The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 265

Chapter 265: East Sea
Chapter 265: East Sea
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After lying on the bed for two days and consuming a ton of precious tonics, Ren Baqian could finally get out of the bed.

Until now, he still did not know what happened. However, he did know what was wrong with his body.

Cracks had appeared on his backbones and shoulder blades, and he almost suffered a cerebral concussion. It was as if he got hit by a truck.

But why would there be a truck in Yangxin Palace Hall.

The only person who could do this to him was the empress. However, every time he asked the empress about this, her ears would turn red, and she would try to divert the topic.

This made him even more curious about what happened that day.

He reckoned that he might have been drunk and did something that infuriated her, causing her to slap him. However, if that was the case, why would her ears turn red? She would only behave this way if she was shy.

What exactly happened?

In the end, he decided not to ask the empress anymore since she was not going to tell him. He reckoned that Qing Yuan and Hong Luan should know what happened, but they wouldn't tell him either.

He racked his brains but still couldn't come up with anything. He couldn't believe a murder case almost happened just because he danced with the empress.

Now that Ren Baqian could move, he asked someone to carry him to the empty plot of land beside the arena outside of the palace. Then, he discussed his plan for the educational institution with the people from the Ministry of Works.

He wanted to build a perimeter wall and a few houses. Three of the houses would be used as classrooms, one would be used as a library to keep book collections, and one would be used as a laboratory.

However, he just wanted the three classrooms to be built first. The rest could be built at a later date.

After another two days, Ren Baqian could finally walk on his own. Even though his body still hurt, there was nothing seriously wrong with it.

The medicines in this world were indeed unique, be it the black mud cream or the medicine he took for his injury this time around.

An injury like this would take at least a month on Earth to heal. After all, it was a severe injury.

Upon their return to Earth this time around, they went to Spain and stayed there for three days.

Actually, there was a place in Spain that Ren Baqian had always wanted to go, the Nova Mar Bella Beach in Barcelona. He had only witnessed its beauty and prominence online. He had always wanted to visit this place but did not have the chance to do so. Firstly, he did not have the time. Secondly, the empress was by his side.

Previously, the empress almost flipped a table when she saw girls in bikinis. Ren Baqian reckoned that he might be in deep trouble if they visited Nova Mar Bella Beach.

[Nova Mar Bella Beach - a section of this beach is a nude beach]

Ren Baqian felt that the phrase "Serves you right for doing something so stupid" was apt for this scenario.

[This is a commonly used Chinese Internet slang.]

On the return from Earth, Ren Baqian brought back a set of glass laboratory equipment and some glucose. Following which, he brought some imperial guards with him and headed for the glass factory immediately.

As he reached the glass factory, a burly man quickly stepped forward and greeted him, "Sir Ren."

This burly man was called Jiao Zuo. He had been working for the imperial family for a very long time. He was assigned to Ren Baqian when the latter requested some manpower from the empress.

This man had accompanied trade caravans to the Yun Nation and Great Xia several times before. He was also literate. Furthermore, it was extremely difficult to find an aboriginal that was this meticulous and prudent. He was an exceptional assistant for Ren Baqian.

Of course, despite his good qualities, he still created a lot of trouble for Ren Baqian in the beginning.

However, he had become much better recently.

"How is the progress? Are you able to get rid of the color in the glass?" Ren Baqian asked after getting off fork-horned cow.

"Sir, I was about to report this matter to you. The color in the glass has become much fainter than before. I believe we will be able to produce colorless glass soon." Jiao Zuo had a joyful look on his face.

"Let me take a look." Ren Baqian nodded his head. After a while, he was led to a room where he saw a piece of glass. On the glass, there were still some parts that were in green in color. However, the color of green had indeed become much fainter than before.

"Good job!" Ren Baqian nodded his head in approval.

"It's my duty," Jiao Zuo replied with a grin.

"Have you made the mold that I asked you to previously?" Ren Baqian asked.

"I have already made it and I even tried to make a few glasses." Jiao Zuo opened up a box and revealed a few drinking glasses. They were classic drinking glasses and goblets, and they were also slightly green in color.

"Sir, we will be able to earn a lot of money if we sell these glasses in the Yun Nation and Great Xia," Jiao Zuo chuckled and said.

Ren Baqian picked up two glasses and took a closer look at them. Then, he shook his head and replied, "They are still slightly crude. The surface and the base of the glass are uneven. Redo the mold and choose the best craftsmen for the job."

"Got it, Sir." There was a look of pity in Jiao Zuo's eyes. He felt that the glasses in the box were already not bad.

However, Deputy Prefect still failed them.

Following which, Ren Baqian took out a box containing a bunch of glassware. Then, he purposefully found a small room and did the silver-mirror test (Tollens' test) on them.

