The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 245

Chapter 245: Reunion
Chapter 245: Reunion
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On the mountain, everything was engulfed in darkness. The only source of light was a bit of silvery light from the dim moon hanging high up in the sky.

One of them was squatting down in a debonair manner while fiddling with a phone. The other person was standing upright like a javelin while her long air drifted in the night breeze.

"I have already sent some men to take care of your family, the cops are keeping watch over them as well. Be careful! Try not to contact your family members."

This was one of the two text messages that Chen Qing had sent him. The other text message provided him with a few possible locations of Jin Wen and Jin Wu.

"Sigh!" Ren Baqian sighed deeply again. Every time he thought of this matter, he felt constipated and panicky.

After a while, he stood up and looked into the distance with a solemn look on his face.

"Your Majesty, let's set off."

Treating Ren Baqian like a chick, the empress picked him up by his collar and jumped into the air. After flying through the air for a few hundred meters, she swooped down from the sky.

Ren Baqian's face was blasted by wind. Even though he was being held by the empress like a chick, he still maintained the solemn look on his face. Feeling the strong wind that was blowing in his face, his inner poet awakened, and he muttered to himself, "A time will come for me to ride the wind and crest the waves."

The following line was "I'll set my cloud-like sail to cross the sea which raves". However, right now, Ren Baqian was like a flag fluttering in the wind as he hung from the empress's hand.

It was extremely exciting to travel at a speed of 200 kilometers tens of meters above the ground. Ren Baqian knew he was safe, but his heart still yo-yoed, feeling as though he was taking a high-speed elevator up and down.

The time now was 9 pm. Given the empress's speed, they could reach their destination in one hour's time.

Ren Baqian was complaining inside his head. He preferred the empress to carry him on her back. Even if she carried him in her arms, it would still be better than how she was carrying him now, like a flag that was fluttering in the wind.

Jin Wen put down the document in his hand, took off his spectacles, and rubbed his temples.

"Still no news of that lad?" he asked.

"Yes, Brother Wen," a man wearing a collared shirt standing beside Jin Wen confirmed.

Jin Wen continued to rub his temples and picked up another piece of paper. On the paper, there was a picture of a young man.

All these documents were information complied on Ren Baqian. He had read them more than once.

Until now, he was still shocked. He couldn't believe that Ren Baqian could kill Third Brother and his three henchmen.

And the thing was, where had this lad disappeared to? It had been half a month since he last appeared. It was as though he had disappeared from the face of the Earth.

Third Brother's wife had been making a big fuss over the fact that Ren Baqian couldn't be found. His henchmen were becoming restless as well. If this lad really escaped his clutches, he had to dig a hole and hide in it out of humiliation.

"Are the cops still keeping watch over his family?" Jin Wen asked.

"Yes, but they are going to leave soon," that man replied.

"When the cops have left, arrange a spectacular death for every one of his family members. Kill them one by one, I don't believe that lad won't show up," Jin Wen casually ordered.

Killing people was a very difficult task. At times, it could be very easy as well. A simple accident would do the trick.

After finishing his sentence, Jin Wen took out a valuable box of tea leaves and placed some tea leaves on a lidded teacup. His subordinate quickly boiled a pot of water for him. However, Jin Wen still preferred to make the tea himself. This has always been his habit.

At this moment, the window opposite Jin Wen suddenly exploded. Following which, two figures appeared in the room.

The sudden turn of events momentarily stunned Jin Wen. One had to know that they were on the seventeenth floor. How in the world did someone break through the window to enter this room?

However, Jin Wen wasn't slow in following reactions. He instantly pulled out a handgun from his drawer and pointed it at the two figures. It was at this moment that he got a clear look of the two figures.

One of them was an ordinary-looking man that Jin Wen found somewhat familiar. The other person was a girl that he couldn't take his eyes off.

"Brother Wen, it's that lad!" Jin Wen's subordinate cried out in alarm. Confusion swept across Jin Wen's mind. That lad? Following which, he realized who the man was. It was the lad that murdered Third Brother.

Upon taking a closer look, Jin Wen realized there wasn't any rope fastened to their bodies. He wondered how they broke through the window and entered the room.

