The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 255

Chapter 255: We Need A Husky
Chapter 255: We Need a Husky
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By the time the trio walked out of the room, the two people outside had already disappeared.

"They are despicable, they are too much they are really too much. How can the higher-ups negotiate with this kind of people?" Sisi said clenching her teeth. Glass fragments were still dropping off her body.

"It's not like you never read the information on them before." Hou Yong was infuriated, but he tried to restrain his anger as he knew this matter was of great importance.

Upon thinking of the information she read, Sisi's anger subsided. According to the information, that lady was inhuman.

"He merely shot the ground, he did not have any intention of hurting you." Shen Du and two other persons appeared. At this moment, Shen Du was in great mood.

Seeing that this trio was more pathetic than him, he immediately felt much better.

"Humph!" the Hou Yong trio snorted. Ren Baqian and the lady had committed a total of six murder cases and killed roughly 20 people in R Nation. Back at home, the things they did were hair-raising.

When Ren Baqian took out his gun, the trio thought he was going to shoot them to death on the spot.

"But all of you truly deserve to be single!" Shen Du mocked, "They were having such a sweet moment and you had to disturb them. I told you to wait a while more, but you didn't believe me. See what happened now? The chicken has flown the coop and the eggs are broken. I don't know when we can intercept them in the future again."

"Stop with your cynical remarks, weren't you thrown into the river as well?" Hou Yong chided.

It's my good fortune to be thrown into the river by such a great beauty. It still beats getting shot by someone." Shen Du had a nonchalant look on his face.

Hou Yong's face darkened. We are the pathetic ones huh?

"Group Leader Shen, you have to let us know when you and Liu Tong are getting married, we will wish you well," Sisi retorted.

Upon hearing these words, Shen Du's face darkened as well.

This b*tch is too vicious...

"I will buy you a chicken drumstick tonight!" Hou Yong gave Sisi a look of approval.


"You're not going back?" the empress asked casually as she looked at the colorful and vibrant city under the night sky.

Just now, she was slightly shocked that Ren Baqian opened fire.

Actually, she clearly understood what the man said on the bridge in the afternoon. Otherwise, she would have slapped him to death.

You look like someone I hate and therefore I have to kill you. This logic had already established itself in the empress's mind.

However, the empress still remembered the miserable look on Ren Baqian's face when he just fled the country. She felt that deep down he wanted to go home.

"Of course I'm going back," Ren Baqian looked downwards and said.

Both of them were in Prague Astronomical Clock Tower now.

Sometimes, they would stay in hotels. Of course, they did not go through the reception desk.

Having no passports was indeed troublesome. Ren Baqian still couldn't find anyone suitable to forge passports for him and the empress.

Looking from the clock tower, the city was still brightly colored. There were still some people wandering about the plaza beneath the clock tower.

Hearing Ren Baqian's reply, the empress did not say anything else.

Ren Baqian turned around and gave the empress a hey-ask-me-more-questions-and-I-will-answer-you look.

However, the empress did not even bother to look at him.

Ren Baqian held his breath for a long while. Eventually, the look of anticipation on his face turned into a bitter one. Indeed, it was impossible for the empress to act like an over-caring girl.

What he couldn't see was the smiling expression in the empress's eyes.

"I definitely have to go back. After all, I'm more familiar with that place, and it's dear to me. It's also more convenient for me to do anything there. However, even though the nation said they wanted to collaborate with us on certain issues, I still don't trust them. After all, a nation is formed by humans, and human minds are unpredictable and unreliable. What if we are bullied after we go back? What should we do if we are led around by our noses? We can't possibly start a massacre and run away again, right? The other party won't tolerate this kind of behavior again. Therefore, we have to establish a foothold first so that the nation will be to negotiate with us on proper terms. This would save us a lot of trouble in the future as well," Ren Baqian said as he shifted his gaze to the plaza like the empress's.

He was just a commoner. Now that he had things that people desired in his hands, he did not wish to attract troubles to himself after he returned there. He couldn't possibly cause a havoc every time he encountered trouble.

The empress thought deeply about Ren Baqian's words. There were too many implications involved, making her feel that it was a hassle.

If anyone tried to take advantage of her, she would just slap him or her to death.

If anyone tried to find trouble with her, she would just slap him or her to death.

If she did not find someone pleasing to the eye, she would just slap him or her to death.

Why make it a hassle like what Ren Baqian did?

After standing on the clock tower for some quite some time, Ren Baqian said, "Let's go back!"

The empress grabbed his wrist and both of them disappeared from the clock tower.

The next day, the two units realized that two persons disappeared once more.

However, everyone was already used to it. Every time, Ren Baqian would disappear for nine to fifteen days and appear for three to five days.

Many people wondered what they were doing while they disappeared.

Concealing their tracks?


It was unimaginable that they would try to conceal their tracks.

If they weren't concealing their tracks, then what were they up to?

At the same time, that particular department in China also invited a group of people for a meeting.

Previously, they thought their goal could be easily achieved by hunting down Ren Baqian and the empress. After all, Ren Baqian was a loyalist. From the comments he made on some forums in the past, they found him to be favorable towards and confident in the nation.

They did not expect the two units of men they sent to fail the mission.

Ren Baqian even opened fire without any hesitation. Even though he shot at the floor, it still said something about him.

