warriors had been waiting for half a day, not knowing how long they had to wait and their anxiety turned to joy when the order was finally given. After taking their medicine, they ran forward individually and launched themselves up, jumping towards the other side as they shouted, "Kill!"

At the same time, the empress morphed into a red silhouette as she leaped over everyone's heads. She consecutively shot two arrows at the soldiers unaffected by the poison gas and pounced on Jia Yugong.

Although she hadn't responded earlier, it didn't mean she would let him off.

Jia Yugong was not feeling heroic anymore. He was shocked by the chaos caused to his troops, and hearing the order to kill, he started running back towards the direction where the Zhu Mu Elders were hiding.

As for the Zhu Mu Elders, they were also shocked by the chaos running amuck through their troops. But still, they forced themselves to control their anxieties. Seeing the red silhouette pouncing on the fleeing Jia Yugong who was running in their direction, they waited until Jia Yugong was in front of them. When the empress was about ten feet away from Jia Yugong, they then showed themselves and let out long laughter.

Both of them were generally skinny, of average appearance, and their laughter sounded like blocks of woods rubbing together and was very unpleasant to hear.

A thick brush appeared in Elder Zhu's hand. He drew directly in the air and a black character floated in midair.

"Lock!" Elder Zhu shouted and both his eyes emitted radiance.

Following the sound "lock", a huge chain appeared at the feet of the empress and moved to twine around her.

This was his Embodiment of Spirit

And Elder Mu directly jumped above the empress, hands in embracing mode and shouted, "Subdue!"

A paperweight, approximately 150 meters high and more than 60 feet in diameter, appeared in front of him and smashed towards the empress.

"Your Majesty!" The winged cavalry warrior behind her shouted with a look of fury, as if his eyes were going to explode any moment.

"Zixiao!" Ren Baqian, who was far away and looking through the binoculars, suddenly cried out. This was the first time he saw a battle between experts who were at the Spirit Wheel level. Although the object appeared as small as a tiny mountain, the consequences were unthinkable if it hit the empress.

The empress saw the paperweight coming down at her with great force. Her eyes turned bloodshot and every part of her body experienced great pain. She could only see the paperweight getting bigger and bigger, including the evil spirit patterns at the bottom of the paperweight.

Jia Yugong turned his head to look at this scene. He immediately stopped running and couldn't stop sneering.

"Qi"Jia Yugong was feeling confident and wanted to shout, but he saw Elder Mu suddenly clutching his throat in midair and fall down. The paperweight in the air simultaneously fragmented into pieces.

Elder Mu swayed twice, collapsed on the ground and the black lock and bamboo pen vanished.

Before he could finish shouting the three words "Qi Zixiao", the situation suddenly changed and he almost choked to death. He shouted one word "ga" in front of everyone.

The empress stared at him, hair in a mess and eyes full of murderous intent, "Qi"