The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 306

Chapter 306: Too Ugly

"It will be the midterm examination next week. The contents which I have taught during this period will be tested. Those who pass can go on a field trip with me for half a month whereas those who fail can stay at home to complete the assignments which I will be giving you. The number of assignments will definitely be sufficient to keep you occupied until I return. Everyone, go back and study well," Ren Baqian said as he used both hands to prop himself up on his desk.

Following which, he didn't care about everyone's reaction and tootled off.

After Ren Baqian left, the classroom turned chaotic.

"What's an examination?"

"What's a field trip?"

Everyone was whispering to one another and were all at a loss. None of them had ever come in contact with the things that Ren Baqian mentioned before.

However, there were still two points that everyone understood. Firstly, the so-called "examination" was definitely related to whatever that he spoke about in class.

Secondly, if Yagui wasn't satisfied, he or she would be out of luck.

Even though they didn't know what the criteria for passing, everyone was prepared to go home and re-read everything they had learned previously.

It had been almost two months since school started. According to the schedule, it should probably be time for the midterm examinations.

It was time for Ren Baqian to let them experience the kind of despair one would face after taking an examination.

In any case, these students were much better than Ren Baqian was during his schooldays. At the very least, nobody suffered any beatings. Also, there wasn't any brawling among the boys and girls or mixed gender group fights.

However, he felt that he should actually go back and find an assistant on Earth. He couldn't possibly set all the questions on the examination on his own, could he?

Previously, he had had this thought before. In the end, because of the Jin Family, he became a fugitive, which held this matter up. At this point, he ought to find an assistant again.

However, Ren Baqian felt that if he recruited an assistant, it was extremely likely that he or she would demand wages.

He thought about it, but it actually didn't matter. At present, the nation already knew what it ought to know. There was only one thing that they still didn't know; this was actually another world.

As long as he didn't mention anything, nobody would detect that something was fishy.

After all, this world was more or less similar to paradise. It was just a little different in terms of some aspects.

The reason why Ren Baqian hid originally was to divert the crux of this matter. The legends of a paradise had existed since ancient times and had a specific location. As for this other world, the secret was about himself.

Apart from this, there weren't many secrets for him to hide.

With the exception of the fact that this was another world, there wouldn't be any effect if he told them the majority of what he knew.

In any case, they wouldn't be able to teleport to this world.

Plus, it was only him who came into contact with them. As such, it would be impossible for them to get anything out of him within a short period of time.

Upon returning to Yangxin Palace Hall, Ren Baqian saw that the empress's face was icy-cold, and a chilly, murderous intent was emitting from her from head to toe.

"Your Majesty, what happened?" Ren Baqian walked over to the empress's side and asked softly.

The empress's eyes twitched twice. Ren Baqian was clear that the murderous intent of the empress had reached a certain level. At present, her head had to be filled with thoughts of chopping people.

A short moment later, the empress snorted, "Xia Baichong is simply too much of a bully. He actually wants me to hand over the murderer of the Seventh Prince and even dared to threaten me. Otherwise, he will attack Dayao. Hmph! Let's see what he can do to me!"

Ren Baqian was slightly alarmed. What exactly happened?

"The Seventh Prince is dead?" Ren Baqian had a very deep impression of the person who looked exactly like him. It could be said that the Seventh Prince was the first person he wanted to kill after arriving in this world. Knowing that there was a large disparity between himself and the other person's identity, Ren Baqian restrained his murderous intent deep down inside.

To his surprise, the Seventh Prince was actually dead? It practically made him extremely astonished. There was actually someone who dared to touch the Seventh Prince?

"How did he die? Where did he die? Why is Your Majesty implicated?" Ren Baqian was astounded. Hadn't it been almost six months since the Seventh Prince left Dayao? Why did Xia Baichong look for the empress?

Ren Baqian naturally understood. If he wasn't mistaken, the emperor of Great Xia was called Xie Bailong. The Xie Baichong which the empress mentioned just now would probably be him.

["Long" represents dragon and "Chong" represents worm in Chinese. The empress dislikes the Great Xia emperor, thus changing the last character of his name to "Chong."]"I sent someone to kill him at the Sleeping Dragon Gorge," the empress shot a glance at Ren Baqian and said coldly before turning around."Pfffft!"Ren Baqian looked at the empress in frustration.

They have found the mastermind, right? You killed his son, he called you out, and you actually said that he is too much of a bully?The empress looked up and said with an unyielding tone, "The people that I sent absolutely didn't leave any trail. It's impossible for him to know that I'm the mastermind. He actually dares to slander me!"

