The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 330

Chapter 330: The Situation After Two Weeks

The miserable scowls just before death, the desperate yells, the sound of knives piercing into the human body, the sound of human bodies being thrown and landing on the ground, and the innumerable voices were all sent into the ears of the empress. However, it was as if she couldn't hear anything.

At this time, she was sitting on a fine horse, and it was unknown when her bunned up hair had fallen loose. Just like a waterfall, her head full of fine black hair was scattered behind her.

Corpses lay everywhere and surrounded that fine horse.

Among the corpses, there was a middle aged commander who had angry, glaring eyes. He was dressed in a suit of metal armor and was also the commander of 25,000 soldiers. However, not only was his status not beneficial for him at this moment, it had in fact been the cause of his death.

Great Xia's commander had already died, and their soldiers had begun to flee. However, the speed at which they were fleeing wasn't enough to outrun the winged cavalry's pursuit. They soon realized that death was inevitable no matter who stood in their way. As such, under the impression that they would be ignored if they were to do so, they fled to both sides. The entire battlefield was in total chaos.

The aboriginal soldiers ruthlessly attacked the formation of the 25,000 Great Xia soldiers while the others continuously escaped in both directions.

"Your Majesty!" Numerous soldier that were drenched in blood halted before the empress and got into formation.

"Advance." The empress turned around and looked into the distance. Her voice was exceptionally cold.

Just like waves, the winged cavalry pounced on the 10,000 Great Xia soldiers outside Liao City's east gate. The Great Xia soldiers had practically just received the news that the winged cavalry was approaching. Just after the Great Xia soldiers finished organizing their formation, they welcomed the winged cavalry.

"Listen, what's that sound?" One by one, the soldiers and commoners in Liao City opened their eyes after resting for a while and asked. They were leaning against the city wall with their eyes shut, trying to get whatever rest time they could. Everyone was covered in bloodstains with pieces of gore splattered on their faces, but they were so exhausted that they couldn't even be bothered to clean themselves up.

"It's the reinforcement soldiers!" someone shouted at the top of his lungs.

"Reinforcement soldiers? The reinforcement soldiers are here!" As soon as everyone heard the news, their spirits were all uplifted. They climbed up from the ground, supported themselves against the wall, and looked outside.

"Too few!" Some people saw the number of reinforcement soldiers in the distance and were disappointed at first. Merely 1,000 or so reinforcement soldiers were indeed too few. One had to know that there were nearly 100,000 Great Xia soldiers surrounding Liao City. Even if this group of over 1,000 reinforcement soldiers were to dash into the city, it would be more effective than staying outside.

However, just when this thought emerged in their heads, a few people shouted with excitement, "It's the winged cavalry! The winged cavalry has arrived!"

Even though there were only above 1,000 winged cavalry warriors, their strength was equivalent to 10,000 ordinary aboriginal soldiers.

This wasn't the only important thing. There was also the significance of the winged cavalry.

Since the winged cavalry was here, what about Her Majesty?

The people at the top of the walls looked around, and soon enough, they saw a red dress that slowly approached from the back.

"Is that Her Majesty?" Many people could only see a red spot in the distance, but couldn't see clearly who that was. They were just guessing that perhaps it really was Her Majesty.

After all, the winged cavalry had already killed 10,000 Great Xia soldiers with a red figure slowly following behind them. Apart from Her Majesty, no one could think of anyone else.

"Her Majesty has led the winged cavalry here!" Such voices gradually spread from the east gate to the city center, to the north, and then finally to the west. Soon enough, the entire city was in ecstasy.

A general who was clad in leather armor hurried to the city wall at the east gate. He held a telescope in his hand and was looking in that direction before his face warped into an ecstatic expression. "It's really Her Majesty!"

At this point, an urge rose up in his heart. He wanted to lead the soldiers who were still able to move and charge out immediately.

In that case, I would be able to say that I have fought alongside the empress before!

However, he glanced around and saw the deep exhaustion under the ecstasy on everyone's face. Thus, he restrained this urge of his deep down in his heart.

After the empress and the winged cavalry destroyed half of the 100,000 Great Xia soldiers, only 3,000 of them managed to flee. The empress turned around, saw the city wall which was stained with blood, and continued by coldly saying, "Advance!"

When the empress and the winged cavalry arrived to the north of Liao City, they could see that the Great Xia soldiers were slowly retreating. Between the two sides, there was a 100-meter deceleration zone that was filled with caltrops.

In addition to 5,000 aboriginal soldiers that were currently battling fiercely against the Great Xia soldiers to the west of Liao City, over 1,000 winged cavalry warriors had slain more than 30,000 Great Xia soldiers and sent them retreating on their own. Previously, Great Xia had already lost over 120,000 soldiers.

