The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 317

Chapter 317: Treat It Like An Arrogant Young Master

After descending from the city wall, Ren Baqian went straight to the clinic. He heard from Tong Zhenye that there were two people in Dayao who knew Great Xia practitioners the best. One of them was in the imperial medical center, the other one was in Qingxin Palace Hall.

He did not know who was more reliable and went straight to the clinic.

The employees working in the imperial medical center were divided into five ranks. The highest ranking official was called "President" and his rank was Secondary class, Rank 1. Below him, there were the master physicians, physicians, medics, and finally, disciples.

Disciples were the lowest ranking. Medics were slightly better than disciples. However, in reality, medics were just disciples that possessed more medical skills. Medics were like the ancient Chinese scholars that were preparing for imperial examinations.

"Is Master Physician Qiong in?" Ren Baqian entered the clinic and asked. Very soon, he found the person he was looking for. It was an elderly man that looked approximately 60 years old. His skin was tanned, and he was reading a medical book in his room at this moment.

"Master Physician Qiong?" Ren Baqian opened the door and cupped his fists.

"Principal Ren? You came just at the right time. What does this mean?" Master Physician Qiong was delighted when he saw Ren Baqian. He had been trying to find Ren Baqian for the past few days, but the latter was either at the palace or the academy every day. He did not expect Ren Baqian to find him here.

"This... and this...: Master Physician Qiong flipped through the book he was reading.

Upon looking at the content of the book, Ren Baqian realized it was a manuscript copy of "Typhoid and Diseases" that he gave to Chen Medicinal Shop.

However, it was merely half-completed.

After all, he had only been to Chen Medicinal Shop twice to translate the book.

"I also don't really know much about these things. I will send you a few books in the future so that you can do some cross-referencing," Ren Baqian immediately said.

"Chen Medicinal Shop still has some books, when can you translate them?"

"You can ask the students from the academy for help. Master Physician Qiong, the main reason why I came here today is to seek help from you." Ren Baqian had no time to talk about the medical books. He wanted to talk about his condition urgently.

Following which, Ren Baqian told Master Physician Qiong about what happened to him.

"You're saying that you were attacked by a Spirit Wheel expert,then instantly teleported thousands of miles away with his Spirit Weapon, and now that Spirit Weapon is in your body because it couldn't find its original master?" Doubt was written all over Master Physician Qiong's face.

"That's right," Ren Baqian said.

"Is it the one on top of your head?" Master Physician Qiong looked at metal poking out of the top of Ren Baqian's head with utter surprise.

He had never seen such a thing before, let alone heard of it.

Lin Qiaole quickly looked at the top of Ren Baqian's head. Indeed, there was a metal chain poking out of his head. The top end of the metal chain was drooping, resembling a snake that was looking around.

"The top of my head?" Hearing these words, Ren Baqian tried to reach for the metal chain on top of his head, but missed it as the metal chain quickly withdrew back into his head

Afterwards, Master Physician Qiong did a series of tests on Ren Baqian. Aboriginal body check-ups were very interesting. Other than checking his eyes and mouth, Master Physician Qiong also made him drip a few drops of his blood into a basin of clear water. Then, the physician added a few types of liquids into the basin, and Ren Baqian's blood began to transform.

Ren Baqian felt it wasn't a body check-up, but rather, a chemistry experiment.

"Your kidneys are healthy... Not bad!" Master Physician Qiong nodded.

Ren Baqian, "..."

"Your liver is slightly inflamed and your lungs are slightly injured, but they won't be much of a problem."

"Come, chew this and spit it out." Master Physician Qiong handed Ren Baqian a piece of leaf. Initially, when Ren Baqian placed it in it his mouth, he felt nothing. However, after chewing it for a while, his face came distorted as his mouth felt tart and numb.

"Don't mind its taste. This is good stuff that I'm usually unwilling to use on average individuals," Master Physician Qiong quickly said when he saw that Ren Baqian was about to puke.

After he finished chewing the leaf, Ren Baqian spat it into a small plate. Master Physician Qiong sniffed and observed it carefully. Ren Baqian did not know what Master Physician Qiong could tell from it.

"There's nothing wrong with your soul." Master Physician Qiong nodded after using a knife to flick the chewed leaf around. Then, he made Ren Baqian sit down.

"From the look of it, there isn't anything wrong with you currently. You should know that Spirit Weapons are formed out of spirit. Usually, Great Xia practitioners will cultivate their vital energy first, somewhat like the aboriginals. We temper our body through various methods, but after attaining the level of Man Wheel, a Great Xia practitioner will convert his essence blood into essence qi. On the contrary, an aboriginal will continue to increase the thickness of his blood vessels and temper his blood and bones. A Great Xia practitioner can exude his essence qi. When he attains the level of Earth Wheel, he can use the qi in the environment to heal his injuries. This is the so-called Earth Embryo. Other than the Sea of Qi that stores qi, everyone has a place called the Sea of Consciousness in their bodies. The so-called "crashing the Celestial Gate" is the process of opening up the Sea of Consciousness. When the Sea of Consciousness is connected to heaven and earth, it will begin to transform. The qi and soul power in heaven and earth will form a spirit in the practitioner's body. By then, he would have attained the level of Spirit Wheel. This Spirit Weapon is actually the product of the fusion of the essence qi and spirit..."

