The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 300

Chapter 300: The Boiling Point Of Water Is 110 Degrees Celsius

"Nothing in this world is eternal. Water will turn into water vapor or become ice, stone will be weathered by the wind to become dust, and metal will become liquid when the temperature is high enough. Under varying conditions, nothing will remain the same forever." Ren Baqian stood on the stage to educate his students.

The audience conscientiously listened to him even though they generally looked a bit old, were a bit stronger, and were not like ordinary primary school children from the remote mountainous areas. Their nature, however, was the same. Ren Baqian had learned to ignore surface appearances and look for one's nature instead.

At least this was the case for this instance.

Ren Baqian was already considering whether he should order customized uniforms for them.

In addition, he also considered if he should order the red scarf and badges with one bar, two bars, and three bars.(The red scarf represents student identity and membership of the Young Pioneers in China, which was first introduced from the USSR. A red scarf was given the meaning of one fraction of the Red Flag. The Young Pioneers is an organization for children aged between 6 to 14 and is a preliminary organization for the Communist Party.)

However, he felt these badges could be changed to one knife, two knives... and even up to nine knives.

During this period of time, everyone was getting familiar with this new life and identity.

In addition, their interest was aroused as well.

After all, they had never before heard or thought of the things Ren Baqian taught them.

Some materials were acceptable, but some were difficult for them to accept. For example, some people immediately raised their hands to ask questions about what he had just said.

Ren Baqian was very pleased that with his gun enforcement and loving guidance, these wild children had learned to raise their hands and ask questions within a short period of time.

The gauze bandages on many of the students were the price they paid for the brutal love received, not eliminating the two students who were accidentally injured.

But, they didn't need to care too much about such minor details.

"Speak!" Ren Baqian pointed with an iron pointer, which was as thick as a finger, at a young student.

"The ancestors' souls are immutable and have always been guarding us," that youngster said loudly.

Ren Baqian tilted his head to look at the student, who became uncomfortable and wary.

"You are correct, there are many things in this world that cannot be ascertained yet and this includes the spirits of the ancestors. The things I am teaching you are based on the basic composition of this world and have already been discovered. As for things that are still unknown, I will leave it to you.

Science is about standing in front of your predecessors to ceaselessly discover the unknowns and not to deny the unknowns. Please bear this point in mind." Ren Baqian calmly smiled.

He didn't deny the existence of those spirits just as he didn't deny the existence of ghosts on Earth. These are unknown things which were not proven, but it didn't mean they didn't exist.

It was just like the teleportation that he couldn't explain or find reasons for. That didn't mean it didn't exist, but it could only be said that it hasn't been discovered yet.

Ren Baqian's placid smile was greeted with relief and joy from many of the students.

It was rare for Ren Baqian to show his affirmation of their beliefs.|

Tong Lan, the little lolita, rested her chin on one of her hands, pouted, and quietly derided the fools around her.

"The world is made up of molecules, atoms, and ions, which are the foundation of the world. These are invisible to the naked eye, and all things in this world are constituted from them."

"Teacher, since they cannot be seen, how do we know whether what you said is real?" Someone immediately raised his hand to ask.

"You cannot see molecules with an optical microscope, you need an electron microscope, and I will set one up when the conditions are right. In addition, there are many ways to prove this, and I will talk about them in the future," Ren Baqian said faintly.

Someone immediately asked about the optical and electron microscopes, so Ren Baqian gave some simple explanations.

Usually, the physics class went well and Ren Baqian was normally in a good mood.

That was why physics class was always scheduled as the first lesson.

"Today, we will do an experiment on the structural transformation of water. The first point, under normal atmospheric pressure, water will boil at 100 degrees Celsius and transform to steam..." Ren Baqian spoke fervently as he placed the small pots, alcohol stoves, and thermometers on the desks.

"Come, take a look, the temperature is now 80 degrees Celsius and the boiling point of water is 100 degrees Celsius...." Ren Baqian said and everyone craned their heads to look.

