The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 316

Chapter 316: There Is Too Much Information

After staying on Earth for two and a half days, Ren Baqian returned to Dayao when it was time. As soon as he appeared, he looked around and saw that he was surrounded by walls. Perhaps, instead of walls, it should be said that he was surrounded by humans. Dozens of burly men equipped with helmets and armor opened their eyes wide in disbelief when they saw Ren Baqian suddenly appear out of thin air with an enormous box that was bigger than him.

"Sir Ren, Her Majesty wants you to quickly return to the palace and seek an audience with her," someone said after they squeezed through the crowd of burly men. It was the commander of the imperial guards.

"Okay." Ren Baqian nodded. It seemed that these people were waiting for him.

"What about the assassin?" Ren Baqian asked again.

"His body has been dismembered by the empress and used to suppress the four corners of Lan City," Xin Zhe replied.

Ren Baqian grinned. This was the empress's act of taking revenge and wiping out a grudge for him.

"What about Xu Wei and the rest?" Ren Baqian continued to ask as he didn't know how they were doing.

"Xu Wei, Shi Ying, Zhu Jia, Zhou Hu, and Zhou Shu died during the battle. Her Majesty has already sent someone to give them an elaborate funeral in the mountains," Xin Zhe responded.

"What about the consolation money?"

"According to custom, Xu Wei's family will receive 200 taels of silver. The families of Shi Ying and the rest will receive 50 taels of silver each."

"When we return, I'll get someone to send 300 taels of silver over. Get someone to deliver these 300 taels of silver as well as their bodies. If there are any children in their families, ask if they are willing to seek knowledge in the Black Bamboo Academy," said Ren Baqian.

After all, they were his guards who had died while protecting him. Ren Baqian felt that this was the least he could do for them. "Many thanks, Principal Ren." Xin Zhe cupped her hands in obeisance and gave him a smile, which was rarely seen.

Then, a chunk of black metal chain emerged from the top of Ren Baqian's head. Just like a snake, it swayed nonstop as if it was extending its head to look all over the place. It had an enchanting appearance; one moment it twisted into an S shape and the next moment it became a B shape...

Everyone looked at the top of Ren Baqian's head incredulously.

"What are all of you looking at?" Ren Baqian was puzzled. He stretched his hand to the top of his head and that metal chain locked up and retracted back as if it had gotten a shock.

"Sir Ren, there was a metal chain on the top of your head just now. It should be that Immortal-binding Chain, right?" Xin Zhe pointed at his head and asked with a pensive look on her face.

She knew everything that had happened on that fateful day.

Normally, a Heaven-grade Weapon would dissipate together with the death of its owner.

Of course, prior to this situation, there had been no history of a Heaven-grade weapon eloping with another person.

Thus, seeing that a Heaven-grade weapon had emerged from Ren Baqian's head, Xin Zhe didn't understand what was going on either.

"Oh?" Ren Baqian was stunned. That thing actually emerged on its own?

"What about now?"

"It's gone."

Ren Baqian, "..."

Ren Baqian felt that the metal chain came out to take a breather as it found this world familiar. Even though this thought of his was very nonsensical, that was a Heaven-grade weapon formed by the owner's state of mind. It wasn't a living creature.

Regardless, he had to meet the empress first.

As everyone arrived at the front of the palace, they saw more than 1,000 enormous goats standing quietly over there. Also, there were more than 1,000 goat riders standing next to them. Everyone swept their eyes across these 1,000 goat riders and saw a few familiar faces. They were the winged cavalry warriors that had returned from Great Xia on the day of the assassination attempt on Ren Baqian.

At this time, neither party had any plans on exchanging greetings. Under everyone's gazes, Ren Baqian headed straight for Yangxin Palace Hall.

Upon entering Yangxin Palace Hall, he saw that the empress was quietly sitting on the sofa. The empress heard noises, turned around, and saw him. Immediately, her eyes shone with joy but calmed down soon after.

"Your Majesty!" Over the past two days, Ren Baqian also dearly missed the empress. This was especially since he experienced a situation where he almost froze and was awaiting death.

"Oh, accompany me to the battlefield," the empress said. Presently, he felt safer being around her as such a situation wouldn't happen to him again.

