The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 242

Chapter 242: I Am Also Very Wronged
Chapter 242: I Am Also Very Wronged
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"Are you the ones who stabbed me the last time?" Ren Baqian asked curiously.

Jin Jun looked carefully at Ren Baqian. He was very calm, not flustered at all and seemed to have something up his sleeves.

Unfortunately, he also had something up his sleeves.

Neither side was in any sort hurry.

"These words should not be spoken carelessly, we are decent businessmen." Jin Jun smiled.

"Decent businessmen?" Ren Baqian also started laughing. It appeared like he was the one indeed. He appeared to be representing others, otherwise, he would be using the word "me", instead of "us".

"Ren Baqian, born in 1993, graduated from SY University two years ago, and your family lives in Jian Xing Garden in T City. Your family unit consists of your father, mother, and younger brother. As you can see, we know a lot about you, so we are not afraid even if you will take desperate measures when pushed against a wall. You cannot escape today. Even if you do, you will be like a monk who can't run away from the temple.

"Now, let's talk about what I am interested in. For example, how did you suddenly appear? I am even more interested now." Jin Jun gestured with his hands. He was excited as he felt he had discovered a big secret.

From Ren Baqian's past record, he appeared to be an ordinary person. Thus, Jin Jun wasn't worried and didn't bring any weapons. There was no need to, and if they did bring weapons, it would easily lead to more troubles.

What was there to worry about? Would he dare to do something to three of them? Not to mention his family, even if he was given a knife, would he dare to kill three of them? Was he able to kill them? From his records, he was simply just a meek and clean lamb.

However, at present, Jin Jun's view of him had changed as this fellow had actually acquired some martial art skills from somewhere.

Still, there was no need for Jin Jun to worry. The question was the same. Did he dare to?

Ren Baqian became reticent and morose after hearing these words. Although he knew the other side were riffraff, the threats to his family dampened his mood.

He looked at the two thugs: one was rolling on the ground, clutching his crotch and unable to get up, and the other was getting off the ground and staring at him fiercely.

"People can change." Ren Baqian let out a sigh. There was no need to pursue the rest of the matter, he only needed to know the gist of it. First, the other party did not consist of just these few people and they most likely had other people behind them.

Second, the other party was here because of his collaboration with Chen Qing's father at the laboratory. It was just his luck to be involved.

Jin Jun heard the sigh and sensed something was wrong. Before he could react, Ren Baqian had already pulled the trigger of the pistol which was pointed at him.

Fortunately, there was a silencer, and after some muffled sounds, Jin Jun was lying on the sofa with a puzzled and a shocked look.

Moments later, the fierce-looking thug collapsed with a few gunshot wounds.

Ren Baqian looked down at the man who was in extreme pain and stepped on his neck.

The empress always liked to do this, and it seemed to be fun. All of a sudden, he wanted to try it out.

Unexpectedly, this guy actually grabbed hold of his calf intending to tell him, but it was a pity he didn't have enough strength.

Ren Baqian regretted shooting him in the head. It was different from shooting at the body and was very disgusting when the brain exploded from the head.

Ren Baqian walked to Jin Jun's crumpled body to prop it up and sat down beside him.

Jin Jun was still not dead yet, but he couldn't speak. His mouth was foaming with blood and his eyes displayed the fear of death.

"Isn't this surprising?" Ren Baqian put a hand on his shoulders and saw the other thug's body still twitching and breathing. He raised his hand to shoot and immediately, he stopped moving.

"Actually, I am even more surprised than you," Ren Baqian said slowly and emotionally.

"In any case, this is my home. All of you came in and out and treated it like the city gate? Who have I provoked? Every day is tough, it was hard for me to come home and it was my bad luck to have met all of youEvery day, this guy or that guy will be concerned about me. Great Xia is concerned about me, you guys are concerned about me" Ren Baqian rambled on. Jin Jun then took his last breath and fell softly on Ren Baqian's shoulders.

He died while listening to Ren Baqian's nonsensical babbling and his heart was full of despair.

"Sigh, it was hard to find somebody to talk to. Can't you wait until I am done talking?" Ren Baqian turned his head to look at Jin Jun and felt grieved, there was little opportunity to talk to others and no way to talk to others about many things. It wasn't easy to find someone to talk to, and he should have persisted in living a while longer.

"Sigh...!" Ren Baqian sighed deeply, extended his hand and pushed Jin Jun aside.

What should he do now? If it was the last day on Earth, it would have been easy to handle by cleaning up the scene and bringing the corpses to the other world.

But, he just returned to Earth and still had two and a half days to go.

Within a day, if Jin Jun could not be contacted by his people, they would send people to look for him. Ren Baqian couldn't assume that no one knew of Jin Jun's whereabouts.

Therefore, it was certainly not feasible to leave the dead bodies here. On the other hand, the risk of discovery was also very great if he were to drag the three bodies down to the car and move away.

God knew whether only these three people from the other party were involved, perhaps they had a driver waiting downstairs? He would be discovered once he went downstairs. At that time, once the other party gave Jin Jun a call and realized that he wasn't contactable, he would probably be in deep sh*t immediately.

If this was not handled well, he would have to seek refuge in the remotest corner of Earth. Such extreme bad luck!