That very night, the empress brought the winged cavalry to join forces with Li Qianqiu's army.

The winged cavalry sustained about a dozen casualties. As for Li Qianqiu's 5,000 soldiers from the Protectorate of the Center, there were currently 4,000 of them left.

Great Xia merely withdrew with more than 40,000 soldiers and gathered the remaining 70,000 injured soldiers. Additionally, 30,000 Great Xia soldiers had died in the battle.

On the same day, the Great Xia soldiers in Yusheng City continued to advance toward the abyss of Dayao. Two days later, 200,000 reinforcement soldiers from Great Xia marched past Ziyue City and headed toward the vicinity of Liao City.

At the same time that the reinforcements from Great Xia arrived, 5,000 soldiers from the Protectorate of the South proceeded toward the direction of Yucheng City. They were prepared to intercept the 80,000 Great Xia soldiers that had entered the inland area of Dayao from Yusheng City.

At this time, Great Xia had already invested 700,000 soldiers. The first wave of troops involved 500,000 soldiers, with 200,000 soldiers besieging Tiesuo Pass against the 20,000 aboriginal soldiers from Dayao's Protectorate of the North. As for the remaining 300,000 Great Xia soldiers, only 80,000 soldiers were headed for Yusheng City and only 70,000 soldiers remained outside Liao City, totaling to 150,000 soldiers. However, this didn't include the unknown number of practitioners from the sects of Great Xia.

According to the current estimates from the Protector General of the North, these practitioners from the sects of Great Xia should number around 10,000. Of these, the weakest were at the very least at the Man Wheel level. Moreover, there were even more Earth Wheel practitioners. Even if they were less powerful than aboriginal warriors who were at the same level, these practitioners had greatly reduced the gap between Great Xia and Dayao.

Unless they encountered the elites of the winged cavalry, the sect practitioners were able to cause considerable damage to most aboriginal soldiers, especially if the aboriginals were stuck in the middle of fighting the ordinary Great Xia soldiers.These practitioners from Great Xia sects would suddenly appear in the form of small teams during battle and were especially threatening.

Two weeks after the start of the war, 150,000 enemy soldiers had already been slain. War in this world was crueler and bloodier than war in the world that Ren Baqian came from.

After all, the killing power of those experts was too great and incomparable to the ordinary people on Earth. Ordinary people might be unable to move their arms after brandishing their sword for 15 minutes, but for Man Wheel experts, they were able to brandish their swords for two hours at the very least. As for those experts at the Earth Wheel level, even if they attacked with their weapons for half a day, they wouldn't feel tired at all.

As for the aboriginals, out of the 30,000 soldiers from the Protectorate of the North, only 20,000 soldiers remained. Out of the 5,000 reinforcement soldiers from Protectorate of the Center, only 4,000 soldiers were left. At the same time, the casualties among the commoners from Ziyue City, Liao City, and Yusheng City added up to more than 10,000.

Everyday, Ren Baqian would turn on the radio station and listen to the ongoing communication at the front line. At the same time, he would note down the battle loss ratio of Dayao and Great Xia. Excluding the soldiers that the winged cavalry killed, the current battle loss ratio of Dayao to Great Xia was 1:10. If he wanted to include the loss of the aboriginal commoners, who had considerable fighting power, the ratio should be within 1:10 and might even reach a ratio of 1:5.

This kind of battle loss ratio was acceptable for Great Xia, but it was difficult for Dayao to accept.

One had to know that at present, Great Xia still had 550,000 operational soldiers. Meanwhile, the aboriginals only had a total of 31,000 soldiers. They had 22,000 soldiers from the Protectorate of the North, 4,000 soldiers from the Protectorate of the Center, and 5,000 soldiers from the Protectorate of the South. Even if they were to somehow hypothetically add 10,000 warriors from the winged cavalry to the army, they would only have slightly over 40,000 soldiers at most.

The confidence of Great Xia didn't only depend on these 700,000 deployed soldiers, but also on the 500,000 new soldiers that were prepared to go to the battlefield.

As for Dayao, they had 20,000 new soldiers as well as an additional 20,000 soldiers that they were currently recruiting.

If the battle loss ratio of 1:10 was followed, the gap between the two forces would also increase.

This was the first time Ren Baqian discovered that Dayao had only inflicted casualties to one-eighth of the enemy's total forces. In the end, it turned out that their own losses were even more disastrous proportionally than the other party's losses.

After rubbing the back of his head for a long time, Ren Baqian asked suspiciously over the radio station, "How do the Great Xia soldiers who are advancing into Dayao from Yusheng City replenish their army provisions? Aren't they afraid that they will run out of food?"