When Jiao Zuo saw the box of glassware that Ren Baqian had, he finally understood why Ren Baqian would fail the glasses he made.

The glassware that Ren Baqian took out were pure and transparent, completely devoid of any blemishes. The glassware that they had made paled in comparison to Ren Baqian's.

Ren Baqian went to the glass factory for the next few days in a row. Every day, he would do the silver-mirror test on that glassware in the small room. He would mumble strange words like "sodium hydroxide", "silver nitrate", and "ammonia solution".

Occasionally, he would kick the wall in frustration.

"Ahh!" The imperial guards standing outside the room were already used to hearing Ren Baqian's frustrated roars.

No matter what Ren Baqian did in the room, Jiao Zuo tried not to let anyone into the room lest they disturb him.

After several days and several failures, Ren Baqian finally completed the silver-mirror test which most people could complete in two hours.

Ren Baqian looked at the palm-sized mirror with joy written all over his face.

His chemistry teacher could rest in peace now.

With the first success, the subsequent attempts would be easier.

Ren Baqian yelled for a few craftsmen and taught them how to make the silver mirror.

That afternoon, frustrated roars resounded from the room once again.


"Why are you so stupid like pigs"

"Sir, what are pigs?" someone asked.

"I'm going back!" Ren Baqian walked out of the room in anger with veins popping out of his head.


East Sea. On a dirt road outside of a shabby fishery village.

"Lu Pinghai should be arriving here soon, right?" a pretty-faced youth sitting on a horse asked. He was wearing a brocade robe.

"That's what I heard, Young Master," a middle-aged man carrying a spear on his back beside the youth answered.

Traces of pity could be found in his eyes as he looked at the youth.

He was the last descendant of the Yu family. Unfortunately, he was handicapped with regards to cultivation.

Everything would change if he could get Lu Pinghai to give him the Spirit Yuan Pill. However, he did not know whether or not the thing he brought could make Lu Pinghai yield to his request.

"I will definitely succeed. Lu Pinghai will be moved by this thing, and I will get the Spirit Yuan Pill. Then, I will take back everything that has been snatched from me," the youth smiled and said. There was not a single tinge of doubt in his eyes. He had no doubt that he would succeed.

Everything that happened is a chance given to me by God to temper myself.

I will definitely succeed!

I will seek revenge upon those who have looked down on me.

"Uncle Ping, sorry to have troubled you these few years. If it weren't for the fact that you wanted to repay the Yu family's kindness, I'm afraid I wouldn't have survived until today," the youth sighed and said.

"It's my duty," the man who was called Uncle Ping replied.

"There must be a lot of people mocking you for staying with a bum like me. After all, you're Earth Embryo expert," the youth chuckled and continued. If it weren't for Uncle Ping, he wouldn't have kept the inheritance of the Yu family.

Uncle Ping merely smiled and did not say anything else.

When the two arrived at the entrance of the village, the youth halted his horse and took a closer look at the village. "This is such a shabby village."

Then, he turned his head around and looked at the forest beside the village. That was where Lu Pinghai's best friend's tomb was.

Suddenly, Uncle Ping's facial expression changed. "Young Master, be careful."

Before he finished his sentence, he already appeared in front of the youth with lightning speed. He whipped out the spear from his back and deflected two sharp arrows that were flying in the direction of the youth.

"Eh!" A gasp of surprise sounded out from the forest.

Following which, two burly men that looked exactly like each other walked out of the forest. "You're the third batch today."

"Aboriginals!" Uncle Ping's facial expression changed drastically. Their purpose for coming here should be the same as theirs. It was quite obvious what they had done to the previous two batches of people.

"You or me?" The two burly aboriginals looked at each other.

"Rock, paper, scissors!"

Uncle Ping's face reddened with anger. After all, he was an Earth Embryo expert. This was first time that he was humiliated like this.

"Come, if you can survive ten moves from me, I will let you off." One of the aboriginals stepped forward with a big smile on his face, looking as though he had won a prize. His gaze shifted to the broadback spear in Uncle Ping's hands.

It resembled the standard sabers that were commonly used in Dayao, but it was longer and thicker.

"Young Master, step back!" Uncle Ping said in a deep voice. He trusted the aboriginal's words. Aboriginals seldom went back on their word after making a promise.

All he needed to do now was to survive ten moves from the aboriginal. He trusted his own capabilities and he felt that the aboriginal had underestimated him.

He had a killer move that had never failed before. Everyone that had seen it was already dead. It was a pity that he had two opponents now. He could only use his killer move once.


Two minutes later, the burly aboriginal spat on the corpse of Uncle Ping.

Following which, he killed the grieved youth with a single punch.

Then, he dragged the two corpses into the forest.

"Eh? What is this? It looks like something good." A voice resounded through the air in the forest.

"Keep it and show it to General when we get back."