Master Physician Qiong gave Ren Baqian a brief explanation of spirit.

"That's why a Spirit Weapon will disappear after its master passes away. A Spirit Weapon follows its master wherever he or she goes. Logically speaking, a situation where a Spirit Weapon can't connect to its master shouldn't occur. It is even less probable for a Spirit Weapon to continue to exist after its master has died."

"Yet, this has indeed happened." Ren Baqian laughed bitterly.

After furrowing his eyebrows for quite some time, Master Physician Qiong replied, "There's something you haven't told me yet."

Ren Baqian sighed. "I did hide something from you, but it's more or less similar to what I have told you. What should I do now? Can this thing be taken out?"

"It can't be taken out. No matter what caused this situation, this Spirit Weapon has already regarded your body as its home. It's possible that it needs a place that can ensure its existence after its master died."

"How will it affect me? It seems like it's alive!" Ren Baqian quickly said. The metal chain had already bored out of his head twice.

"Usually, a Spirit Weapon is controlled by its master. Such a situation like yours has never happened before. From the look of it, since this Spirit Weapon is made up of spirit and essence qi, it's like a doppelganger of its dead master. Even if its master is already dead, it's likely that his spirit in this Spirit Weapon has developed intelligence. It is because of this that I said that it regards your subconsciousness as its home to ensure its continued existence. Drawing on advantages and avoiding disadvantages is the instinctive behavior of all living things. However, this Spirit Weapon developed its intelligence only after its master died. Therefore, it wasn't affected by its master's death. It is like a newborn baby now."

"Sir Ren, when you attain the level of Spirit Wheel and form your own Spirit Weapon, you should be able to drive it out of your body. However, it will be very dangerous to do so. After all, a human's subconsciousness isn't an ordinary place. I feel that you should see if you can communicate with it or not. Since a spirit that has just developed intelligence is like a newborn baby, maybe you can use it for your own benefit."

"Is this possible?" Ren Baqian felt he might have had a lucky break. Perhaps he could use a Spirit Weapon while at the mere level of Man Wheel to slaughter his enemies in the future? As he thought of this, he felt slightly excited.

"We have no other solutions, right? Even a Spirit Wheel practitioner can't plunge a Spirit Weapon into your subconsciousness, let alone drive this Spirit Weapon out of your subconsciousness."

"Furthermore, it hasn't attacked you yet. Every day, it's being nurtured by your subconsciousness. Therefore, I feel that it's highly possible. However, Sir Ren, there's something you should take note of. Even if you are able to use it, don't use it. Fighting with a Spirit Weapon requires a powerful spirit and a huge amount of essence qi. Having a powerful spirit will also allow your body to heal. Since you haven't reached the level of Spirit Wheel, your subconsciousness can't connect to heaven and earth, and you can't use the Spirit Weapon. If you really use this Spirit Weapon in a fight, your subconsciousness will be sucked dry. Even in the best scenario, your subconsciousness will be severely damaged, and it would be difficult to progress your cultivation in the future," Master Physician Qiong warned.

"So there's an arrogant young master living in my body and I have to coax him and prevent him from getting hurt, right?" Ren Baqian was speechless. Just now, he was still feeling excited. He did not expect the metal chain to be such a bast*rd.

"Something like that." Master Physician Qong smiled cheerfully upon seeing thar Ren Baqian understood what was going on.

Ren Baqian wanted to spit at his face.

After leaving the medical center, Ren Baqian went straight to Qingxin Palace Hall to find Lin Qiaole's grandma, Supervisor Lin. Supervisor Lin's reaction was somewhat similar to Master Physician Qiong's. She was very surprised, appearing as though she had seen an alien.

After all, this kind of thing had never happened before. Supervisor Lin couldn't find any information on it even after she looked through all the ancient records.

In the end, her conclusion was somewhat similar to Master Physician Qiong's, allowing Ren Baqian to stop thinking so much about it. It seemed that he had to put in more effort in communicating with the metal chain.

"What are you doing here?" Ren Baqian turned around and asked Lin Qiaole.

"Protecting you." Lin Qiaole looked annoyed. "Her Majesty wants me to protect you."

"You don't need to do that in the palace. Go back and have a good rest." Ren Baqian waved his hand.

Girl, are you stupid?

I have already agreed to pay you 20 pieces of White Rabbit Creamy Candy, so why are you still desperate for it?

"Yaaaaawn! Yay!" Lin Qiaole let out a yawn. Following which, she left with a pair of sleepy eyes, appearing as though she was sleepwalking.

After seeing Lin Qiaole leave, Ren Baqian laid on the bed and entered the [Visualization of Wood].

Instantly, he saw the metal chain pretending to be a vine hanging on the tree. It gave off a black glimmer and was extremely eye-catching. It resembled a firefly that was flying in the dark night. It also resembled a butcher that was cutting meat ever so elegantly. Even though it was hiding among countless vines, Ren Baqian could identify it with one glance.