The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 236

Chapter 236: Back At The Laboratory Once Again
Chapter 236: Back at the Laboratory Once Again
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Ren Baqian dived straight into his bed when he returned to Earth. These days, he was both mentally and physically exhausted and had suffered lots of injuries as well.

He had to handle many different issues every morning and had to practice martial arts from afternoon all the way till night where he could finally take a break.

After that, he still had to be beaten up every alternate day, by a Lolita with her hair up in buns, to let him realize why the flowers were so rosy.

Lastly, he still had to bear with the threats from another nation. He had to be prepared against an assassination attempt at all times. It had already been a few days since he last stepped out of the palace.

"Hai!" Ren Baqian sighed deeply.

When will this ever end?

He got up after lying in bed for quite some time. There were many missed calls on his phone, and of which, almost ten were from Chen Qing. There were also some missed calls from unknown numbers.

Ren Baqian pondered for a bit and there shouldn't be much problems lately. Regarding the previous incident, the verdict had already been announced the last time he returned to Earth. It was due to reasonable self-defense.

After all, he was indeed a law-abiding citizen, and the evidence gathered from the scene had already proved it.

Even those few pieces of jade pendants and a few other things had already been retrieved.

Why is Chen Qing looking for me then?

After some thought, Ren Baqian decided to return Chen Qing's call.

"Brother, you are my brother. Can you please check the time before calling me next time?" Chen Qing who was on the other end of the line, had a stomach full of resentment.

Ren Baqian laughed mischievously.

These few days has been really miserable for me, and it's just this once that I'm harassing you.

"I see that you have called me a few times, what's the matter?" Ren Baqian asked.

"I have good news. There is progress in the R worms research that we have conducted previously. But, let's go more into detail tomorrow!" Chen Qing immediately hung up as soon as he finished that sentence.

When Ren Baqian tried calling again, his phone was already switched off. Only then did he throw his phone aside.

If he were to wait for the laboratory to carry out the research, his bones would have already turned into ashes.

But there were still some benefits somehow. After all, having gathered some results from a research subject, meant that they were one step closer to releasing a new drug in the market. But as for the specifics, he still had to see the results that had been gathered.

This time, he brought back some green vines and seeds. Those things would perhaps come in handy very soon.

It was said that, these green vines grow very rapidly and could grow into a huge bunch in just a few weeks. They could be utilized in just half a year. Ren Baqian had personally experienced the effects of these green vines, and it would definitely crush all the hangover remedies on the market.

If this thing were to roll out, he would probably have a source of revenue very quickly.

After lying in a daze on his bed for half a day, Ren Baqian entered the [Visualization of Water]. He came out of the [Visualization of Water] after an hour and fell promptly asleep.

He woke up the next morning and got lost in thought for a while. After which, he changed his clothes and headed downstairs for breakfast. Then, he took the green vines and headed to the laboratory.

"It's surprising that you're here, Lucky Boy. It's really rare." Xu Shan greeted Ren Baqian as soon as she saw him, and it was indeed a lack of proper respect for a big boss like him.

Most importantly, Ren Baqian seldom showed up at the laboratory. Furthermore, he wasn't responsible for such things. He was only a major financial backer and also the direction provider for the research.

"There has been progress in the R Worms?" Ren Baqian asked firstly.

"Yes indeed, follow me." Xu Shan led Ren Baqian to the office, took out some documents and pictures to explain to him. After ten minutes, Ren Baqian summarized the details that Xu Shan spent a long time explaining. The antidote that he brought over previously was basically a type of deep-sea organism that contained a certain substance. That substance could suppress the R worms and could even kill them if the dosage was high enough.

The only problem was that it could also cause certain damage to the human body.

However, this was considered a small effect to leukemia patients.

"How much longer before the research of this drug is complete?" Ren Baqian asked another question.

"The fastest will be another two more years. It will be three years before it can hit the market." Xu Shan gave a rough estimate.

Ren Baqian nodded and asked, "What about the black mud cream?"

"I'm afraid that it will be even later, mainly due to the slow growth rate of some medicinal ingredients," Xu Shan replied.

"I've brought you some more good stuff." Ren Baqian pushed over a sack.

Xu Shan's eyes glowed when she heard that. The first two items that Ren Baqian brought were new things that had never been discovered before. It was unexpected that he actually brought something again.

"You have already become a legend in my heart. I really want to know where you get so many of these good things." Xu Shan couldn't help but say that. He quickly took out the green vine from the sack. It was about the thickness of two fingers. Even though it had already been plucked for some time, it was preserved very well. The entire body of it was greenish-blue, with only a slight wither at the side.

"What is this?" Xu Shan couldn't help but ask, as she held the green vine and examined it left and right.

"It's called green vine. This thing can cure hangovers when it's ground to powder. It crushes all the hangover cures in the market." Xu Shan appeared a little disappointed as Ren Baqian finished talking. This wasn't what she wanted.

"Don't belittle it. Its effects are like the black mud cream, instant results, and very powerful," Ren Baqian added.

"Understood. We will embark on its research as soon as possible. According to what you've said, this green vine should do pretty well in protecting the liver." Xu Shan nodded. "The laboratory is already shorthanded, we better increase manpower."

