The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 269

Chapter 269: The Worth Of The Elongation Saber
Chapter 269: The Worth of the Elongation Saber
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"How does it feel like to have a girlfriend that's extremely powerful in martial arts!" Ren Baqian did not know if anyone had considered this question before or not, but he certainly felt that he was qualified to answer this question.

It's somewhat like dating a road roller.

A slight moment of carelessness will leave you flattened on the ground.

This was a life-threatening dating experience.

After a week had passed, Ren Baqian could finally get down from his bed. He felt a psychological barrier was setting itself up in his head.

Fortunately, he had the medicinal ointment from the strange world.

Until now, he still remembered the surprised look on Yang Shen's face when the latter visited him in the hospital. Yang Sen did not expect to see Ren Baqian in this state.

Two of his ribs and his sternum were broken, looking as though he was involved in a car crash. However, he was standing within a crowd at the Shanghai Bund at that point in time.

The only person who could cause such injuries to him would be Qi Zixiao, who was always by his side.

Hearing what happened to Ren Baqian, many people wondered if there was a conflict between him and Qi Zixiao or not. They also wondered whether this incident would affect the collaboration. However, Qi Zixiao had been accompanying Ren Baqian by his bedside with an apologetic look on her face for the past few days.

Someone suggested that it might be domestic violence. However, no one clarified this with Ren Baqian. They merely felt sorry for him when they thought of him.

Naturally, Ren Baqian was too embarrassed to tell them that the empress merely thumped his chest shyly with her fist.

However, he understood something after this incident. If he did not want to risk his life for this marriage and then cause the empress to become a widow, he had to increase his strength.

For the past few days, Ren Baqian noticed something amiss with the empress's attitude. Even though it wasn't obvious, he could sense it.

He also knew what the reason was.

When he arrived at Yangxin Palace Hall, he saw that the empress was in a daze. He wondered what she was thinking about. There was a wine flask beside him.

When the empress saw Ren Baqian, she regained her usual cold self. However, there was still a look of guilt in her eyes, resembling the look she had when she caused Ren Baqian to have cerebral concussion previously.

She could control her strength well most of time, but Ren Baqian was really too weak. When she couldn't keep herself calm and her emotions were running amok, she would accidentally cause grave injuries on Ren Baqian

"Zixiao!" Ren Baqian stepped forward and held the empress's hand.

She withdrew her hand slightly, but Ren Baqian continued to hold on it.

"One always needs to get used to certain things," Ren Baqian said gently as he held the empress's hand between his palms.

In his mind, he added, "Not including getting severely injured."

"Don't worry, let nature take its course and things will be fine."

"I worry that I will have to personally buried you in the garden one day," the empress replied somberly. Her voice sounded slightly cold and her words sent chill down Ren Baqian's spine.

Ren Baqian knew that she was feeling guilty and was hence trying to resist him for the fear of hurting him.

In other words, she was fearful.

For the past few days, the empress had felt confused. She did not know what was happening to her. This was the first time she had such a feeling, and she was slightly dejected because of it.

It was just like the feelings she had previously...

The first time she felt excited, the first time she felt as though her heart was getting rammed by an elephant, the first time she felt guilty, and the first time she felt fearful...

"I believe you can control your strength. Look at this hand, it's so beautiful, tender and warm. It makes me want to hold it forever. Even though it possesses great strength, it is not used to hurt anyone or anything," Ren Baqian continued to hold the empress's hand while speaking in a very gentle tone.

The empress continued to let Ren Baqian hold her hand. Her heart was beating faster and faster.

Suddenly, Ren Baqian bent down and gently kissed the empress's finger. As though she was struck by lightning, the empress's body shuddered slightly.

Her ice-cold face melted like snow.

Ren Baqian felt that the success rate of him kissing the empress's hand without any retaliation from her was very high at this moment.

However, that did not mean he could do something stupid.

Before reaching the level of Man Wheel, Ren Baqian felt that his body still couldn't withstand a single hit from any aboriginal.

It was better that he doesn't do anything too risky.

"Don't think too much." Ren Baqian straightened his back and smiled. "It's time for us to set off now, I'm sure many people are waiting anxiously for us."

The empress looked at Ren Baqian and wrinkled her nose. Then, she let out a soft "humph".

She sounded like a small girl that raised her head in pride.

When Ren Baqian heard this, he knew the empress had regained her usual self.

After a few hours, Ren Baqian and the empress appeared in that same building again.

"Mr. Ren's injuries recover very quickly." Yang Sen looked shocked. It had only been half a month and Ren Baqian looked as if he had fully recovered.

"Do you want to do a more thorough checkup?"

"No!" Ren Baqian waved his hand.

Don't try to trick me, I don't want to be your test subject.

Yang Sen was slightly disappointed. Since both parties were still in the initial stage of the collaboration, they were still wary of each other.

"What happened to those things that I brought you previously?" Ren Baqian asked.

Following which, he was given a stack of printed reports.

"Basically, their components are similar to Earth's. However, we have discovered many new microorganisms. Some of them died after we extracted them out from the soil and some changed in nature. We will need more time to find out more things," Yang Sen gave a simple explanation.

"However, the content of iron and calcium in the soil is very low. On the contrary, the content of titanium and potassium is very high."

Ren Baqian could tell that Yang Sen cared a lot about the progress in this area. He was able to blurt out the information with ease.

After scanning the stack of reports, Ren Baqian placed them back on the table. "Let's go to the laboratory and take a look. You will be very interested in the thing that I brought this time around."

Ren Baqian was very confident. That was because he brought along the Elongation Saber this time around.