Although everyone knew the fact that water would become steam after boiling, it was the first time that such a formal experiment was being carried out and many of them were very interested.

Then, the crowd watched the temperature exceeded 100, 101, 102, 103... and finally 110 degrees Celsius...

"Well, it has been proven that water under normal atmospheric pressure boils at 110 degrees and changes into its gaseous state. At this pressure, the temperature of the water will remain at 110 degrees." Ren Baqian extinguished the alcohol stove and threw it out the window together with the pot.

"Teacher, you just said 100 degrees celsius," said Tong Lan, the little olita, with bright piercing eyes.

"The atmospheric pressure isn't constant and varies from place to place. Normally, the higher the altitude, the lower the air pressure. At this place, the boiling point is 110 degrees Celsius. It is enough to remember that the higher the pressure, the higher the boiling point and the lower the pressure, the lower the boiling point." Ren Baqian had just discovered that the atmospheric pressure on this world was different from that on Earth.

This was a wake-up call for him. Although he didn't feel much difference, this was still a different world and many aspects were different from Earth.

To develop the technology in this world, there was a need to validate everything bit by bit.

Otherwise, he might get slapped in the face again at any time.

Next, he used saltpeter to turn water into ice in front of everyone, and they were amazed. This immediately reminded him of the shaved ice sold outside.

This lesson discussed the two different states of water.

Toward the end of the class, Ren Baqian got someone to bring the study materials from the other classroom that he had transported from Earth. Then, he distributed them to everyone.

"Teacher, what is this?"

"Your future learning materials. They are all from my country." Ren Baqian was not from Dayao and this was known to all, but nobody really knew which country he did come from.

"I come from a very distant country, so far away that you are unlikely to reach it in your lifetime. My country is very different from this place. In my country, we like to study nature because we know that knowledge is power and that it will enable us to accomplish what we could not do before."

"For example, machines that run faster than galloping horses, machines that can fly in the sky, and machines that can lift items that weigh up to 500,000 kilograms..."

Other than the empress, this was the first time Ren Baqian freely told people about Earth.

Previously, he was afraid people would take advantage of him when they knew he possessed many good things, so he didn't dare to say much. With his change of status and position, however, there was no need to worry about this or conceal his knowledge. Furthermore, he had already revealed many things.

Rather than letting them guess, it was better to take this opportunity to briefly tell them about it.

There was nothing to cover up and nothing shameful to hide.

It was also better than letting them speculate about whether he was from Great Xia or Yun Nation.

"Teacher, what is this thing?" Someone pointed to a picture on an opened page of the physics textbook. "Is this the machine you mentioned?"

"This is a high-speed rail which can run at more than 1,200 kilometers per hour. It doesn't need to rest and can travel the same distance in two to four hours that would take a horse several days.

"If Dayao has this, it will only take 4 hours to get from here to Ping City. If any problem arises, our military forces will be able to arrive in just 4 hours."

These words from Ren Baqian left everyone astonished.

Just the journey from Lan City to Ping City took half a month by horse carriage. Even if they hurried, it would take at least three or four days on horseback when spurring the horses.

If they had this item during wartime, they could support the frontline at any time, and the battlefield reports could be sent whenever necessary, which was a significant advantage.

Many among those seated were the children of the court officials. Even though some weren't talented and some were reckless, they could still understand this.

"To build this high-speed rail requires many things which I can teach you, but as for when it can be built in Dayao, it will depend on all of you." Ren Baqian smiled.

He liked to see the expressions of excitement and expectation and felt a great sense of accomplishment.

Following this, he told the students other things, and their eyes grew round and wide as if they were listening to some holy scriptures.

Even Tong Lan and Shi Gan weren't distracted and listened with full concentration.

However, this kind of ideal condition didn't last very long.

During the second lesson, Ren Baqian was heard raging.

And in the mathematics class, a gun was fired.

"Bring the doctors here!" Ren Baqian shouted as blue veins bulged from his temple. "Get them to send someone to stay here and treat Black Bamboo Academy as a medical school..."