The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 262

Chapter 262: Ordinary People Witness My Strength
Chapter 262: Ordinary People, Witness my Strength!
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"Forget about that big army and what not. As for the rest, you make a guess whether what I've said is true or false!" Ren Baqian said as he spread out his arms.

Chen Shi had his whole mind occupied with that "me" word. Those who were fit to use that word were either delusional, or ... He was kind of afraid to think of it.

If it were someone else, Chen Shi would have slapped that person.

However, the strength of the empress made it hard for him not to overthink.

After all, judging from the data that had been collected so far, the strength of the other party was impossible for any human to attain.

From that video, her speed was two times faster than a person falling from the sky. It was hard to even see her shadows clearly, moreover, it had to be played in slow motion in order for her movements to be seen clearly.

In other words, an ordinary person would fall from the sky at a speed of 23 meters per second, but she was moving above 70 meters per second.

That also meant that she could travel 100 meters in just slightly more than one second.

To imagine that someone could be a hundred meters away a second ago, and appear in front of you in the next second, that would be equivalent to teleportation from an ordinary person's point of view. It was practically impossible for anyone to react in such a short distance.

Needless to mention that the empress could still maintain that speed even when carrying Ren Baqian. When she stepped on the surface of the wall, she was able to leap to another building that was more than hundred meters away. This proved that her she could be stronger.

Such speed and ability to jump weren't things that a human body could achieve.

And in correspondence, how great was her strength?

Chen Shi could somewhat believe if she was a cultivationer.

If she was a cultivationer, how long had she lived? What was her true identity?

So much so that Cheng Shi dared not imagine.

It was truly fridge horror.

Looking at Chen Shi's grave expression, it got Ren Baqian pondering about the pros and cons of what he just said. If the other party really thought that the empress was a cultivationer, it was not as if he couldn't show him the secret manual.

The secret manual of Great Xia would be sufficient to let them gnaw at it.

Furthermore, for experts at the Earth Wheel level and above, their life expectancies would indeed increase. An expert at the Earth Embryo Realm could live up to 100 years old whereas an expert at the Spirit Wheel Realm could already live up to 150 years old.

And there were even higher levels above the Spirit Wheel Realm, similar to that of the Longevity Heaven of the aboriginals.

It wasn't right to say that it was the method of cultivating martial arts, but it was sufficient enough to make them believe it.

At the same time, there was also an advantage in saying that. What he was holding could be justifiable.

If not, there were many things that would be difficult to explain.

As for whether it will be exposed, leave that till someone on Earth could surpass the Spirit Wheel level.

He believed that the martial arts manual wouldn't be widely spreaded within a short period of time. With just a handful of people practising and under the circumstances of a low potency, he wondered how long it would take for someone to reach the Spirit Wheel level.

If Ren Baqian remembered correctly, the cultivation of martial arts in Great Xia also required some rare treasures.

Would anyone on Earth be able to attain the Spirit Wheel level?

Furthermore, he wasn't at all worried that the people on Earth would cultivate to such high levels. On the contrary, if the people on Earth could really find a method to cultivate to a very high level, it didn't seem like a bad thing to him as well.

Perhaps, it could push him to a higher level as well.

Otherwise, he would really be doubtful as to what level he could attain on his own.

After all, he wasn't able to practice the other martial arts, and no one knew for sure how good the [Ruyi Visualization] martial arts was. Even though it was possible for him to smoothly attain the Earth Wheel level, but there was still a huge obstacle after that.

In the case that he got stuck at the Earth Wheel level, the life expectancy of an Earth Wheel expert was only 100 years. At the same time, because he travelled between the two worlds, due to the different lapses in time, his life expectancy was considered shorter as compared to someone who had always been on the other world.

The empress could live up to 200 years old. If she could break through the Longevity Heaven, there was a big possibility that she could live up to 300 years old.

As for whether that would create a threat for him, he never worried about this problem. With another world supporting him, and also having money and power on Earth, it wouldn't be that bad. In any case, it would be much better than getting stuck at the Earth Wheel level in future.

At the thought of that, his mind seemed to have made a decision. He was prepared to pull off a pack of lies.

Of course, it had to lie bit by bit.

Nobody would cherish something that came easy.

Chen Shi, who was opposite him, have been deep in thoughts for a long time. He raised his head and asked Ren Baqian, "What other requests do the both of you have? You may put them across altogether. I will report to my superiors."

"Money. First up, 100 million Euros. I have no more money to spend. I was already planning on a robbery if you hadn't come." Ren Baqian spread out both arms on the table, and had finally spoken words of truth.

Chen Shi mulled over for a while. Ren Baqian had 1 million Yuan when he was on the run, which was equivalent to slightly more than hundred thousand Euros. He would have finished it in no time if he was a little more extravagant.

From where would the both of them get money after that?

Get a job?

To crib a saying, it was impossible for them to get a job. Certainly not in this lifetime.

If the two of them were to get a job and earn salaries, he would pull off his head and kick it like a soccer ball.

Then, they would probably end up like what Ren Baqian said and be on the verge of committing robbery.

At the thought of this, Cheng Shi didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

These two people had indeed made him speechless.

"We can forget about 100 million Euros. Our nation's wealth isn't blown over by the wind. I can help you settle those things within our nation You appear to have some money parked with someone else?"

