The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 284

Chapter 284: Four Martial Arts Manuals
Chapter 284: Four Martial Arts Manuals
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"To hell with all of you," Ren Baqian silently cursed. He removed his helmet and sat on the ground. There were shoes all around him.

If it weren't for Xu Le, Jiang Hu, Du Changkong, and his brothers, who rushed over to protect Ren Baqian, he would have been drowned in a swamp of shoes today.

At present, the massive number of shoes all over the place was evidence.

"Have the list of names been recorded?" Ren Baqian gnashed his teeth in fury and asked Du Changkong.

"Sir, with the exception of the people on the lantern platform, almost everyone on this side threw their shoes." Du Changkong was trying to hold back his laughter.

This was his first time witnessing a scene where more than 100 people threw their shoes. It was quite a spectacular sight.

"Hand me the list of names tomorrow. I'll send someone to collect it!" Ren Baqian was unable to do anything about it, but so what if they had many people on their side?

Did that mean that they could throw shoes at someone?

Later on, I'll find an opportunity to make things difficult for all of them.

Am I really so detestable?

In actual fact, only the first person, Liu Ruoyao, really hated him. The second person found it fun and followed. After which, everyone looked on and found it fun as well...

In the end, no one had the mood to compete anymore. Even the people from the other end of the lantern platform ran over from time to time.

It could be said that this year's lantern-grabbing contest had the most relaxed atmosphere. Everyone participating in the contest, as well as the viewing audience, laughed really hard.

Even the empress almost couldn't contain her laughter anymore.

It was only Ren Baqian who felt embarrassed. He was actually pinned to the pillar by shoes.

Even after the contest had ended, Tong Lan rejoiced in Ren Baqian's misfortune after seeing how he ended up and said, "I don't want that thing of yours anymore."

At the thought of carrying so many shoes on her back, she dropped the idea.

The lantern-grabbing contest ended and the winner was a lady called Jiang Ningyun. Previously, she wasn't really well-known. She wasn't weak and was almost on par with Hong Xian. With a bit of luck, she managed to grab the lantern in the end.

"Get someone to wrap all these shoes for me. I'm bringing them back." Ren Baqian wanted to get up and take his armor off, but he sorrowfully discovered that the spikes in his buttocks area had poked something, and he almost couldn't get up.

When he got up, another block of rotten wood was stuck to his buttocks area. No matter how anyone looked at it, it was entertaining. Tong Lan burst into a loud laughter for a long time.

After Ren Baqian changed into another set of clothes, he only saw Xu Wei, Xu Le, Jiang Hu, and numerous bodyguards waiting for him. Everyone else had left.

For example, the empress and the court officials had already left much earlier. The road into the city was practically obstructed by the multitude of people.

Everyone circumnavigated before entering the city through another gate.

Once Ren Baqian returned to the palace, he headed straight for Pingle Park. As he had made a fool out of himself today, he had better go back and soothe his spiritual trauma first.

The next morning, Ren Baqian dashed to Du Changkong's house and forced him to write down the list of people who had thrown their shoes at him. Upon receiving the two lines of names he wrote, Ren Baqian was astonished. There was a name on the list that looked familiar.

Shi Gan.

"This is Great Elder's youngest son, right? It seems like he's 13 years old?" Ren Baqian asked.

"Yes, he was the second person to throw his shoes at Sir!" Du Changkong complemented.

"Humph!" Ren Baqian sneered.

This young fellow indeed doesn't know how he will die.

There's this saying, if heaven does something against you, you may escape, but if you do something against yourself, you are done for.

During the start of the new term at the Black Bamboo Academy, I'll show him "why the flowers were so rosy."

There was also Tong Lan.

Ren Baqian carefully looked at the list of names provided by Du Changkong. There wasn't anyone else who was going to enter the educational institution, but this didn't matter because he would sooner or later find an opportunity to create trouble for them.

He cautiously folded the piece of paper and put it into his pockets. After which, he returned to the palace once again.

Upon recalling Ren Baqian's "heroic elegance" yesterday, the empress wanted to laugh. She couldn't help but say, "You asked me to look at your heroic elegance."

