The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Drunken Fit

Everyone was seated and chatting while waiting for the dishes to be served. They reminisced over their school days which were considered rather harmonious. Although Ren Baqian did not interact with many people back then, but, his name and nickname were too special and easily remembered. And as a result, everyone could actually still remember him. Sadly, he did not have much of an impression from the others.

There weren't any pretentious or forced plots like in a novel.

After all, everyone had just graduated, and the gap between one another wasn't considered far.

Under the assistance of his family, Xu Li opened a shop selling seafood and was doing relatively well. The others were all office workers.

After the food and dishes were served and everyone arrived, Dong Haiqing raised her glass and proposed a toast, "Being fellow classmates for four years and after graduating for a year, we are all gathered here. We are all brought together by fate. In the future, let's keep in touch often so that our friendship will not be estranged."

After speaking, she downed the whole glass of liquor.

Seeing that she was so straightforward, everyone also found it embarrassing to hide away. All of them drank the glass of liquor in one gulp as well.

After downing one glass of liquor, everyone started warming up to one another.

Ren Baqian just listened from the sidelines and rarely interjected into their conversations. With regards to school activities, he did not participate much and therefore didn't have much to add.

On the contrary, Dong Haiqing and Chen Bing frequently asked about him, wanting to involve him in the conversation.

Unfortunately, Ren Baqian really did not have anything much to say. He spoke one or two sentences and then stopped talking again.

After the third round of liquor, Guo Kai, who had the weakest alcohol tolerance, started to blabber non-stop about his company's prospects and also about how much his leader valued him.

Xu Li, Qi Kai, Miao Feifei, and company responded from time to time. This made Guo Kai speak with even more enthusiasm.

In addition, Zhang Xiaotong was already using her hand to support the weight of her head. She was basically not talking anymore. It seemed like she did not usually drink, and the amount of liquor she consumed today was over her limit.

Ren Baqian could tell that Guo Kai's gaze was always on Chen Bing, who was seated right beside him.

Dong Haiqing was indeed gorgeous, but Guo Kai probably speculated that he was not even in her league. Chen Bing did not lack in her appearance either. She gave off a rather fresh and pure vibe which was what many guys were fond of.

Furthermore, even though her short stature was a flaw, she was able to cover it up by wearing a long skirt. She would also be getting many looks while walking on the streets.

So, it was normal for Guo Kai to take an interest in her.

In the animal kingdom when birds pursue their mates, they had to display their beautiful feathers. Animals had to reveal their claws and teeth to compete with other males. In fact, human beings were more or less the same. Regardless of appearance, height, character, specialized skills, future, or even the most unexaggerated money, there was no difference from a bird displaying its feathers.

It's just that some people were more particular about looks whereas some people cared more about character. While some people cared about potential, others expressed that they were only concerned about money.

Ren Baqian pondered over such thoughts and looked at the others which were actively chatting. He felt a little tedious from the conversations.

Guo Kai was displaying his feathers, but Chen Bing's attention had never been on him. From time to time, she inclined her head to talk to Ren Baqian about the interesting details of her working life. But, Ren Baqian was absorbed in his own thoughts.

Seeing the both them behaving intimately, (From Guo Kai's point of view): I can no longer contain myself. I originally thought that I would have a little chance from this old classmate gathering, but Chen Bing seems like she's more interested in Ren Baqian than me. I feel somewhat indignant about it.

What does he have that I don't? Isn't it just that he is slightly better looking than me? In this society, being capable and having good connections are more important than having a good look. To be even more blunt, money is the key factor. Although I don't have much money yet, I am certain that my future is definitely brighter than Ren Baqian's.

Yes, that's right. Although Ren Baqian did not have a celebrity's face, he is considered clean-cut and decent looking. He had a look which was easy to develop a favorable impression on.

When Chen Bing spoke softly to Ren Baqian again, Guo Kai couldn't help but to ask, "Eight Thousand Years Old, what have you been up to lately?"
Ren Baqian tilted his head to the side. He had already answered this question just a moment ago. Seeing that the other party was still looking at him, he replied, "I've done nothing. Just rotting at home and depleting my savings."

