The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 214

Chapter 214: Voyeurism Milestone
Chapter 214: Voyeurism Milestone
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In the morning, Hong Wu and everyone from the Protectorate of the North found out about what happened throughout the journey from the winged cavalry.

Everyone was exclaiming in astonishment with regards to that unknown poison. If they had this and immediately threw it over when they start a war with Great Xia, they would then be able to make their way directly into Great Xia's capital.

Soon after, they heard another winged cavalry warrior talking about the walkie-talkies, binoculars, night vision devices, as well as that gadget that could fly to the sky and take pictures of the other party's layout that were as good as seeing it with their own eyes. Out of the six binoculars in the winged cavalry's hands, three were snatched away. A group of people stood at the roof and took turns looking through the binoculars. After which they deeply nodded, and the next person took over

When it was the third person's turn to use the binoculars, he refused to budge no matter what. The man next to him extended his hands several times but was swatted by him. In addition, he was still laughing mischievously, causing a cold shiver to go down their spine.

"Let me take a look!" The person at the side was infuriated, snatched the binoculars over, and incidentally kicked him off the rooftop.

Following which, he placed his eyes on the binoculars. First, he got a shock as it was actually so clear. Things that were so far away actually seemed so close to him now.

"Hmm? Which family do these young ladies belong to? They are actually bathing in the courtyard! So fair" That commander began to yak.

"What young ladies? Let me see, let me see..." Immediately, the people in the vicinity fought over the binoculars.

Hong Wu took the binoculars and stood on the roof, looking at a distance and was in a pensive mood. This thing actually came in handy, and it appeared that the fellow was the one who took it out. It seemed like he had to look for him to get a few of these in his hands.

He didn't consider the issue of whether Ren Baqian was willing to give the binoculars to him or not.

After all, the winged cavalry warriors already had a few of these items.

As for whether he liked Ren Baqian or not, that wasn't important anymore. He should take the things he ought to, and in particular, such items that would have all kinds of uses as far as battle formation was concerned.

He thought about it, the two troops were separated at the very least, by 1000 kilometers. If they could even see flag signals from afar, they would then be able to promptly respond in time. Furthermore, there was that item that could allow them to communicate within 3 kilometers, what was that thing called?

"Go and bring that walkie-talkie over for me to have a look." Hong Wu thought for a bit before instructing the person by his side to bring it over.


The next morning, the empress was still resting in her room. She was somewhat tired after the battles in addition to the fatigue from being constantly on the move from some time back.

Now that the empress was back at her safe haven, she completely didn't want to budge even after waking up. She continued to lie on the bed staring blankly at the roof.

When was the last time she lazed in bed like this? It was a long time ago, so long ago that she couldn't even remember when was it.

Since she moved into that absolutely empty palace hall, she never once lazed in bed at all.

Even if she didn't attend the morning court sessions, every time she woke up and looked at the cold empty surrounding, it made her reluctant to continue lying down.

"Your Majesty! It's time to have your lunch," Ren Baqian's voice came through. The empress shifted her gaze away and didn't plan to acknowledge him.

However, after Ren Baqian persevered and knocked at the door for a long time, a pillow broke through the door and together with the sawdust, smashed right into him. Upon seeing this, Teng Ji who was a distance away immediately retracted his neck like a tortoise. Fortunately, he wasn't the one who had to inform the empress to have her meal.

Upon witnessing this scene, the imperial bodyguards in the surrounding unconsciously shifted their gazes away. After a short moment, they shot their gazes back to Ren Baqian. He had been lying there for a while, and they didn't know whether he was still conscious or not.

Ren Baqian opened his eyes and looked at the skies above. Even though he was only smashed once, that pillow was made out of wood. It seemed as if the strength of the pillow flying out wasn't weak, but in actual fact, it really didn't hurt that much. It was just that it came along with a burst of driving force.

He looked at the white clouds in the blue sky above, smelled the empress's scent on the pillow and was actually not eager to get up at all.

Very fragrant.

It was like the scent of a flower.

Ren Baqian placed the pillow on his face and deeply inhaled, it was indeed very fragrant.

"Ouch!" Ren Baqian felt that his stomach had been stepped on, and immediately, he let out a painful cry. After which, the pillow disappeared from his side, only leaving a trail of fragrance.

Together with the pillow, the wooden basin filled with water that had been placed at the doorway by Ren Baqian, disappeared as well.

A "bam" was heard and the door was slammed.

The imperial bodyguards couldn't stop giggling to themselves.

"Sigh Such is life!" Ren Baqian sighed. Suddenly, he remembered the days when he just graduated from high school. He played games every night and slept in during the mornings.

