The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 303

Chapter 303: The Diary of Willful Students

The second day, Ren Baqian rode the motorbike to the Black Bamboo Academy. Under the company of the cow-riding imperial guards, he appeared exceptionally striking to the eye. Along the way, he attracted a lot of dumbfounded gazes. This was the first time that the people of Dayao saw such a beast. They were also intrigued by the weird roaring sound it made.

Even Xu Wei and his counterparts couldn't help but look at Ren Baqian and the beast he was riding on every now and then.

The students immediately saw the odd-looking thing when they entered the academy.

A group of people surrounded the motorbike. Some of them even tried touching it out of curiosity. It felt very hard and metallic to them. The color of black on its surface seemed unusual as well. They could not make sense of it.

Many students would be eating biscuit rolls on their way here. After touching the motorbike, they left greasy handprints all over it.

"What is this?"

"I don't know. Was it brought here by Teacher?"

"It's should be the machine that Teacher talked about. Look at this, it is made of metal."

"It looks quite weird and it's very light. I wonder what it's used for?"

Some students even picked up the motorbike and raised it over their heads. They spun it a few times before placing it back in its original spot.

"Tong Lan, what are you doing?"

A small figure suddenly squeezed through the crowd surrounding the motorbike and tried to touch it. Following which, Tong Lan used her fingers to scratch the motorbike's surface.

"Ah! There are scratches on it now!" someone immediately yelled.

"Idiots, this is just the color that is dyed onto it," Tong Lan said with contempt. Her fingers had drawn long scratches on the surface of the motorbike.

Ren Baqian did not mind the students touching and observing the motorbike at all. In the first place, he brought it here for them to study it.

During lesson time, a student asked Ren Baqian about the motorbike. He merely replied, "You will know later."

"Previously, we have talked about the change of state of matter. Today, we will talk about the nature of light. Flip to page..."

Nowadays, Ren Baqian would read the text from the textbook. Doing this allowed the students to learn the Chinese characters as well...

After the lesson had ended, Ren Baqian walked to the motorbike and saw the scratches on it. He merely grinned and did not blame them.

Then, he mounted the motorbike, stepped on the kick start lever, and twisted the throttle. Immediately, the motorbike gave off a thunderous roar. The two exhaust pipes at the back of the motorbike began to emit smoke as well.

Every student was given a fright. How could this thing fart so loudly?

Following which, Ren Baqian rode off like a dog that had its leash taken off. The group of imperial guards protecting Ren Baqian yelled and quickly followed after him.

"This thing can actually be ridden and can even run!" one of the students exclaimed in surprise.

"It seems fun!" Tong Lan's eyes lit up.

She wasn't the only student that had her eyes light up, and there were many students whose eyes brightened. The motorbike was considered a novelty to them after all. Even though it had short legs, it could "run" very fast.

Riding this thing through the streets of Dayao was not only cool, but provocative as well.

Ren Baqian rode back to the imperial palace in a provocative manner.

A few big shots were walking out of the palace at this moment. When they saw what Ren Baqian was riding on, they were shocked.

"Principal Ren, what is this mount?" Tong Zhenye walked toward the motorbike and touched it out of curiosity, resembling a country bumpkin.

"Where is its mouth? How do I feed it?" Not waiting for Ren Baqian to reply, Tong Zhenye picked him up by his collar and lifted him off the motorbike. Then, he mounted it and used one of his heels to kick it.

"Eh? Why is it not moving?" Tong Zhenye began to feel curious.

Seeing the flabbergasted look on Tong Zhenye's face, Ren Baqian could not help but snicker with his nose raised high up.

With great difficulty, Ren Baqian finally sent away Tong Zhenye and his counterparts. Then, he returned to the palace.


The next morning, the students were still hovering around the motorbike like yesterday.

"Yesterday Yagui rode it like this, right?" Upon seeing that Ren Baqian was not around, one of the students mounted the motorbike and imitated the way he rode it.

"Then what? How did he make it move?" The students surrounding the motorbike looked at each other with puzzlement. Yesterday, all of them only cared about looking at this thing. As such, they did not see how Ren Baqian made it move.

After school had ended, all the students looked on attentively as Ren Baqian rode off on the motorbike.

"Did you see how he did it? How did he make it move?"

"I saw one of his legs move slightly in what seemed to be a stepping motion."

"He also twisted his wrist."

"He gripped his left wrist first before wringing his right wrist. It should be this way."

On the third day after school had ended, the students continued watching how Ren Baqian made the motorbike move. Basically, his movements today were the same as yesterday's. Surprisingly, the students were able to memorize Ren Baqian's movements this time around.

