The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 259

Chapter 259: Whats Going On?
Chapter 259: What’s Going On?
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Inside the throne room.

"Tong Zhenye you old bast*rd, do you want see if my sabre is sharp or not?" Qin Chuan's eyes were wide open, resembling a pair of copper bells. His voice was so loud that it could tear open the roof.

Ever since he learnt this line from someone, he had been using it so much that everyone started to get sick of it.

"Humph, Sir Qin, do you think I'm afraid of you? Who's the one that fell into the pit at House Yunyan previously?" Tong Zhenye smirked.

"Pfff!" Many people burst out laughing. During the Ultimate Battle of Yunyan, both parties initially came to a draw. To everyone's surprise, Qin Chuan's wife yelled at Qin Chuan from the ground level of House Yunyan, which in turn caught him by surprise. Tong Zhenye seized the opportunity and kicked him into a pit in the opposite courtyard.

Qin Chuan viewed this incident as a great humiliation. He did not expect Tong Zhenye to use this incident to mock him now. Immediately, his eyes fumed with rage as he surged towards Tong Zhenye.

An afterimage instantly appeared behind his body.

Tong Zhenye was already prepared for him. He moved into his fighting stance with his fists raised.

The two of them began to fight in the throne room.

Onlookers surrounded them and spectated the battle. They were already used to seeing this kind of incident.

"Sir Qin's [Black Tiger Steals Heart] is really ruthless."

"Sir Qin launches [Black Tiger Steals Heart] again…"

" [Black Tiger Steals Heart] again…"

The onlookers were nodding their heads while discussing the fight...

If Ren Baqian was here to witness the fight, his eyes would pop out.

So the court session in Dayao is carried out this way?

Minister of War, what are you doing with your [Black Tiger Steals Heart]?

Tong Zhenye, where are your kicks aiming? Why are you targeting the Minister of War's crotch?

Bored stiff, the empress sat on the throne with her hand propping up her chin.

She looked as though she was watching the battle, but in actuality, she was thinking about The Journey of Flower that she watched last night.

[The Journey of Flower is a 2015 Chinese television series starring Wallace Huo and Zhao Liying.]

After a long while, the empress sat up straight. She looked around and suddenly her eyes lit up. Following which, she picked up two seven-inch-long, three-inch-wide, two-inch-thick, rectangular, red-colored objects and weighed them in her hands. The next second, the two objects flew towards Tong Zhenye and Qin Chuan with a whizz.

"Bang, bang!" The two objects smashed into smithereens as they hit Tong Zhenye's and Qin Chuan's heads. The two of them quickly swept off the dust on their heads. When they realized who the thrower was, they meekly cupped their fists. "Your Majesty!"

Most of their past fights ended like this.

"There's one more matter I want to talk about. I am going to set up an educational institution. All of you may send members of your family that you deem suitable to it," the empress rubbed her chin and said after brushing off the dust on her hands. Everyone could tell that she was in a good mood from her gaze.

"Education institution?" Everyone was stunned. They had heard of education institutions in the other three nations. This was the first time they heard of an educational institution in Dayao.

"Your Majesty, who will be in charge of the educational institution," Shi Qing shook his sleeves and asked.

Starting an educational institution is a good thing, but who will be in charge of it?

"Deputy Prefect Ren Baqian," the empress replied plainly.

Everyone was dumbfounded. Following which, someone asked, "Your Majesty, what kind of students do you need?"

"Smart, quick-witted, and young," the empress answered.

This was what Ren Baqian requested. If the students were too old, it wouldn't easy to teach them. Furthermore, their outlook of the world have already been formed.

However, they couldn't be too young either. If they were only seven to eight years old, it would take at least ten years before they could be utilized.

The best age group would be fifteen to sixteen years old. They could be utilized after only two to three years of schooling.

The younger the students, the more time they would need to cultivate them.

Everyone nodded their heads after listening to the empress's request.

They did not know whether or not Ren Baqian had the qualifications to take charge of an educational institution. However, they did know that he had a lot of weird gadgets.

Most importantly, the empress had already openly stated her request. Setting up an educational institution wasn't a matter of importance, so therefore, no one would object to it. However, they weren't sure about the matter of finding suitable students.


By now, Ren Baqian had already seen the site for the educational institution. It was right beside the imperial palace.

On one side of the imperial palace, there was the beast park. On the other side, there was a training arena. The imperial guards often used it to train when they were having breaks.

The space was two hundred meters long and one hundred meters wide. In the arena, there were many huge rocks, stone chains, and two-meter-tall wooden poles that Ren Baqian had seen Xiong Pi practice with in the past.

Ren Baqian saw an imperial guard holding a bow standing one hundred and fifty meters away from the wooden pole. When the imperial guard released the bowstring and shot out the arrow, the wooden pole shattered.

Such power was equivalent to that of a sniper rifle.

There was an empty plot of land beside this training arena. It was slightly smaller than the training area. Since it had not been used for a long time, it was overgrown with weeds. There was a forest beside the empty plot of land.

