The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 243

Chapter 243: On The Run
Chapter 243: On the Run
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Ren Baqian closed the door and squatted down beside the young man lying on the floor.

Bloody foam was spewing out of his mouth like how a crab produced bubbles through its mouth. His eyes were filled with utter fear. He did not expect a stranger to be waiting for him, and he could feel life was leaving his body.

"I think you still can be saved." Ren Baqian had an amiable look on his face.

"If you have something to say, you better say it now. Otherwise, you're going to die soon. Tell me, where's Jin Wen?"

The young man continued to spew out bloody foam from his mouth. Like a chicken, he kept on gurgling without saying anything.

"Don't tell me" Ren Baqian was flabbergasted. Where did he shoot this young man in? Then, he examined the body of the young man carefully. One shot landed on his chest and another shot landed near to his heart. It was already very fortunate that he did not die on the spot, let alone him allowing him to speak.

After Ren Baqian finished examining the young man's body, the latter cackled and stopped breathing.

"Sigh! I actually aimed for your stomach, can you believe it?" Ren Baqian looked disappointed and frustrated. He also did not care whether or not the young man could listen to his words.

This time around, he really had to go into hiding.

There were still Jin Wen and Jin Wu in the Jin family. Ren Baqian reckoned that they would be heading here in less than a day's time.

Now, he had two options. The first option was to wait for them here and kill them afterwards. However, doing this would cause this place to be packed with corpses. He couldn't move the corpses alone and he would be easily trapped by the police in his own house too.

The second option was to go into hiding.

Ren Baqian felt wronged. In one or two years' time, the green vine hangover medicine was going to hit the market. And given two or three more years, the black mud cream and the cure for leukemia would be hitting the market as well. By then, he would be rich and influential. He also could ascend the apex of his life and marry a beautiful girl as his wife. However, all his hopes were dashed now.

Ren Baqian took a bath, changed his clothes, and gave Chen Qing a call. Then, he picked up his belongings that he had just packed and left the house.

He did not care about the dead bodies at all. After all, he did not want this house anymore. It was a pity that he had just bought it. After five people had died in a row in this house, he reckoned that no one would dare to live here.

In any case, Ren Baqian felt that the feng shui of this house wasn't good.

After half an hour, Ren Baqian, along with Chen Qing, appeared not far away from a bank with a briefcase in his hand. He withdrew one million yuan in cash and placed them into his briefcase. Then, he transferred the remaining twenty million yuan to Chen Qing.

Fearing that it had something to do with money-laundering, the manager of the bank interrogated Ren Baqian thoroughly to find out why he was transferring such a huge sum of money to someone else.

"What do you want to do?" Chen Qing knitted his eyebrows in astonishment. Even a fool could tell that something wasn't right.

"I will tell you later," Ren Baqian replied softly.

After settling the manager, Ren Baqian and Chen Qing left the bank. Ren Baqian took out his luggage from his car and put it into Chen Qing's car together with his briefcase. Then, he turned around and said, "I'm in trouble, I need to go into hiding. Find a way to transfer the money that I have just transferred you to a card. I will contact you again."

At this point in time, Ren Baqian had an innocent and helpless look on his face. He wanted to look as miserable as possible. He wanted to look like a child that was bullied. All he lacked now was tears flowing down his cheeks.

Ren Baqian transferred his money to Chen Qing because he scared that the police might freeze his bank account. If that happened, he would be in deep trouble. Even if the police did not freeze his bank account, he would still do the same thing. After all, his location would be exposed whenever he withdrew money from an ATM. Now, he could only hope that Chen Qing could launder some money for him. As of now, he did not need to worry about Chen Qing stealing his money or Papa Chen seizing his shares.

He believed Chen Qing could settle the money issue for him.

"Is it that serious? If you have offended Jin Jun, I can help you think of a solution," Chen Qing said with his eyebrows knitted.

"It's much more serious than you think." Ren Baqian did not want to mention that he had killed someone first. "Send me the addresses of the Jin family's important figures later, especially the addresses of where they frequent at night. Send it to my other phone."

Ren Baqian passed the number of the phone that he prepared for the empress to Chen Qing. He had decided to bring along the empress when he returned to Earth next time.

I'm in this miserable state because of all of you, I will set up a family reunion for you in hell. A wise man once said, "A family has to be united and complete."

Upon hearing Ren Baqian's words, Chen Qing was scared out of his wits. "What are you going to do?"

"Just send their addresses to me. Even if you don't know, your dad should know. You will know what's going on tomorrow." After finishing his sentence, Ren Baqian hopped into Chen Qing's car and drove off.

Chen Qing stood there in a daze.

"Where should I go now?" Ren Baqian thought to himself. Logically speaking, he should flee overseas. After all, murdering four persons was a huge crime.

