The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 287

Chapter 287: The Opening Of Black Bamboo Academy
Chapter 287: The Opening of Black Bamboo Academy
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Eventually, both parties settled on the conditions of the favors. That afternoon, three cars arrived at Ren Baqian's doorstep and more than 10 men alighted from them. Then, they used coded suitcases to store the four martial arts manuals and a language comparison table that Ren Baqian previously made and left behind. At the same time, they gave Ren Baqian a memorandum to assure him that the Big Shot would acknowledge the favors they had agreed on in the future.

Of course, no one knew what would happen in the future. After all, nobody could predict the future.

After settling this matter, Ren Baqian felt very much at ease. He stood by the window and enjoyed the cool wind blowing in. In the past, after every winter, he would always enjoy the warmth of spring. It made him feel as though his body was re-energized.

However, now that he just came back from Dayao, he no longer felt the same as before. After all, the temperature of Dayao's wintertime was comparable to Earth's summertime. Since the weather in Dayao wasn't chilly at all, he naturally wouldn't feel as though his body was re-energized now.

He casually used his phone to read news online and realized the hoverbikes that Dubai developed were preparing to hit the market.

In the past, he always felt that those newly developed products took a very long time to hit the market. However, now that he spent less time on Earth, he felt they hit the market faster than usual.

"This thing is quite interesting!" Ren Baqian took a closer look at the hoverbike's parameters. The hoverbike made use of a drone to lift the body of the motorbike up into the air and could fly up to 10 meters above the ground.

"What's so interesting?" Upon hearing Ren Baqian's words, the empress stretched her head over to see what Ren Baqian was looking at. Both of them were almost lying against each other.

This distance was normal for both of them. As such, they did not feel anything odd about it.

"This is a motorbike that can fly. It can fly up to 10 meters above the ground. It's quite interesting. In the future, we won't need to worry about too many people on the streets." Ren Baqian smiled and showed the thing on his phone to the empress.

The empress took a glance at it and her eyes lit up. The hoverbike looked very interesting to her. "I want this!"

The empress made up her mind immediately.

The thing could fly up to 10 meters above the ground. It might be dangerous for ordinary people, but it wouldn't pose any problem to the empress. Even if the aboriginals used it, it wouldn't be dangerous either.

However, it consumed a lot of electricity. When fully charged, it could only fly for half an hour. Furthermore, it couldn't fly very fast and its maximum speed was only 48 kilometers per hour. It could only be used as an oversized toy.

"It seems like we have to increase the electricity output of the palace." Ren Baqian began to search for solar energy accumulators on his phone. After all, they would need more power to sustain certain interesting gadgets, like this hoverbike for example.

After searching for quite some time, he finally found an accumulator that fit his requirements. It had a battery capacity of 3000Ah, which was equivalent to the total battery capacity of the 10 ordinary accumulators he bought previously.

With this accumulator, the empress could switch on the air conditioner, watch movies on the laptop, and turn on those string lights all at the same time.

The accumulator weighed 255 kilograms. Even though it was quite heavy, he still managed to bring it back.

When Ren Baqian thought of this, he directly called a factory to make some enquiries and order 10 of these accumulators, 100 ordinary accumulators, and a solar panel. Then, he called another factory to order 100 street lamps.

Following which, he found a house rental website and searched for a warehouse.

For the next two days, he was busy settling this issue. First, he rented a warehouse in a suburban district. Following which, he got the two factories to send the accumulators and the street lamps to the warehouse. Afterward, he hired two security guards through Chen Qing to look after the warehouse.

Of course, he couldn't hide these things from anyone. It was very easy for the nation to find out about them too, but Ren Baqian did not care at all.

What's wrong with using accumulators? Can't I use them to charge my phone?

It would really be a surprise if he told them paradise needed electricity.

After asking someone to deliver an accumulator to his house, he and the empress returned to Yangxin Palace Hall.

Currently, he could exert a maximum strength of 3000 newtons, which was enough to for him to carry an accumulator, the empress, and some snacks that the empress liked back to Dayao.

