The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Condoms Save Lives

Various types of herbs were placed everywhere in the shop. Everyone would smell a strong scent of Chinese medicine the moment they entered the shop.

The three of them then put down their things. Feeling bored, Teng Hulu and Tie Dao walked and looked around the shop. Meanwhile, Ren Baqian took out Typhoid and Diseases and browsed through it.

It was written with simplified Chinese characters, so Chen Zisheng would, therefore,most certainly be unable to decipher it. Later, Ren Baqian had to read it to him. He had to familiarize himself with it first so that he could save some time later.

After reading the book for a while, he suddenly heard a commotion coming from outside the shop.

"Doctor! Doctor! Help!" a burly man yelled.

"Calm down, what's the matter?" Chen Zisheng raised his head and asked.

"My wife has just given birth to a baby boy but she won't stop bleeding! Doctor, give me some jinchuang medicine," the burly man cried.

(jinchuang medicine - a medicine used to staunch bleeding and heal wounds. Commonly found in Wuxia novels)

Chen Zisheng furrowed his eyebrows. He knew exactly what the situation was. If the bleeding could not be stopped in time, jinchuang medicine would not be of any use.

"Jinchuang medicine is not really useful in staunching severe bleeding after giving birth. We must stop the bleeding as soon as possible," Chen Zisheng said directly.

"I know, I know, but how do I stop the bleeding?" the burly man yelled. His eyes were reddened, and his voice was filled with helplessness.

Deaths caused by heavy bleeding after giving birth were very common. The burly man heard there were tens of such cases every year. This statistic was obtained in a society where methods of communication and social interactions were limited. Therefore, there must be many more unreported cases.

Therefore, when the burly man knew his wife was bleeding heavily, he immediately turned panicked and quickly ran over here.

Chen Zisheng incessantly frowned in distress. Even though this world had no strict regulations over the interaction between a male and a female, it still wasn't possible for him to personally handle the woman's condition. Furthermore, he did not have any good solutions now.

In the end, he sighed and said, "I will give you some jinchuang medicine. Go back and give it a try."

In other words, he was leaving the woman's life to the will of heaven.

This kind of thing often happened, but he couldn't do anything about it.

At this moment, a person suddenly appeared beside Chen Zisheng.

"I have a way to stop the bleeding."

When Chen Zisheng heard this voice, he was stunned. He turned around and realized it was Ren Baqian. Immediately, he stood up and grabbed Ren Baqian's shoulders and said, "Are you sure?"

"Absolutely sure." Ren Baqian nodded his head.

Just now, while he was sitting inside the shop, he heard what was going on. He did not expect himself to encounter such a situation right after he brought these things over. It was really a coincidence.

Then again, he felt that it might not be a coincidence. After all, this kind of thing happened frequently.

"How can we stop the bleeding?" When the burly man heard Ren Baqian's words, his eyes lit up and he lifted Ren Baqian up by his shoulders.

"Let go of him!" Tie Dao and Teng Hulu ran out from the shop. Immediately, they grabbed the man's arms and wrung them to his back. At the same time, Ren Baqian dropped to the ground.

"Sorry, sorry, I am being too excited. How can I stop the bleeding to save my wife?" the burly man did not put up any resistance. His head was lowered with a pleading look on his face, resembling a child that had just been scolded.

"Let him go," Ren Baqian said after seeing that burly man's facial expression. That burly man did not really hurt him as it was a subconscious action. However, he did use a lot of strength when he carried him up directly.

"Both of you, please follow me," Ren Baqian said to Chen Zisheng and that man. Following which, he led them into the shop.

After all of them were in the shop, Chen Zisheng asked anxiously, "Mr. Ren, so how can we stop the bleeding?"

Ren Baqian opened his bag. It was filled with one thousand condoms.

He took out one and said to both of them, "We will use this."

Chen Zisheng's eyes lit up. He quickly asked, "What do we do with it?"

Ren Baqian found a basin of water and took out a catheter and a syringe to demonstrate to them.

"This is called condom. Find a clean string and tie the mouth of the catheter to the condom's. Then push them up a woman's uterus."

