The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 302

Chapter 302: Motorbike

There was a wave of fluctuations in the air. Ren Baqian appeared in Pingle Park while seated on a monster which was full of mechanical vibes. It had all sorts of metal components assembled together and had a wheel attached to both the front and back.

That's right. This time, Ren Baqian brought a motorbike directly from Earth and was prepared to let the students see what a technological product was.

Although that bunch of idiots made him rage with anger many times, he was still very meticulous when it came to educating them.

This was because he recently saw something that previously didn't exist in them, which was the desire to study as well as the thirst for knowledge.

Even though they were slightly stupid and their minds were filled with muscles and sachima, at the very least, they did their homework every day.

Just this point alone made Ren Baqian very satisfied.

The motorbike was a cruiser, a Benda Original Beast that had been launched in the market last year. It weighed about 170 kilograms. The body of the motorbike was very compact and had a fully mechanical aura. For people in this world, it should fall fully into the realm of science fiction.

He removed the two big bags and one box that was hanging from the motorbike. Then, he checked the contents once more before hanging one of the bags on the motorbike again.

In addition to the empress's snacks, there was also a thumb drive full of television series, a solar-powered street lamp, an electrical accumulator, and a solar panel.

Ren Baqian put his things down. With both hands holding the handles, he pushed the motorbike off its center stand, brought it to the courtyard, and parked it on its side stand. After which, he wore his sunglasses and stepped twice on the kickstart lever. Just when a booming roar was produced by the motorbike, he had no choice but to stop it because a plump chap was hugging onto one of the wheels and rubbing against it.

"Gungun!" Ren Baqian shouted.

Then, another panda came over while jolting its buttocks to hug Ren Baqian's legs.

"Sir what kind of monster is this?" The guards outside heard the roar and were just about to ask what was happening when they saw Ren Baqian seated on that monster.

"Take these two chaps away." Ren Baqian waved his hand.

After that guard lifted the pandas by their necks and put them to the side, Ren Baqian stepped on the kickstart lever of the motorbike. Then, he immediately rode off from Pingle Park.

"What kind of monster is that?" Once Ren Baqian left the courtyard, he ran into a group of guards. The first guard pulled out his sword and almost swung it at the motorbike. It was a model example of one's hands reacting faster than the brain.

"Show mercy to me and to the motorbike!" Ren Baqian promptly shouted. He was almost shocked to death by that impetuous fellow.

That man immediately put away his sword.

"Can't you see that I'm on top?" Ren Baqian clenched his teeth in anger.

"Sir Ren!" The five guards cupped their hands in obeisance at once. "We heard a booming noise, saw this thing, and thought it was a monster. Sir Ren, please don't blame us."

Ren Baqian gnashed his teeth. This bunch of muscle-brained idiots.

The few of them looked at the two thin lenses, which were a result of grinding two black gemstones, that were worn right in front Ren Baqian's eyes. Recently, many Sirs seemed to be fond of this thing. They wore this thing on their faces and looked at the sky with it every day.

Soon after, everyone shifted their gazes to the motorbike Ren Baqian was sitting on. "Sir Ren, what is this?"

"This is my new mount. Get out of the way. I'll let all of you experience it." Ren Baqian wrung the throttle and headed out with a rumbling noise.

"What kind of monster is this?"

"Show mercy to the motorbike"

The same type of noise could be heard from afar.

Several guards were still in a daze. What on earth was Sir Ren's new mount? It actually didn't have legs but had two tires that were similar to the carriage wheels.

"This object is out of the ordinary!" One of the guards was full of admiration for the motorbike.

Everyone nodded their heads in succession as well.

This mount was much more powerful than the fork-horned cow.

Ren Baqian was almost hacked to death a few times throughout his entire journey. He was fuming with anger and cursing nonstop.

Fortunately, he finally arrived at Yangxin Palace Hall. He brought the snacks inside and saw that the empress was still watching a television series. Recently, she had become addicted to them.

In the past, whenever she had nothing to do, she would shout for two musicians to entertain her. However, since she now had a laptop, the musicians in the palace almost lost their jobs.

"What was that sound just now?" the empress turned and asked. That sound was somewhat indescribably familiar.

"It's a motorbike." Ren Baqian smiled, opened the bag, and took out two bottles of wine followed by the empress's favorite ice cream. "It's still cold and has yet to melt."

As the empress received the ice cream, the tip of her nose wrinkled slightly. She was perfectly contented.

"Tadah, there's also the popcorn which is your favorite!" Ren Baqian took out another two buckets of popcorn which landed in the empress's hands in no time.

Following which, the empress stuffed all sorts of chocolates and sweets into the crevices of the sofa.

In the past, Ren Baqian hadn't paid too much attention to this matter. This time, he finally knew where the empress hid the snacks.

He then took out a few more bags of potato chips, conveniently put the empty bag next to himself, and sat on the sofa.

His fingers crisscrossed forward, as if they were dancing on the sofa. After a split second, a "pow!" was heard when his fingers touched the empress's palm.

Ren Baqian acted as if nothing had happened and touched the back of his hand. He couldn't recall who it was that once told him, "one would get used to being beaten after some time."

These words were very logical.

"You said that there is salt in the mountains." After watching a television series for a while, she recalled this issue because she saw the dishes displayed in it. Salt was still important for Dayao, and the price of salt had also been limited to a certain group of people in Dayao.

"Wait for another month, educate them with the basic knowledge first, then bring them to the mountains for a field trip," replied Ren Baqian after thinking. Right now, he was on the right track. He really didn't want to throw this group of students into the mountains.

It would be better to wait a month or so until early March. When that time arrived, he would then demonstrate chemical experiments to them.

Of course, the prerequisite was that the condition of the brine had to be what he expected it to be.

"The people in the South have misbehaved again. A few days ago, we found many arrows that were manufactured in the Yun Nation. The heads of more than 300 people have been chopped, but things have not ended yet." the empress said enthusiastically with a tinge of killing intent in her voice.

Ren Baqian rubbed his head gently. He had heard of the issue in the South a while ago and had some opinions on it, but that issue required some time.

He had to make a trip there to get the specific details.

"Let's put this matter to the last. Even if there was unsettled execution carried out, those people would sooner or later be executed anyway. It's no pity that those blockheads which were exposed so easily were executed."

Ren Baqian somewhat hesitated over whether he should abduct an MLM elite from Earth. Those bunch of fellas was definitely stronger in this aspect than him.

However, that kind of person was just like a double-edged sword. If utilized well, it would help to solve the problem in the South easily. Otherwise, it might cause even greater trouble.

In fact, Ren Baqian also felt that the same effect could be achieved by abducting and returning with a monk. However, this method was similarly a double-edged sword.

He wondered what it would be like to set up a sect in the South.

It seemed that it would work better and that it would also be easier to control the situation.

Combining the MLM model with religion could not only reach the desired effect quickly but would also more easily control the situation.

Moreover, considering the long-term future, this kind of religious sect could also abolish some of the antagonistic feelings between parts of the aboriginals and the remnant citizens of the Hao Nation.

As for what this religion would become after he died, Ren Baqian believed that the later generations would have their own future blessings.

To put it simply, why should I even care after I die.