The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 278

Chapter 278: The Objective Of The Lantern Grabbing Contest
Chapter 278: The Objective of the Lantern-Grabbing Contest
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Early in the morning, a group of people was criticized by a small Lolita, but they couldn't retort at all. They were all sulking, their faces as black as the bottom of a pan.

It was only Ren Baqian who was still in a pretty good mood. He then began to hum a tune.

In any case, he wasn't alone.

"Although all of you are good-for-nothings, since grandfather has opened his mouth, I will reluctantly lead all of you in participating in this year's lantern-grabbing contest. Just do not be a burden to me," Tong Lan continued to speak. She pondered for a while before letting out a sigh, with a face full of grievance. "It is impossible for this bunch of good-for-nothings to not be a burden to me. It's my first time participating in the lantern-grabbing contest and I shall be ruined in all of your hands."

"Friendship comes before competition, and the most important thing is participation!" Ren Baqian complemented what Tong Lan said.

The four brothers from Du Family nodded their heads together as if they were chicks pecking on rice.

Tong Lan gave Ren Baqian the side eye. "Even a good-for-nothing can reassure himself. If one is able to clinch the first place, why on earth clinch the second place?"

Ren Baqian lowered his head, looked at Tong Lan, and sighed softly, "Up till now, you still don't understand the genuine meaning of lantern grabbing. Do you think so many people grab lanterns just because they want to determine a winner?"

Tong Lan raised her tiny face and had a disdainful look on her face, "Don't tell me it's a festival for people to make friends!"

"Not entirely. But, you are still too young to understand the meaning of it. I totally understand that" Ren Baqian continued. He then lowered his head and looked at Tong Lan as if he doted on her.

Tong Lan wanted to give him a kick upon seeing his expression.

The rest of the people looked at Ren Baqian and were waiting to see what he would say.

"The objective of this festival is to educate the young aboriginals by means of sport to promote mutual understanding full of excellence, unity, and fair competitive spirit. It shall be without any discrimination and full of the lantern-grabbing spirit. Thus, it shall contribute to the creation of a peaceful and more beautiful world.

It can be summarized as, 'Peace, friendship and progress.'"

Tong Lan, "..."

Du Changkong, "..."

Everyone, "..."

Everyone was dumbstruck as they have never thought there was actually such a profound meaning behind the lantern grabbing festival.

Ren Baqian waved his arms and said, "Our slogan is higher, faster, and stronger!"

"Nevertheless, Sir Ren has a thorough insight. Peace, friendship, and progress are the objectives of us participating in the lantern-grabbing contest whereas higher, faster, and stronger is our slogan." Du Changkong immediately applauded.

Everyone was helpless.

Are we talking about the same issue as the both of you? Why does it feel that something is amiss?

Ren Baqian didn't care if they believed him or not. In any case, he had to speak that way.

In a moment, he would discuss with the empress about pasting the objective, as well as the slogan of this year's lantern-grabbing contest, all over Lan City.

"Well, everyone has arrived, let's talk about the arrangements. Tong Lan will be the "lantern head" and I'll be the "tooth gate" who paves the way to the lantern. Among the others, the two of you from Tong family as well as Xu Le and Jiang Hu, will be divided into the left and right "broom" to protect Tong Lan. As for Du Changkong and your brothers, the few of you will be the "roving guard" that obstructs the opponent from approaching as well as provide assistance to the "broom"." Ren Baqian said as he clapped his hands together.

Xu Le and Jiang Hu were two imperial bodyguards from the palace.

This was a more commonly seen arrangement.

However, grabbing lanterns wasn't a soccer match. Most of the time, it would still turn chaotic towards the end of the contest. There were two critical people in the contest. One of them was the "tooth gate", who specialized in paving the way for the "lantern head". If the "tooth gate" was obstructed, the advancement of the entire team would be impeded as well.

Another critical person was the "lantern head", who would deliver the lantern's head to the bottom of the platform. His main role was to watch the head of the lantern closely.

The "lantern head" would not be allowed to advance directly to the lantern platform by himself while bypassing the "tooth gate". Either the "tooth gate" or the two "brooms" must be present. Otherwise, it would result in an elimination. Similar to a battlefield, a general couldn't possibly leave his troops behind and charge into the enemies' battle formation on his own, could he?

The rules of the lantern-grabbing contest were also the most fundamental for building team rapport and combat habits.

Therefore, this contest was also often held in the military. It wasn't held only during the New Year, just that during normal times, it wasn't such a grand event.

Grabbing lanterns in Dayao was equivalent to the soccer in modern times.