Ren Baqian was feeling aggrieved. Who had he provoked?

He went upstairs to check around, and sure enough, everything was in disorder.

He packed his things and made preparations for escape at any moment. Following which, he reached the empress's room and there were many clothes which he had bought for the empress that filled the whole cupboard. But, it was a pity that he couldn't bring them along.

Wouldn't she be unhappy? Forget it, he could buy them again next time.

He took out his mobile phone and made a video call to his family. His mother picked it up after only two rings.

"You are getting younger and younger!" Ren Baqian was smiling and didn't appear to be a person planning to go into exile.

"You are finally willing to call home. When are you coming back? And what about the lady that was previously there" Ren Baqian's mother said longingly.

"When I have the time. I have to go on a trip for the time being and will go home when I am back."

"The journey home is only a few hours long. Presently I can only see you a few times in a year, and almost forgot that I have such a son."


Ren Baqian chatted with his mother for ten minutes before regretfully hanging up the phone.

He hoped things could go smoothly this time, or else, he might not get to go home in the foreseeable future.

His brother Ren Wannian had gained entrance to a good university, and they were planning a celebration dinner which he was going to attend, but now, his hopes were dashed.

In his final analysis, it was due to the bad luck brought by those bad guys.

"Hi, Chen Qing, do you know of a person called Jin Jun?" Ren Baqian asked Chen Qing over the phone.

"Why do you ask about him? Where did you meet him? Did he find trouble with you?" Chen Qing started asking him after hearing his inquiries.

"What is his background? Tell me the details."

Following Chen Qing's explanation, Ren Baqian finally knew Jin Jun's background.

Like what Ren Baqian thought, they were not on good terms. Papa Chen and Jin Jun were considered business adversaries. Also, Jin Jun had two elder brothers, Jin Wen, and Jin Wu.
Among them, Jin Wen was the leader, followed by Jin Wu, and then Jin Jun leading the rear, but he was also the boldest.

The Jin family was quite powerful in the city. They were underhanded in their dealings and below them were a bunch of people. Previously, the incident at the nightclub was also caused by them.

However, they rarely let people off with a chance to give evidence against them as many henchmen were willing to take the rap for them. Thus, under the protection of their henchmen, Papa Chen was unable to deal with them at this moment.

After listening to Chen Qing, Ren Baqian said, "Something small cropped up recently. Help me to look after my family and be careful of the Jin family's actions."

"How did you become enemies with them? What can I do to help?" Chen Qing asked immediately.

Ren Baqian hung up the phone. There was really no one who could help him in this situation now.

Walking around the room, he looked for some transparent adhesive tape to cover the gunshots wounds and see whether the tapes could stop the blood from flowing out. Otherwise, he would not be able to clean up if the bleeding did not stop.

The tape was quite effective. In addition to this, he tied up the wounds with the bedsheets and it eventually stopped the bleeding.

The blown-out head of one of the thugs, which looked like sachima, was extremely disgusting to look at.

He dragged the three guys together and mopped the floor. However, some blood had seeped into the seams, but he cleaned up whatever he could. After cleaning up, he saw the bullet hole on the floor and regretted being trigger happy. He didn't know what to do with the bullet hole even if he wanted to deal with it.

He managed to find a pair of pliers and pulled out the bullet. But, it left behind a hole on the ground. After which, he found two bullet holes on the sofa. Fortunately, the sofa was made of leather, and the bloodstains on it were easy to clean.

"If I'd have known earlier, I would have brought the Elongated Saber along. With my forty-meters-long saber, I would let these three newbies run thirty-nine meters first." Ren Baqian kept muttering as he lifted up the sofa in search of the bullet heads.

A phone rang, and Ren Baqian took it off of Jin Jun's body. He saw the words "Xiao Hui" and pressed the "connect" button.

"Brother Jun, Brother Wen is still waiting for you! When are you leaving?" On hearing this, Ren Baqian guessed it was most probably the driver who was waiting downstairs. And Brother Wen should be Jin Wen? It looked like he could not cover up the whole situation for long.

"Cough, cough." Ren Baqian coughed loudly for a few times and spat out some saliva, pretending to have a sore throat. Then he imitated Jin Jun's voice, "Come up."

His voice was slightly different. Ren Baqian hoped that the driver would think it was due to the sore throat, which caused his voice to change.

"Brother Jun, you have a sore throat? I will come up," the person on the other end of the phone said.

Ren Baqian hung up the phone and vented his breath, it seemed he had some more time to cover up.

Ren Baqian dragged the three bodies to a corner and waited on the sofa for the other party to appear.

"Brother Jun?" A voice rang out at the doorway. The person opening the door was not on guard.

On entering, he saw a handsome young man, who was covered with blood, pointing a gun at him. Before he could shout, Ren Baqian had already pulled the trigger.

Closing the door, Ren Baqian turned around to look inside the house and let out a sigh. Although it was cleaned up, the corners of the walls and the seams on the floor were bloodstained. Furthermore, there were bullet holes on the floor and sofa as well.

Even if he properly disposed of the bodies, the police would soon be here, and he would be exposed immediately. Even worse, the monitor in the lift would only show a few people coming up.

The evidence was irrefutable.