The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 81

Chapter 81: A Different Style

Ren Baqian's yell resounded through the air. No one stopped fighting, or rather, they did not dare to stop fighting. If one party stopped fighting, but the other party did not, the former would be left in a disadvantageous position.

Furthermore, they did not have the luxury of time to see who was yelling.

"Xiong Pi, separate them. Kill anyone who refuses to obey my order."

While Ren Baqian was saying these words in a ghastly tone, Lian Baocheng was still hooting,"Kill them! I want to use their skins to cushion my chair! I want that ill bast*rd to be cut up into pieces!"

However, it was destined that his goal would not be achieved. Xiong Pi charged into the ongoing battle and smacked one of the three girls that was blocking his way. Like a kite with a broken string, that girl flew into the air with blood spurting out from her mouth.

Treat the fairer sex with tenderness? It appeared that Xiong Pi did not have such a notion. He would do whatever the deputy asked him to do.

Seeing that it was his opportunity to take, the soft sword in black-clothed old man's hand transformed into a dazzling sword gleam and streaked towards the two girls.

The two girls roared. As they were dodging the old man's cold sword gleam, they turned their heads to look at Xiong Pi.

Without fooling around, Xiong Pi launched a kick at the black-clothed old man. Seeing that something was amiss, the old man leapt into air and avoided the kick. His soft sword went straight for Xiong Pi like a poisonous snake.

Whether he attacked Xiong Pi because of self-defense or other reasons, it still made Ren Baqian sneer incessantly.

Xiong Pi let out a deep roar, giving Ren Baqian the impression of a simple and honest man revealing his sharp fangs. Ignoring the cold sword gleam, Xiong Pi raised his hands and hammered old man with them.

Even though Lian Tong managed to use his arms to block the incoming attack in time, he could not withstand Xiong Pi's brute strength.


Everyone felt the ground beneath their feet tremble. Lian Tong had half of his body plunged into the ground.

"Lian Ou, Lian Chi, stop and retreat Cough" Mister Emptiness yelled to the remaining two girls. At that time, they were contemplating whether to attack Xiong Pi or the severely injured Lian Tong.

"Mister!" The two girls knew they weren't Xiong Pi's match and they gave him a fierce stare before retreating.

At this moment, Ren Baqian furrowed his eyebrows as he stepped forward and asked, "What's going on?"

No one answered him.

When the surrounding Dayao people saw a foreigner that was wearing a Dayao official robe, they inquired about him with curiosity. After they found out he was the newly appointed Honglu Deputy, they continued to watch the show.

Lian Baocheng looked at Lian Tong, who had half of his body in the ground. Following which, he looked at Xiong Pi's gigantic physique. He was shocked by Xiong Pi's immense strength. His lips trembled as he spoke, "How how dare you?"

"Oh? Dare what?" Ren Baqian looked at Lian Baocheng with a smile on his face. Lowering his head, he looked at the unconscious Lian Tong and spoke with a sympathizing tone, "Aww You actually dare to attack Xiong Pi That's why you are in such a pathetic state now!"

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," Ren Baqian clicked his tongue, lamenting.

Ren Baqian wondered how many of his bones were broken.

"Hmm living like this is rather painful. Xiong Pi, why not you stomp him to death and end his misery?" Ren Baqian's sudden change of tone caused a dead silence to descend upon the place.

Lian Baocheng, Ning Caichen, the Zhang family and the Hong family felt a cold shiver travel down their spines.

They suddenly felt that this weak-looking Honglu Deputy was actually a ruthless evil wolf beneath his smile.

"You dare! You dare! I will kill your whole family!" Like a dog that got its tail stepped on, Lian Baocheng jumped up and charged towards Ren Baqian while hooting frantically.

Xiong Pi had a few bloody wounds on his body, but he looked as though he felt nothing. Looking at the sinister scars on his body, one could guess that this type of injury had zero impact on him.

Xiong Pi grinned and revealed a set of white teeth. Following which, he raised one of his feet and stomped it down onto Lian Tong's chest, which was revealed above the ground.



First, the bones in his chest were shattered. Next, like a water balloon that burst, blood spurted out from his five sense organs.

Ren Baqian resisted the urge to puke. With a calm smile on his face, he looked at Lian Baocheng and said, "You have the nerve to attack an official from the Honglu Bureau in Dayao, what you take Dayao people for?"

Upon seeing Ren Baqian's smile, even Lian Baocheng's fearless and tyrannical nature shuddered with fear. Following which, his mind erupted with boundless anger and humiliation.

"It's his normal reflex after he was attacked," Lian Baocheng squeezed these words out of his mouth.

Since he was young, he could do whatever he wanted. He had never been humiliated like this before. The flames within him were about to engulf his body entirely. If Ren Baqian never reminded him that he was now in Dayao, he would have already gone berserk.

"It's also Xiong Pi's normal reflex."

"He was stomped to death by your order" Lian Baocheng's heart raged with flames. He felt he would explode at any moment.

"One has to be punished if he or her attacks an official, don't you agree? Otherwise, where would Dayao's dignity be placed?" Ren Baqian chuckled as he walked to the front of Lian Baocheng.

The surrounding Dayao people burst into laughter. They felt this foreigner-cum-Honglu Deputy was a good man. They liked him a lot.

"I'm here to celebrate the birthday of Dayao empress and I have bought gifts. I will definitely report what you have done today to the higher-ups. Great Xia's ambassador will also notify your empress of this incident." Lian Baocheng's face was bright-red and his eyes were bloodshot. His brain was operating swiftly, trying to come up with a way to kill this bastard. Not only did he want Ren Baqian to die, but he also wanted his entire family to die.

Ren Baqian touched Lian Baocheng's face with his hand. This action caused the surrounding onlookers to shudder in fear.

"Therefore, from now on, you better be careful and don't commit any more mistakes. Otherwise, I will throw you into the jail. The gifts you bought will still be given to Her Majesty, but you won't be the one presenting them to her. As for other things, you can do as you wish," Ren Baqian said and chuckled.

Ren Baqian's words sent a cold shiver down Lian Baocheng's spine.

Ren Baqian turned around and faced the onlookers. Then, he said, "No matter what, I hope this kind of incident will not happen again. I also hope all of you remember that this is Dayao, regardless of your status in your country or how tyrannical you usually are. Whether you're a dragon or a tiger, you better keep yourself in check. I don't care if you fight among yourself to the death outside, but if you're here, you better not create any trouble for me."

After Ren Baqian finished his sentence, everyone in his surroundings turned silent. Following which, those Dayao people that were spectating the battle broke into cheers.

Ren Baqian gave everyone a smile. His tone suddenly became gentler as he continued, "Everyone here is somebody, you should treat yourself with more respect. If you want to create trouble, don't do it here."

"Xiong Pi, let's go," Ren Baqian snapped his fingers and walked off. At the same time, he yelled, "Gan Gu, ask the public order bureau to come over and clean up the mess."

"Yes, Sir," the huge man that was named Gan Gu replied immediately.

After Ren Baqian took office, a lot of people had been discussing about him in the dark. Many felt that he was somewhat incompetent.

After this incident, Gan Gu realized Ren Baqian was much more ruthless than he looked.

He liked the way Ren Baqian handled the incident today.

This time around, without needing Xiong Pi's help, everyone in front of Ren Baqian automatically cleared the way for him. With Xiong Pi behind him, Ren Baqian left the place with swag.