The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 211

Chapter 211: Harbinger Of Doom
Chapter 211: Harbinger of Doom
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Through his binoculars, Ren Baqian saw the empress appear before Jia Yugong like a ghost. Following which, she unleashed a barrage of punches and kicks at him. Her movements were so perfect that they made Ren Baqian gasp in amazement.

Jia Yugong simply wasn't the empress's match. Like a broken sack, he was knocked flying into the sky. His body was completely disfigured.

"Your Majesty!" Teng Ji and his counterparts caught up to the empress. What happened just now almost scared them to death.

"Kill them!" the empress ordered coldly.

The front portion of the Great Xia army was in chaos. Previously, the sarin gas airdropped by the drone had killed at least two thousand men. Following which, the empress shot another two arrows with sarin gas cans attached to them into the most populated area, causing another batch of soldiers to collapse to the ground as they did not have enough time to avoid the gas. This worsened the situation of the Great Xia army. Some people wanted to flee for their lives, some wanted to stop the winged cavalry, and some wanted to save Jia Yugong. It was a total mayhem.

The situation came too suddenly. Jia Yugong and the Great Xia army did not expect this sudden turn of events. It all started from the people that collapsed first.

After Jia Yugong was killed, it became harder to reign in the chaotic situation.

After all, they were elite soldiers that had been through numerous battles. If they had the luxury of time, they might be able to regroup. However, after the more than four hundred winged cavalry warriors charged at them and sparked off a bloodbath like a pack of wolves attacking a flock of sheep, they completely collapsed.

Ren Baqian watched as the scene unfolded with his binoculars. Heads and limbs were flying in all directions, making him sigh ruefully.

However, after seeing so many bloodbaths taking place, he was used to it. He began to treat human lives with less importance.

The empress walked up to Elder Mu. She was able to recognize the Zhu Mu Elders the moment they appeared. After all, both of their facial features and weapons were very unique.

Elder Mu was truly a top-notch Spirit Wheel expert. Even after he was poisoned and fell from such a high position in the air, he was still alive.

His body was covered with bruises, his face had turned purple, his pupils had become the size of a rice grain, and one of his hands clenched his throat tightly. He was losing his consciousness, but he was still holding on to his last tinge of life.

The sarin gas reduced the size of his windpipe, causing him to have difficulty breathing.

The Zhu Mu Elders' strength prevented them from realizing they were poisoned earlier. Consequently, they breathed in more sarin gas. Their powerful body constitution caused them even more torment.

If someone fed them the antidote this instant, they might be able to survive.

Other people might have done this so that they could subdue these two powerful experts. On the contrary, the empress coldly stomped her foot on his head.

And his head exploded to smithereens like a watermelon.

Following which, she appeared on top of Elder Zhu's body in a flash and stomped both her feet on his chest, causing his internal organs to spurt out from his mouth.

In a flash, the empress appeared beside Qi Shui.

Ren Baqian passed her a handkerchief. "There's some bloodstain on your face."

He did not know whether it was Jia Yugong's blood or not. With the two drops of blood on her fair skin, she looked more pretty and flirtatious.

The empress took the handkerchief and wiped off the bloodstain.

Actually, not only her face was stained with blood. Her body and her feet were stained with a lot of blood. Especially her dress, it gave off the stench of blood.

"My dress!" The empress's facial expression became much more gentle.

Ren Baqian took out the custom-made traditional Han Chinese dress and passed it to her. After which, she jumped down the cliff. Three hundred meters beneath the cliff, there was the raging river water.

Of course, the empress wasn't committing suicide.

Given her strength, she would be alright even if she jumped down from such a great height. Ren Baqian's gaze wandered about. He wondered whether or not would he be slapped to death if he used the binoculars to look down below the cliff.

When Ren Baqian saw the two winged cavalry warriors that had been protecting him all this time looking at him attentively, he sighed silently in his heart.

Both of you are really meddlesome!

Given the empress's status, Ren Baqian really wanted to take a peek at her body.

Even though he would be able openly see her body in a few years' time, he still preferred to see it now as it got his adrenaline going.

He did not even care about the massacre taking place in front of him now. All he could think of was the mosaiced image of the empress's body.

After some time, the empress jumped back onto the cliff. She wore a crimson, long gown that had a golden phoenix spreading its wings embroidered on it. A garish and beautiful girl appeared before Ren Baqian's eyes. And like what Ren Baqian had expected previously, after the empress put on this gorgeous gown, he couldn't keep his eyes off her.