"Oh, like this." Guo Kai nodded his head and did not speak again. He had, after all, already stepped into society and he was no fool. He would not go too far with his words.
All he wanted was for Ren Baqian to repeat himself one more time.

Ren Baqian also chuckled. He was well aware of the other party's thoughts.

But looking at Guo Kai's appearance, his face was flushed. Ren Baqian knew that he had one too many.

Dong Haiqing took a look at Guo Kai and then at Ren Baqian. She did not reveal that Ren Baqian was a rich man. Even if he rotted at home, it was still possible for him match up to those who worked for their entire lives.

After all, he was the second generation son of a rich man and was also her classmate. He was a scarce resource.

She had informed Chen Bing as though she was someone who wasn't scheming at all. Thus, it was easier to manipulate her. If Chen Bing and Ren Baqian get together, she would also gain a lot from their relationship.

As for the others, there was no need for her to tell them about Ren Baqian's background.
The others treated Ren Baqian just like how he was back during their school days, an ordinary student which didn't have a sense of belonging. That couldn't be any better.

Several of them drank a little more. Guo Kai had already hit his limit, but he still continued downing glass after glass. He swayed even though he was seated. Dong Haiqing then said, "It seems that everyone has drank to their fill, and we all still need to work tomorrow. Let's end it here today. We shall gather another day. Everyone, exchange your contact details so that we can keep in touch in the future."

"Since everyone has just started working, let's go dutch. We shall check the bill in awhile."

"Do not mind me but, going Dutch seems like it's underestimating the capabilities of the few of our male classmates. This meal is on me," Xu Li replied.

"That's enough. I'm very glad that I'm able to meet my old classmates today. Let me do the honor of treating this meal. Whoever who fights me for the bill, I will thrash it out with you," Guo Kai said as he pulled Xu Li aside. He got up and rushed to foot the bill.

In any case, it didn't matter to Ren Baqian how they settled the bill. He was fine with either going Dutch or treating the meal. However, since Guo Kai was determined to foot the bill, he, simply, just sat on his chair and remained there. In the eyes of others, it naturally seemed as though he did not have any intention to foot the bill and was just waiting for it to be settled.

After Guo Kai and Xu Li left, Ren Baqian looked at his remaining classmates. Only Zhang Xiaotong required someone to take care of her, and the others were generally fine. He then followed behind and left the private room.

"What? You....what's the meaning of gesturing to me?"

Just when they walked into the hall, they could hear Guo Kai's intoxicated voice.

Guo Kai and Xu Li stood in front of the counter. The person they were speaking to was a girl anxiously gesturing to them.

"Is this sign language?" Ren Baqian took a glance, the cashier at the restaurant was actually a disabled person? This was rather rare.

He did not have any judgements as a disabled person also required a job. It was just that it was rarely seen in places such as restaurants and so on, especially if it was the cashier.

"I have told you several times that I want to settle the bill, yet you are acting as though you cannot hear? Then, you showed me some hand signals, are you acting as a mute?" Guo Kai had one drink too many, and his face was flushed. He slapped the counter and shouted at the top of his lungs. Guo Kai sounded intoxicated and was somewhat unclear in his words. But, the content of what he said, nevertheless, got the attention of the other diners in the restaurant.

"Apologies Mister, An Fei's hearing is impaired. Her hearing aid is not working today and as a result, she is not able to hear what you said clearly." A waiter who was in his 20s, immediately came to explain once he heard the commotion.

That girl who was called An Fei, instantly took a piece of paper and wrote "Sorry" on it. After which, she raised the piece of paper in her hand.

"Enough, enough." Xu Li pulled Guo Kai away in order to resolve the dispute.

Guo Kai shook Xu Li off and said, "Oh, it is my first time coming across someone who is not only deaf but also mute working at a counter. Your restaurant is rather creative."

"Butcreativityshouldn't be used this way? The reception desk is used to receive guests. Why is a mute even hired to be at a reception desk?"