However, he couldn't do that now. Moreover, the Jin family was going to hunt him down as well.

It was a pity he did not have the sarin gas with him now Forget it, even if he had the sarin gas with him now, he wouldn't dare to use it. Murdering people and using poison gas were two completely different things. If he used the sarin gas on the Jin family, there was nowhere he could hide in this world.

Now he had two options: either he hid in the wilderness or he hid in the city. He would be safe so long as he could hide for two and a half days. Half a day had already passed, there were two more days left. Optimistically, the Jin family would take half a day to find out what happened and arrive at his house. That meant he just needed to hide for one and a half days.

Ren Baqian did not know which option to choose. After all, he did not have much experience in going into hiding.

As he was driving around aimlessly, he saw a shop on the side of the street. Immediately, he stopped his car by the roadside.

It was a musical instrument store.

"Erhu erhu" When Ren Baqian saw this store, his eyes brimmed with tears of excitement.

Previously, if he had remembered to buy an erhu, he wouldn't have to go on the run now. He could bring the empress to Earth to annihilate the Jin family. Put it simply, this murder case was caused by an erhu.

"A single slip may cause everlasting sorrow, I have become a fugitive now." Ren Baqian sighed as he got down from his car. He finally found an erhu that he liked after rummaging through the store for a long time. He even played the song "Just Call Me Nobody" in the store, causing the store owner to gasp in amazement. This was the first time the store owner heard "Just Call Me Nobody" being played in a way that it sounded more mournful than "Moon Reflected in the Second Spring".

["Just Call Me Nobody" is the theme song of the movie Just Call Me Nobody, a 2010 comedy-martial arts film directed by Kevin Chu. "Moon Reflected in the Second Spring" is a well-known erhu tune composed by Hua Yanjun.]

After purchasing the erhu, Ren Baqian decided to hide in the wilderness. There were too many surveillance cameras in the city, and he did not have much experience in being a fugitive.

Following which, he went to buy a huge backpack, a lightweight sleeping bag, three catties of marinated beef, two bottles of Baijiu, and two loaves of bread.

Ren Baqian found a secluded area and parked the car. Then, he put everything he bought into the backpack and tied the sleeping bag to its top. As for briefcase and the erhu, he held one in each of his hands.

Subsequently, he hitched a ride to another secluded area. The area was surrounded by long perimeter walls. It seemed that there weren't any surveillance cameras there. After alighting from the car, Ren Baqian hitched another ride to the countryside. After he reached the countryside, he hitched another ride to a bald mountain. The mountain was approximately 1000 meters tall. Its forest area was extremely huge, and it had not been developed much yet. It was a suitable place for one to hide in.

Ren Baqian did not know how much of his tracks could be covered up by switching cars several times. He could only try his best to hide as much of his tracks as possible.

By the time he reached the foot of the mountain, the sky had already darkened. Not wasting any time, he grabbed a torchlight and ascended the mountain through the night.

Panting heavily, Ren Baqian ascended a few hundred meters of the mountain. He felt that having too much money with him could kill him as well.

The briefcase of money weighed less than 13 kilograms, but it felt heavier and heavier as time passed. There were a few times where he considered throwing it away.

However, when he recalled that he needed money on the run, he endured carrying the briefcase. By now, more than one day had passed.

And at this moment, Chen Qing was sitting in a shop in the neighborhood where Ren Baqian stayed. Through the window, he could see a lot of police cars driving past the shop. He remained silent.

Two hours ago, he had already found out what happened.

Ren Baqian actually killed Jin Jun. He killed a total of four people, and now he was on the run driving Chen Qing's car.

No wonder Ren Baqian sounded like he was preparing his own funeral.

He had a rough guess of why Jin Jun was in Ren Baqian's house, but he couldn't confirm it.

"I really can't tell he is that kind of person!" Sitting opposite Chen Qing, Jiang Nan was in shock. She had doubts in her judgement. She had never expected Ren Baqian to do this kind of thing, it was truly shocking for her.

After half an hour, Chen Qing was summoned to the police station.

At this point in time, all the policemen and hooligans in the city were looking for Ren Baqian.

The next morning, the police station obtained information on Ren Baqian's whereabouts. After killing the four men, Ren Baqian went to a bank to withdraw some money and transferred the remaining sum of money to someone else. The police understood why he did this. This also meant that this criminal was very dangerous. His mental capacity was extremely high, completely different from an ordinary person's.

Criminals like him would calmly make various arrangements after killing someone.

However, what Ren Baqian did next puzzled everyone.

Why did he go to a musical store to buy an erhu? Why did he play the song of "Just Call Me Nobody"? What's going on?

Everyone furrowed their eyebrows as they tried to guess what Ren Baqian was thinking.