The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 286

Chapter 286: Uncultured But Meaningful Words
Chapter 286: Uncultured But Meaningful Words
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After pondering for a long time, Ren Baqian found himself stumped.

On the other hand, a group of people was also stumped by him.

In any case, this opportunity could not be given up. Even if he did not know what he wanted, he still had to talk about it.

Not long after, Ren Baqian received a call. Upon looking at the phone number, he realized that the call was from the capital.

"It must be because Yang Sen can't make the decision and got someone with a higher authority to call me?" Ren Baqian saw that phone number and thought through it for a while. After which, he picked up the call and both parties were silent.

"Anyway, you called me. I don't believe you won't say anything." Ren Baqian noted that the other side didn't say anything and smirked. Was the other party trying to put on airs? He then conveniently put the phone on the table and put it on speaker mode.

The empress was watching Final Destination and the sounds of the show were transmitted through the phone.

Ren Baqian looked at the screen from time to time. After a minute, the line was unexpectedly cut off.

"What is the situation? Is it because I am taking too long to answer the call, and the other side is not happy? How can that big shot be so petty?" Ren Baqian mumbled.

Those big shots had so many things to do every day, and it was unlikely for them to pester me. Could it be that something went wrong?

He was still thinking about it when the phone rang again. This time, he instantly heard a voice when he picked up the call.

"Are you Mr. Ren? I called you just now, but there was no response." The voice on the line was from a person who didn't sound too old. His voice was very charming and could easily impress others favorably.

"It's me!" Ren Baqian was dubious about what the other guy was saying. However, only a fool would try to read too much into this issue.

"Please hold on!" that person said. A rustling noise was heard as the phone was handed to another person.

"Mr. Ren!" The voice was very steady and sounded familiar. He had heard it last year during the video call. Apart from the empress, this man was the most awesome person that he had ever seen and was therefore unforgettable.

"Hello, Sir!" Ren Baqian sounded very respectful, like a primary school student meeting the principal. However, he went directly to the sofa and even grabbed popcorn from the empress.

"Pop!" The empress instinctively gave him a slap.

Previously, his hand would have swelled up like a pig's trotter if he was slapped like that, but at present, his hand was only slightly red with four finger marks vividly imprinted on it.

Compared with his previous experience, it was already a big improvement.

Ren Baqian licked the back of his hand like a cat. The empress saw this action and impulsively gave him another slap.

"Mr. Ren, do your parents know what is going on in your life?" The person on the line laughed heartily.

"What do you mean?" Ren Baqian was alarmed.

"Don't you want to teach your family about cultivating techniques and similar things?"

Ren Baqian thought for a moment. "This doesn't have any relevance to our transactions."

"Actually, I pondered for a long time after watching that video. I think an old fellow like me cannot master those martial arts!" the person on the line continued.

Ren Baqian was of the same opinion. He really wasn't optimistic that they would be able to cultivate successfully.

Not to mention their old age, based on the fact that they were so busy every day, how would they even have the mood to cultivate?

"Actually, this is what I envisage. After going through the simulation of the martial arts manuals, we can find out how they impact human life expectancy, but we need people who have cultivated to a certain standard first. I presume that Mr. Ren and Madam Qi will not assist in the study. In that case, we will have to wait until someone has attained the life extension stage. I don't know how long we will have to wait and I am afraid that an old fellow like me will not be around to see it."

After seeing that the other party had already considered this issue, Ren Baqian nodded, "You are correct, I am also not optimistic."

"Therefore, we just want to leave something behind for the future generations. Even though these martial arts manuals are given to us, it will spread sooner or later because it cannot be hidden. We will see whether it takes 10 or 20 years."

The final result will be the evolution of the human race as well as bringing about tremendous changes to society. Even I can hardly anticipate what kind of changes will happen to the rules of human society when that time comes.

Nevertheless, I still want to leave something behind for posterity. Perhaps this is the key to all human evolution. Doesn't Mr. Ren think so too?"

Doesn't Mr. Ren think the same way too?"

Ren Baqian reconsidered and felt that the other party didn't seem willing to pay.

This doesn't seem nice?

How is this considered a collaboration?

"Sir, pardon me, but let me say something. Even though both parties enjoy it when one visits a brothel, one still has to pay money," Ren Baqian said courteously, but the person on the line gasped.

The empress was shocked. She was probably trying to figure out the meaning of prostitution, but the concept was far removed from what she knew.

Subsequently, her eyes widened. She grasped at a pillow until there was a hole and the cotton came out.

"It is just a metaphor! Calm! Keep calm!" Ren Baqian tried to comfort the empress as he covered the phone with one hand. The empress finally gave the back of his hand another slap and the finger marks crisscrossed like an LV logo.

The slapping of Ren Baqian by the empress and the cotton flying out of the torn pillow made the room look like Heaven. However, there were feathers flying everywhere in Heaven, but cotton fluffs were flying everywhere in the room.

The words spoken by Ren Baqian were indeed too filthy.

Even the empress reacted this way, not to mention the person on the other side of the call. He was stunned and could only laugh bitterly after a long time.

"I do not know how to answer this."Ren Baqian's words really made people choke.

"Uncultured, but meaningful words." Ren Baqian laughed sarcastically.

"What do you want? Please come straight to the point," the person on the line simply said.

"Nuclear warheads..."

Ren Baqian was interrupted halfway through his speech. "There is no need to say such things. Just speak the truth."

After thinking it through, Ren Baqian realized he didn't need anything. As for money, there was 90 million euros left from the previous loan of 100 million euros. The other side hadn't mentioned anything about paying it back, the time limit, or the interest. As such, he didn't need to think about paying it back at all.

Perhaps, he would consider repaying the loan when inflation reached the stage where a loaf of bread cost two or three thousand euros.

"I have brought four martial arts manuals. For each manual, I want a favor, which I will explain in due course before I give the manuals to you. These favors will not affect the country and will not be unreasonable. Perhaps it may be to gather something, for example some blueprints or some rare items. Or, if I commit any crimes in the future, help me to settle them and this will be considered fulfilling a favor."

Ren Baqian listed out his requests, which were four martial arts manuals in exchange for four favors. This shouldn't be a losing proposition. He couldn't really think of what he wanted and stating his four favors when necessary was acceptable to him.

"The previous request can be accepted, but it must not violate the national laws and regulations, be against morality, or be unreasonable. The nation will do what it can and help you to the best of its ability. As for the second request Mr. Ren, forgive me for being straightforward, but with your status, the incident that happened before should not happen again. If Mr. Ren doesn't find trouble with others, others will not create trouble either.""You can't say that for sure. Just some time ago, there was a survivor from the Jin family, who searched my rubbish bin so as to find evidence to incriminate me." Ren Baqian conveniently accused her.

It was just a matter of saying one sentence, so why not go ahead with it.

As to what would happen to that policewoman, he wasn't concerned at all.