The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 250

Chapter 250: Rampaging On The Road To Death
Chapter 250: Rampaging on the Road to Death
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On Earth, every city's night was brightly lit with radiance. However, there were often sinful things happening in places where the light didn't shine.

For example, at this time, the border of the R Nation was close to a certain city that had beautiful women everywhere. Two bald youths were pointing a gun at a yellow-skinned and black-haired young man that was badly battered. That black haired young man was their object of ridicule.

"Khitan person, I detest all of you. All of you should get lost and return to the place you belong to," a bald youth cursed under the influence of alcohol.

At this time, that black-haired young man's face was full of fear as he knew what kind of people he had run into. Those youths were called skinheads. They were attached to the radical party and had strong hostility against all foreigners.

They weren't only hostile towards the yellow-skinned Chinese or Vietnamese, but, also treated the "black hair" people from the Caucasus as well as the Africans and South Americans the same way.

If any of the above people met skinheads, the minor cases would result in a beating, and for the severe cases, there were even deaths.

Two years ago, there were even people stabbed to death at the gate of a University.

Currently, he could only hope that these two people would let him off.

Right now he was full of fear and regret as he shouldn't have come out alone at night. But, he was out of his mind and stayed out longer just to hang out with his junior, which resulted in him delaying his time to go home.

"I have an interesting game, why don't we play it together." Another bald youth revealed a malicious smile. His finger tapped the revolver and the magazine sprung out. Then, he slowly stuffed three bullets inside leaving an empty space between each bullet.

His slid his other hand on the magazine and it immediately rotated. Soon after, he returned the magazine to its original position.
"Let's play a game, as long as you don't die, we'll let you off." That bald youth with a malicious smile teased that black-haired youth as he pointed the gun at him.

That black-haired youth almost collapsed onto the ground. His was frightened to death. There were three bullets and three empty spaces and that meant that the probability of dying was half. However, the probability of the other half might not necessarily be a good outcome.

The two bald youths burst out laughing when they saw him collapse onto the ground.

"This game is really interesting. I want to play it too."

At this moment, a male voice could be heard from the entrance of the alley.

He spoke trashy Russian one word at a time.

"Who are you, show yourself!" The bald youth who was holding a gun, immediately turned around and pointed the gun at the direction the voice was coming from. But just as he turned around, he saw a silhouette dashing into his arms at lightning speed, striking a heavy blow at his abdomen. Another hand grabbed onto his wrist, pinched it, and swung the gun, causing it to land in the hands of the other party.

Before he could even make any other movements, the other party gave him a punch to the ear, causing half of his body to be temporarily paralyzed. He even saw stars in his vision.

And his comrade was even more miserable than him. He was directly stomped onto the ground by a woman dressed in red that had descended from the sky. This bald youth could even hear the sound of his bones breaking.

"Get out of my sight, we detest pigs like you guys the most!" Holding a gun in his hand, Ren Baqian pointed it at the black-haired man who looked like an overseas student. He was still speaking poor quality Russian at this moment.

Initially, that dark-haired young man was dumbstruck. But soon after, he frantically escaped at lightning speed and didn't even dare to look back at all.

After running for a distance, that dark-haired young man found it baffling, why did that man save him? But at that time, that person's back was facing the light and he couldn't actually make out how the other party looked. He also couldn't tell who it was.

Ren Baqian stepped on the head of that bald youth, lowered his head, took bullets out from his pockets, and loaded two more inside. Then he imitated that bald youth's action and did a sliding movement to restore the original position of the magazine.

"I like this game, if you survive, I'll let you off." Ren Baqian was full of smiles.

He had seen many of such bald youths in R Nation these days.

One month had passed in Dayao and during this period of time, he had returned to Earth six times. He had stayed in R Nation for almost one month and didn't know if he was unlucky or if someone else was unlucky. It might be because he went out late at night, or if perhaps, it was because the empress was too attractive. As such, he had met a total of seven such radical youths that emitted a ruthless vibe from head to toe.

Most of them were between the ages of fifteen to twenty years old and were very naive and immature. They were brainwashed by some slogans and their minds were practically filled with violence.

In Ren Baqian's heart, they were just a bunch of kids.

Therefore, he mustn't let them off by any means.

Without even letting the youths beneath his feet speak, Ren Baqian immediately pulled the trigger.

"Bang!" The gunshot was extremely loud.

"Apologies, your luck isn't very good," Ren Baqian said apologetically to the sachima drenched with tomato sauce beneath his feet.

[In this context, Ren Baqian is describing the corpse to the Manchurian snack sachima - fluffy strands of fried batter bound together with a stiff sugar syrup, looking somewhat similar to American Rice Krispies Treats.]

The youth beneath the empress's feat struggled with all his might. At this moment, he had already sobered up due to the shock and was desperately trying to break away from the person on his back. But, that person was just like a nail, nailing him to the ground. Regardless of how he struggled, he still couldn't move at all.

"I'm sorry, spare me, spare me!" That bald youth wailed as if his life depended on it.

"It's just a game, why is your reaction so huge?" Ren Baqian was astonished.

