The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 263

Chapter 263: Conversation
Chapter 263: Conversation
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On the screen, even though Ren Baqian saw only one person, there were actually many other people present that he couldn't see.

Every single one of them could be considered a powerful and influential individual.

After all, this was an important matter that might affect the future of mankind.

"Can you show me other things?" asked the middle-aged, bespectacled man on the screen as he adjusted his eyewear.

A sneer appeared on Ren Baqian's face. The next second, a handgun appeared in his hand and he pointed it at Chen Shi's head. "Do you want to see a piece of sachima drenched with tomato sauce?"

Veins popped out on Chen Shi's head. This fellow is so unpredictable!

The man on the screen was shocked. Following which, an infuriated look appeared on his face.

"Just because she is willing to display her strength doesn't mean you can request her to do anything at will. Do you think you're watching a show? Should I perform a duet for you?" Ren Baqian sneered.

Behind the screen, several men that Ren Baqian couldn't see spat out the tea in their mouths.

This fellow was indeed vicious. However, it was normal for him have such a reaction. After all, that girl might be a cultivator. It would be weird if she was easy to talk to.

Her superiority in power allowed her to look down on ordinary humans.

"Why don't you get a different person to talk to me? I think it's time for the person behind you to show his face. Otherwise, how I will know who I'm talking to? Am I right?" Ren Baqian continued.

Ren Baqian waited for a reaction from the screen.

In a room in a distant place, an old man put down his teacup and nodded his head to his subordinate. "Connect the video call to me."

After a while, the screen went dark. By the time it lit up again, the person and the environment it displayed had changed.

There was an old man sitting on a chair nodding his head.

"Nice to meet you, Sir!" Ren Baqian's face immediately turned bright as he put his handgun away.

This was the real big shot. Ren Baqian had seen him numerous times on television.

"Mr. Ren, I don't know what you want us to address you as, so I will just address you this way," the old man said and smiled. He spoke very slowly and his tone was very amiable.

"I believe we have come to the consensus that we're going to collaborate. Let's discuss our collaboration. We can speak openly and seek some common ground. We have some ideas and I believe you have some requests as well. Feel free to tell us about them. This is the basis for a healthy and open communication, am I right!"

Ren Baqian clapped his hands. This man was truly a big shot. The way he spoke was completely different from the previous man's. The first thing he did was lay down the foundation for their collaboration.

"Firstly, I want to ask a question. This question won't affect our collaboration, I merely want to understand more about both of you. Are there more of Miss Qi's kind? Is she the only one?"

Ren Baqian thought hard about the question.

This question would have a lot of impacts on this collaboration.

If the empress was the only one of her kind, why weren't there other people? Since she could do it, why couldn't other people do it as well?

If cultivators really existed in this world, how could there be only one immortal?

If there were other people like her, then where were they? What was the relationship between them and the empress? Would they appear on Earth too?

The answers to this question could affect many areas of their collaboration.

At this point in time, there were also many people that Ren Baqian couldn't see behind the screen. Some people were observing every single moment that Ren Baqian made, trying to read his body language and understand him further.

"She is not the only one," Ren Baqian answered after a serious consideration.

Everyone jolted up when they heard Ren Baqian's reply.

Those who were observing him uttered, "Likely true!"

All of them were professionals, and they couldn't say with complete certainty whether Ren Baqian was speaking the truth or not. All they could say was "likely true" or "likely false" as a reference.

After all, one couldn't make a judgement solely based on a person's facial expressions and movements. Those who were trained in this field knew this very well.

"As compared to the others, what level is Miss Qi's strength on?"

"Top-notch!" Ren Baqian replied. Actually, she was the best among everyone. However, he then recalled something, that was, the former emperor led a group of people and left Dayao after he attained the level of Longevity Heaven.

Why did they leave Dayao? Where had they gone to?

Dayao had only been established for 70 years, the first emperor had not even reached the end of his lifespan yet.

Were there any more people like him? Were they still alive?

Ren Baqian did not know the answers to these questions. There were many secrets in that world that he had yet to come into contact with.

"Likely true!"

"Where are the others? How many of them are there?" the old man on the screen asked again. At this point in time, he felt slightly nervous.

If those people appeared on Earth, no one could know what kind of impact they would cause.

However, one thing for sure, they would definitely create chaos. When so many powerful individuals appeared in this world, would they abide by the laws here? It was obvious that they wouldn't do so. They would only abide by their own rules and wouldn't care about the rules of this world.

"Paradise!" Ren Baqian blurted out. Actually, he felt that the paradise mentioned in Taoist scriptures was somewhat similar to that world.

However, there was also a very huge difference between that world and the paradise in Taoism. The paradise in Taoism had an entrance and an exit.

On the contrary, entering and exiting that world solely depended on the mystery behind his teleportation.

Even though it was just a change of concept, it sounded completely different to people. After all, a paradise was often associated with immortals.

"Likely true!"

"Likely false!"

Hearing Ren Baqian's response, some people felt he was lying and some felt he was speaking the truth. However, there were more people that felt he was speaking the truth.

"You don't need to worry about how many of them there are, they won't come here. That's because it's extremely difficult for them to come here. To come here, they have to fulfill a very important condition. That's all I can tell you." Ren Baqian spoke mainly the truth, but he still hid certain information.

"Likely true!"

"Can ordinary individuals visit this so-called paradise?"


Subsequently, the old man asked Ren Baqian a lot of questions. Some were regarding the paradise, some were regarding their collaboration. There was also a question that caught everyone's attention.

Are there any martial arts that could lead to immortality?

"They can't lead to immortality, but they can prolong your lifespan. When your cultivation has reached a certain level, you can live up to three hundred years old."

Meanwhile, Chen Shi was staring at Ren Baqian. What about Wu Zetian?

However, Ren Baqian's words made many people very excited.

Prolonging lifespan would always be one of mankind's instinctive desires.

Given the current speed of technological advancement, there would be many more methods to prolong one's lifespan.

"Then what requests do Mr. Ren and Miss Qi have?" the old man finally asked. Actually, he still had some questions, but he wasn't in a rush to ask them. All he wanted to do now was digest the information he obtained from this conversation.

"Relax, remove the arrest warrants on us first. Then, lend us one million euros—we are out of money." Ren Baqian was reinvigorated. After talking for so long, he could finally ask for money.

The old man's gaze froze. Following which, he began to chuckle.

"Our money belongs to the nation, it's the taxpayers' money. I can ask a bank to give you a loan, but you still have to return the money," the old man smiled and said, "Anyway, when is Mr. Ren coming back? Let's have a meal together at XXX, remember to bring Miss Qi along too."

"Our Europe trip hasn't ended yet!" Ren Baqian was having the time of his life recently, he wasn't in a rush to go home.

"Alright, I shall wait for your return then. After all, we still have a lot of things to talk about for the collaboration," the old man nodded his head and said.

"We will definitely go back for Chinese New Year!" Ren Baqian said. He did not celebrate last year's Chinese New Year with his family. This year, he made his family terribly worried. No matter what, he had to celebrate this year's Chinese New Year with them.

When the screen of the laptop turned dark, Ren Baqian turned around and looked at Chen Shi. "What will the loan plan be? Make a passport for each of us as well, we need them urgently."

Finally, the arrest warrants on Ren Baqian and the empress had been revoked. This would save them a lot of trouble in the future. Ren Baqian felt exceptionally carefree.