The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Different Types of People Have Different Thoughts

Ren Baqian left the crowd and made a turn on the road. He began to blanch and his back perspired incessantly.

He never thought that he could do such a thing.

Even he was appalled at what he had just done, so much so that he found it terrifying.

Those words and that kind of performance were completely unlike what he would normally do.

Upon returning to the Honglu Bureau, he immediately rushed to the toilet and vomited.

A while ago, he personally gave the order to trample a man who was standing beside him to death. It was as if it was just like stepping on a cockroach.

Although Ren Baqian deliberately did not lower his head to see the scene, he could hear what was going on. Especially the final sound that sounded like a persimmon being trampled on.

Thinking of the image of a persimmon being squashed made him vomit.

After a long while, he finally came out from the toilet, and his forehead was perspiring abnormally.
Ren Baqian was not sure whether what he did today was right or not, but he knew he had to intimidate those people.

People like Lian Baocheng, who came from an influential family, were pampered and even spoiled since childhood. If Ren Baqian did not intimidate them, they would definitely create a host of problems in the near future.

Besides him, all the others who came from thousands of miles away were definitely not ordinary people either. Among these people, only a few of them were kind.

Like that Mister Emptiness, if Xiong Pi was not by his side that day, he would have been in trouble.

There were about thirteen days to go before the birthday celebration, and not many people had arrived yet. There would be more people arriving the next few days. There were some groups

This was the first task delegated to Ren Baqian by the empress. He must not mess up and must do well regardless of whatever methods he used.

Previously, he still thought it was sufficient to subdue them just by reciting poems. On second thought, he felt that he was ridiculous and was being too simplistic then.

Perhaps, those people really had received more than ten years of education. But in actual fact, they were not ordinary students, and it was hard to predict what hairy schemes they could come up with in future.

At the same time, he started to ponder the reason why the empress entrusted him with this task.

After thinking for a long time, he still could not figure out the real reason.

In any case, it was the empress that delegated me with the task. Just do whatever I am instructed to.

It was more important to ponder what suitable gifts to give to the empress than to ponder about this matter.

Not too long after Ren Baqian left, the people from the public order bureau came and most of the people had already dispersed. Lian Baocheng had departed with a face that was deathly pale after Ren Baqian left and did not even take the dead body along.

Of course, he still had to stay in Dayao for many days and could not keep the corpse by his side. In addition, with the weather in Dayao, he estimated the house would be unlivable in a few days.

Although two underlings of Mister Emptiness were injured, his loss was much less compared to Lian Baocheng who lost his face and his right-hand man.

After appeasing his two palace maids, his heart was filled with a deep sense of fear for Ren Baqian.

The previous time Mister Emptiness had sounded Ren Baqian out, he felt that this Honglu Deputy only appeared to be tough outwardly. But after today, he had a whole new level of respect for him and marveled at his exploits.

It was not only him, the rest felt the same way too.

Even though the people of Dayao were uncivilized and overbearing, it was only like that . The events today had also happened before, but at most only a few lashes of the whip were imposed.

However, Ren Baqian was different and gave them the feeling of "a wolf swallowing a person without spitting out the bones". A kind of atmosphere that was filled with ruthlessness.

The reason why they felt this way was the contrast between Ren Baqian's normal behavior and his action now. This contrast showed that Ren Baqian was the type of person who only showed his true colors at the end.

That afternoon, the empress read a document detailing the things that Ren Baqian had done.

Seated beneath her was Gu Daxiong who was also known as "Did not care about anything".

"It is interesting." The empress laughed. She found what Ren Baqian did to be rather interesting and had not thought that Ren Baqian would do things in such an unexpected way. But, this was what intrigued her.

Gu Daxiong, who was seated beneath the empress, heard her and also laughed. " This Deputy Ren looks like an useless fellow but is efficient in doing his job. I was initially not confident about him, but I can let go of my duties and take no part in them."

"Let him do as he pleases," the empress said indifferently.

"Yes,"Gu Daxiong replied.

Meanwhile, in the Great Xia's embassy in Dayao.

A tyrannical looking Lian Baocheng said, "That Hong Lu Deputy with the surname Ren, I want him to die. Is there any way?"

Sitting opposite Lian Baocheng was a dark-skinned, bearded man in his thirties. It was only after coming to Dayao and staying for a long time that his skin became dark through no fault of him.

His name was Gu Zicheng and he looked at Lian Baocheng and sneered. "Do you think this is Great Xia?"

"I come to you specifically because this is Dayao. You state your condition, for example, helping you to get back to Great Xia?" Lian Baocheng said.

Gu Zicheng shook his head slightly, "Your proposal is very attractive, and I am sick of this god-forsaken place, but I still have to say, this is Dayao and not Great Xia. This is the territory of the barbarians. Mucking around here is tantamount to suicide. They will not consider your identity, as you should have known. Let me give you a suggestion, just swallow your pride."
Lian Baocheng stared at Gu Zicheng for a while and said loudly, "Then you stay here until you die."

After Lian Baocheng left, a young man wearing something similar to a wide Chinese-styled gown walked in from the next house and sat opposite Gu Zicheng.

"Your Highness!" Gu Zicheng bowed.

"Let's dispense with the ceremony." The person who was addressed as Your Highness laughed. "This generation of the Lian family is really useless and each one is worse than the next."

He was the Seventh Prince of Great Xia and nobody expected him to travel light, without attendants and a convoy, and come to Lan City.

Gu Zicheng laughed upon hearing this. The Lian family of Great Xia was a wealthy and influential clan, towering around for hundreds of years without collapsing and every generation produced some talents. However, this generation of youngsters was pretty useless.

"However, with regards to this Deputy Ren, I actually find him very interesting." The seventh prince smiled.

"I only know a little through enquiries over these few days. This guy was in prison more than one month ago. He was then sent to the best park for several days and somehow became the Honglu Deputy. Nobody knows his history before his imprisonment. If you ask me, I think it is really weird."

The Seventh Prince squinted his eyes.

"This person suddenly appeared from a rock."

He spoke softly and then began to laugh.

If Ren Baqian was there and saw the Seventh Prince, he would have been given a fright.

This is because the Seventh Prince, besides his hairstyle and temperament, looked exactly like him. There was almost no difference; it was as if they were cast from the same mold.

When the Seventh Prince saw Ren Baqian from a distance, he already felt this way.

Thus, in his mind, Ren Baqian was a priority, second only to the purpose of him coming to Dayao.

To have another person looking like him gave a weird feeling. It was enough to have him in this world and not necessary to have another looking exactly like him.

If Ren Baqian had not become an official in Dayao and received so much publicity, he would have thought one of his brothers was playing a practical joke by trying to pass off as him.