The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 257

Chapter 257: Every Dog Will Have Its Day
Chapter 257: Every Dog Will Have Its Day
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With amazement written all over his face, Ren Baqian looked at the poison pill that was the size of a four-year-old child's fist.

Are you kidding me?

"This has been made according to your requirements. After consuming it, one has to eat the antidote once every half a month, otherwise his or her stomach will rot. Its size can't be helped. Since its medicinal taste is too strong, I had to use a huge amount of honey and other ingredients to conceal it. If the pill is too small in size, it won't be powerful enough to kill an Earth Wheel expert." The imperial doctor had a look of amazement on his face as well. He had never heard of anyone that wanted a poison pill that was sweet in taste.

"Or you can use this, but its medicinal taste is very strong." The imperial doctor took out another box. The moment Ren Baqian opened the box, he smelled a very odd odor, making him want to puke. The pill was slightly smaller than the Six Flavors Foxglove Pill that he ate previously.

"Never mind, I will use this. I'm a trustworthy person. Since I've told him the poison pill will be sweet, I have to give him a sweet one." Ren Baqian took the fist-sized pill and left. In any case, he wouldn't be the one eating it.

"He has to swallow it whole," the imperial doctor added as Ren Baqian walked off.

Ren Baqian merely waved his hand without turning back.

Every day, Ren Baqian was surrounded by Earth Wheel experts and they came as no surprise to him. However, in Great Xia, a top-tier aristocratic family only had a few consecrated Earth Wheel experts.

The Earth Wheel level was further divided into four levels: initial, intermediate, advanced, and apex. An initial Earth Wheel expert could use a saber to block bullets, jump seven meters into the air, and exert 5800 newtons of force. Basically, he or she was considered a superhuman on Earth. Zhu Chengjun was an intermediate Earth Wheel expert, and he was much more powerful than an initial Earth Wheel expert. Even if the pill was fist-sized, he could still swallow it with ease.

After asking someone to bring Zhu Chengjun to the palace, Ren Baqian sat in the courtyard of Pingle Park and placed a box on the stone table in front of him.

When Zhu Chengjun was led into the courtyard, Ren Baqian was playing Plants vs. Zombies on his smartphone.

"Give me a moment, I will be done soon." Ren Baqian was looking at the screen on his phone with an anxious look on his face. After a long while, he put down the phone and examined Zhu Chengjun. His face was skinny, his lips were thin, and he had an indifferent look on his face. He looked a trustworthy person to Ren Baqian.

His clothes were shabby and dirty and there were several strands of straw in his hair. However, he still looked much better than Ren Baqian had when he just arrived in this world and was thrown into the dungeon. At that time, he was just wearing a pair of underpants.

Zhu Chengjun looked energized as well.

"Hmm, there's nothing much I have to say. You do my bidding and I will give you the antidote. Once you complete the task, I will cure you of the poison. You're merely on the level of Earth Wheel, I don't really need to guard myself against you," Ren Baqian said while nodding his head.

Initially, Zhu Chengjun was still wondering what the thing in Ren Baqian's hands was. When he heard these words, a burst of anger arose in him. He felt that these words were too arrogant. Given his strength, he would be valued by people everywhere he went in Great Xia. This was the first time someone looked down on him.

However, when he thought of what he had seen for the past two days, he felt that it was reasonable for Ren Baqian to say these words. All of the palace guards were on the level of Earth Wheel. Even the jailer was on the level of Earth Wheel. He couldn't help but sigh. The aboriginals were indeed too powerful.

"Anyhow, I can find someone else to do it. It's not difficult to find someone that's willing to do this kind of thing for me. However, I feel that you can sniff out every single member of the Lian family, and therefore, I'm giving you this opportunity to redeem yourself. You can live, and you can seek revenge for yourself, you can have best of the both worlds. This is a deal between you and me. Once you have completed the task, you can go anywhere you want," Ren Baqian continued.

"There are still a few Earth Wheel experts in the Lian family. Lian Qizhi himself was near the level of apex Earth Wheel. It's not easy to find someone that can get rid of them," Zhu Chengjun couldn't help but say. Ren Baqian's words made him feel as though he was worthless.

"It's not that troublesome," Ren Baqian waved his hand and replied. "Pick a night and throw this small bottle into their residence. You can throw it in yourself or get a local ruffian to do it, it doesn't make a difference."

Zhu Chengjun stared at the small transparent bottle in Ren Baqian's hand. Suddenly, he remembered that Ren Baqian's reputation was spread widely in Great Xia, even though he looked no different from an ordinary man.

