The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 251

Chapter 251: My Hand Is Swollen
Chapter 251: My Hand Is Swollen!
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Two days later, Ren Baqian and the empress were on a train listening to the rumbling tracks. Both of them had gone sightseeing in the countryside of this unfamiliar country.

They had already left R Nation. They left on that night itself. First, they passed through Belarus, where beautiful girls could be found everywhere. Then, they crossed Poland and finally arrived at this country. Their destination was Prague, the most suitable city for lovers to tour.

Ren Baqian had this impression of the city after listening to the song "Prague Square". He purposely chose this place as his destination while planning which route to take.

["Prague Square" is a song by Jolin Tsai, a Taiwanese singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, and businesswoman.]

"Phew, it's so cold." Ren Baqian wrapped his coat around his body tightly. His face was so cold that it turned red.

Prague wasn't really cold in the start of October. The temperature there was roughly 16 degrees Celsius. However, anyone who sat on top of a train with cold wind blasting him or her for an hour would feel cold.

That's right, on the top of a train.

Ren Baqian and the empress were sitting on top of the train, not inside the train.

The cold, strong wind kept on pouring into Ren Baqian's mouth.

Right now, he had the strength of a man that weighed 150 kilograms. His strength had increased significantly, but that did not mean he wasn't scared of cold.

On the contrary, sitting beside Ren Baqian, the empress was completely unaffected by the low temperature and the blasting cold wind. Her hair and dress were dancing in the wind.

The empress was hugging her knees with her eyes squinted, appearing extremely satisfied.

Ren Baqian realized that the empress would only squint her eyes when she was satisfied and when she was about to kill someone. The only difference being that her nose would pucker when she was satisfied while the corners of her eyes would raise when she was about to kill someone.

It was a very slight difference.

As the head of the train entered a tunnel, both of them lay flat the top of the train. After the train had exited the tunnel, the pair sat upright again.

"Since we are so bored, let's tease them!" An evil smile appeared on Ren Baqian's face. He took out the old phone and switched it on. Then, he took a picture of himself and the plain behind him.

"The weather has become colder today and my face is freezing. It's indeed the wrong choice to take a train for sightseeing in this season." Ren Baqian left out the fact that he was sitting on top of a train, not in the train. Following which, he uploaded this line with the picture and switched off the phone.

After a while

Papa Ren, "..."

Mama Ren, "..."

Chen Qing, "..."

Jiang Nan, "..."

A particular department, "..."

A commotion broke out in the department. "Quickly find out where he is!"

The three persons that had been tracking Ren Baqian immediately received the two pictures and their faces darkened instantly.

Ever since the three of them had taken on this mission, they had not felt good at all. Every day, they were teased by Ren Baqian while working hard to track them down.

It had been three months!

Anyone who had been teased for three months would definitely blow his or her top.

"Hou Yong, where are they?" After receiving the pictures, the man that looked the oldest out of the trio received a call. Following which, he was blasted with a series of questions.

Hou Yong's face was darkened. "I'm sure they have left R Nation. They should be in Belarus now."

"Find him!"

Hou Yong clenched his teeth and hung up. He also wanted to find them, but so far, he hadn't caught a glimpse of their backs.

"Where is he heading to?" Even though Hou Yong was infuriated, he still took out a map to analyze the possible routes that Ren Baqian might take.

He had already marked out the cities that Ren Baqian and the girl had gone to. Connecting the marked cities formed a zigzagging line. The two persons did not seem like they were on the run but rather, going on a scenic tour. After entering R Nation from M Nation, they arrived somewhere near Dikson Island. That place was also close to the Arctic Circle.

They also went to Moscow, where they stayed for two days leaving a murder case behind.

Then, they traveled south and arrived at the border of the Ukraine. Subsequently, they headed west and reached a border city of Belarus.

Ren Baqian and the girl made everyone feel as though they were going on a sightseeing tour. They did not have a clear-cut destination, and roughly every ten days they would commit a crime.