After the meeting, and under some people's instructions, a team of psychologists, criminologists and other experts was formed to understand the mentalities of Ren Baqian and the empress.

Ren Baqian thought that the nation was after the things in his hands after launching an investigation on the laboratory. Actually, their attention was captured by the video uploaded online and the deaths of the Jin family members. They realized a superhuman being like the empress actually existed in this world.

The existence of a superhuman being had a lot of implications. For example, the development of mankind, super soldiers, and so on and so forth.

It wasn't until after this that they found out about the things the laboratory had been studying and the two persons became even more important to them.

This newly-formed team came up with various conjectures regarding the two persons' disappearance. For example, ancient civilization, alien spaceship, the legendary paradise, hibernation...

Hibernation was come up by a biologist. From the information he obtained, the strength displayed by the empress was simply unachievable by normal humans. Therefore, she had to undergo hibernation to recuperate.


The empress was sitting on her throne. Her face was cold and imposing. Ren Baqian and Tie Yan were seated not far away from her.

There were another two men in Yangxin Palace Hall. One was Ning Caichen, the other was Zhu Chengjun. At this point in time, Zheng Chengjun's face was not only pale-white, it was indifferent as well. By now, he had already completely disregarded his life.

Both he and Ning Caichen felt that he had zero chance of going back Great Xia alive.

"What do you want?" the empress looked at Ning Caichen and asked. After all, Ning Caichen wouldn't be so kind as to send Zhu Chengjun here.

A bashful shy smile appeared on Ning Caichen's face. "Initially, I really did not want anything. After all, Deputy Prefect Ren and I are so close. However, my spirit sword, Green Pearl, is badly damaged, I need some materials to repair it. It would be best if Your Majesty can grant me a Cloud Crystal, or an appropriate amount of White Dragon Grass and stone marrow."

Tie Yan cast a piercing gaze at Ning Caichen. A Cloud Crystal was a priceless treasure and it was worth a city.

Even though White Dragon Grass and stone marrow weren't as valuable as a Cloud Crystal, they were still extremely valuable.

How dare you request something that is worth a city for this person?

"I can't give you a Cloud Crystal. I will send someone to pass you the White Dragon Grass and stone marrow later," the empress expressed. Since someone had given her the information she needed, she wouldn't be stingy with the reward.

Just like what the drama series which she watched that day said: it was not about the worth, it was all about the want.

Following which, Ning Caichen was led away by someone.

"Your Majesty, forgive me for not doing my job well," Tie Yan stood up and asked for the empress's forgiveness.

"Your pay is confiscated for three months!" the empress waved her hands and said.

"As for this person keep his body intact and bury him somewhere outside the city." The empress swept an emotionless gaze across Zhu Chengjun. For the sake of his honesty, she had decided to keep his body intact.

"Your Majesty!" Ren Baqian suddenly said.

"What's the matter?" The empress's gaze gentled when she looked at Ren Baqian.

"I have a few words to say." Ren Baqian stood up, looked at the empress, and turned around to ask Zhu Chengjun, "Since the Lian family has already been exposed, will they continue to stay at their current residence?"

To Ren Baqian, nothing was more important than his life. Wealth and status meant nothing to him if he was dead. What about the Lian family? To conceal this incident, they were willing to silence everybody involved. At this point in time, what would they do?

Ning Caichen took one month to reach Dayao. The Lian family would have run far away by the time they sent someone there to kill them.

"Lian Qizhi should still be there, most of their family members wouldn't leave either. After all, the Lian family is situated within the interior of Great Xia. It wouldn't not easy for you to send someone after them. However, it's likely that they will send their young and gifted talents into hiding first," Zhu Chengjun replied plainly casting a glance at Ren Baqian.

What Zhu Chengjun said was right. It was not easy for Dayao to send people into the interior of Great Xia. The position of the Lian family was much deeper within Great Xia than the Nine Pavilions' had been.

If it weren't for the destruction of the Nine Pavilions, the Lian family wouldn't be so worried about Qi Zixiao going crazy again and exterminating them.

As for the heavy casualties that Great Xia suffered, they couldn't be blamed on the Lian family. On the contrary, the Lian family's doings even drew Qi Zixiao to Great Xia.

Therefore, the Lian family wasn't severely dealt with by Great Xia.

"I feel that a family has to be united and complete. It's somewhat cruel of us not to set up a reunion for the Lian family. We need a husky to sniff out the Lian family," Ren Baqian cupped his fists and said to the empress.

Aboriginals were too conspicuous, sending them to annihilate the Lian family would be a hassle.

Therefore, a mad dog that feuded with the Lian family would be perfect for this job.

Even if he failed the mission, they wouldn't suffer any losses.

Ren Baqian had no qualms about annihilating the Lian family. They targeted him first and therefore they couldn't blame him for wanting to annihilate them.

And like the Jin family, perhaps some members of the Lian family knew nothing about this incident. However, these people still enjoyed using the money earned from doing evil. If Ren Baqian really died from Torment, these "innocent" people would be using money that was stained with his blood. Hence, they deserved to be killed as well.

How can you not cut the grass without removing the roots as well?

"A family has to be united and complete This is really a good and imposing line, I have to memorize it..." Tie Yan cast a look of admiration at Ren Baqian as he mumbled to himself.

A surprised look flashed across Zhu Chengjun's eyes.

This gigolo is vicious...