The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 252

Chapter 252: Looking For The Woman Dressed In Red
Chapter 252: Looking for the Woman Dressed in Red
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Ren Baqian was wearing a jacket, a pair of jeans, and shoes. He was also carrying a haversack on his back. He didn't look any different from those ordinary young tourists. If one had to point out a difference, it would be that his female companion was absolutely stunning and caught the attention of everyone. This also made them the envy of all.

The empress was wearing a sleeveless red dress which revealed both her arms. In such weather, the people in the surroundings felt cold just by looking at her. However, she didn't seem to realize it.

The pair leisurely walked at the new town district in Prague. Once in a while, the empress would faintly say, "Here!" whenever she saw beautiful clothes in the display window.

Once again, they entered an exotic shop with a European style. The empress paused in front of a bohemian dress. It was dominantly red with large flowers interwoven in blue, white, and black and had layered hems. At the same time, under the collar were tassels and a white gauze. It was full of the exotic European style, and it prominently highlighted the charm of women.

The empress stood in front of the skirt and scrutinized it. A rare look of hesitation flashed across her face.

It could see that she fancied this dress a lot. But, she had never worn clothes that were in this kind of style before. Her dresses were mostly crimson, and there weren't too many complicated colors on any of them. The style of her dresses was also more concise.

Among her many dresses, there were only slight differences between the collars and the cuffs.

The color of this dress was too dazzling, and the style was very complicated.

"Zi Xiao, you will definitely look very good if you wear this dress. In this world, there are only clothes that don't fit you, and there aren't any clothes that you won't look good in." Ren Baqian used his gentle voice to bewitch the empress. Nevertheless, he really wanted to see the empress wearing such a feminine dress. It would definitely be captivating.

But he was right about something. A beautiful person would look good wearing anything.

Even if the empress wore an old-fashioned set of clothes, she would still be able to bring out the aura of a runway.

Moments later, the empress changed into the dress and walked out from the dressing room. Ren Baqian immediately exclaimed in admiration and applauded, "Wow!"

"There is nothing more beautiful than you in the world. You are the only one, the most resplendent one. I am certain of that!"

The empress was presently wearing a floral dress in an exotic European style, and the curve of her upper body was completely revealed. Her hair was scattered across her shoulders as well as her back. The outer corner of her eyes, as well as the tip of her brow, gave off a soft and delicate look. Her feminine charm was oozing out, and she was absolutely gorgeous. It made it difficult for people to take their eyes off her.

It wasn't only Ren Baqian who was looking at her. Even the shop owner at the side, who was a young lady in her 20s, ran at lightning speed to select an azure shawl with lace patterns and placed it over the empress's shoulders. Then, she stood at the side and smiled. Her smile had a trace of jealousy in it.

When the empress stood in front of the mirror, looked at herself in the reflection, and saw the somewhat different her when compared to the past, Ren Baqian had already paid for the dress.

The price wasn't too expensive, it was a total of 700 euros for the dress and the shawl. When the dress was on the empress, it made people feel that an additional two 0s should be added to the price.

After putting on the dress, the empress was not quite accustomed to it. She wanted to change out of it but was stopped by Ren Baqian. "You should let people all over the world know that you are this beautiful! Besides, changing a style can also change your mood!"

The empress thought for a moment and no longer insisted on changing out of the dress.

Ren Baqian conveniently took a straw hat with folded ends and placed it on the empress's head.
It matched very well with the dress she was wearing.

It was still the same saying, a beautiful person would look good wearing anything. A beautiful person could wear a cotton-padded jacket and even bring out the feel of "Fashion Week".

"Can I take a photo?" the shop owner asked suddenly.

"What?" Ren Baqian didn't really understand her lousy English. Of course, even if the shop owner's English wasn't lousy, it would still be difficult for him to understand.

The other party took out a mobile phone, adjusted it into the photo-taking mode, and gestured to him before he finally understood what was going on.

"Zixiao, she wants to capture your beauty and leave it behind." Ren Baqian smiled at the empress.

The empress supported the hat with one hand and let the shop owner take a photo. After which, the pair left the shop.

Prague was very small, only about 400 square kilometers wide. In Ren Baqian's hometown, one five-tiered city was 40 times the size of Prague. Prague was equivalent to the size of one district in a five-tiered city back in Ren Baqian's hometown.

With the advancement of the two, the pavement below began to turn into cobblestone. The pavement wasn't made of flagstones but instead pieces of small stones. If one's shoes weren't thick enough, he or she would feel some pain on the soles of their feet.