"I'm not responsible for this, you should direct that to your superiors." Before Ren Baqian could finish talking, Xu Shan took out her phone and called Papa Chen, adequately displaying her swift action. When the line went through, she introduced to him the thing that Ren Baqian brought, in the presence of the man himself. In addition, she reiterated that there was a severe shortfall in manpower.

Papa Chen rushed down in less than half an hour. After the conventional greetings, he asked, "Are the effects of this green vine really good?"

Ren Baqian repeated what he said previously, "Very powerful, I have used it myself, the results were instant."

Papa Chen laughed immediately. After listening to what Ren Baqian said, he could imagine the prospects of this green vine instantly. Even though there were many different kinds of hangover cures at present, most of them had the capabilities of protecting the liver in fact. The effects in actually curing hangovers weren't truly negligible.

Yet, it wasn't possible to lessen the number of banquets he had to attend. For someone like him, who frequently engaged in social interactions, his health was damaged long ago.

There were many people in the modern society who had to engage in social interaction frequently. Hence, even if the effects weren't that great, there was still a pretty good market for hangover cures.

If it turned out to be like what Ren Baqian said, when the drug manufactured from green vines entered the market, it would immediately seize the entire market.

"When that comes, we have better sign the contract once more. This time you must agree." Papa Chen reiterated his previous idea.

After all, everything in the laboratory at present, was brought over by Ren Baqian, and there were three projects in fact. Even though Papa Chen contributed some energy and funds, it was too big a difference compared to the shares that he currently owned.

If he didn't want to have any problems with their collaboration in future, then this must be ironed out clearly.

After all, it could have been sheer luck when Ren Baqian first brought out the black mud cream. But for the second time and even the third time, it could not completely be explained by luck.

He had to set himself in the right position to reap more rewards in the future.

You win some, you lose some. This was a point he understood very well.

"We shall talk about that then." Ren Baqian couldn't even be bothered the slightest bit.

Seeing him like that, Papa Chen could tell that he was really not interested and decided not to say anything further. He would directly prepare the contract and let him sign it the next time around.

At the same time, he was also curious about what Ren Baqian was doing at the moment.

All in all, neither did he care about money nor the management of the laboratory and the medicinal factory. In that case, what exactly did he care about?

After Ren Baqian bade farewell to Papa Chen and left the laboratory, he immediately called somebody and went to an office building located a few streets away. There was a middle-aged person already waiting for him at the lobby.

After they exchanged greetings, Ren Baqian followed the other party up to the sixth story. There was an area of approximately 300 square meters for rent.

"This is it. This was previously a software company, but they have expanded a lot and relocated to a bigger place." That spectacle wearing middle-aged person introduced to Ren Baqian.

The middle-aged person promptly rebutted, "How can it be? This place has excellent feng shui, and they had specially gotten someone to look at it then."

Immediately, the middle-aged person lamented his misfortune, "How can it be? The feng shui over here is outstanding. We even got a geomancer to look at this place before.

Ren Baqian gave him the side eye as the other party's reaction made him even more suspicious.

"This can be checked by just simply asking around," Ren Baqian replied. The other party immediately trembled in his thoughts.

This young man is not someone that can be easily fooled, I had better shut my mouth and stop rebutting.

"Forget it, I'm not bothered by what happened to the previous company anyway," Ren Baqian stated the fact. He had planned to employ some programmers here to create some software that translates between Chinese characters and the characters of the other world. When that happens, he could then directly translate the books he wanted into the characters of the other world.

He was prepared to throw away money for this company and not earn money from it.

The earnings from the collaboration with Papa Chen at the laboratory and the medicinal factory was already sufficient.

The market for hangover medicine had a revenue of 500 million yuan in a year. Moreover, it was those liver protecting kind of hangover medicines. Once the hangover medicine which was manufactured by the green vines hit the market, just based on its powerful effects alone, it could not only seize the entire market but even break into the overseas market.

At that time, merely hangover medicine alone would have a market capitalization of more than one billion, and it might even reach up to about three billion.

Adding on the other two types of medicine, there would be a market of at least a few billions annually. Also, these few types of medicine had the potential of seizing the entire market immediately once they hit the market.

As a result, setting up a non-profiting company wasn't even a burden to him.

330 square meters, at a rent of 10600 yuan per month. Ren Baqian immediately signed a three-year contract with the other party and transferred over one year worth of rent.

After this was settled, he went to the previous real estate agency. It was already the right time, and he was prepared to buy the apartment.

Two days later, the rightful owner of that apartment became Ren Baqian. He owned an apartment in this city at last.

But this wasn't important to him anymore.

On a bright and beautiful morning like this, with the empress sitting on the sofa eating ice cream as she watched the television, while he made breakfast in the kitchen... The thought of this sight was enough to make him stay there forever.

When he returned to the other world, Ren Baqian still felt a little regretful. In fact, when he went back to Earth this time, he had actually intended to sign up for mixed martial arts classes or something similar. He felt that it could increase his fighting strength within the shortest time possible, and at least enough to not let him get trampled by a Lolita all the time.

But, he had been busy with the ownership transfer of the apartment as well as finding a head-hunting company to get himself a personal assistant. He had met a few of them but unfortunately, he wasn't too satisfied.

He hoped that he could find himself a satisfactory personal assistant the next time he went back. When that happened, he could hand all of his work over to him, and at last, he could relax.