With this accumulator, Yangxin Palace Hall's power shortage issue could be solved once and for all. With a battery capacity of 3000Ah, all the string lights could be switched on for 8 hours. With three of these accumulators, they could be switched on for the entire day.

Furthermore, he had ordered 10 of these accumulators and could use them as reserves. Ren Baqian could enjoy electric light and air-conditioning in Dayao now.

He would need to travel to and fro between Dayao and Earth 10 times to bring back the 10 accumulators. This would take two months in Dayao and half a year on Earth.

Next up, he would have to bring those street lamps and ordinary accumulators over here. It would take roughly half a year to complete the installation of the street lamps in the imperial palace.

Doing so would take up a lot of time, but it would surely make the imperial palace exceptionally beautiful. Ren Baqian was looking forward to that day.

This was a long-term plan. For now, he needed to prepare for the opening of Black Bamboo Academy, which was the day after tomorrow.

He had to welcome a batch of spoiled young masters and mistresses.

On that morning, Ren Baqian woke up very early to wash up and eat his breakfast. Then, under the company of the imperial guards, he arrived at Black Bamboo Academy.

There was a huge and empty courtyard. In the center, there were three one-storey buildings. Behind the three buildings, there were still some buildings under construction. In one of the corners of the courtyard, there was a frame that had a few block-and-tackles.

Even though the courtyard had been leveled, it still wasn't neat and tidy. After all, the academy was still under construction. Transporting sand, cement, and bricks to the academy would cause the courtyard to become very dirty.

Ren Baqian looked at his watch. It was 7:30AM, half a hour more until 8AM.

However, not a single one of the spoiled young masters and young mistresses arrived early. They simply had no respect for their teacher.

It was alright... They would know how to respect their teacher after they left this place....

Ren Baqian believed that he could teach them and turn them into well-educated, refined, cultured, and smart aboriginal youths.

At this moment, he saw a few youths walking toward him. There were four boys and one girl, and they were wearing commoners' clothes. They should be the commoners' children that had later been selected to study at the academy.

Ren Baqian confirmed this after asking for their names.

Subsequently, more and more people arrived. All of those that arrived first were commoners' children, and there were a total of 19 students. Including the court officials' children, there were a total of 50 students.

When it was about 8AM, Ren Baqian saw a youth riding on a horned cow arrive at the academy. His body was swaying as the horned cow brought him in. Ren Baqian could smell the reek of alcohol from that youth as he got closer to him.

"Your name?" Ren Baqian asked expressionlessly.

"Tie Jiaxiong," the youth composed himself and replied respectfully when he saw Ren Baqian.

Even though he was not willing to attend this academy, he still knew it was better to behave himself in front of this person.

"Enter the building in the middle and find a seat." Ren Baqian pointed to the building in the middle. Tie Jiaxiong then quickly entered the building.

Subsequently, the remaining students arrived. Many of them had brought along their servants and more than half of them were late. There were many students that reeked of alcohol and their faces had a nonchalant look. All of them were forced to attend the academy by their families. Their situations were somewhat similar to Tie Jiaxiong's.

Ren Baqian was sneering in his heart.

What a bunch of idiots. In this place, I will let you know why flowers are so red.

Tong Lan bounced toward Ren Baqian and greeted him, "Good-for-nothing!"

"In this place, I am your teacher and you have to call me Teacher. Otherwise, I will beat you with a ferrule or ask Sir Tong to bring you back home," Ren Baqian replied with a solemn tone.

Tong Lan pouted her lips and walked off. She turned around, snorted at Ren Baqian, and walked toward the noisiest building in an arrogant manner.

Following which, Shi Qing's youngest son, Shi Gan, arrived at the academy. Even though he was just 12 years old, he was already quite tall. He was around the same height as Ren Baqian. He looked rather straightforward and honest. However, Ren Baqian never forgot that Shi Gan threw a shoe at him during the lantern-grabbing event. This fellow was definitely not what he seems.

When everyone had arrived, Ren Baqian closed the main gate and kept all the servants outside.

Inside and outside of the academy were two different worlds.

"Keke, idiots!" Ren Baqian's sneer echoed across the empty and spacious courtyard.