The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 298

Chapter 298: Broken, Broken!

Ren Baqian left the hospital and those few people immediately went into a frenzy.

All four bags were full of money, with exactly 1.4 million yuan in them.

How could someone who was capable of doing such things and saying such stuff be an ordinary person? How could he be trifled with?

Liu Man's face was pale and absolutely dumbfounded.

"What should I do, Xiao Qing? Tell me what I should do!" Mama Liu was shocked, anxious, and didn't know what to do.

Liu Qing, Liu Man's sister, turned pale, but she still forcibly kept her cool in front of everyone and said, "Mama, keep quiet first. Let me make a few phone calls."

After making a call and explaining things, the causes and effects of the issue naturally inclined toward her own family. However, she did mention Ren Baqian's attitude and also the 1.4 million yuan.

On the other end of the line was a grassroots official who had a little bit of authority, but such people weren't dumb either. He knew that this problem was thorny the moment he heard it. Those who got involved in it were jumping into a fire pit on their own.

Was there no one else to count on to do this?

Even if his own relatives were faced with this problem, he would avoid it at all cost, not to mention that it was Liu Qing asking for help. After remaining silent for about half a minute, he replied, "I can't help you with this. It's better that you apologize to the other party and admit your mistakes." He hung up the phone thereafter.

Liu Qing looked unsettled. Apologize and admit that she was in the wrong? Even after the other party threatened her, how could she simply just apologize and admit that she was in the wrong? Was there any justice left in this world?

Based on the actions of the other party, she was certain that he wasn't an ordinary person.

Still, she felt indignant.

Before she could make the second phone call, somebody opened the door to the hospital ward.

Two young men stepped in.

"We are from the Ministry of State Security. What did the person say when he came in just now?" The two men asked after scanning the room.

"Ministry of State Security?" A few of them were puzzled. What Ministry of State Security?

"Here's our identification. We urge you to provide assistance. Tell us what that person said or did just now." The men took out documents from their bags and flashed them for a bit.

Even though Ren Baqian was very important, his family members weren't within the limits of the close surveillance. After all, they were limited in manpower, and it was impossible for them to expend their manpower on people who were irrelevant. They were only able to gather information about his family members at fixed times.

As for this matter, Ren Baqian directly made his way into Quancheng before they could even react in time.

They had just realized that something was amiss.

After understanding part of the situation via certain means and knowing that Ren Baqian had just withdrawn 1.4 million yuan, they felt that something big was going to happen. After which, they immediately went to the hospital to look for the parties involved and stepped in just after Ren Baqian had left.

"Let me see!" Liu Qing took a few steps forward to receive the documents. She was immediately stunned at first glance because those were actual documents with the government's logo.

Following that, her eyes shone brightly. Could it be that person had committed some crimes and was being monitored by a department of the government? That wasn't surprising at all since how a person behaves corresponds with the way he does things.

Suddenly, it appeared as if they had chanced upon a savior.

"Your arrival was timely. That man threatened us just now. I was so frightened and thought that there was already no more justice in this world."

"What did he say?" The two men lightly knitted their brows. They roughly knew what was going on and that there were complaints about this family being meddlesome. If not for them, how could they possibly get in trouble?

They more or less had a certain level of understanding with regard to the characters of Ren Baqian and the empress.

Regardless of how their characters turned out to be this way, there was one thing that the two men could be sure of, which was that Ren Baqian was extremely troublesome.

Liu Qing came clean and told them everything that Ren Baqian had said just now. Also, she incidentally exaggerated everything he said, which was something that she was very well versed in.

Papa Liu occasionally supplemented with a few words from the side, and both of them exaggerated Ren Baqian's vileness by a great deal.

"Tell me about it. This kind of person actually still exists today? It goes without saying that his brother had injured my brother, yet he still dared to unexpectedly act like this. I almost thought that we had returned to the old days of society." Liu Qing was furious.

The two men looked at each other and said, "Wait over here for us."

"Are you going to arrest him?" Liu Qing questioned with her eyes wide open. At the same time, she wondered if they would take away that 1.4 million yuan on the floor if he was arrested?

