The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 314

Chapter 314: Arrogant Young Master, Can You Release Me?

In the sky, a middle-aged man wearing a green shirt was holding a giant sword that was twice as tall as him. He came down from the sky like a comet crashing to the ground.

As long as this person is killed, it will be worth it even if I can't get away.

The middle-aged man secretly thought.

His eyes displayed some regrets. It was such a pity that he had attained the Spirit Wheel level for close to 100 years, and it would be hard for him to improve any further. If it wasn't for the fact that his life was also coming to an end, he wouldn't have become a sacrificial warrior.

As for Ren Baqian and the people below him, they were already seen as dead in his eyes.

However, just when he struck the sword at the top of their heads, he saw a scene that made his eyes pop out. That "Poison Warrior" actually disappeared together with another Spirit Wheel practitioner's Immortal-binding Chain.

"How is this possible?" The man was shocked, but the power of the giant sword increased with time.

Xu Wei, who was rising from below to counter him, was slammed to the ground. The cracks on the ground were covered by all the bones in his body, and fresh blood spewed incessantly from his mouth.

Yet, the Spirit Wheel expert's descent was only slightly thwarted.

Xu Wei, whose power was equivalent to an apex Earth Wheel expert, was like a child meeting a man. He was only able to block the blow slightly without knowing it would cost him his life.

Following a loud boom, the area where Ren Baqian was previously standing was ripped apart to form a gully that was half a meter wide and ten meters long.

Xu Wei and the four guards closest to him were all killed.

After the man landed, the giant sword swept around the area and blood showered the surrounding. The few guards that rose up were sent flying and some cavalry horses had their necks broken.

"You are gambling with death!" The palace walls resounded with the fury of an icy voice. The empress looked at the horrifying scene below and both her eyes became red. Purple veins appeared on the surface of her skin as her hair fine black hair turned red.

Although she responded and rushed out from the palace when she sensed the danger outside, she was still too late.

The empress rushed down from the palace wall at a speed almost invisible to the naked eye. Sensing the tremendous power and extreme killing intent of the empress, that man thrust the giant sword at her.

The empress turned her body slightly and avoided the giant sword with ease. Then, she grabbed at the other party's head.

Even though the man was aware of the empress's movement, he still reacted too slowly. After which, he felt a sharp pain in his head and let out a loud cry.

The empress already gripped an extra piece of bloody scalp with black hair attached.

"I want you to die a horrible death! I will exterminate your whole clan." The empress was full of murderous intent and rage. In a flash, she appeared in front of the man. With one hand, she grabbed the Heaven-grade weapon he swung across at her and with her other hand, she latched on to his face. That man immediately let out a terrible and inhuman bawl.

His face was clawed off by the empress with one swipe.

Following that, only a red silhouette was seen rotating around that man. His body was spinning ceaselessly around, but he could never get away from the figure of the empress.

The bawling sound was getting weaker and weaker.

When the empress stopped, that man was only left with bare bones and most of his viscera were missing. His flesh and blood were all scattered over a radius of 100 meters.

"Hu...! Hu...!" the empress gasped for air loudly. The red color in her eyes didn't diminish, but became deeper instead.

The veins on her body were also more pronounced.

"Your Majesty!" someone called from the side. Her Majesty's eyes immediately glittered with red light and looked toward the speaker. Her face became whiter, and her exposed skin was now fully covered with purple veins, which made her look weirder and coquettish.

"Your Majesty, Sir Ren isn't among the crowd," Tong Zhenye said carefully. With Her Majesty in this mood, he really wouldn't be able to withstand any of her kicks.

The empress's eyes shrank slightly after hearing that. Also, the red light in her eyes began to dim as the veins on her body began to fade.

"When Sir Ren was attacked just now, he suddenly disappeared." Tong Zhenye arrived slightly after the empress, and the time the empress took to kill that man was how long it would take to drink a cup of tea.

This was enough time for him to gather information from the other guards about what happened.

After hearing this, the empress finally calmed down. From the top of the wall, she could only see a sea of blood below. There was a huge gully in the ground, and she hadn't even dared to look for Ren Baqian's corpse.

Upon hearing Tong Zhenye's statement, the empress realized that Ren Baqian had returned to Earth at that time, and she was filled with ecstasy. It was like having lost the most precious thing and then finding it again. She lost a great amount of strength in just a short period of time.

With the limited powers Ren Baqian possessed, the empress thought that he had already been killed due to the fact that he would have had no chance to escape from a Great Xia Spirit Wheel expert's attack.

"It is a pity five guards were killed and seven seriously injured," Tong Zhenye said sorrowfully.

"Hold an elaborate funeral for them!" the empress said after pausing for a while.

"Just now, there were two Spirit Wheel experts in the attack. There is still one remaining," Tong Zhenye reminded.

The empress flashed a chilling glare.

Not too far away, a man was surrounded by a group of people.

