The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 270

Chapter 270: Thats Right Do Whatever That Pleases You
Chapter 270: Thats Right, Do Whatever That Pleases You
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After Elder Lu received the Elongation Saber and struggled for a long time, surprise filled his face. "Why isn't there any reaction?"

"How can it be!" Ren Baqian took the Elongation Saber back. Along with his mind power, the saber was able to lengthen and shorten, grow and shrink, as well as advance and retreat...

"Let me try!" Yang Sen took the sword over. After which, he struggled for a long time as he kept repeating the word, "grow...grow..."

But after a long time had passed, there was still no reaction at all.

This time, there was something amiss among everyone's gazes.

Ren Baqian pondered, could it be that only people from the other world could use it? But, he was an Earthling. Then, he stuffed the Elongation Saber into the empress's hand as he wanted to see if there would be any changes or not.

Dozens of seconds later, the empress lifted her hand and threw the saber back to him. "Only you are able to use it."

"This thing also has the ability to recognize its master?" Ren Baqian was astonished as he completely hadn't expected that.

Not only Ren Baqian was surprised, but everyone else was also surprised.

The ability to recognize its master, what did that signify? In what aspect did this saber ally with Ren Baqian? Or did this saber actually have its own thoughts?

For the former, only one key could open one lock, by what means did Ren Baqian control this saber? As for the latter, could it be that this saber was alive?

"It seems that this knife can only be used by me. I will bring back the things that you all require in a few days time." Ren Baqian stuck the saber back into the scabbard. Even though this knife was a little useless, only he was able to use it, and nevertheless, it still made him feel pretty good.

"Leave this saber behind, we still need to conduct some experiments on it." Elder Lu promptly grabbed Ren Baqian's arm.

Even though Ren Baqian was the only one who could use the saber, the research value of it was nevertheless immense.

Ren Baqian thought it over and felt that it would be good for them to research on the saber. This was so that he could see if there were still any hidden secrets. "Don't break it by all means. If you break it, don't expect anything else from me."

Elder Lu held the saber with both hands, and he instantly disappeared to shout for a few researchers. Ren Baqian, who was left behind, couldn't be bothered anymore.

At present, the most important goal was to study the secrets of this saber.

The saber was temporarily left in the lab. After which, Ren Baqian and the empress immediately left and returned to SY, the haunted house where several people died.

At the very least, the majority of the people in that building believed that it was a haunted house.

When Ren Baqian appeared at that neighborhood, a few people were stunned for a while before their expressions changed drastically. After Ren Baqian left, they hurriedly called the police, "Hello, 110? I saw that murderer-cum-fugitive!"

Several police officers were stopped just when they were dispatched to that neighborhood. After all, Ren Baqian's arrest warrant had already been revoked.

However, this case left such a deep impression on the police officersparticularly that slip of paper that Ren Baqian had left as a note. As soon as they heard the news of his return, they immediately flew into a rage and wanted to arrest him.

After getting a reminder, only then did they recall that he wasn't a fugitive anymore.

To date, many people still couldn't comprehend what was going on. The crimes committed by that individual were practically conclusive. In addition, the impact was so great and so bad, how could it be that his arrest warrant was revoked?

"Look at it!" The people who had stopped them just now threw a piece of paper at them. The content on the paper was regarding the issue mentioned above.

In the notice, Ren Baqian took on a new lease of life, became a staff of a certain secret department, and the Jin Family had been involved in a series of crimes....

In fact, it wasn't necessary for this notice to be sent out. However, they were afraid that some people might create trouble for Ren Baqian. Judging from how Ren Baqian handled matters previously, ultimately, it might not necessarily set off any storms...

They might as well specifically notify everyone about it.

"In future, as long as he doesn't violate any laws, just let him be." In the end, that police reiteratedthis point again.


Ren Baqian stood in front of the door, looked at the new lock on his door and then at the key in his hand. He was somewhat speechless as he couldn't even enter his own house.

He made a call to Chen Shi and asked where the keys to the new lock were placed. After which, he opened the door to his house.

