The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 239

Chapter 239: This Is Indeed A Magical Artifact
Chapter 239: This Is Indeed a Magical Artifact!
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Holding the broken saber and its broken tip in each of his hands, Ren Baqian felt as though a herd of horses were galloping through his head. I thought this was a treasure saber? Why was it broken by a finger flick? The saber was broken five centimeters away from its tip...

Can I fix it with superglue? Or should I melt it to reforge it?

"What is its secret?" A curious look appeared on the empress's face. After sprinkling some salt on Ren Baqian's wound, she sprinkled a handful of cumin on it.

"Your Majesty This is a treasure saber Now it has become a broken saber" Heartache was written all over Ren Baqian's face.

"Oh? I can't tell it's a treasure saber though," the empress replied.

"Sigh" Ren Baqian sighed. All he could think of now was how to fix the broken saber. He wondered whether or not it could still be used.

With a helpless look on his face, Ren Baqian said, "By chance, I discovered that this saber can grow and shrink at will after staining it with some blood. Therefore, I felt it's a treasure sword. Initially, I intended to gift it to Your Majesty, but I didn't expect it to break so easily."

"Grow and shrink at will?" Ren Baqian's words piqued the empress's interest slightly. However, she really couldn't see anything special about this saber.

"At least it can grow and shrink at will I wonder if it can still be used?" Ren Baqian thought to himself. Following which, he used the broken saber and gave his own arm a cut.

The first time he tried to cut himself with the saber, he was afraid of pain and hesitated for a long time before doing it.

For the second and third time, even though he was still afraid of pain, he no longer hesitated for that long.

Now, Ren Baqian had no qualms about cutting himself with the saber. He did not flinch nor furrow his eyebrows. Instead, he felt an adrenaline rush. He did not even realize he had awakened an odd characteristic in him.

When the empress saw what Ren Baqian was doing, she knitted her eyebrows. Then, she looked attentively at the broken saber in Ren Baqian's hand.

"Grow grow.... Grow!" Ren Baqian yelled in his mind. Following which, the saber gradually grew in length. It had grown from 35 centimeters to 70 centimeters.

The empress gave a gasp of surprise and her almond-shaped eyes were becoming round-shaped. She couldn't believe the saber really increased in length.

Even though the body of the saber had lengthened, its front end was still broken. Given that the broken saber could still grow and shrink, Ren Baqian knew it definitely was not an ordinary weapon. Since there was still blood on it now, Ren Baqian wanted to see if the broken saber and its broken tip could be pieced together or not.

This definitely couldn't be done if it was an ordinary saber. However, for this saber, Ren Baqian had high expectations for it.

Ren Baqian connected the broken saber with its broken tip. Following which, as the saber slowly absorbed the blood, the gap between the saber blade and the broken saber tip began to fuse and form a crack. Eventually, the crack became as thin as a strand of hair. Even though there was still a crack, the saber tip remained fixed to the saber blade after Ren Baqian let go of his hand.

"Success!" Ren Baqian was overjoyed. Initially, he still thought this sword was destroyed before it was even used. He couldn't believe he had fixed it. It was indeed a treasure sword.

Ren Baqian quickly sprinkled more blood onto the saber. The hairline crack gradually grew fainter and disappeared. Eventually, the saber reverted to its original form but the nick on its blade was still there.

"Your Majesty, it's indeed a treasure sword!" With a cheerful look on his face, Ren Baqian passed the saber to the empress.

At this point in time, the empress was also slightly interested in the saber. She took over the saber and examined it closely. Right now, the saber was 80 centimeters long. The rust that was on it previously had disappeared as well. The blade of the saber exuded a cold gleam. The saber's only flaw was the nick that was a few centimeters long.

After witnessing the saber grow and shrunk in length, she knew that this saber was definitely something extraordinary.

Then, she used the tip of the saber to poke her fingertip. Subsequently, a white spot appeared on her fingertip.

Following which, she used the blade of the saber to slice her palm. A white line appeared on her palm and disappeared after a few seconds.

"Your Majesty" Initially, Ren Baqian was shocked when he saw what the empress was doing. Following which, he was speechless. Even though this saber wasn't extremely sharp, it wasn't exactly blunt either. It still caused his flesh to split open when he sliced his arm with it. He couldn't believe that it merely created a white line on the empress's skin. It couldn't even create a fine cut in her hand.