They were the most vicious and fearless fugitives that he had ever seen.

At this moment, Ren Baqian was covering his face with both his hands. With a pensive look on his face, he revealed a big discovery that he had made. "Zixiao, I think I'm cursed by the bichi."

The empress turned around and looked at him. She replied plainly. "Didn't you know that a long time ago?"

Ren Baqian sighed deeply.

Ever since he encountered that bichi, he was almost snatched by a flower hawk, almost assassinated, and poisoned. After going through a multitude of trouble to get himself cured of the poison, he encountered vicious burglars in his house when he returned to Earth. Following which, he encountered Jin Jun and his henchmen. Eventually, he became a fugitive.

This wasn't over yet. He initially planned to go on the run and lead a peaceful life. This had always been his goal. However, no matter where he went, he would be robbed, attacked...

Occasionally, Ren Baqian could not help but question R Nation's public security. How could R Nation's public security be so bad? It's a huge and powerful nation after all! How do those Chinese working and studying in R Nation survive?

Fortunately, they already left that country. Ren Baqian told himself he would never go back there again.

Thinking back to what happened for the past few months, Ren Baqian felt that he was really down on his luck. Within a month's time, he had encountered things that ordinary people would never encounter in their entire lifetimes

He just couldn't believe it had nothing to do with the bichi.

Don't they say "misfortune that comes with blessing"? Why are there only misfortunes? Where are the blessings? Where are the blessings?

The only consoling thing was that he wasn't the one that died.

"How long does bichi's curse last?" Ren Baqian couldn't help but ask again.

"The shortest it goes on for is three to five years. I don't exactly know how long it can possibly last," the empress replied plainly. Then, she added, "With me around, you won't die."

Ren Baqian felt a tinge of warmth arising in his heart. Then, he reached for the empress's hand.


Ren Baqian stared at his hand, which had swelled to the size of a pig trotter. He groaned, "Zixiao, my hand is swollen!"

The empress puckered her nose and humphed, ignoring him.

When a city appeared in the distance in front of them, the empress picked up Ren Baqian and jumped off the train. In a flash, the pair appeared beside the train tracks.

"I am standing at the Square of Prague in the evening

At the wishing well I cast in my hope

The flock of white pigeons back faced the sunset

That scene is too beautiful I dare not look"

[Lyrics from the song "Prague Square"]

Ren Baqian hummed the song to himself. He and the empress had arrived at their destination, Prague.


Hou Yong had been studying the map for a very long time. He casually asked the young girl beside him, "Sisi, where would you go if you're here with your boyfriend?"

Sisi scanned the map. Without thinking it through, she answered, "Prague of course! That is the most suitable city for lovers."

Hou Yong slapped his thighs. Aren't they a pair of lovers?

For the past few months, Ren Baqian and the girl had been inseparable and they went everywhere together. Previously, they would frequent the supermarket together. They even went on a trip to Turkey. Who would believe it if anyone said they weren't lovers?

Hou Yong believed their target destination was...

"Quickly book the air tickets to Prague!"

After finishing his sentence, he made a call to his superior. "I suspect their target destination is Prague, we are going over there now!"

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the line. Following which, his superior heaved a sigh of relief and said, "The second unit already reached Prague yesterday. Swiftly set out now, I want you to track them down."

"From the piano keys emitted a glow

Tinted glass windows decorated the gothic cathedral

Who who who is playing a stanza of melancholy

I follow the direction of the piano melody and I see roses lying on the oil portrait of the 18th Century

At the side quietly appreciating, thinking about your romance

Looking at it again, would it be the same forever..."

At this moment, Ren Baqian felt that he had an innate talent in music. However, his "innate talent in music" sounded like gibberish to the empress, who had been listening to him singing.

As they entered this beautiful, culturally rich city, Ren Baqian felt much cheerful and lighthearted.

However, he first had to buy some ointments like safflower oil that could dispel blood stasis.

His hand hurt.