The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Hugging the Doctor is Strictly Prohibited

After waiting at the doorway for almost half a day and watching the passersby in this world come and go, this was considered a little joy for Ren Baqian. It was quite a long while before he saw Chen Zisheng hurriedly coming back.

Walking beside him was that same burly man.

Seeing his look of joy, Ren Baqian knew the mission was a success. Knowing that his method had saved a life, he felt joy and a smile appeared on his face.

"Mr. Ren, due to your effort a life was saved," Chen Zisheng said as he grabbed Ren Baqian's hand.

"Brother, thanks, thank you." The big fellow gleefully gave Ren Baqian a bear hug. He heard his bones crackling, almost lost his breath, and realized why it was called a bear hug. It was really like being hugged by a bear, the pressure exerted on his chest made it difficult to breathe.

He managed to extricate himself from the grasp of the big fellow with some help from Chen Zisheng. He was struggling for his breath and yet this guy did not even realize that he almost killed his own benefactor. He really felt like giving him a few kicks.

"I don't have any valuable possessions, my most valuable possession is this knife which I will give you."The big fellow took the knife from his lower back and handed it to him.

"I don't need this, please take it back. I am more than happy to save someone." Ren Baqian quickly rejected the offer.

"How can a man from Dayao do so such an ungrateful deed? You saved my wife, as long I can offer, you just take whatever you like. This knife is my most valuable possession and I'm giving it to you to show my gratitude." The big fellow earnestly looked at Ren Baqian with an expression of sincere happiness.

"Mr. Ren, just accept it. If not, he would feel uneasy." Chen Zisheng said light-heartedly.

"This is for you, I will go back to see my son first." The big fellow finished talking, cheerfully turned around, and left.

"Dayao people are all like this, you will get used to their ways," Chen Zisheng laughed and said as he looked at the receding figure of the burly man.

Ren Baqian looked at the short knife with an animal hide hilt and sheathed in an animal hide scabbard. It was rather heavy and weighed about five or six catties.

He had heard from Caretaker Shi before that the iron weapons from Dayao Nation were very expensive. For a knife like this, an ordinary person could not afford it even after saving up for a few months without eating or drinking.

However, it wasn't of much use to him.

Such items like metal weapons were expensive in Dayao, but they were easily available on Earth.

After seeing the burly man merging into the crowd, Ren Baqian helplessly shook his head, carried the knife, and went indoors with Chen Zisheng.

When Chen Zisheng came back, all the people inside got up and greeted him,"Doctor Chen! Doctor Chen!"

He verified that the people over here had very high regards for him.

Although Dayao people generally disliked foreigners, people like Chen Zisheng were respected wherever they went.

Dayao people hated the greediness of foreign merchants and those snobbish foreigners who came to Dayao and regarded the locals as barbarians.

Arriving at the table used for treating patients, Chen Zisheng pointed at a wooden tablet hanging on the wall with some words written on it. Ren Baqian had seen the tablet before, but he did not know what was written on it.

Seeing Chen Zisheng specifically pointing at the tablet, Ren Baqian asked, "What is written there?"

"It is strictly prohibited to hug a doctor." Chen Zisheng whispered sadly.

Ren Baqian, "..."

It seemed like being loved and respected was also life threatening. From what Ren Baqian knew, only a few Dayao people were literate and it wasn't easy for Dr. Chen to survive up till now.

Both of them entered the inner room and their eyes were fixed on the object Ren Baqian was carrying.

"Do you see anything you want here?" Chen Zisheng simply mentioned.

This thing not only can save lives, it is also very effective.

"The formula and ingredients to make black mud cream," Ren Baqian said.

Chen Zisheng hesitated; the penicillin that was previously mentioned by Ren Baqian was also what he urgently wanted. Furthermore, according to the description of the medicine, it could be used to save many more lives.

But, a number of pregnant women dying of postpartum hemorrhage was also a frequent occurrence. Each encounter would make him feel regretful as he witnessed a young life being taken away.

A big portion of them were just in their teens, which was even more pitiful.

"I only want the formula and ingredients to make black mud cream. As mentioned before, I will teach the method to make penicillin. As to these things, I will give them to you. They will generate more benefits in your hand than mine."

"However, I would like to suggest that you give these things to midwife and teach them how to use it to be ready for any emergency," Ren Baqian said.

Chen Zisheng turned his head towards Ren Baqian, tidied his clothes and bowed respectfully.

"I thank you on their behalf," Chen Zisheng said sincerely.

"It's nothing much. These things are not of much use to me," explained Ren Baqian as he nodded his head. He bought one hundred boxes, which only cost two thousand yuan. Plus, the needles and catheters only added a few hundred yuan more.

This amount of money was couldn't also do as much on Earth. He did not need this little bit of money at this moment, and it could save countless lives over in this world.

"Those things must be put in hot water to be disinfected if you want to reuse them. The rest of the materials can be replaced by other things such as fish maw, animal bladder or their intestines. You all can experiment to determine what is more suitable," Ren Baqian repeatedly advised.

"We know what to do. We will spread the message about this method to those midwives. This is a lifesaving method and deserves to be known by many people," Chen Zisheng nodded and said earnestly.

Ren Baqian laughed. This Chen Zisheng's personality was indeed pretty good.

"Okay, it is getting late, I will teach you how to make the penicillin," Ren Baqian said.

While waiting for Chen Zisheng to bring out the fruit covered with mildew, Ren Baqian taught him how to culture the fluid and then filter it.

Most of the procedures were explained by examples and were not really done.

There would not be enough time if every step was done. Furthermore, some materials were lacking.

Items such as rice and vinegar could be bought. As for seaweed and alkaline water, they needed Chen Zisheng to find a solution.

Chen Zisheng used a pen and paper to record the procedures. From time to time, he asked a few questions as well.

It was night when they finished and Ren Baqian repeatedly advised them, "Remember, some people may be allergic to penicillin. If this happens, it is best to stop the medication."

Chen Zisheng was terribly tired after writing for the whole afternoon and put his pen down. He nodded his head to signal that he understood. The same medicine prescribed for the same sickness might not produce the same result for everyone, which was something that he already knew.

Ren Baqian took a look at the records and could not decipher even one word. But you could see that the handwriting resembled something written with a chicken claw.

"Who says a doctor's handwriting is good?" Ren Baqian suddenly thought.

"Basically these." Ren Baqian passed a few books to Chen Zisheng.

"These three books, one is Typhoid and Diseases and the other two are about anatomy. They are based on a different medical theory that is not about seeing, hearing, asking, and taking pulse. But, you can use it for reference. You will most likely not be able to understand the words. Anyway, we have no time now. I will translate for you when I am free."
Chen Zisheng carefully took the books; he knew the value of the books, especially books from another world. Perhaps one of these places might have the solutions to the problems that plagued him. Value is not easy to quantify.

He browsed through twice, but he could not understand the words in Typhoid and Diseases.

The other two books were about the human anatomy and contained many pictures.

Chen Zisheng took a look and asked, "How do they do the research? How is it possible to draw the pictures so lifelike?"

"They probably use a corpse to do research," Ren Baqian replied with uncertainty. He did not understand much about the development of Western medicine.
"No matter how the research is done, knowledge can never be wrong."

"This is true." Chen Zisheng nodded in agreement.

"I will make a move first and come back in a few days." Ren Baqian looked at the skies and thought he should have left earlier. He wondered whether there were any problems with him going back so late and whether the empress had sent people to look for him.