The educational institution would be built upon this empty plot of land.

Ren Baqian walked around the empty plot of land, knowing what to do.

Since there wouldn't be too many students at this point, he would build a courtyard and a few houses first. If there were more students, he wouldn't have the time to teach them.

Thirty to forty students would be the ideal number for Ren Baqian.

However, it was soon time for him to return to Earth. He would settle the rest of the matter when he returned here.


"Zixiao, let's go and rob a shop or something!" Ren Baqian said in a serious tone, "Look, we only have twenty-five thousand yuan left."

They had been on the run for four months, but only one month had passed on Earth. They originally exchanged one million yuan for roughly one hundred twenty thousand euros. Even though they did not stay in any proper accommodations during this Europe trip, they still spent one hundred thousand euros in a month due to the empress's excessive shopping habits.

Their money depleted faster than Ren Baqian had expected.

Furthermore, now they were in Milan, the famous capital of fashion. He was scared that they would become penniless after leaving this place.

However, he knew there were many easy targets in this place as well.

There were many Italian mafias here, right?

The empress considered Ren Baqian's suggestion seriously. When she thought of shopping, it took her only one second to make her decision. She looked at Ren Baqian and nodded her head. "Alright!"

"Pfff!" Ren Baqian almost burst out laughing.

The facial expression that the empress made while she was pondering looked extremely amusing.

"What are you laughing at?" The empress looked at Ren Baqian with a slanted glance. She had no qualms about robbing someone or a shop.

After all, most of the weapons that Dayao had now had been snatched from the Yun Nation.

Actually, the aboriginals snatched the entirety of Dayao from the Hao Nation.

"Actually, I think I should phrase it this way. Everything in the world belongs to Your Majesty, it's only right that you take some money from other people for yourself." Ren Baqian had a serious look on his face. Phrasing robbery in this manner made it sound more elegant and classy.

The empress thought about Ren Baqian's words again.


With a bitter look on his face, Ren Baqian stared at his hand, which had swelled to the size of a pig trotter.

Your Majesty, since when you have learned to slap my hands?

Neither of them were in a rush to shop. Instead, they wandered around the city. The Roman and Gothic structures from the Renaissance that could be found everywhere in the city piqued their interests.

When they arrived at Piazza del Duomo, the empress took a closer look at the distant, imposing cathedral.

This kind of Gothic structure always managed to capture people's attention with the first glance.

Under the blue sky, the cathedral, the square, the tourists, and the pigeons that could be seen everywhere combined to form a beautiful picture.

Ren Baqian and the empress walked across the square when, at this exact moment, a huge black man stuffed some pigeon food into Ren Baqian's hand. Immediately, a few pigeons flew towards Ren Baqian, looking as though they had found their target.

Ren Baqian smiled and released granules in his hand. Instantly, the pigeons swirled and danced around him and the empress.

A few passers-by couldn't help but take out their phones and start taking pictures of the red-dressed girl that was surrounded by flying pigeons.

As for Ren Baqian, he had become part of the background.

When the pigeons landed on the ground, the huge black man reached out his hand with a smile on his face. "Money!"

Ren Baqian looked at him and smiled. He knew this was the usual tactic that these people employed to make money.

First, they will stuff some pigeon food into your hands and let you enjoy the feeling of pigeons swirling around you. Then, they will ask you for money.

If you don't want to pay them, very soon three to five huge black men will appear before you.

Furthermore, these people's main target was yellow-skinned tourists.

Before Ren Baqian came here, he had already read about the culture here online.

"Get lost!" Ren Baqian maintained the smile on his face while his tone contained a tinge of contempt.

He had already come up with a plan. He would wait for this black man's helpers to arrive and swoop on them.

He and the empress would find a secluded area and wait for these people to present them with free money.

The amount of money they would obtain might not be a lot, but Ren Baqian understood that the wealth of a millionaire was earned cent by cent.

Just because they wouldn't obtain a lot of money did not mean they shouldn't do it.

Furthermore, robbing someone or a shop was harder than doing this. Now, all they needed to do was to bend down and pick up money.

Indeed, after a whistle resounded through the air, four tall and muscular black men surrounded Ren Baqian and the empress. With intimidating looks on their faces, they talked in a language that was unknown to Ren Baqian.

Ren Baqian snapped his fingers, and the empress looked at him annoyed.

"There are too many people looking here." Ren Baqian gave a bashful smile while pointing to his surroundings.

A gust of wind blew across the four men. The next moment, they yelped in pain and dropped to the ground.

No one could tell exactly what had happened.

The empress's movements were too fast.

Ren Baqian timely put up a surprised look on his face. "You're actually pretending to fall down!?"

Just as these words came out of his mouth, he saw a few persons around him take off their outerwear to reveal police officer uniforms.

"F*ck, what's going on? Is this a trap?" this thought immediately appeared in Ren Baqian's head.