"Don't do anything else, just wait for our news." After the two men gave these instructions, they turned around, left the hospital ward, and gave their higher-ups a call.

Chen Shi got a big headache as soon as he received the news.

Ren Baqian actually dared to fire a shot at him. Was Ren Baqian even someone that he could properly speak to? With great difficulty, Chen Shi had helped him stay peaceful for the past few months. Besides, it was still the honeymoon phase of their partnership at present, and Ren Baqian had already gotten into trouble.

"Go look for them and try your best to mediate. Preserving social order is your key task."

"Chief, that's not easy!" The two young men immediately revealed the difficulty of this matter. Having accessed all sorts of information, they both knew the characters of Ren Baqian and the empress very well. It would be a miracle if they were easy to talk to.

"You have to do it even if isn't easy. Present society is governed by law, and we cannot allow him to do as he pleases." Chen Shi's voice grew heavy as he reiterated, "As for the problem at the school, we can let Ren Baqian settle it, but for this Liu family, we cannot just simply allow them to apologize. Originally, this matter started because of them. If they hadn't had ill intentions, it wouldn't have progressed into this mess. Their actions could be considered extortion and blackmail."


"That was indeed troublesome." After the empress boarded the car, she disliked Ren Baqian for being extremely long-winded. He actually spoke so much.

"I have to give others some time to respond." Ren Baqian chuckled. In this aspect, the empress was very simple and straightforward.

"And after that?" The empress had guessed who he was referring to. She felt that in this world, many things were done by beating around the bush and weren't straightforward at all. If it was in the other world, she would probably rack her brains a little to think about it. However, this world was merely a place for her to vacation, so she didn't want to invest any effort in thinking it through.

"After that, we shall see whether they are intelligent or not." Ren Baqian chuckled again.

"What do you mean?" The empress asked as she turned around and looked at him.

Ren Baqian turned and looked at the empress. He moved his body closer toward her, and the empress immediately placed her hand on his face to prevent him from moving in any closer.

However, it felt extremely gentle. At least there wasn't blood this time round.

Ren Baqian gently licked the empress's palm. Suddenly, she felt as if she had been electrically shocked and immediately retracted her hand. Her other hand then assumed a position as if she was going to hit him. She waved it a little but didn't take action.

"Like what I've said before, this was also a declaration. Nobody shall provoke me or else I will blow up even the smallest matter. I will seek revenge for even a staring incident.

Besides, I'm just a man, and I can't possibly always handle so many people trying to rack their brains and disturbing me. It's still fine for now, but a man can never be content. They are bound to craft up more things and slowly test my limits, wanting more from me like how you would squeeze out toothpaste from a tube.

I do not wish to meet with such problems in the future. Therefore, I have to repeatedly warn them about what kind of a person I am.

A kind person gets taken advantage of like how a kind horse gets ridden. This phrase actually makes sense.

This way, they will have a lot to consider even before they start to harbor ill intentions in the future. They will be unsure about whether they can destroy me in one fell swoop.

If they can't, then they will have to bear the consequences.

The reason for me being so long-winded was to allow them to have enough time to think about this and respond."

"And after that?"

"After that, I will destroy them right in their faces." Ren Baqian burst out in laughter.

"This is what you call provoking, right?" The empress actually didn't find anything inappropriate about his approach. He should really just destroy their ideas once and for all. If he were to be overcautious and hesitant in front of them, she would really dislike that.

However, Ren Baqian's method of handling things was obviously provocative.

"That's why it's all up to them whether they are intelligent or not." Ren Baqian stretched out his index finger and lightly tapped the empress on her lips.

Next, he was prepared to do the same to his own lips as well.

Just a little fun between couples.

Even though the empress was always a little shy, such actions were still acceptable to her.

Afterward... the empress actually did something beyond his expectations. She gently revealed her teeth, opened her mouth, and bit down on his finger all of a sudden.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, it's bleeding already, ah! Broken, broken, broken!!!"