After all, their collaboration had just begun, and he had to showcase to them something heavyweight.

Even though there were many valuable things in that world, for example, anything from the kirin's body or the Cloud Crystal, he still chose to bring the Elongation Saber after much consideration.

The Elongation Saber's characteristics were what that made it valuable. Its ability to grow at the user's will was enough to make one amazed. Ren Baqian had no use for it, but the nation would be able to come up with many valuable insights by studying it.

At the same time, Ren Baqian also wanted to know if this saber possessed any secrets or not. He simply did not have the resources or the time to study it.

Therefore, he chose to bring it to Earth and let the nation study it. Maybe the nation could come up with something beneficial.

Hearing Ren Baqian's words, a look of joy appeared on Yang Sen's face. The things that Ren Baqian brought them previously were indeed slightly different in nature from Earth's, but they weren't really valuable.

One had to know that they were interested in the existence of paradise.

Therefore, things like soil couldn't satisfy them.

Under the company of Yang Sen and two security guards, Ren Baqian and the empress boarded the lift to the basement. This building had several laboratories above the ground.

However, the most important areas were located in the three levels beneath the ground.

After exiting the lift and passing by two more gates, they were greeted by the color of green. It was as though they had entered a forest. Above them, there was an azure sky.

Ren Baqian noticed something wasn't right and reached out his hand to touch the "forest". To his surprise, it was actually a wall.

Since the forest was a fake, he reckoned that the sky was fake as well.

Similarly, the empress touched the "forest" and subsequently did not care about it anymore. She thought she was surrounded by glass.

"This is a new technology, it hasn't been launched onto the market yet," Yang Sen explained simply.

Following which, they arrived at a laboratory. The laboratory contained rooms made up of reinforced glass, various types of equipment, and computers, completely different from what Ren Baqian had expected.

After taking a glance at the laboratory, Ren Baqian had some understanding of it.

Right now, there were thousands of talents from various fields in this laboratory. They could conduct various projects at the same time. There were also thousands of supplementary employees, including security guards, cooks, secretaries, assistants, etc.

Currently, it was one of the top-notch laboratories in the country. They had completed most of their projects and were preparing to study the things that Ren Baqian brought from "paradise".

However, they could only study the handful of soil, a flower, and a piece of rock for the time being. Hence, most of them were idle now.

Very soon, Ren Baqian met the person-in-charge of the laboratory. It was an old man that had grizzled hair. He immediately asked Yang Sen, "What did he bring this time around?"

"This is Elder Lu, he is quite accomplished in the field of biology. He is also one of the persons-in-charge of this laboratory," Yang Sen introduced.

"This is Mr. Ren and this is Miss Qi. Mr. Ren has brought something here."

"Let me do a checkup on both of you!" Elder Lu's eyes lit up upon hearing Yang Sen's words.

"Actually I have brought something for you to study." Ren Baqian shook his head and took out a sheathed saber.

"What is this?" Elder Lu stared at the saber and asked.

Yang Sen immediately thought of it as some legendary weapon.

Ren Baqian unsheathed the sabre and cut his arm with it, letting the blood drip on the blade of the saber.

After cutting his arm with the saber so many times, Ren Baqian was already used to the pain.

As Ren Baqian jolted his mind, the saber in his hand suddenly grew from thirty centimeters to sixty centimeters in length, giving Elder Lu and Yang Sen a scare. They still thought it was a switchblade.

Following which, it grew to one meter long. It was purely growing from the handle of the saber.

Yang Sen's eyes were lit up brightly.

Ren Baqian took out the black mud cream and applied some of it on his wound. In an instant, his wound began to close up and heal.

"This is called the Elongation Saber. You can see its function for yourself, it can grow in length after absorbing blood," Ren Baqian said to Yang Sen and Elder Lu.

However, Elder Lu was staring at Ren Baqian's arm. "What medicinal ointment did you use?"

"Black mud cream. I already have a laboratory studying and developing it and it's going to hit the market soon," Ren Baqian replied plainly.

Even so, Elder Lu was still very interested in it. This cream was tightly linked to the field of biology.

Then, he shifted his gaze to the saber in Ren Baqian's hand. "It can grow in length by absorbing blood? Can it become shorter?"

Ren Baqian jolted his mind once more and the Elongation Saber shortened to its original length. "You can adjust its length with your mind. Also, as time passes, it will slowly return to its original length."

"The length of this thing can be adjusted with your mind?" Elder Lu was shocked.

Hearing Ren Baqian's words, Yang Sen's eyes were as bright as a pair of lightbulbs. His breathing had become heavier as well.

Elder Lu's lips were trembling. Previously, Ren Baqian brought them a handful of soil. This time around, he brought them such an incredible item.

"Yes." Ren Baqian then gave them a brief explanation of the Elongation Saber.

"Let me try it," Elder Lu said. This saber was made up of a metal that could grow and shrink at will, clearly displaying its worth.

The amount of blood Ren Baqian bled and the amount of growth the sabre had were disproportional in mass, completely defying the law of conservation of mass.

Moreover, the length of the saber could be adjusted using mind power. If they could unveil the science behind its characteristics, they could unleash a huge impact on the modern world

For example, they could apply it to piloting a ship, a plane, or a car, stopping and moving forward at will.

Or they could also apply it to computers. Using his or her mind, one could insert whatever he or she thought of into a computer without having to type it out.

They could also apply it to the technology of virtual worlds.

There were so many areas they could apply it to...

To Ren Baqian, this Elongation Saber wasn't really useful for the time being. However, to the technologies on Earth, it was a key to a treasure trove which contents could shock and change the world.