Commoners might not know much about him, but almost all the powerful and influential individuals knew who he was.

Poison Warrior.

The person who poisoned everyone in the Nine Pavilions and tens of thousands of Great Xiao soldiers to death.

Does that bottle contain poison? The eight Spirit Wheel pavilion masters in the Nine Pavilions were killed by his poison. Even a Spirit Wheel expert could not survive his poison, let alone an Earth Wheel expert.

Ren Baqian could indeed find a random person to throw the bottle into the Lian family's residence.

No wonder Ren Baqian had spoken to him in a disdainful tone. When Zhu Chengjun thought of this, he felt slightly dejected.

A person's worth needed to be validated by other people. Most people would feel dejected when their worth was undermined by other people.

"Alright, swallow this in whole." Ren Baqian passed the box to Zhu Chengjun.

When Zhu Chengjun opened the box, his eyes widened with shock.

This pill is the size of a child's fist, how am I supposed to swallow it?

"This poison pill is quite safe. As long as you eat the antidote on time, you will definitely not die. If you don't eat the antidote on time, you will definitely die. It won't take effect prematurely or late. Its stability is very high. It's merely larger than ordinary poison pills. I have faith in you, you can do it." Ren Baqian had a look of encouragement on his face.

After some hesitation, Zhu Chengjun clenched his eyes and stuffed the pill into his mouth. Following which, he tried to push the pill down his throat. Ren Baqian watched on as a lump appeared on Zhu Chengjun's throat, resembling a snake that was devouring large prey.

When Ren Baqian saw that Zhu Chengjun was almost choked to death by the supersized poison pill, he quickly asked someone to bring some water over. After a long while, Zhu Chengjun coughed heavily and recovered.

Then, Ren Baqian passed him half a year's worth of antidote, a small bottle of sarin gas and a bottle of antidote for sarin gas. Finally, he told Zhu Chengjun the method of contact before asking someone to send him off.

Actually, Ren Baqian was slightly hesitant about passing the sarin gas to Zhu Chengjun. This weapon was far too dangerous. But on the other hand, it was an impossible task for Zhe Chengjun to single-handedly annihilate the Lian family.

However, after thinking about it, he still decided to give him a small bottle of sarin gas. Even though the amount of sarin gas he gave him was quite small, it was enough to destroy the Lian family.

Ren Baqian told Zhu Chengjun that the poison wasn't really that powerful and that it was merely enough to cause heavy casualties in the Lian family.

He purposely lied to Zhu Chengjun about the potency of the poison as he did not want him to use it on a city in the heat of the moment.

When Zhe Chengjun walked out of the palace, he suddenly felt the sky looked brighter than usual. On the way to Dayao, he thought he was dead for sure.

He did not expect himself to have the chance to seek revenge and surviving.

No matter what, he had to seek revenge first. He did so much for the Lian family and they tried to silence in the end.

He also couldn't completely believe Ren Baqian, so he needed to find someone to check if the poison in his body could be cured or not. He definitely wanted to seek revenge on the Lian family, but it reguardless did not feel good to have his life in other people's hands.

After all, he was an Earth Wheel expert. Now that he had survived, he wanted to regain control over his life. This was a human instinct.

If he could survive this ordeal, he promised himself that he would work hard in the future, by hook or by crook. He did not want to be looked down on by people again.

Every dog will have its day.

Zhu Chengjun's indifferent face was filled with determination and resolution.

Ren Baqian's words somewhat damaged his ego. Even though he understood why Ren Baqian would say those words, he still couldn't accept his disdainful tone.


"Oh? Zhu Chengjun drank wine by himself in a restaurant?" Ren Baqian initially thought that Zhu Chengjun would leave for Great Xia immediately. He did not expect him to find a restaurant to drink wine first.

Was he celebrating his survival?

"Then he got into a conflict with someone and was beaten up badly. If it weren't for the people from the public order bureau, he would have been beaten to death," the imperial guard continued.

"Pfff!" Ren Baqian spat out the tea in his mouth.

After all, he saved Zhu Changjun's life with great difficulty.

Such a bad beginning...

Even though you're an Earth Wheel expert and you garner awe in Great Xia, in a place like Lan City, even an old lady can beat you to death.

Following which, Ren Baqian furrowed his eyebrows and said, "Send him back to Great Xia, immediately."

Fortunately, Zhu Chengjun never threw out the bottle of sarin in the heat of the moment; otherwise, the outcome would have been disastrous.