He grabbed the empress's hand and examined it closely. At the same time, he could sense the temperature and the smoothness of her hand. Her skin quality was slightly better than ordinary girls'.

It was incredibly hard for him to believe that the saber merely created a white line on her skin. She was so powerful that she seemed inhuman.

The empress forcibly pressed the blade of the saber against her palm again. This time around, the white line merely lasted slightly longer than before. Slowly, it faded away.

Following which, the empress used two of her fingers to "cut" the blade of the saber. "Clang." A soft and crisp sound echoed through the air.

"Clink!" More than half of the saber blade dropped to the ground.

Ren Baqian, "..."

Treasure sword, you have died a horrible death!

"Its sharpness and hardness are ordinary. Other than the fact that it can grow and shrink at will, there's nothing special about it. You can keep it as a toy," the empress said nonchalantly. Even though it was novel, the empress lost interest in it soon after trying it out.

Ren Baqian looked at the broken saber blade, speechless.

Treasure sword, you have disappointed me so much.

How can you break so easily? Are you a fraud?

Ren Baqian couldn't believe he thought it was a treasure.

It looked like a treasure. However, other than playing with it like a toy, it did not have many uses. If he used it as a weapon, would it break at the instance it made contact with his enemy?

Ren Baqian picked up the broken saber. Since the empress did not want it, he might as well bring it back to Earth and study it.

"Your Majesty, do you want play a game?" Ren Baqian suggested with excitement when he saw that the empress was bored.

"What game?" the empress asked casually. She did not seem to be interested at all.

"King of Fighters!" Ren Baqian took out the bag which he kept his laptop in previously. Inside the bag were two video game controllers. He prepared these game controllers as he thought that the empress could play some video games when she was bored.

"Your Majesty, press this then press this and this" Ren Baqian sat beside the empress and taught her how to operate the video game controller.

When the empress saw tiny characters appearing on the laptop screen, she became slightly energized. She also began to focus her attention on it.

After one hour

"Perfect!" A voice came out of the laptop.

"Bang!" The video game controller in the empress's hands shattered into smithereens.

"Boring!" The empress raised her head high with a look on disdain on her face. When she opened up her palms, all the fragments fell to the ground.

Ren Baqian tried to withhold his laughter. Your Majesty, how can you be such a sore loser?

Previously, she did the same thing with the Chinese checkers as well, smashing them into smithereens. This time around, she destroyed a video game controller.

Ren Baqian had decided to ask the empress to play "Contra" with him next time. He wondered whether or not would she smash the laptop if her character died in the game. From past experience, he knew it was highly possible that she would do the same thing if she lost the game.

Fortunately, the empress did not smash the laptop this time. Both of them were able to watch a movie on it.

After having lunch, it was time for Ren Baqian to practice [Boxing of Death].

While he was keeping his laptop, his gaze shifted to the broken treasure saber. Suddenly, he saw something stunning.

The broken saber was merely 10 over centimeters in length, slightly shorter than before. The part that had broken off it was still the same length, roughly 30 centimeters.

"Your Majesty, take a look! Take a look!" Ren Baqian picked up broken saber with astonishment written all over his face.

A catchy tune instantly filled his mind.

"I have a beautiful dream

I want to sow the sun after I grow up

I want to grow many many suns

I will give one to South Pole

I will give one to the Arctic ocean

I want to hang one up in the sky during winter

I want to hang one up in the sky during night-time

La la la, sow the sun!

La la la, sow the sun!

La la la la la la la la, sow the sun!"

["Sowing a Sun" is a nursery rhyme by China Broadcast Children's Choir]

The catchy tune kept on echoing in Ren Baqian's mind. All he needed to do was to replace the word "sun" with "treasure saber".

If the part that was broken off from the saber did not shrink, could he grow another saber out of it by watering it with blood?

After it lengthened and grew another saber, all he needed to do was to break it again.

A look of shock appeared on Ren Baqian's face.

This is indeed a magical artifact! Why do we still need to mine for iron? We can just sow and cultivate sabers!

Help! All the dead physicists and chemists on Earth are coming back to life!