Soon after, a sinister smile appeared on Jin Wen's face. "I have been hoping for you to appear before me, but I certainly didn't expect you to appear in this fashion."

As he was talking, his finger pulled the trigger on the handgun. Six gunshots resounded through the air. Four shots were directed at the red-dressed girl and two shots were directed at Ren Baqian.

He had no choice but to do this. After all, the manner in which both of them appeared was too freaky. He wouldn't feel at ease if he did not shoot immediately them to death.

However, the next moment, the red-dressed girl's arms disappeared into a flurry. Jin Wen couldn't tell whether or not she moved her hands. It seemed like an illusion.

To his horror, Ren Baqian and the red-dressed girl remained standing there unscathed.

Ren Baqian widened his eyes in shock. He couldn't believe this old bast*rd was more ruthless than him. How dare he open fire without saying anything unnecessary?

Jin Wen was in much more shock than Rem Baqian. He had fired all the bullets in his handgun in one go, but the two persons were unscathed.

"Ghost!" Jin Wen immediately thought to himself. His forehead broke out in cold sweat.

With an indifferent look on her face, the empress swung her hand and flung out all six bullets.

Jin Wen's subordinate, who was standing one meter away from Jin Wen, was hit by all six bullets, instantly turning into a sieve.

"Zixiao, your martial arts are unparalleled in this world!" Ren Baqian gave the empress a thumbs up.

The empress's face darkened even more. Chilliness was seeped out of her eyes. Subconsciously, she rubbed her fingers, wishing that she had more bullets to throw.

With blood spurting out from his body, that man collapsed to the ground with a "thump".

"Hey! We can talk things though peacefully!" A look of panic appeared on Jin Wen's face. Even though he had been through all kinds of situations, he still couldn't help but panic now. He simply couldn't believe they weren't scared of guns. Who said that lad was just an ordinary man?

As he was talking, he took out a loaded magazine from his drawer and attempted to load his handgun with bullets. It seemed that he would only feel safe if his handgun was loaded.

"Bang!" Ren Baqian raised the handgun in his hand and Jin Wen's head exploded into a bloody mess.

"..." Ren Baqian had a constipated look on his face.

Hey, I aimed for his shoulder, not his head! And I haven't finished speaking!

"Is the matter resolved?" the empress turned around and asked Ren Baqian.

"There's still Jin Wu. He might be in this building or at the next location." An innocent look appeared on Ren Baqian's face.

He had a line that he wanted to say for a very long time, but he didn't have the chance to do so!


Soon after, Ren Baqian found Jin Wu at an upper-class district. At that time, Jin Wu was doing certain indescribable things with a girl, sending a reverberating scream into the empress's and Ren Baqian's ears.

When the empress saw the situation in the room and heard the scream, her face turned ice-cold. Without saying anything, she thrust her hand in the air. Jin Wu and that girl were instantly thrown to the wall and stuck on it.

Looking at the wall covered with blood, Ren Baqian had a sullen look on his face.

Why is it so difficult for me to even say something?

There's this wise saying, if one does not have a glorious homecoming after making it big, he might as well go home in silken robes at night without anyone noticing. This logic applies to seeking revenge as well! At least let me finish what I want to say!

In the end, Ren Baqian could no longer take it. He found a slip of paper in the room and wrote down what he wanted to say on it. However, what if they were 404? Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he wrote at a tremendous speed.

[If someone calls you a 404 that is definitely not a compliment. They are saying you are clueless. It comes from the '404 error' message displayed on an otherwise blank page when an internet browser cannot find a website.]

His handwriting was still ugly.

"A wise man once said, a family has to be united and complete. All of you have finally reunited."

Then, he placed the slip of paper on the bed.

A look of satisfaction finally appeared on Ren Baqian's face.

Subsequently, Ren Baqian and the empress searched the house. They found Jin Wu's son in the living room and Ren Baqian immediately shot him to death.

"Zixiao, you're blushing," Ren Baqian suddenly said to the empress while they were jumping through the air from building to building.