"If there isn't any money, what is there to talk about collaboration?" Ren Baqian replied with a question.

Chen Shi was at a lost for words. He couldn't help it but felt that the other party was truly a bastard. He was, in fact, representing their nation, could he not be so blunt about it?

"What do you have to offer in return for a collaboration?" Chen Shi placed strong emphasis on the word collaboration.

"Some rare treasures!" Ren Baqian was thinking about the things in that world. Many things that were brought over should already be considered quite rare, after all, they were objects from another world. As for whether they were rare treasures, if they didn't make the cut, he could then just change them for another one.

Besides, he still had the ultimate weapon, which was the Elongation Saber. Even though the saber was a little weak and would break on touch, but that didn't mean that the Elongation Saber had no value.

If the research were to be successful, imagine if the military were to fight with daggers and bayonets, and then they suddenly elongate by two meters...

Furthermore, with Earth's technology, they might even be able to gather some other information from it.

For instance, 1 catty of iron becoming 2 catties? 1 catty of gold becoming 2 catties? 1 barrel of oil becoming 2 barrels?

"If she truly was a cultivationer, then are you able to bring the Cultivation martial arts?" Chen Shi asked the question that he was most concerned about.

"Rome wasn't built in a day. If we were to collaborate, I will give it to you bit by bit." Ren Baqian didn't reject him and merely left him in suspense.

"I need to report to my superiors. Please wait." Chen Shi indicated his actions, got up and left.

After he left, the empress turned her head and asked, "Who is Wu Zetian?"

"The only empress in history, the most famous female, even more powerful than most of the males." Ren Baqian was just blathering a moment ago and now, he was hurriedly explaining to the empress.

"I am who I am, there isn't a need for me to impersonate anybody, and nobody can be compared to me." The empress seemed pretty unhappy. If it was someone else saying that, she would have slapped that person into a meat patty.

"Of course. It's just that we cannot reveal your true identity to them as they won't be able to understand. You are truly the one and only and nobody can be compared to you, regardless if it was in the past or in the future. Just like those words on the mirror." Ren Baqian softly appeased her.

The empress naturally knew that her identity could not be revealed in this world, and she ignored Ren Baqian after listening to what he said. She translated her discontent into food intake and order another round of desserts.

After a while, Chen Shi hurried back again. He sat down and said, "Someone wishes to talk to you guys."

"Eurotrip hasn't ended yet." Ren Baqian waved his hand.

"A video call will suffice." Cheng Shi replied.

Only then did Ren Baqian nodded his head.

"Let's move to another location. At the same time, I will also want to know exactly what level her strength is at so that we can know what to expect. After all, there are many things that have to be witnessed with our own eyes in order to have a peace of mind."

Ren Baqian looked at the empress, even though there wasn't much changes in her facial expressions, but he could imagine her feeling unhappy and unwilling deep down inside. He moved in close to her ear and whispered, "ordinary people, I shall let you witness my prowess. I guess you should be having this thought."

The empress's ears got itchy from his breath when he whispered and her body shivered a little. But, she felt that it was easier to accept it after listening to what he said.

She simply felt that those words brought an indescribable feeling of shame which got her feeling close to bursting.

Chen Shi first made a call. When they stepped out a while later, there was already a car outside.

Before they got up the car, Ren Baqian whispered to the empress, "don't exert your full strength, just simply exhibiting your skills a little will suffice."

The empress waved her hand as it didn't require Ren Baqian to tell her that. In fact, she would only be in her true strength when she was in another state. Ren Baqian didn't know about this, and not many people knew about it either.

Hua Sanliu knew about it, but he was already dead.

Eight of the pavilion masters were dead as well.

Those two disciples who barely survived, couldn't even tell the empress's condition when she was far away.

Soon after, everyone appeared at a remote place out of the city. After a few people got off the car, Chen Shi fiddled with the laptop and placed it facing the duo after a short period of time.

On the other end of the screen was a middle-aged man wearing glasses. He looked very dignified, but he probably wasn't the real master.

Ren Baqian guessed that the real master was at the back.

"Firstly, we want to check the authenticity of what you have said. After which we will discuss some issues." That middle-aged person spoke.

Ren Baqian and the empress took a glance at each other. In an instant, the empress appeared approximately 60 meters away, raised her feet and stomped.


There was a loud boom and even though those people were at the other end of the screen, they could almost feel the tremors of the ground.

Around 300 square meters of land surrounding the empress was fissured. The rocks beneath the soil were protruding as well.

Regardless of whether it was Chen Shi, this world, or the people at the other end of the screen, they were all stunned.

Guessing it was one thing, and witnessing with their own eyes was another.

Regardless of whether it was her appearing around 60 meters away in a split second as though it was teleportation or that sheer force with just a stomp of her feet, everyone was left in shock.

Especially that might of her stomp. Even though the land area might not seem very big, but one point had to be taken and that was the ground. In normal cases, if the force was very large, it would nail right into the ground like a piledriver.

However, the empress actually spread out her energy across the entire area by just applying force on a small area. Furthermore, the ground wasn't compressed downwards, but it fissured upwards instead.

Just the demonstration of such strength alone was already beyond imagination.

It was needless to talk about the rest of the issues.