One Spirit Wheel expert was up against four court officials, each whose power was equivalent to a Spirit Wheel expert. Tie Yan, the supervisor of the Department of Inspection, Bai Shiying, the supervisor of Public Order Bureau, Zhu Jue, the supervisor of the Department of the Army, and Tao Yin, the supervisor of the Department of Mounted Scouts. Each of them was not any weaker than any expert at the Spirit Wheel level, let alone a seriously injured one without any Spirit Wheel power left.

They were only keeping him alive to gain information or he would have been more than dead now.

By the side, Qin Chuan, Tu Wan, and some others were standing on top of the wall. With Her Majesty in this dreadful mood, it was better to stay here.

Tie Yan and Bai Shiying were livid. People were actually assassinated in the city and furthermore, their target was none other than Principal Ren.

You people are seeking death and dragging us into the matter?

They felt like cutting him into eight pieces.

A red silhouette came down from the sky, directly stepped on the shoulders of the Spirit Wheel expert, and propelled him to the ground. All of a sudden, the sound of disintegrating bones was heard and that man vomited fresh blood. It was obvious he was no longer alive.

The empress looked at her feet and gave an icy stare to Tie Yan and Bai Shiying.

"Your Majesty" Everyone greeted her in unison.

"Verify their identity. I want to exterminate their whole clan." The empress was overflowing with murderous intent.

"Your Majesty, the other person should be Zhao Jiuchuan of Mount Jiazi's Six Swords Sect. That sword was his huge Heaven-grade weapon," Tie Yan instantly answered. The glance just now was enough for him to know who the person was.

After all, someone with the ability to form their own Spirit Weapon had to be a top caliber expert, and it was very unlikely for him to be unknown.

"As for this person... maybe he didn't use a Heaven-grade weapon because he wanted to hide his identity," Tie Yan speculated.

Even if he wanted to hide his identity, there was no reason to refrain from using his killer move when facing death, right?

How could someone so stupid attain the Spirit Wheel level? How did he form his own Spirit Weapon?

Tong Zhenye said with a weird expression, "His Heaven-grade weapon was a metal chain."He didn't know why it disappeared, however.

"The metal chain is a type of Heaven-grade weapon used to tie up people, and there are only three people in Great Xia who use it. Besides Elder Zhu, one of the Zhu Mu Elders who was killed by the empress, there is Qiu Yu from the Ministry of Justice in Great Xia. Lastly, there is Luo Zhen, who is a cultivator from Mount Jiuzi. In all likelihood, he should be this unknown man," Tie Yan replied in a respectful way.Regardless, it wasn't possible for Qiu Yu to be sent here as an assassin and his looks didn't match. He was rumored to have a handsome and elegant appearance, which this man did not measure up to. Therefore, it could only be Luo Zhen."My Immortal-binding Chain," the man under the foot of the empress struggled to squeeze a few words out between his teeth before he died... Even at death's door, he didn't forget his Immortal-binding Chain, which had been his lifelong achievement and the foundation of his life. Right before his death, he still couldn't understand why it just disappeared."Sure enough, he is Luo Zhen." Tie Yan nodded his head.

"You two!" The empress pointed at Tie Yan and Bai Shiying

"Your humble servants didn't do a good job. Please punish us." Both said in unison."The both of you, order 50 lashes of the scaly whip for yourselves." The empress said coldly. Although she knew that a Spirit Wheel expert had infiltrated, it was impossible for both the Public Order Bureau as well as the Department of Inspection to not detect this. As such, she was not ready to let this matter go easily.This type of scaly whip was made from the tail of a beast. It was incomparably heavy and had scales that would explode when the whip was unleashed.One lash of the whip and an ordinary person would suffer broken bones, severed ligaments, and mutilated flesh. Even a Spirit Wheel expert enduring 50 strokes wouldn't be able to get out of bed for three days....

Ren Baqian opened his eyes wide as he lay on the floor breathing heavily. The sword stabbing at him a moment earlier was too terrifying. It gave him the feeling that if he was struck by it, there would be hardly any residue left of him; the need for cremation would be unnecessary.Even though the empress was in the palace nearby, the sudden attack by the other party gave the empress insufficient time to save him.Fortunately, he made a prompt decision to teleport to Earth.

Even now, he still had not recovered from the trauma, and his heartbeat approached 180 beats per minute.

He finally got back to his senses after a long time and squatted on the floor. How did this metal chain come back with him?

Was this the Heaven-grade weapon mentioned by the empress?This thing was formed from spirit, essence, and qi. To his surprise, he actually it brought it back with him in the form of a tangible object.

How could he release himself?

Ren Baqian also faced another difficult problem. This thing was binding him down and even his fingers couldn't move. In addition, it was bone piercingly cold.

He couldn't let himself be bound by this thing. Did he have to wait for two and a half days before going back to Dayao in the same state?

Before he had the chance to go back, he would be frozen to death first.

"Arrogant young master, can you release me?" Ren Baqian negotiated softly with the metal chain. "Your boss is no longer around here. You are a refugee in another world, so there is no need to bind me any longer."