The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 254

Chapter 254: Feeling
Chapter 254: Feeling
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"Zixiao, who do you think he resembles?" Ren Baqian turned his head to ask the empress after they left the Charles Bridge. In his heart, he thought of Great Xia's Seventh Prince.

Ren Baqian didn't know how was that fellow doing. If he really killed that fellow, would he become more powerful?

Unfortunately, the Seventh Prince of Great Xia wasn't an easy target for him to kill.

However, he didn't know all that what was left of the Seventh Prince was only his skull.

It happened the day before he made a breakthrough in the [Visualization of Water].

"Hua Sanliu!" The empress said indifferently. The person back there reminded her of Hua Sanliu, as there was a slight similarity in how their eyebrows looked.

However, she hadn't understood what that guy said. Otherwise, she would be ready to slap him to death.

"That guy who was originally the fifth most powerful expert in the world?" Ren Baqian replied in astonishment. He had never see Hua Sanliu before. As such, he didn't know if Shen Du was Hua Sanliu's doppelganger or not.

Perhaps, they only resembled one another.

It would be even more interesting if they looked exactly the same.

He asked whatever went through his mind, "Do they look alike?"

The empress shook her head slightly. "Somewhat alike only."

Ren Baqian nodded, it was very normal for people to resemble one another.

But, the nation wanted to find him to have a chat? Interesting. He wondered what the nation was aware of.

Was it possible that they knew about his ability to teleport?

In that case, they might have found out about the laboratory issue. Thereafter, they wanted to know where he got those items from and whether he had any other things up his sleeves?

This was highly possible.

He had lots of good stuff with him and collaborating with the nation wasn't out of the question. Just like the Elongation Saber, it was magical but there wasn't much use for it. Originally, he was prepared to build a physics and chemistry laboratory if he had the opportunity in future.

If he collaborated with the nation, he would save a lot of trouble.

However, he had to put on airs as being excessively spontaneous would not likely seal the deal.

When he thought of this, he put his mind at ease and continued to tour the old town of Prague. After stopping for a moment under the Old Town Bridge Tower, they headed straight to the legendary old town square in Prague.


"I encountered them but the mission has failed!" Chen Du climbed out of the water. He then made a call to the nation with the phone of his companion that hadn't fallen into the water.

"What's going on?" the person at the other end of the phone asked in a serious voice.

"I don't know, they said they hated me!" Shen Du fumed with anger as he spoke. He never expected that someone as lovable as him would ever encounter such a situation.

On the other end of the phone was silence followed by comforting words. "Never mind, you are not Chinese yuan, not everyone will like you. Follow them first, another group will be there soon!"

Shen Du's face was as black as the base of a pan.

Why do I feel that there is something amiss in what you said?

"Did any conflict happen?" The person opposite asked again.

Shen Du's face darkened even more upon hearing this. "There was no conflict. They said they hated me and threw me into the Vltava river."

"From your voice, it seems that you are fine. Don't get into any conflicts with them. That Number 2 is more normal. I'm afraid that Number 1 has some inhuman abilities."

This were the code names given by the department. Number 2 was Ren Baqian and Number 1 was Qi Zixiao.

After all, Ren Baqian was previously just an ordinary person. It was only after Qi Zixiao appeared by his side that everything changed.

Qi Zixiao was the key figure.


Ren Baqian and the empress wandered for a long time around the old town square in Prague. There were white pigeons flying around the ever-present lovers holding hands and hugging each other.

Ren Baqian lowered his head, looked at the empress's hand, and then, at his hand which was still swollen. Ultimately, he still dismissed that intention.

While the both of them were wandering the old town square, they were just in time for the chiming of the clock. They heard the melodious ringing of the clock, specially followed the sound, and ran to see the astronomical clock.

The empress sized up the astronomical clock for a long time before she pointed at it and said, "I want this!"

Ren Baqian knew that the empress didn't want this exact clock. Rather, she wanted to build a similar clock tower in Lan City.

It was indeed a lot easier with a clock as people wouldn't need to look at the sky to estimate the time anymore. Especially on cloudy days with rain, they weren't able to see the sun at all, and thus, couldn't even predict a somewhat accurate time.

"Okay!" Ren Baqian nodded. It shouldn't be too difficult to manufacture a clock like this. The main objective was finding someone to design a blueprint, and that alone would suffice. Some of the parts that could not be manufactured in Dayao could also be custom made on Earth.