Ren Baqian silently gave him a thumbs up. Soon after, he nodded his head in agreement, "Indeed, he's too much of a bully. He actually dares to find Her Majesty without any evidence."

The empress acknowledged what Ren Baqian said.

Ren Baqian changed his tone and said, "However, I feel that this is just an excuse. I'm afraid that they will attack Dayao in advance."

The empress listened and thought carefully.

Afterward, she nodded "I'm afraid that's the case."

Ren Baqian pondered for a long time and tried to analyze the situation. "Great Xia has had the intention of attacking us for a long time. Originally, there was still one and a half years to go, but all of a sudden, they pushed forward the date. Seeking out Your Majesty is just a pretense, and they are using it as an excuse so that they have sufficient reasons to invade us. At present, they aren't ready, but they still must invade Dayao. There must be something going on. Perhaps there were conflicting views within Great Xia and the emperor wants to divert it elsewhere? Or perhaps..."

Ren Baqian looked from the other party's perspective and pondered. The probability of the second reason wasn't small. It might even be due to both reasons that Great Xia was preparing to attack Dayao abruptly.

"Or, it might be because of the 10,000 soldiers that died within Great Xia's borders previously. He doesn't know how much material it takes to manufacture that poison or how long it takes to make it. Generally speaking, however, the deployment of poison always requires a lot of materials and time. He is afraid that we can manufacture more poison within this time frame.

He would think that if we had a lot of the poison that we used previously, we certainly would have thrown it over. I have only been in Dayao for a short time, and regardless of the case, the poison I have on hand wouldn't be that much.

In the short span of time I have been in Dayao, I manufactured so much poison that it cost the lives of 10,000 soldiers. If they give me more time, they are afraid that I will be able to manufacture even more poison. In that case, they will be in deep trouble.

As such, he might as well invade Dayao earlier and not give me time to manufacture poison."

The empress tilted her head and looked at him, "These words make sense!"

"In that case, what does Your Majesty plan to do?" Ren Baqian inquired. No matter how the empress answered this question, the other party would definitely start a war.

Even if they didn't make a move now, they would definitely do so one and half years later.

It was neither good news nor bad news if Great Xia invaded Dayao now. Just like what he said previously, both Dayao and Great Xia weren't ready.

"First of all, kill Gu Zicheng and offer him as a sacrifice to the gods. Since Great Xia dares to invade us, we shall let everyone who comes die," the empress said coldly. After recalling that she had actually been maligned by Xia Baichong, she was full of anger. She wasn't able to calm down without killing someone.

Poor Gu Zicheng had been holding fast to his position in Dayao for more than 10 years. In the end, he couldn't escape death.

"Your Majesty, I have a book that can be gifted to Xia Baichong. It will definitely make him vomit blood." Ren Baqian rolled his eyes and an evil idea popped up in his mind.

In any case, a war was going to commence. It would be best if they could infuriate the other party to death.

"Oh?" The empress was a little curious. What did Ren Baqian want to write?

"Bring paper as well as a writing brush over," the empress instructed Hong Yuan. A short while later, a small table, writing brush, and paper were arranged in front of them.

After Ren Baqian sat down, he ground the ink, moistened the brush, and closed his eyes to take a rest.

Only a moment later, when his essence, qi, and spirit were raised to the apex, did he lift the brush and write flamboyantly.

The empress extended her head to look and felt scornful.

Your writing is similar to words that have been scratched by a chicken claw. You actually needed time to prepare before writing?

Although the characters he wrote seemed like they were scratched by a chicken claw, the content actually made the empress's mood immediately take a turn for the better. Even the tips of her brows bent.

"Dayao's empress to Xia Baichong:

My old friend was arrogant like you, but look, the weeds on his grave are already 15 meters tall now.

Looking at the weeds on his grave, I thought of how arrogant you are, just like him.

The weeds on your grave will soon be as tall as his!"

His brush moved delicately, yet imposingly, and he finished writing all in one go. Ren Baqian looked from top to bottom and was extremely satisfied. He then nodded his head gently.

After which, he curiously asked the empress, "What was the reason for killing the Seventh Prince?"

The empress looked at Ren Baqian and was full of smiles. "He was too ugly and very unpleasant to the eyes!"

Ren Baqian, "..."

A moment later, he rejoiced, "Fortunately, I'm extremely good looking and refined. Very compatible with Your Majesty as you are capable and I'm good looking."