The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 312

Chapter 312: Radio Station

The empress was very delighted with Ren Baqian's response. She raised her head to look at him with sparkling eyes. "You really want to accompany me to the battlefield?"

"Of course!" Ren Baqian immediately replied, "Even if I'm only there to play the BGM and look at Your Majesty's heroic elegance, it is good enough since I will be there to accompany you."

In the event of an unfavorable war, he could also hold onto the empress while she escaped.

However, this certainly couldn't be said.

The empress smiled with some warmth in her expression.

Those were the words which made her happiest today.

However, she rejected his good intentions. "The availability of salt is a major issue. There wouldn't be much difference if you were present at the military front or not, but only you can handle the issue of the salt."

"In fact, I can do a lot of things at the military front." Ren Baqian smiled.

The empress shook her head mildly. "The availability of salt is a major issue. The winged cavalry company will be sufficient. Besides, there are also 15,000 ferocious aboriginal warriors under the Protectorate of the Center."

Seeing that the empress had already made up her mind, Ren Baqian didn't say anything more. He asked, "Your Majesty, when are you setting off?"

"In another three days time, the detailed battle report should be delivered. It will also take a few days for the Protectorate of the Center's troops to mobilize. As such, I will set off in four days' time."

"In that case, I will set off in four days too." Ren Baqian pondered before speaking.

That night, Ren Baqian returned to Earth. He sat on the sofa and went into a daze;, never would he have expected that things would change so quickly.

It was also unknown how long the war would take or how things would turn out eventually.

He was somewhat hesitant about whether he should ask the nation for sarin gas or not.

Putting aside the consideration of whether the nation would give Ren Baqian the sarin gas or not, as long as he threw 300 kilograms of sarin gas over, 80 percent of the Great Xia soldiers at the front line would become handicapped.

But if he used sarin gas this time, what about the next time and so on? In the future, would they be using sarin gas all the time? Although more aboriginals would theoretically survive and they would be extremely delightful and satisfied, would such an easy victory be okay? What would the aboriginals, who completely avoided experiencing blood and fire, turn out to be like?

Most importantly, Dayao wasn't able to manufacture the sarin gas, so it wasn't a sustainable source of strength for them. After one or two occasions, the aboriginal troops would inevitably be affected and slack off. In the future, if any unforeseen event were to occur and they couldn't take out the sarin gas, Ren Baqian feared that the aboriginals would be caught unprepared.

He felt that he was now standing at a fork in the road. He had to make a choice and the result of his choice would affect the future direction of the development of that world.

He could already think of many disadvantages if he used poison gas to gain victory.

Among the many disadvantages, there was one most important point. If several hundreds of thousands of people were poisoned to death, he would probably be annihilated as well. It would be unpredictable whether or not hundreds of upright people that were out to subdue evil would jump out from the valley and attack him one day. If there was an expert who was at the top ten ranking among the hundreds of people, even the empress wouldn't be able to protect him. After all, the impact of killing hundreds of thousands of frontline troops was too great. It was also completely incomparable to the previous incident of him using the sarin gas.

Thus, an unconventional weapon like the sarin gas shouldn't be used unless the situation was critical, and it was better for them to wait. If Dayao was able to defeat Great Xia, there wouldn't even be a need to resort to using this method. If the war became unfavorable for them, in that case, nothing more could be said.

When he came to understand this, he felt that he had escaped the dispute between the two countries and also helped the other world to advance.

As if he was the king of the world.

As Ren Baqian looked out the window with a look of despondency, he hummed a tune, "It's extremely lonely without a rival, it's extremely meaningless without a rival. All alone at the summit with the cold wind constantly blowing at me. Loneliness, who can understand me..."

[Unequalled - A soundtrack written by Stephen Chow, for the movie 'The Mermaid']

"Your mom is calling! Your mom is calling!" Ren Baqian, whose ego was inflating at the moment, heard this segmented ringtone that he set. All of a sudden, like a deflated ball, he picked up the phone and spoke in a docile tone, "Mom, any instructions from you?"

"I'm going to celebrate my fiftieth birthday soon. Don't you think you should bring your girlfriend back?"

Ren Baqian, "..."

Let's not talk about whether a fiftieth birthday could be considered a major event. The people in the other world are being beaten into pulp, yet you are here planning your fiftieth birthday celebration?

In addition, you want the empress to attend?

She's busy killing people at this moment!

