The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 229

Chapter 229: Split The Loot
Chapter 229: Split the Loot
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In Yangxin Palace, Ren Baqian and the empress sat opposite each other. In between them, was a table that had a few plates of dishes on it.

"Drink with me! I can pour your wine for you!" After filling up Ren Baqian's cup with wine, the empress's eyes and lips curled into a smile.

Upon smelling the nose-assailing scent of alcohol, Ren Baqian immediately became nauseous.

This wasn't any ordinary alcohol, it was the sorghum wine that Ren Baqian brought here.

"Your Majesty! I'm innocent!" Ren Baqian cried. Since when did he want the empress to pour wine for him? Did he say such words? And how did the empress know of it?

"Is it that you're not willing to drink with me?" The empress's eyes sparkled, resembling the gleaming reflection of waves in sunlight. Her tone was gentle, and she even dragged the last word of her sentence.

If the empress behaved and talked like this any other time, Ren Baqian's heart would flutter.

However, at this very moment, Ren Baqian felt he had a bitter pill to swallow.

He racked his brain but still couldn't remember what he had done wrong.

Using just three fingers, the empress picked up the wine cup and placed her gaze on Ren Baqian. When she saw the look of agony on Ren Baqian's face, she felt amused and the smile on her face widened.

Clenching his teeth, Ren Baqian held up his wine cup, gave the empress a toast, and finished the drink in one gulp.

Following which, his stomach started to churn yet again. Trying his best, he suppressed the urge to vomit.

With a smile on her face, the empress drained her wine cup. Then, she poured Ren Baqian another cup of wine.

Ren Baqian stared blankly at the wine cup. Yesterday, he was thinking that if the empress ever poured a cup of wine for him, that would definitely be the last cup of wine he would drink. He certainly didn't expect to drink it today.

After drinking three cups of wine in a row, Ren Baqian covered his mouth with his hands for the fear of spewing out vomit.

Upon seeing Ren Baqian like this, the empress said, "Forget it, I won't mess with you anymore."

Instantly, Ren Baqian felt as though he had been given an amnesty.

"Give Deputy Prefect Ren a bowl of green vine water," the empress raised her head and said. Her voice was immediately transmitted to Qing Yuan and Hong Luan, who were standing at the entrance of Yangxin Palace Hall.

After a while, a bowl of green-colored, clear water that gave off an odd smell was placed before Ren Baqian.

"Drink it, it will help your body detoxify," the empress said.

"Thank you, Your Majesty." Following which, Ren Baqian drank the bowl of green vine water. It tasted very weird, appearing as though many ingredients had been mixed into it.

However, after drinking it, his body immediately turned warm and his agony lessened significantly.

"Ahh I'm saved!" Ren Baqian groaned.

The empress slightly pursed her lips, looking extremely pleased with herself. For the first time ever, such a childish look appeared on her face.

"Your Majesty, what's this?" Ren Baqian asked curiously. This kind of hangover medicine was definitely marketable. He had drunk Like before and he felt that its effect was only so-so. It simply paled in comparison to this green vine water.

[Like is a hangover medicine sold in China.]

"In the Sixty Thousand Mountains, there is a type of green vine that can be consumed after it's ground to fine powder and mixed with water. However, aboriginals seldom get drunk and therefore no one uses this herb," the empress explained casually.

Ren Baqian made a mental note. If he could bring this back to Earth, he believed that it could be launched onto the market quite promptly.

After all, the development of the black mud cream and the cure for R-worms was still in progress. Ren Baqian reckoned that it would take a few more years before they were ready.

Even though he still had twenty million yuan, it wasn't really enough for him to do anything with it. Furthermore, he was also embarrassed to ask the empress for things to bring back to Earth and sell.

After chatting with the empress in Yangxin Palace Hall, Ren Baqian stood up and left.

Even though he was fooled by the empress, he still discovered something good. He reckoned the laboratory on Earth would be able to develop a product and launch it onto the market very quickly.

Upon returning to his room, Ren Baqian tried to see if he had forgotten anything or not.

That afternoon, he had already met Teng Hulu and Tie Dao. When both of them saw the empress, they did not even dare to raise their heads.

The empress merely cast a glance at them without saying anything. Before she left, she also reminded Ren Baqian to find her at Yangxin Palace Hall after he was done.

It was as though she just wanted to see whether or not Ren Baqian had become sober.

Ren Baqian briefed Teng Hulu and Tie Dao on some matters. Other than providing them with a blueprint of a plantation, he also drew them a rough image of a sofa. Then, he instructed them to find a carpenter to build the structure of the sofa and a blacksmith to make springs. The sofa would be done once the cushion and the processed leather were placed upon it.

When Ren Baqian concluded that he hadn't forgotten anything, he disappeared into thin air.

Ren Baqian appeared in the living of his house on Earth. He realized that it was already nighttime. Other than the light shining through the window, everything was pitch-black.

Just as Ren Baqian was about to sit down on the sofa, his ears twitched. There was noise coming from upstairs. It sounded as though someone was walking and rummaging through his things.

There was someone in his house!

"A burglar?" Ren Baqian immediately knew that there was a burglar in his house.

He did not whether he himself or the burglar was the unlucky one.

He didn't expect himself to encounter a burglar the moment he returned to Earth.

Furthermore, nowadays he always returned to Earth with the empress. Unfortunately, he had to encounter such a situation when he returned alone.

Eventually, Ren Baqian concluded that both he himself and the burglar were unlucky.

What should he do now? Should he call the police? He reckoned any noise he made now would alert the burglar.

Should he make some noise to scare the burglar away? Ren Baqian reckoned that the important things he placed upstairs wouldn't be stolen. For example, the contract he signed with Chen Qing's father. No one would steal this kind of thing.

However, wouldn't it be a humiliating if he let them steal his things? After all, he was someone that had faced tens of thousands of Great Xia soldiers and walked through a sea of blood before.

After staying in a world full of expert martial artists for so long, how could he be scared of a burglar?

Furthermore, he could exert up to 850 newtons of force now. He should be much stronger and courageous than an average adult, right?

Ren Baqian made his decision. He moved slowly and quietly to the kitchen and took a kitchen knife. Even though he might not use it, he still needed to defend himself if the other party had a knife.

Following which, he crept to second floor. Similarly, the second floor was pitch-black. There was only some light coming out from his room. The light seemed to come from a flashlight.

When Ren Baqian reached the door of his room, his heart skipped a beat.

F*ck! There are two persons!

"There's a ghost!" One of the two people in the room was scared out of his wits when he pointed his flashlight at the door and saw a silhouette.

"Ghost my foot!" the other person cursed and pointed his flashlight at the door.

At this point, it was too late for Ren Baqian to hide. With a sinister look on his face, he stood at the door of his room holding a kitchen knife in his hand. Similarly, he had a shock as well.

"Goddamnit, if I know there were two burglars, I would definitely not act tough! Things are about to get messy!" Ren Baqian cursed in his heart. What should he do now?

"What are you looking for?" Ren Baqian yelled with a deep and low voice, trying to act like a ghost.

The man who cursed just now was astonished at first. Then, he flew into a rage. Instantly, he pulled up a knife from his waist and cursed, "Humph, stop trying to trick us!"

"Brothers, we are on the same boat. I didn't expect both of you to beat me to it," Ren Baqian chuckled awkwardly.

Upon hearing Ren Baqian's words, that man became even more enraged. "Get lost! Otherwise I will stab you to death!"

"We should at least split the loot, right? Aren't you afraid that I will call the police after you kick me out of this house?" Ren Baqian continued to act as though he was a burglar too. He wanted to see what they had stolen so far.