The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 256

Chapter 256: The Enhancement Of Strength
Chapter 256: The Enhancement of Strength
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Ren Baqian walked into the dusky dungeon as the warden carried a lamp to lead the way. Following behind them was Xu Wei.

Ren Baqian walked with his legs splayed out. He had just returned from the fields outside the city and every time he rode the fork-horned cow for a long journey, he would suffer burning pain on his inner thighs.

These days, he had obtained some fields from other sources and had a grand total of two hundred mu. He exchanged fields with others and finally pooled the two hundred mu of fields together.

After all, everyone somewhat still gave face to the empress.

Today, the two hundred mu of fields were being sown, and Ren Baqian went to observe. They were all under the charge of Tie Dao and Teng Hulu. The pair had also employed more than twenty people which comprised of women, children, and the elderly. But these people weren't weak and were comparatively stronger than the strong young men on Earth. Ren Baqian saw them walking rapidly as if flying, while carrying two buckets of water which were each the size of a vat.

Before being wounded and apologizing for his mistakes, he had brought along two bags of spice seeds which were just enough to sow 50 mu of the fields. Luckily, the sesame in the beast park were ripe and there was an additional 20 mu for him to sow the spice seeds. The rest of the fields were planted with sweet potato and local crops.

After walking around the fields, Ren Baqian returned to the city at about noon and immediately went to the prison to see that Zhu Chengjun.

Ren Baqian was rather familiar with this prison. He was thrown here a few months earlier, when he first arrived in this world. During that time, his only thought was to preserve his sanity. He didn't expect things to take a new turn and end up like this.

The prison consisted of cells made of stone blocks on both sides with a metal gate in the middle.

There weren't many prisoners in the prison and it wasn't noisy at all. Also, there were no cases of prisoners banging on the metal gate and shouting of being wrongly accused as seen on the television.
Foreigners were usually executed after staying for a few days, and there weren't many aboriginals sent here. Most aboriginals were here for fighting and sent home after being whipped.

Crimes such as theft and robbery were essentially non-existent in Lan City.

In Lan City, if you threw a brick, it might likely hit an expert at the Earth Wheel level.

"Open the door, I'll go in and take a look," Ren Baqian said at the doorway of the prison cell.

There was no lock on the outside of the cell. Only one metal bar was inserted across the door outside.

The aboriginals were too strong and had many experts among them. As such, they were never afraid that someone would break into prison and release the prisoners. Even if they could seize the prisoners by force, they wouldn't be able to escape as well.

The prison cell was very dark. It only had a small window letting in some light.

Zhu Chengjun was looking better now. After he stopped drinking wine and eating shrimp for a few days, his leg injury was almost healed.

Ren Baqian stood in the doorway to look at him, and he also raised his head to look at Ren Baqian.

The warden stood in front of Ren Baqian to prevent the prisoner from launching any sudden attack as he had heard about Sir Ren's prowess.

"How about it, am I considered your lifesaver? Shouldn't you show your gratitude?" Ren Baqian laughed and said.

During the other day, Zhu Chengjun already knew he probably wouldn't die. Although he was imprisoned, he was still waiting to even the score with the Lian family. He expected Ren Baqian to ask for something, but whatever it was, he would agree as long as the target was the Lian family.

On hearing such unexpected words, he was dumbfounded.

"I will naturally agree if it is to deal with the Lian family. But, will you all believe me so easily?" Zhu Chengjun questioned.

"This is a simple matter, and one poison pill, packaged like a jelly bean, should do the job. It doesn't affect you when you take it, and it is rather tasty. Without the antidote, you would die after a period of time, with the antidote you will live. Isn't it simple? The way the Lian family treated you, you shouldn't self-destruct because of them," Ren Baqian said, his voice sounding similar to those villains in his memory.

In reality, what he did was similar to those villains.

After hearing what Ren Baqian said, Zhu Chengjun started laughing. "It is very simple, give me the poison."