Early in the morning of the fourth day, Tong Lan was already heading toward the school. She was standing on her horned cow while eating her breakfast. She went to school early because she wanted to play with that thing.

When she reached the entrance of the academy, she poked her head through the entrance and scanned the courtyard. She did not see Ren Baqian, but she did see two bast*ards playing with the motorbike already. She couldn't believe these two bast*rds were earlier than her. One of them was sitting on the motorbike while imitating how Ren Baqian had stepped on the kick start lever.

In a flash, Tong Lan appeared behind these two and kicked the person riding the motorbike into a wall.

Then, she mounted the motorbike and said, "Let me play with it first. I will pass it to you after I get bored of it."

The person that she kicked into the wall was Xu Peng. He picked himself up from the ground with an angry look on his face.

He purposely came to school early just to play with this thing. In the end, the motorbike was snatched away from him by a girl that was only half his height. There was nothing he could do because he couldn't defeat this little girl.

Tong Lan mounted the motorbike and sneered. Following which, a wide grin appeared on her face. She held the handlebars of the motorbike with her small hands and extended her leg toward the kick start lever.

But she couldn't reach it...

Tong Lan's face turned red in an instant. Her legs were too short...

"HAHAHAHA!" The resentful Xu Peng and Du Laoliu burst into laughter.

It was extremely amusing and satisfying to see Tong Lan trying to reach the kick start lever with her short leg, but failing.

Standing in front of a window and watching this scene from afar, Ren Baqian burst into laughter as well.

He quickly took out his cell phone to take a picture of this scene. It could document the dark history of Tong Lan for the future.

However, before he could raise up his phone to take a picture, Tong Lan had already flown into a rage out of embarrassment. She did a flip in the air and landed a slicing kick to Du Laoliu's head, causing him to lie on his stomach immediately. In a flash, she appeared in front of Xu Peng, grabbed his incoming fist, and headbutted his chest.


A hole immediately appeared in the wall.

Xu Peng was nowhere to be found.

"Sir, will they break it?" Standing behind Ren Baqian, Xu Wei looked slightly worried. This thing looked extremely precious. It would be a pity if it was damaged by those children.

"No problem." Ren Baqian waved his hand.

This could stimulate their interest in learning too.

The motorbike did not really mean anything to him. He just felt that it was slightly troublesome to bring it over here from Earth.

Tong Lan refused to give up. After beating up Xu Peng and Du Laoliu, she mounted the motorbike, slanted her body, and kickstarted the motorbike. She did not even bother to lift up the kickstand and wrung the throttle immediately.

Within three seconds, the motorbike flipped over. At that very instant, Tong Lan jumped off the motorbike. Meanwhile, the motorbike crashed to the ground as well.

"Boring." Tong Lan placed her hands behind her back and raised her face arrogantly. With this manner, she sauntered into the classroom. When she saw the wrinkling smile on Ren Baqian's face, she made a face at him.


After Tong Lan left, Xu Peng jumped through the hole in the wall with a flip.

While he was looking out for Tong Lan, another person lifted up the motorbike and mounted it.

Xu Peng was infuriated when he saw this, but when he realized who the person was, he couldn't express his fury and had to suppress it.

He couldn't defeat this person either.

Shi Gan.

The two youngest students in the academy happened to the most capable fighters. This disheartened a lot of people.

Shi Gan was still very young, but he was approximately 1.7 meters in height and had a muscular built. As he mounted the motorbike, he had an elated look on his face. He then fiddled with it for a while. Following which, he wrung the throttle and stepped on the kick start lever. Instantly, the motorbike surged forward.

Ren Baqian saw Shi Gan crash into a wall with the motorbike at lightning speed. The rear of the motorbike was up in the air while Shi Gan was plunged head first into the wall.


When the dust in the air had cleared, one could see that the motorbike had been bent out of shape.

There was a large hole in the wall.

Shi Gan was nowhere to be found.

"This bunch of idiots." Ren Baqian stood behind the window and laughed until his stomach hurt. With delight, he managed to record the scene where Shi Gan crashed into the wall two seconds after stepping on the kick start lever. It was extremely funny.

If Ren Baqian slowed down the video, he could even see Shi Gan's facial expression at the instant he crashed into the wall.

Ren Baqian decided to buy a camera so that he could take pictures and videos of the students in the future.

After a few years, when these students had become important figures in the imperial court, he would screen a serialized movie, The Diary of Wilful Students.

It was a pity he had not managed to capture the scene where Tong Lan tried to reach the kick start lever with her short leg, but failed. Otherwise, it would be very amusing to see her reactions when she saw that scene in the future.