After Ren Baqian finished speaking, he raised his head and looked at the burly man. When he saw the burly man was in a daze, he continued, "Push it through her birth canal into her womb. That's where the baby is."

This was the first time Ren Baqian explained to someone about such things. He felt slightly awkward. However, the two of them felt even more awkward than him.

Regardless, Ren Baqian still had to clearly explain the process to them.

He used the syringe to draw water from the basin and inserted the water into the catheter. After he repeated the process a few times, the condom inflated and became a water balloon.

"By doing this, the condom will expand inside the womb and stop the bleeding through pressure," Ren Baqian explained as he demonstrated the process.

"How sure are you that this process will work?" Chen Zisheng asked.

"I'm ninety-nine percent sure," Ren Baqian replied.

"Yes! Thank you so much, thank you so much!" When the burly man heard there was a ninety-nine percent success rate, he burst into joy.

"Mr. Chen, there will be a midwife there to deliver the baby, right? Tell her about this method and let her do it. However, she must do it quickly. And don't use normal water, use salt water instead. You'll have to gauge the amount of water used yourself as well."

"Alright, I shall go along with him then. Saving a life is a matter of urgency and haste." Without any hesitation, Chen Zisheng took two brand-new condoms, the catheter, and the syringe from Ren Baqian and left with the burly man.

Even though Chen Zisheng felt he would not be of much help going there, he was afraid that the burly man might miss out on any details and cost a human life. Therefore, he wanted to follow along and directly tell the midwife about the method.

After they were gone, Ren Baqian sat back down on his chair and continued reading the Typhoid and Diseases. However, he could not focus as he kept thinking about the burly man's wife, hoping that his method would work.

After all, it was a human life.

After waiting for a long while, upon seeing that Chen Zisheng was still not back, Ren Baqian felt bored and decided to wait outside the shop.

When he walked out of Chen Zisheng's room, he saw a young man seeing a patient. Ren Baqian reckoned that he must be Chen Zisheng's family member or disciple.

However, his appearance did not look like he was from the Dayao Nation. Hence, he must be Cheng Zisheng's family member.

"Eh? Were you one who was knocked down by me?" Ren Baqian suddenly heard a hearty female voice from his back. He turned around and found a girl that was 1.7 meters tall standing behind him. She wore an animal hide waistcoat with an undergarment beneath it.

Her beautiful and charismatic face was covered, at this point in time, with bruises. The corner of her mouth even had a bloodstain.

Indeed, she was the one that knocked into him just now.

"What? Are you going to apologize to me?" Ren Baqian asked casually.

"In your dream. I haven't even said anything yet about you taking advantage of me," the girl twitched her nose and replied.

Ren Baqian laughed.

So, you knew about it huh? I still thought you only cared about fighting then.

She then pointed to her bruised face without saying anything. It was obvious what she was implying.

"Na Gu, what's the matter?" a huge man standing on the other side asked.

"Just now while I was fighting, I was thrown out of the fight and knocked into him," Na Gu pointed at Ren Baqian and said.

The huge man cast a glance at Ren Baqian and did not say anything.

Since he wasn't from Dayao, the huge man did not care about him at all.

If he was from Dayao, the huge man wouldn't care even more. Citizens of Dayao had thick skins and huge muscles. To them, a collision wouldn't hurt or tickle. No one would bother about this kind of thing.

Ren Baqian knew what the big man was thinking and shook his head helplessly.

Citizens from Dayao and foreigners really could not see eye to eye. Ren Baqian cast a glance at the huge guy's half-naked body and saw several thumb-sized whip scars. They looked extremely painful, but the huge man did not seem to feel anything.

Previously, he heard from Caretaker Shi that one would be flogged if he or she fought on the streets.

He wondered if Na Gu was flogged as well.

Ren Baqian took a glance at her. On one of Na Gu's arms, there were a few whip scars. It was most likely that she was flogged as well.

She indeed did not run away.

However, when Ren Baqian saw the nonchalant look on her face, he felt a slight admiration for her.

"Hey, I'm sorry!" Na Gu said to Ren Baqian as he was preparing to leave the shop.

Ren Baqian waved his hand to signal that it was alright.