After which, he consoled him gently, "Good boy, listen to me, I'm someone who keeps my words. After one gunshot, I'll let you off regardless of whether you are dead or not."

Then, he aimed the gun at the other party's head. The empress gave a look of disgust and in a flash, she appeared meters away.


"My apologies, both of you are very unlucky, it seems like this game isn't very fun," Ren Baqian apologized to the two blocks of sachima drenched in tomato sauce. Then, he stashed the gun at his waist.

Just now, the gunfire attracted pedestrians over and upon seeing the empty alley and two blocks of sachima, they immediately shouted in fear.

Moments later, before the arrival of the local police, two black-haired and yellow-skinned men and one woman dashed into the alley at lightning speed. They then carefully examined the scene.

"Was this done by them?" one of the woman asked quickly.

"This man's shoulder blade is shattered. It seems like it was stepped on, causing it to be crushed. There is also a bit of soil on the ground. This was most probably done by them."

"Damn it, they ran away again." That woman cursed, and she was full of resentment.

It had been three months, three entire months, and the other party had never exercised restraint at all. They caused all kinds of problems everywhere they went, and the crime they committed the most was still murder.

The three people had been tracking the other party for the past three months. Every time, they would miss them just by a bit, and never even get the chance to catch a glimpse of their backs.

Each of the three was well-versed in one or more of the following fields: computers, tracking, fighting, firearms, infiltration, information analysis, as well as driving a car or a plane. All three of them were the cream of the crop, yet they couldn't even touch the other party's tail and were even duped by them.

It wasn't just the three of them looking currently for the other party. There was also another team of three who were seeking the trails left behind by those two people. This clearly meant that they were not doing their task well. When they thought about it, they felt that it was simply too shameful.

At present, they have practically forgotten their initial intention of finding the other party.

All they wanted to do now was arrest them and clear themselves of opprobrium.

If their target absconded in a well-behaved manner, perhaps, they might not be so furious. Moreover, their target had blatantly and unrestrainedly revealed their whereabouts time and time again. However, they still were unable to find out anything about their target. In that case, how could they be convinced.


On top of a tall building not far from here, Ren Baqian was watching the three people with a binoculars as they walked out from the alley. He was very interested in them. "They seem to have been tracking us for quite some time and haven't given up yet."

He also felt some resentment. "There are so many cases in the country waiting for them, and I have already ran so far, do they have to pursue us so relentlessly?"

"It seems like I haven't uploaded my Moments in a long time?" Ren Baqian thought for a while. In any case, the other party was always hot on his tracks, and even if he didn't sent anything out, they would still know where he was.

[Moments - social networking function of WeChat. Users can share and get access to accepted WeChat friends' information, creating an intimate and private communicating circle within the users' choice of close friends]

As he thought of this, Ren Baqian turned on the handphone that hasn't been used for a long time. After which, he aimed the camera at himself as well as at the building to his back and gave a splendid smile.

"Zixiao, smile!" Ren Baqian didn't forget to turn back and shouted.

The empress rolled her eyes at him.


Ren Family.

These days, Papa Ren and Mama Ren had been very worried. They didn't know their son's situation and were extremely afraid that something had happened to him outside.

At this time, Papa Ren's phone suddenly range. He quivered and picked up the call, only to realize that it was Ren Wannian, his son who had just gotten into college.

"Sigh!" Papa Ren sighed. Ultimately, he was still waiting for his eldest son's god-knows-when-would-he-call-back call.

"Father, quickly check WeChat. Brother has updated his Moments." As soon as he answered the phone, he heard his youngest son shouting excitedly.

"What?" Papa Ren got a shock and hurriedly opened his WeChat to check the Moments. Then, he saw the picture of the person he wanted to see the most.

It was taken at night. The background was an exotic building that was full of a foreign country's style.

Ren Baqian was facing the camera with a splendid smile. He even gestured a very old-fashioned twist in the picture.

There was a side-profile of a woman dressed in red not far behind him, and her long hair was floating in the wind.

There was a short message below the picture, "The scenery is beautiful, just that the temperature is a little low and it's a little cold. In addition, it has been cloudy these days. Everyone, please don't forget to collect the clothes before it rains!"

Papa ren and Mama Ren were stunned as they saw the Moments that Ren Baqian had uploaded.


Chen Family.

Chen Qing and Jiang Nan were expressionless as they looked at the Moments that Ren Baqian had just uploaded. This person was simply invincible. He actually blatantly updated his Moments even when he was on the run?

Do you really want to die that badly?


In a car on the street, there were two men and one woman who were looking gloomy.

As the phone rang, the slightly older one among them looked down and took a glimpse at the phone. It was a familiar number on the screen.

He had just reported on the situation in the morning. What was the point of calling at this time?

When he gloomily answered the phone call and listened to the contents, his face immediately turned extremely black.

A short while later, he received two pictures on his phone that displayed Ren Baqian's splendid smile and that short message.

The three of them took turns looking at the pictures on the phone and their faces instantly darkened.

"I must arrest him. I want to put him in prison. I will definitely not let him off!" That originally delicate woman blew her top and shouted frantically.