"Mom, your fiftieth birthday is a major event. When do you turn fifty? I will definitely come back to wish you a happy birthday and gift you a birthday present that you can show off," Ren Baqian immediately replied in high spirits. Regardless of how he felt, he had to express it through his actions.

"Are you my biological son?" Mama Ren was full of doubts on the other end of the call. "You don't even know when my birthday is?"

"I have been very busy recently and gotten muddleheaded. Haha, I will definitely go back on your birthday." Ren Baqian chuckled.

After he hung up the call, Ren Baqian sent a message to Ren Wannian on Wechat, "When is mum's birthday?"

After which, he continued to stare into space. He thought for a short while before giving Shen Feng, the assistant who he had hired the previous time, a call.

"Boss!" A masculine and tough voice came through the receiver.

Just by listening to her voice, it was hard for anyone to imagine that she was actually a female. Of course, even after meeting her face to face, it was almost impossible to tell her gender

Ren Baqian doubted whether he could determine her gender even after she was stripped naked.

"Is there any item that can be used to communicate over long distances under the situation that there aren't any satellites, networks, base stations, and electricity? The further the distance of transmission, the better it will be." Ren Baqian asked her.

"."."A radio station." Shen Feng directly answered him.

"?",."That thing is feasible?" Ren Baqian was astounded. He had always thought that that thing required a base station for it to work."Our army had already been using it since 80 years ago. Haven't you seen them in movies that were based on that era?" Shen Feng was slightly surprised.

Ren Baiqian thought for a while. It seemed like there was indeed such a thing, but he had long since forgotten about it.

"Doesn't it require electricity?"

"In the past, they generated the electricity manually with a person's hand cranking it at the side. Now, it's not so troublesome anymore. It will work with a solar battery," Shen Feng explained everything in a simple manner.

Ren Baqian felt that he had seen the scene of one person hand cranking the electricity while the other person used the radio station. "Oh, what is the transmission distance of this thing?"

"That depends on the power as well as the environment you will be using it in. In general, it should be 15 watts to 20 watts. In the city, where the electromagnetic environment is more complex than usual, the transmission distance will be about 10 plus kilometers to several tens of kilometers. If the electromagnetic environment is better, it can reach hundreds of kilometers or even thousands of kilometers.

Upon hearing what Shen Feng said, Ren Baqian was ecstatic. That world certainly had a good electromagnetic environment. If he knew about this thing earlier, he would have used it long ago and wouldn't be waiting over here now.

What was the most important aspect of fighting a war? It was obtaining information. With this thing, unless it was a situation like Xiong Yue, who had been surprise attacked by a group of people, most people would have the time to react. Furthermore, mobilizing the troops, sending support, encircling their enemy, etc. would be done without any obstruction.

As long as the mounted scouts were able to find out Great Xia's plans, Dayao would be able to respond accordingly and make preparations at the same time.

"Get me 40 radio stations. I want something that isn't too big and is easy to operate. The longer the transmission distance, the better," Ren Baqian replied at once.

A few days later, his face shimmered with satisfaction while he lugged a few boxes back to Dayao.

"Your Majesty, I brought some good stuff back." Ren Baqian arrived at Yangxin Palace Hall with a cheerful expression and with several guards carrying boxes behind him.

"Oh? What are inside those boxes?" Seeing that Ren Baqian was quite excited, it made the empress curious as well.

"100-watt short-wave radio stations. People can communicate with one another across thousands of kilometers or even farther away. Regardless of where Your Majesty is, I will be able to contact you. Similarly, even if Your Majesty is in Ping City, all the court officials in Lan City will be able to contact you as well. Moreover, the battery can be used continuously for 36 hours..." Ren Baqian continuously explained the inexhaustible knowledge which he had crammed in his head for the past two days.

After listening to what Ren Baqian said, the empress was thrilled. This thing was indeed very useful.

With this item, she would immediately know what was going on if anything were to happen.

In this world, a radio station could be said to be a magical object.

"How many of them did you bring?"

"15 radio stations," Ren Baqian answered. "Leave one in Lan City, one with me, one with Your Majesty, and one with each of the five Protector Generals. For the other seven radio stations, Your Majesty can make the arrangements according to your wishes. There are still 25 more radio stations back on Earth. I will bring another 15 back the next time around. As for the remaining 10 radio stations, I'm afraid that I can only bring them over after I return from the mountains. At that time, I will get the guards to deliver them back to the city."

The weight of a radio station was less than 10 kilograms, but with the batteries, solar panels, and other accessories, he wasn't able to bring everything in one trip.

However, this was already sufficient to make the empress delighted.