After the glass was manufactured, it would be sold and converted into legitimate money. When that happens, they could then sell vintage grandfather clocks and then make a big sum out of that.

At the end of the day, there were too many things that could be used to dredge for money. At times, Ren Baqian didn't even know which item he should choose.

Even the simplest nail clippers could be sold for a lot of money.

In addition, needles could also be sold. Although Dayao mostly used bone needles from grinding animals that couldn't be found on Earth, they were very durable after being made into needles. However, selling Earth-style needles to other countries would most probably reap a huge profit for Dayao. Furthermore, the volume of a needle was small, and a merchant caravan could transport them in bulk. In all likelihood, the profits wouldn't be low.

After the concave mirrors were manufactured, he would then organize a specialized merchant caravan and meticulously prepare some goods.

It was time for those few nations that had been dredging money from Dayao, to spit out some money back.

Soon enough, the skies turned dark as they strolled all the way. After dinner, the pair leisurely strolled down the streets of the old town when suddenly a streak of blaze illuminated in the skies.

"Fireworks?" Ren Baqian lifted his head to look. He was slightly surprised, and a smile formed on his face immediately.

At this time, in the river downstream of the Charles Bridge, a small boat was setting off fireworks.

There was always all sorts of surprises in this romantic city.

The empress was even more surprised than Ren Baqian. After all, it was her first time seeing fireworks. Witnessing these illuminated flowers in the skies flooded her eyes with different expressions.

The radiance of the fireworks shone on their faces, and the lights coming from it flickered in the darkness.

And not far away, a pair of lovers embraced each other exclaiming in surprise.

Ren Baqian, influenced by the atmosphere, made a firm resolution and used that pig trotter hand of him to grab the empress's palm.

There wasn't an unexpected, "Bang!"

Ren Baqian grabbed firmly. A slender, soft palm fell into his palm.

Ren Baqian turned his head to look at the empress but she was looking at the fireworks with her head raised. Just thather gaze somewhat drifted away and her ears were a little warm.

"You are the most beautiful treasure that heaven sent to this world!" Ren Baqian whispered into the empress's ear.

The empress's ear turned even redder.

Ren Baqian smelled the scent of the empress's body and felt the softness and warmness of her hand. A satisfying happiness flooded his heart and filled it with warmth.

The fireworks ended very quickly. After all, it was privately set off, so it definitely wouldn't last longer than half an hour.

When the two stood there for a few minutes and still didn't see any smoke rising, Ren Baqian knew that the fireworks had ended.

He was a little regretful. If this moment could last longer, it would be even better.

However, he didn't release his hand. He was still holding onto the empress's hand and pulled her onwards.

Similarly, there were three people that were not far behind from them. Among them, two of them were a couple and the other was a "single dog" with a look of resentment on his face as he glared at the couples on the street.

Ren Baqian smiled as he walked past them. Listening to the cries of joy coming from behind, he felt the surging feelings between the both of them.

Although the fireworks had ended, the warmth between him and the empress was still present. He hoped that this street was slightly longer, so that they could have more time to walk together.

The empress lowered her head slightly, as if she was counting the pieces of stones that were laid on the ground.

"Sorry to disturb the both of you." From in front, three people stopped the both of them.

The empress lifted her head her gaze completely ice-coldso cold that it practically penetrated the bones.

In a split second, she turned from being warm to ice-cold.

The empress's hand also left Ren Baqian's swollen hand, which looked like a pig's trotter.

Ren Baqian's eyes widened and he was fuming with rage when he felt the empress pulling her hand out from his palm. "All of you know that it's disturbing us, yet you all appeared!"

His right hand directly extended to his lower back and he pulled out the gun. Shoot!

Ren Baqian's was completely indignant!

How long has it been?

Ah? At long last, I finally held her hands and cultivated feelings.

You all actually dare to come and disturb us? Still dare to apologize to us?

If apologizing is useful, what is the use of having the police? What is the use of a gun?

The three people were startled by Ren Baqian's action and hurriedly ran to the side. Thereafter, they directly smashed into the window of a house.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!" A series of three gunshots sounded and the fragmented rocks on the ground flew all over. Ren Baqian gnashed his teeth and threw the revolver into the broken window.

"Ah!" it was unknown whom the revolver smashed into.