Her hair was slightly wet, appearing as though she had just washed it. The empress's bare feet caught Ren Baqian's attention. She used a rock as a stepping stone and jumped onto the back of Qi Shui. At that instance, Ren Baqian caught a glimpse of her beautiful and delicate feet. Subconsciously, he turned his head around and looked at her empress's jade-white legs. However, they were blocked by her dress.

"What are you looking at?" the empress asked in an unfriendly tone with her eyebrows knitted.

"Nothing." Ren Baqian quickly shook his head. However, there was a look of regret on his face, making one want to give him a kick.

The next moment, a kick landed on his face, knocking him down from Qi Shui's back.

Ren Baqian fell to the ground with a "ouch". He lay on the ground with his four limbs spread open, but he wasn't in a hurry to get up. After wandering about with his gaze, he still did not manage to see anything that he wanted to see.

At this moment, he began to find Qi Shui a hindrance, completely forgetting how much he liked it in the past. "Destroying the bridge after crossing the river" was the perfect idiom to describe him now.

Actually, when he and the empress were on Earth, he had seen her feet a few times before. There were many hot aboriginal girls wearing skirts that were made of animal skin in this world. Therefore, they did not fear exposing their legs to people.

Ren Baqian could still hear blood-curdling screams coming from a distance. In front of him, there was the battlefield where massacres were taking place. Then, when he looked at the empress's gorgeous dress, he felt his heart skip a beat.

After a while, when Ren Baqian heard that the blood-curdling screams became much softer, he stood up from the ground. Using his binoculars, he inspected the battlefield opposite him. All he could see was dead bodies lying everywhere. The ground was covered in blood. The Great Xia army had completely collapsed, and the defeated soldiers were running towards the distant forest with the winged cavalry chasing them.

After some time had passed, the winged cavalry warriors returned with satisfaction. An innocent smile could be seen hung on their faces once again.

After the winged cavalry formed up and accounted for their strength, it was discovered that four men were killed in action.

All of them were killed while fighting with the Earth Wheel experts in the Great Xia army. Ren Baqian felt pity for these four men. After all, they were killed because of him.

Ren Baqian thought of the bichi again and felt that he was a harbinger of doom. This time around, Great Xia was the unlucky one. If the phrase "misfortune that comes with blessing" was true, then where was the blessing?

Actually, there were many Earth Wheel experts in this Great Xia army. It was just that the situation became extremely chaotic after a huge number of soldiers was poisoned to death. Following the charge of the winged cavalry, they did not have any chance to display their strength. Otherwise, if they coordinated well with the ten thousand elite soldiers, they would have dealt a destructive blow to the winged cavalry in a head-to-head battle.

As for the Zhu Mu Elders, they were poisoned to death merely after showing their faces and giving everyone a scare without achieving anything. Moreover, they had only recently entered the top ten ranking of experts in the world.

In this battle, three thousand Great Xia soldiers were poisoned to death. Subsequently, another four thousand soldiers were slain by the winged cavalry in the midst of chaos. Less than three thousand soldiers managed to escape and survive.

Including the two previous battles, Great Xia lost approximately thirteen thousand men. They had indeed suffered heavy casualties. This had not included the destruction of the Nine Pavilions and the deaths of the Zhu Mu Elders. On the other end of the spectrum, the winged cavalry only lost six men.

Also, everyone had forgotten about the Qingyang Sect, which had been staying low-key.

As for Qi Zixiao, not even a single strand of her hair was harmed.

After this news was disseminated, the entire Great Xia went into an uproar. The emperor of Great Xia even flipped the table in his study room.

When Lian Qizhi of the Lian family heard of this news, his face turned deathly pale.

Previously, all he wanted was to let Qi Zixiao watch her gigolo die. Since he was powerless, this was the best he could do to seek revenge. He really did not expect Qi Zixiao to come to Great Xia for that gigolo.

When he first heard the news that the Nine Pavilions was destroyed, he locked himself in his study room for a day. Subsequently, he sent everyone that knew the whole story, except for one Earth Wheel expert, out on a mission and got someone to kill all of them.

He felt that he had underestimated Qi Zixiao's strength and temperament. He couldn't imagine what Qi Zixiao would do to him if she knew that he was mastermind of the incident.

And when he heard of the three victories that Qi Zixiao scored, he began to think about how to silence that Earth Wheel expert.

Losing an Earth Wheel expert dealt a devastating blow to the Lian family, not to mention that they had already lost two Earth Wheel experts previously. Now, they only had a total of four Earth Wheel experts left.

Right now, he was really scared that his secret might be divulged.

Even though the Lian family was situated deep within interior Great Xia, but would the difficulty level of destroying the Lian family be higher than the difficulty level of destroying the Nine Pavilions?