Ren Baqian was slightly moved, but he pondered and said, "It will be better for me to go to the mountains to take a look first. If the idea doesn't work out, I will go to the front lines and find Your Majesty. If the idea is feasible, I will brief them about what to do before meeting Your Majesty."

The empress answered while looking at him, "You better be careful. I have assigned a guard to you. Even if you come across an ordinary Spirit Wheel expert, she will be able to guarantee your safety."

"I'm setting off!" the empress announced as she got up from the sofa. She had waited until now because she was waiting for Ren Baqian. Now that he had arrived, she could set off.

"Your Majesty, be careful!" Ren Baqian cupped his hands in obeisance.

The empress walked in front of him and cautiously watched him for a long time. Then, she clutched his chin with her hand, gently leaned forward, and pressed her lips on his. Both of them could feel the warmth of each other.

As compared to her giving a peck previously, both of their lips came into contact for 10 seconds this time. They could feel how soft and warm the other's lips were. After that, the empress took large strides and headed out of the palace hall.

She was wearing the gift from Ren Baqian, that red traditional Han Chinese dress with a phoenix sewn on it. Her hair was worn in a bun with a hair clip.

When she walked out of the Yangxin Palace Hall, her entire vibe changed rapidly, like a sharp sword piercing into the sky.

"Set off!" the empress indifferently instructed the people outside the palace hall.

Ren Baqian was a little stunned. The soft touch on his lips hadn't seemed to have dissipated yet, but hadn't they been in the wrong roles just now?

He pursed his lips, which were still rather sweet.

A metal chain stealthily extended from the top of his head, twisting into an S shape before twisting into an M shape.

When Ren Baqian left the palace hall, there was already someone waiting for him outside.

"Hey, let's talk about this. Although I'm under orders to protect you, I can only ensure that you will live to see Her Majesty. I do not guarantee that you will not lose any of your limbs!"

Looking at the girl with a pair of sleepy eyes in front of him, Ren Baqian was speechless.

Your Majesty, this is the guard that you are assigning to me?

"I will give you 10 pieces of White Rabbit Creamy Candy every day." Ren Baqian extended his palm.

"I will guarantee that you do not lose your arms."

"20 pieces!"

"I will ensure that you live to see Her Majesty in one piece." Lin Qiaole immediately perked up when she heard what Ren Baqian said. She patted her flat chest with the appearance of a loyal guard.

"Let's go!"

"Where to?"

A moment later, Ren Baqian was standing on the top of the city wall. Under the protection of the winged cavalry, the empress's throne left the city and headed straight north.

All the court officials were present in the city.

Tong Zhenye waited for the empress to leave and appeared beside Ren Baqian in a flash. He then patted him on the shoulder and said, "It's good to hear that Sir Ren is fine."

Ren Baqian waited until he couldn't see the throne of the empress, then turned around and cupped his hands. "Sir Tong."

"Sir Ren, what happened to you after you were attacked?" Tong Zhenye asked curiously. He was even more curious about how Ren Baqian disappeared together with Luo Zhen's Immortal-binding Chain.

"Have you heard of Hearthstone?"Ren Baqian turned around and asked.

[Hearthstone - a World of Warcraft item that allows one to teleport back to one's home city.]

"I have never heard of it before. What's that?" Tong Zhenye was inquisitive and felt that he would be able to hear something shockingly confidential.

"There's a treasure in this world called the Hearthstone and rubbing it can instantly bring someone thousands of kilometers away."

"There is actually such a treasure in this world?! I wonder if Sir Ren could give me the chance to widen my horizons!" Tong Zhenye was full of envy. This world actually had such a treasure.

Even Lin Qiaole, who was by the side, fixed her gaze on Ren Baqian.

"To be able to use the Hearthstone, one has to swallow it first. Then, it will integrate with your body. When you want to use it, all you have to do is rub your d*ck. Sir Tong, do you want to see?" Ren Baqian gave him the side eye and questioned him back.

Tong Zhenye thought about Ren Baqian touching his own d*ck during the time he was attacked, then...


"I want to see, I want to see!" A delicate voice came from the side. Lin Qiaole was completely excited because she wanted to see what kind of a treasure the Hearthstone was.

Ren Baqian, "Pffft!"