The temperature wasn't high, it was about 18 degrees Celsius, but it was a sunny day. The roadside tables set up by the cafes were always filled with tourists that came in small groups that didn't feel cold at all. It was mostly young couples, groups of friends, or entire families that came here to play.

The entire city gave people a very relaxed and comfortable vibe.

Ren Baqian and the empress found a cafe and sat down. The empress was holding onto a yogurt drink and appreciatively sipped small mouthfuls of it. She immediately turned her attention to the dessert when it was served.

She tried drinking coffee once but didn't really like the taste of it. Instead, she fell in love with yogurt. In addition, there was also her undying love for desserts and sweets.


On the crowded Charles bridge, there were two people standing at each end while another person was stood right in the middle scanning through the crowd.

"There's a very high possibility that they have already arrived in Prague. Just now, the photo that the man uploaded on his Moments should have been taken in a district at the Northern side of Prague. The satellite photographs are 90% identical to the one he took. Take extra precaution, especially of the woman dressed in red."

The man in the middle of the bridge was handsome, had an amiable temperament, and a faint smile on his lips, which made it easy for people to lower their guard against him. At this time, he spoke to the other two through the microphone on his collar.

"There are too many people. Also, there are many black-haired and yellow-skinned Chinese over here. The woman dressed in red will be a more clear-cut target."

Since the appearance of the empress, even though the style of her dress changed slightly, the color had never changed. This made people have an urge to find out exactly how much she liked the color red.

According to the other party's flamboyant behavior as well as unscrupulousness, everyone felt that they wouldn't dress up and instead conceal their whereabouts.

"Received!" The other two people responded one after another.

"Remember, upon discovering them, don't hastily come into contact with them. Inform me immediately. In addition, do not enrage them, they are very dangerous. Furthermore, they are vicious, merciless, and absolutely unrestrained," the man warned them once more.

"Understood!" The other two people naturally knew the degree of danger these two people posed. These days, the information that had passed down to them from time to time had already indicated that the two people were crazy and ruthless.

"This time, I will let you all go off on a holiday when we return!" That man was leaning on the balustrade and smiling at the passersby, causing a few fair-haired and blue-eyed beauties to reveal a look of interest.

"Chief it seems that you are saying something that you can't deliver!" A man embarrassed him jokingly.

"You talk too much!"

"Hey handsome, do you have time to drink coffee?" A young girl, who seemed to be around 20 years old and was full of vitality came forward to hit on him.

"Even though I really want to go, but it's a pity that I can't make it now. I'm waiting for someone," that man apologized faintly with his magnetic voice. Every movement of his gave off a masculine vibe, which made that young girl almost see stars in her eyes.

"This is my number, you must give me a call after you meet the person." That girl fished out a pen and wrote her number on the back of the man's hand.

That man kissed the phone number on the back of his hand and smiled again, causing the girl's eyes to glimmer.

"Chief, you are hitting on girls again."

"I got hit on by her!" That man corrected him.

"There is indeed no justice in this world."

"Don't get distracted, this trip is not for us to enjoy, it's for us to complete our mission. Take note of the woman dressed in red!" That man patiently repeated what he said previously.


Looking at the multitude of people on the Charles Bridge, Ren Baqian felt as if it was Golden Week.

[Golden Week - in the People's Republic of China, is the name given to a semi-annual 7-day national holiday, implemented in the year 2000]

Previously, he had only seen pictures of the sea of people at different tourist attractions during Golden Week. Initially, he didn't have the money to travel, and later on, he didn't have the opportunity to do so.

Now, he could actually experience it in a foreign country. Not only were there many Caucasians, but there were also many Chinese with black hair and yellow skin as well. He even saw a group of Little Red Riding Hoods!

"There are so many people!" the empress lamented as she looked at the sea of people ahead.

"The old town in front is the most beautiful!" Ren Baqian surveyed the scene from afar.

They then merged into this sea of people.

And two meters away from the both of them, a man wearing a hat was inspecting the crowd.

"Ren Baqian...Qi Zixiao...Woman dressed in red"

Just perfectly, Ren Baqian's and Qi Zixiao's faces were blocked by a few young, tall and sturdy Caucasians.

After those few youngsters got out of the way, that man saw an azure shawl as well as a straw hat in the crowd but shifted his gaze away.

What he was looking for was the woman dressed in red