In general, the "lantern head" was always the most powerful member of the team. Following which, the next powerful member would be the "tooth gate".

Everyone didn't have any opinion with regards to Tong Lan being the "lantern head". But, they were somewhat alarmed when Ren Baqian said he was going to take the "tooth gate" position.

"You are going to be the "tooth gate"?" Tong Lan opened her eyes wide in disbelief. "You want me to carry you, this burden, and head for the lantern platform?"

Ren Baqian waved his hands, "Do not belittle me as I have already made arrangements. When that time comes, I won't impede you at all. No one will be able to obstruct me from the front either."

"Do you even believe what you said?" Tong Lan's questioned him with her eyes opened wide.

"We can't use weapons, but we can wear armor, am I right?" Ren Baqian countered her question.

"That means, you will be wrapping yourself up like a tortoise. Will that be useful?"

"Humph, when that time comes, I'll let all of you experience what unstoppable means!" Ren Baqian was very confident.

Since the aboriginals were formidable, those who took part in the lantern-grabbing contest weren't ordinary people either.

Even when a tiger encounters a hedgehog, it will not be able to swallow it.

Everyone gave Ren Baqian a judgmental look, and they wanted to know where he gained his confidence from.

Tong Lan puffed up her chubby cheeks and dispiritedly said, "I'm done for. It's my first time participating in the contest, and I will not be able to even go near the lantern platform. So embarrassing. In future when this instance is brought up, it will be filled with black history. Tomorrow, I'll prepare a piece of cloth to conceal my face."

[Black history - a bad past that someone doesn't want to talk about/recall anymore]

She had learned the term "black history" from Ren Baqian.

Ren Baqian wanted to pinch her chubby cheeks as he looked at them. But, he pondered for a while and didn't dare to do so.

He reckoned that he would have to wear a cast while participating in the lantern-grabbing contest if he pinched her cheeks.

"Today is just a meeting for all of us. Everyone doesn't have to worry too much. Even if we can't win, I'm not going to blame all of you. Just like what I have said previously, 'Friendship comes before competition. Our slogan is higher, faster and stronger!'"

Everyone looked at him in amazement.

It is because of you that we are unable to win.

Otherwise, there might still be a glimmer of hope.

Due to your existence, that glimmer of hope has been destroyed.

"After this, we shall meet here again during noon on the first day of New Year. Then, we will go together to participate in the lantern-grabbing contest," Ren Baqian told the several people. Everyone nodded their heads with the exception of Tong Lan, who looked unwilling and was mumbling to herself just like a chatterbox. However, Ren Baqian ignored her.

The lantern-grabbing contest would probably begin around 7 p.m.

In general, participants would arrive around 5 p.m. Ren Baqian wanted everyone to arrive four hours prior to the start of the contest so they could discuss their plan once more. Trying to sharpen one's spear at the last moment before a battle wouldn't get one a sharp spear, but at the very least, the spear would appear shiny.

"Everyone, we will meet again in five days' time." Ren Baqian cupped his hands in obeisance and left on the fork-horned cows together with the imperial bodyguards.

Seeing that Ren Baqian was now a distance away, Tong Lan let out a snort and appeared on the back of the fork-horned cow within a split second. She didn't wait for the other two and rode the fork-horned cow back.

After a few others had left, Du Changqing then spoke, "This doesn't seem very reliable!"

"It doesn't matter. Anyway, we didn't even consider winning the contest," Du Changkong responded.

The few of them nodded their heads.

During the lantern-grabbing contest, there would be a large number of capable people coming forth. Several outstanding young people would participate in the contest as well. After all, this was also the time to display the capabilities of the next generation.

As compared to those capable people, the few of them were indeed inadequate.

The next day, notices were put up everywhere in Lan City. Many people looked around and wondered what was written on them.

They only managed to hear someone right in the middle speaking with a queer expression, "This notice says that the objective of this year's lantern grabbing festival is to educate the young aboriginals by means of sport to promote mutual understanding full of excellence, unity, and fair competitive spirit. It shall be without any discrimination and full of the lantern-grabbing spirit. Thus, it shall contribute to the creation of a peaceful and more beautiful world.

In a nutshell, 'Peace, friendship, and progress.'

For not only this year, but this will also be the objective of future lantern-grabbing contests."

Towards the end of his speech, that person's voice sounded similar to the buzzing made by a mosquito.

After speaking his first few words, the entire place became absolutely silent.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

What was he talking about?

Tong Lan covered her face and rode past while seated on the fork-horned cow. That fellow actually posted the notice all over Lan City.