The entire house was full of dust, and the living room was filled with shopping bags that were purchased during their trip to Milan.

A layer of cloth, which seemed to be his own bed linens, covered the shopping bags.

Ren Baqian called the housekeeping company, and the other party was very surprised upon receiving his call. He explained that he wasn't a fugitive anymore, stated that it had previously been a misunderstanding and that he was actually a government employee. The other party immediately promised to arrange for someone to go over and tidy his house up. In addition, the housekeeper would bring along a new contract as well.

The empress stood there with a slight frown. As she flung her sleeves, the dust in the entire living room seemed to be blown by a storm. In an instant, nobody could be seen at all.

Upon sensing something amiss, the Queen zoomed out of the room in a blink of an eye, leaving Ren Baqian to be baptized by the layers of dust in the room.

"Cough, cough!" Ren Baqian covered his nose. From head to toe, it looked as if he just made his way out from a pile of coal.

He turned his head to look at the empress.

The empress was looking at him innocently.

After waiting for an hour, the housekeeper who promised to come immediately had arrived. At present, the house was much dirtier than before. The walls and ceilings were full of dust. If they were to raise their voice, the dust would probably fall off from above.

Half an hour later, Ren Baqian who had taken a shower and changed into a set of new clothes, dragged the empress to the supermarket to purchase ingredients, as well as sweets and wine for her.

"Anything that I can help you with?" Ren Baqian asked a young woman who suddenly stopped in front of him.

Twenty-eight years old, wearing a police coat and a ponytail in her hair, she looked very neat.

The woman took out a police badge from her pocket, "Police. I am just warning you, don't offend me. Don't assume that whatever you did is over."

"If you think I did anything wrong, you can arrest me." Ren Baqian stretched both hands out and smiled at her. He then took a glance at her identification. She was called Lin Mu.

"But, my arrest warrant has already been revoked, am I right? Nobody else came but you. If it isn't because of righteousness, that must mean that you have some kind of connection with the Jin Family?"

"I can tell you that one of them was my aunt. What did she do wrong? She has never harmed anyone and actually died in this murderer's hands." Lin Mu fumed with rage between gritted teeth. "The most important thing for a family is to be complete. Is this what you left behind? You murderer! You should be shot to death. Even though I don't know what kind of background you come from that could actually get your arrest warrant revoked, it doesn't mean that the previous issue is over."

"Hah, the Jin Family have committed so many crimes, why didn't you arrest them? What wrong did the people, who were harmed by Jin Family do?" Ren Baqian ridiculed her. You appear to be very righteous, but in actuality, you are just bullying the weak and are afraid of the strong. Maybe, you became a police officer because of the Jin Family' connections, and as a result, you couldn't handle them. In that case, are you seeking revenge now?"

Speaking all this, Ren Baqian bent his body slightly so that he could look straight at the other party's eyes. He then spoke softly, "Take a guess, if you are dead, will there be anyone to take revenge for you?"

Lin Mu was so angry that she shivered all over. "Do you really think that you can do whatever pleases you? You are threatening the police, beware that I'll arrest you now."

Ren Baqian nodded his head seriously, "That's right, I can do anything that pleases me."


Ren Baqian laughed as soon as he finished speaking.

Such a self-righteous, provocative, neurotic woman, not interesting at all.

"Looks like you came to threaten me? I forgot to say that I'm a government employee now. However, you aren't qualified to know my specific identity because what I am in charge of is classified information. As for the previous question, you should have asked the Jin Family when they were still alive. Can the rich and powerful do whatever pleases them? I'm sure that they would have given you an answer." Ren Baqian grinned, turned to pull the empress, and directly walked past that young woman, leaving her behind as she gritted her teeth in anger.

"You are very silly!" The empress was somewhat discontent as Ren Baqian actually wasted so much time on someone unimportant.

"It's just a matter of teaching her reality. What's more, I hate this type of self-righteous person."

The conversation between the two was heard by Lin Mu, causing her to almost crush her teeth into pieces.