Upon hearing Ren Baqian's words, the empress panicked and her hand trembled. Ren Baqian fell towards the ground with a blood-curdling scream.

"Your Majesty, save me!"

When Ren Baqian saw that he was getting closer and closer to the ground, his scream became a miserable howl that trembled incessantly.

When the empress got hold of him, his heart almost leaped out of his mouth. One would know how he felt if he or she free-fell from such a high altitude.

"What is that sound?" Many people heard a scream outside their houses. However, they saw nothing when they looked out of their windows.

Ren Baqian was lying on the top of a building panting heavily. He almost peed his pants just now. If the empress was a tad slower, he would have become a meat patty.

The empress was standing on the edge of the building looking down. She felt frantic when she thought of the things she saw just now.

"Zixiao! I was so scared just now!" Lying on the ground, Ren Baqian did not even intend to move. He was scared stiff just now.

The empress acted as though she never heard what Ren Baqian said. After a long while, she finally calmed down. Then, she turned her head around and asked coldly, "Where are we going next?"

"There are still a few more places, there are four persons left." Ren Baqian was still lying on the ground grasping his heart.

"Lead the way!"

Following which, the pair headed to a few locations and finally wrapped up their mission.

Jin Wen, Jin Wu, and their wives, and children were finally reunited in hell. It might be cruel to kill all of them, but Ren Baqian felt that he would be the one suffering if he let a single one of them live.

Ren Baqian did not really care about their henchmen. Without their leaders, they would soon be a chaotic mess.

Deep into the night, Ren Baqian and the empress were standing on the top of a building. The building opposite them was a very uncomfortable place for Ren Baqian.

The police station.

Ren Baqian sat down on the edge of the building, took out his phone and made a call.

"Hello?" A voice sounded off on the other end of the line. It was Ren Baqian's dad and he sounded very tired.

"Dad!" Ren Baqian said softly.

"Baqian? Where are you? How are you now? What's going on? The police said you have killed someone!" Ren Baqian's dad softened his voice and asked anxiously when he knew it was Ren Baqian.

In the police stations of T city and S city. "That lad has appeared." Following which, a commotion broke out. Everyone crowded around the computer with an excited look on his face. That bast*ard had finally appeared.

Nowadays, surveillance work was no longer as troublesome as it had been in the past. The police no longer needed surveillance vans. All they needed to do was to plant a virus on their target's smartphone.

"I'm alright, don't worry," Ren Baqian said casually.

"It's good that you're alright. If you're innocent, turn yourself in. I and your mum will definitely help you clear your name," Ren Baqian's dad said deeply after a slight hesitation. Until now, he still did not believe that his son would kill someone.

After starting a business venture last year, Ren Baqian's wealth and social status kept on increasing. He even sent a huge sum of money to him and his mum. Why would he risk his bright future by killing someone?

"I'm indeed wronged." Ren Baqian was filled with grievance.

Upon hearing these words, Ren Baqian's dad instantly felt his son was innocent and an overjoyed look appeared on his face.

Ren Baqian could hear the breathing sound of his mum on the other end of the line.

"Don't worry, I'm fine. I know what to do but it's not convenient for me to talk about it now. Just keep in mind that I'm fine," Ren Baqian continued to speak in a relaxed tone.

After talking for another two minutes, Ren Baqian hung up and threw the phone on the floor of the rooftop.

There was already a huge bunch of men running from the police station opposite them.

After a few minutes, when the police arrived at the rooftop, all they could see was a phone lying on the floor.

They turned the building upside down but still couldn't find Ren Baqian.

The phone Ren Baqian used was Jin Jun's son's. It could be easily tracked. When the police rushed to Jin Jun's house, they saw three dead bodies.

Following which, they went to Jin Wen's and Jin Wu's houses and they discovered a slip of paper in Jin Wu's room.

"Is it a secret signal? Or is it a secret code?" Everyone had this thought when they saw the ugly writing on the slip of paper. Could it be a puzzle that was intentionally left by Ren Baqian?

Ren Baqian is simply too arrogant!

After they racked their brains and figured out what was written on the slip of paper, they almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

Everyone clenched their teeth in anger.