At that time, they raised a dog called Xiao Xi and it was a Shetland Sheepdog. Every day, not long after he fell asleep, it would jump on Ren Baqian's stomach or tread on his face to wake him up so that he could bring it outside for a walk.

Such a pity that the dog only liked to stay at home and was just like himself. As long as he went out and let go of the rope for more than two seconds, it would run towards home again.

The empress stepping on him just now made him reminisce over the times that Xiao Xi jumped on his stomach every morning.

He got up from the ground and dusted off the clothes that he was wearing. The ground was tiled with flagstones, and the air in this world was good. His clothes were not at all dirty, but he subconsciously dusted them off anyway.

After he dusted his clothes, the empress walked out of her room, and she was still wearing that red Han Chinese dress. She looked absolutely gorgeous with her hair simply tied up. This hairdo was more suitable for the dress as compared to when she let her hair down.

Her elegant, almond-shaped eyes were filled with anger as she shot a piercing gaze at Ren Baqian.

"Your Majesty, it's time to have your lunch." Ren Baqian's hands dangled as he spoke.

Lunch was specially prepared for the empress by Ren Baqian. These days, as long as he didn't return to Earth, he would take care of all the empress's meals.

Seeing that the empress didn't get up in the morning, Ren Baqian looked for the imperial bodyguards and inquired where the kitchen was and went to whip up a few dishes for her.

It was said that the food prepared at this residence was unpalatable. He had a meal in the morning and nearly thought that it was being prepared for the odd-job workers. Afterwards, he asked around and realized that Hong Wu consumed such dishes as well. Hong Wu would eat whatever food that was served at the camp.

Should he say that Hong Wu wasn't picky, or that he was being too strict on himself? Ren Baqian always felt that one should always treat themselves better, regardless if one was a male or a female. For example, one shouldn't be too harsh on themselves when it came to the desire for food.

There was one stir-fried vegetable dish, two meat dishes, and one mutton soup.

The empress sat at the table and looked at the dishes in front of her. She unenthusiastically said, "Take a seat as well."

When they were on Earth, there weren't many things that the both of them had to take note of. But over in this world, Ren Baqian had to somewhat take note of his behavior.

As the saying goes, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do". The empress followed this saying on Earth and so did he over in this world.

After taking her lunch, the empress met Hong Wu and spoke a few words with him. She inquired on the issue at the border as well as the situation over at Great Xia.

This time round, Hong Wu didn't avoid Ren Baqian. However, Ren Baqian wasn't exactly all that interested either. His eyes were soulless as he stood over there and nobody knew what he was thinking about. It certainly must not be related to the issue that the both of them were discussing about.

"Deputy Prefect Ren!" Hong Wu's voice startled Ren Baqian.

"General-in-chief!" Ren Baqian promptly inquired.

"Those binoculars, as well as the walkie-talkies, are very useful towards the border defense. Do you still have more?" Hong Wu asked in a deep voice. He stared directly at Ren Baqian and looked rather emotionless. But, Hong Wu's imposing manner from many years of fighting in the battlefield made Ren Baqian somewhat uncomfortable.

"It'll be some time before the binoculars will be ready. Once the glass factory is completed, we would be able to manufacture them. As for the walkie-talkies, I'll think of a way." Ren Baqian nodded.

If they could manufacture these items over in this world, then there wouldn't be a need to bring them over from Earth. There were so many things that Ren Baqian wanted to bring over, unfortunately, there was a limit to what he could bring.

However, walkie-talkies and solar energy battery chargers must be brought over.

"Also, the thing that can fly in the sky. I wonder if you can let me have a look at it," Hong Wu continued to ask.

"It is possible." Ren Baqian looked at the empress, who was nodding her head.

A moment later, a group of people were surrounding the courtyard and the imperial bodyguards were pushed out, unsure of what was going on inside.

Ren Baqian was surrounded by a group of people. He adjusted the drone and it began to fly upwards following his control.

Immediately, everyone exclaimed in admiration. This thing actually flew up.

Ren Baqian controlled the drone around the city and within 1.7 kilometers, the image could be transmitted directly back to the ground station. The delay wasn't very long either. Everyone squeezed behind Ren Baqian's back, looking at the images that were displayed on the screen while exclaiming in astonishment. The images were so real that it seemed as if they were looking at it with their own eyes.

"Puahaha!" It didn't take long before people began to snigger.

Inside a window, a man and a woman were doing something that affected the survival of the aboriginals.

Many people made up their minds. In future, they must close the windows, close the windows, close the windows.

At this moment, everyone looked at this magical object, and they were envious of him. They made up their minds and wanted everything to be left behind. There was even one guy, who pondered if he could exchange the beautiful maidservant which he purchased from Yun Nation for this magical object.