Ren Baqian replied in a serious tone, "Your Majesty, based on the first half of the contest, I was unstoppable and invincible."

It was a pity that there was a little accident in the second half, otherwise, it would have been perfect.

The empress gently shook her head. "Strength is the most important factor. Even though what you did was somewhat useful, you saw the outcome for yourself."

Ren Baqian nodded. He was also clear about what the empress had just said.

Yet, cultivating this [Ruyi Visualization] once a day made him extremely drained every time he finished. It wouldn't be effective if he cultivated the [Ruyi Visualization] twice a day as it would take a toll on his body.

As for punching and kicking, he couldn't even defeat a little lolita. It was truly uninteresting.

Nevertheless, he still preferred using the Gatling gun and such.

"The nation wants to obtain some martial arts manuals, and they can't wait anymore." Only now did Ren Baqian speak of this matter. Since the video discussion in Milan, nine months had passed on Earth. Those people had been waiting anxiously for the martial arts manuals all this while.

The previous two times he returned to Earth, the other party had already brought up this matter.

"Give it to them then." The empress seemed not to care at all.

She wasn't very interested in the affairs on Earth.

"Look for something simple and easy to pass the initiation stage. It will be easier for them to see the results, and they will be more confident then." Ren Baqian replied.

The two of them made a trip to Qingxin Palace Hall and retrieved four martial arts manuals. Of which, there were two manuals that were easy to master at the beginning and got difficult toward the end. As such, the foundation of these two types of martial arts wasn't sturdy.

As for the other two martial arts manuals, they were difficult to master at the beginning and got easier toward the end. Even though it was difficult to pass the initiation stage during the early period and the cultivating period was long, it would be a breeze later on. One would practically face no obstruction when entering the Earth Wheel level from the Man Wheel level.

"Just these four martial arts manuals will do. We are already considered generous by giving them four manuals in one go." Ren Baqian felt that it should be sufficient to satisfy those people.

The rest was up to themselves.

However, there was almost no hope for those older people to succeed in cultivation. Rather, there was some hope for their later generations.

In any case, he had to receive some good stuff in return. It was a collaboration after all. How could the other party benefit from him without any investment? Prior to this, he had also brought quite a few items over to Earth and had sort of proven his sincerity.

For items such as the martial arts manuals, he definitely had to exchange them for a good price.

At the same time, Ren Baqian was also prepared to send a copy of these manuals to his family.

If he chose the valuable martial arts manuals for his family, firstly, the level of cultivation would be very difficult. Secondly, other people would be concerned about it and might end up creating trouble.

Ren Baqian felt that it would be sufficient as long as his family led an easy life. He didn't want to stir up too much trouble.

At times, knowing more and obtaining more did not necessarily mean it was a good thing. Unless he brought his family over to the other world.

In this impoverished world, however, it wasn't a good thing for his family as they would not be able to browse their Moments even if they wanted to do so.

Subsequently, the two of them disappeared from the palace hall. Qing Yuan and Hong Luan had long since become used to this common occurrence. They went back to rest after tidying up the palace hall.

Her Majesty would take at least 18 hours before she returned to the palace once again.

At present, it was already April on Earth and it was Spring. The trees in the neighborhood had turned green, and there were always willows floating in the air.

Ren Baqian opened the windows, and it was still somewhat cold. However, at this time, it was noon and the temperature was within the acceptable range.

The empress directly opened the refrigerator, took the ice cream out, and appeared on the sofa in a flash. Naturally, she used her other hand to turn on the television.

Ren Baqian turned around and looked at the empress, who looked more and more like a female nerd now. He couldn't help but to sigh and say, "Your Majesty, it's better to eat your meal now. You can watch the television series later at night."

"Oh," the empress casually replied as she took mouthfuls of the ice cream and switched between channels to find a television series that she would be interested in.

After watching "Tearing Apart The Japanese," the empress finally decided to give up. She stuffed the ice cream stick back into the packaging and stared at Ren Baqian with her huge eyes.

(Tearing Apart The Japanese: A controversial scene from the Chinese television series, Anti-Japanese Wonder Hero)

"Your Majesty, change your clothes first," Ren Baqian reminded her. "I will also change my clothes as well."