"There's no hurry. The poison pill is still being made, and most poisons do not taste good. I spent a lot of time coating it with a layer of sugar without destroying its properties. You stay here for a few days first, and we will let you out a few days later after the poison is ready." Ren Baqian waved his hands and gave the impression that he was considering for his sake.

Zhu Chengjun heard this and started laughing loudly, who cared about the taste of the poison in such a situation?

Of all places, the other party had to choose such a place to waste his time.

"I am here to see how you are doing today and am relieved to see that you are alright." Ren Baqian nodded his head and turned to leave. "Give him some good food and don't let him starve."

In actual fact, making poison had nothing to do with him and was the concern of the clinic.

What he needed to do was to package the sarin gas separately. The previous method of throwing the whole bottle was too wasteful and with only a few bottles remaining, the sarin gas must be used frugally.

What's more, with one whole bottle thrown outside, not only the Lian family, but an unknown number of people in the entire city would die.

At that time, Great Xia would definitely go into a frenzy.

Ren Baqian felt that as a human, it was the right thing to leave others a lifeline. You might meet them someday in the future, and there was no need to be so ruthless.

The main point was Great Xia still had many masters, especially the top experts.

Although many of them didn't normally appear outside, it was too ruthless to poison an entire city, and out of moral obligation, they might jump out of seclusion to get rid of evil. For example, this includes people like Li Yuanzhu who was like a fairy. No matter who it was, he would definitely encounter big troubles.

The bodyguards by his side might not able to defend him against such elites.

On returning to the palace, Ren Baqian took his lunch and joined the empress to watch Chinese Paladin 3. The empress asked him many times why there wasn't a Chinese Paladin 2, and Ren Baqian was at a loss. The empress asked him, but who could he ask?

When it was time for martial arts training, Ren Baqian stood in the center of the stage and his sparring partner was still Tong Lan. There were two hair buns on her head and she looked like a little Lolita. Just like the empress who preferred red dresses, she liked the color white. She was always dressed in white, the only difference being the various flowers embroidered on top.

"You are getting fatter! You are already ten and ought to get married in a few years' time. Who dares to marry you if you are so fat?" Ren Baqian said some nonsense to find the opponent's weak point.

"You are already a grown up yet you can't even defeat me. Are you shameless or not?" Tong Lan retorted.

Her grandfather Tong Zhenye, had told her not to give Ren Baqian any face and beat him up ruthlessly.

"Opportunity" Ren Baqian saw Tong Lan rolling her eyes while talking and immediately pounced on her like a ferocious tiger.

After a month of hard training, his power had increased greatly, and he was able to attack the little Lolita with only one strike.


Ren Baqian was lying on the floor, with both eyes looking at the blue sky and white clouds.

These days, his progress in other aspects wasn't obvious, but, his attacking ability had improved greatly.

Furthermore, he didn't hesitate or retreat when sparring with others.

His personality was imbued with more drive and impetus.

To other people, he was still just a rookie.

But Ren Baqian knew that he had improved tremendously.

He had improved from a level one rookie to one that was level two.

When he exceeded the level nine stage and achieved the top rookie level, only then would Ren Baqian be able to defeat this 10-year-old Lolita.

After thinking about it carefully, he didn't know why but he kind of felt like crying.

Sigh...such is life!


After returning to Earth, he traveled from Prague to Vienna, which was a famous music capital with many concert halls.

Ren Baqian and the empress even went there specifically to attend a classical music concert.

The impression they formed after attending the concert was that it would make them sleep very soundly.

When he went back to the other world, Ren Baqian had decided that the next time he returned to Earth, he would visit the fashion capital, Milan.

"They will certainly go to Milan!" In a department somewhere, more than one person had the same idea.

"Arrange for a few people who are good at interacting with people. The men mustn't be too handsome, and the women mustn't be too pretty. Otherwise, it might be counterproductive." A psychologist said and then regretted soon after, "It is a pity that I don't meet the standards."

"I will go personally!" A middle-aged man announced. He really wanted to see those two people.