The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 85

Chapter 85: An Urge

After enquiring about the Great Hunt to Caretaker Shi, Ren Baqian finally had some idea about it.

Such a hunting season was originally a tradition of the aboriginals. Now that a city had been built, many commoners were no longer required to do this.

However, every year the city would still hold it once. Those who participated in it were the sons of the court officials. They could show their faces and display their capabilities in front of the empress. The empress would then observe whether or not they were outstanding.

In the past, the envoys from various countries would also be invited to the Great Hunt, allowing them to witness the capabilities of the aboriginal young men. After the event, the envoys would be sent back to their countries.

This had already become a custom.

After the empress ascended the throne, other than inviting the envoys as spectators, she would also invite the young men that brought birthday gifts for her from various countries to participate in the Great Hunt.

This event acted as a display of power and might as well. Many of the nobles from other countries would most likely wield power in the future. The empress wanted to give them a direct observation of the aboriginals' strength so that they could spread the word of Dayao's might.

The event would take place in a mountain forest that was half a day's journey from Lan City. There would be many wild beasts in that forest. Actually, there were even more fearsome beasts in that place.

This would be the stage where everyone displayed their capabilities.

Every year, those with the best results would be treated with more importance in the future. These people would have better career progression. At the same time, they would additionally be regarded favorable by many young girls.

Therefore, everyone that took part in the event was extremely enthusiastic.

However, right now, Ren Baqian's mind was filled with negative thoughts. According to Caretaker Shi, they would not be hunting rabbits or small animals during the event. Rather, the event was focused on the participants.

He did not know how to use any weapons. He would be considered lucky if he wasn't hunted by his prey, let alone hunt them.

Those nobles had servants, but he did not have any.

Even if there were rabbits for him to hunt, they would have fangs like the ones in the beast park. Ren Baqian felt that he would not able to fend them off.

Wouldn't he be in a disadvantageous position if he had to compete in hunting with these Dayao people. After all, every one of them were able to destroy a house with one hand.

Furthermore, the fearsome beasts weren't what Ren Baqian was most concerned with. He was more concerned with the humans. These few days, he had offended many people with his position from the Honglu Bureau. Initially, he thought that they could do nothing to him. He did not expect there would be such an event.

If someone ambushed him on the mountain, he would surely die there without needing the wild beasts to finish him off.

This is simply unfair!

When Ren Baqian thought of this, he cursed, "Damn it."

If he had known earlier that this would happen, he would not have gone so harsh on those nobles. Well done. There were many people that wanted to crush and eat his head.

Since it was already too late for regret, there was no point for him to overthink it. Perhaps, even if it meant death, he could hug the empress's thighs and not go onto the mountain. Ren Baqian did contemplate doing this.

When he returned to Earth, he had to get himself a gun. Even if he had two guns, he would not be safe. However, if he did not have a single gun, he would definitely be unsafe.

Not only could a gun deal with fearsome beasts, it could also deal with humans.

After counting the days he spent in this world, he realized he would be returning to Earth tomorrow night. It seemed like tomorrow he must notify the nobles from the three nations of the Great Hunt and submit the name list of the participants to the higher-ups. If someone could take over his work while he was gone, that would be good. The empress would most likely excuse him.

He would be returning to Earth one day after the Great Hunt. The empress' birthday celebration happened to fall on the day he returned to this world.


The next morning, when Ren Baqian arrived at the Honglu Bureau, he sent someone to notify everyone about the Great Hunt.

After sitting down for a while, one of his subordinates reported to him that someone was here. Furthermore, that person had a very high status. He was the Seventh Prince of Great Xia.

From what Ren Baqian knew, Great Xia was currently the most powerful country. The size of Great Xia was three times larger than Dayao's. Its population was a few times greater than Dayao's, having nearly three hundred million people. This was rather terrifying for a country in a feudal world.

With a gigantic population, it would naturally have more experts as well. Reportedly, six of the world's top ten experts were in Great Xia.

Its civilization went back to the dim and distant past. Every country was deeply influenced by Great Xia, especially the Yun Nation and the Chen Nation. Since both of them shared the same ancestry with Great Xia, the influence of Great Xia upon them was even larger.

From various aspects, Ren Baqian could tell that Great Xia was the overlord of this world.

Therefore, when the Seventh Prince of such a powerful country came to visit the Honglu Bureau, Ren Baqian did not dare show any negligence. He quickly brought Xiong Pi along with him to receive the Seventh Prince.

Outside Honglu Bureau's entrance, there was a huge body of men and horses. The convoy was fully clad in armor, exuding a murderous aura.

Behind the convoy, there was a luxurious huge carriage. Pulling the carriage were six extremely tall horses. These horses were taller than ordinary horses and their hair was satin-like, looking extremely handsome.

With a single glance, Ren Baqian could tell that these horses were priceless. If a commoner possessed one of these horses, he or she would treat it like a precious treasure. However, at this point of time, they were being used to pull the carriage, making one felt that they were abused.

Ren Baqian stood at the entrance of the Honglu Bureau and did not continue walking forward. The other party might be the Seventh Prince of Great Xia but he was still an official of Dayao.

Ren Baqian had shown enough etiquette by coming out to receive him.

As a matter of fact, nowadays he no longer came out to receive guests like what he used to do at the start. Now, he merely asked his subordinates to bring the guests into the Honglu Bureau.

Therefore, Ren Baqian felt that he had done more than enough by coming out to receive the Seventh Prince. There was no need for him to run forward and receive the Seventh Prince at his carriage. He wasn't paid by Dayao to do this anyway.

However, the thing that puzzled him was those horsemen were looking at him with a weird gaze. Even though they looked disciplined and stern, the astonished look on their faces could not be concealed at all, or rather it was extremely obvious.

Why are they looking at me? Do they think I'm handsome? Am I really that brutally handsome? Ren Baqian touched his face. He could not understand why those people were looking at him like that. He pretended not to notice them and continued waiting at the entrance.

Ren Baqian stood at the entrance for two minutes. Just as he was feeling impatient and considering whether or not should he return inside, a group of foot soldiers ran to the front of the main body and yelled out an order. Following which, the horsemen began to advance slowly.

The carriage got closer and closer to Ren Baqian until it stopped in front of the Honglu Bureau's entrance.

Just now, when the carriage was far away from Ren Baqian, he already felt that it looked extremely luxurious. Now that it was front of him, he could clearly see that it was inlaid with gold and precious gemstones. At this point in time, Ren Baqian wanted to find a camera and take a photo of it.

What is luxury vehicle? This is a luxury vehicle.

The body of the carriage was made up of an unknown purple-colored wood material. Clouds were carved on the top of the carriage. The clouds were inlaid with gold-carved cranes, vivid and lifelike. The eyes and heads of the cranes were embedded with precious gemstones. As the sunlight shone on the cranes, they filled with vitality, looking as though they would fly out of the carriage at any moment.

This carriage looked more like an exquisite art piece than a transport vehicle.

As the carriage stopped in its tracks, a pair of hands lifted open the carriage curtain. Then, a pink-dressed, remarkably beautiful woman stepped out of the carriage. Soon after, a white-robed young man wearing a white jade crown on his head followed behind her and stepped out of the carriage.

When Ren Baqian saw the face of the young man, he was stunned. He thought he saw the reflection of himself in the mirror.

The young man's facial appearance was exactly like his. Both of their faces looked as though they were carved out from the same mold.

Ren Baqian did not expect there would be someone in this world that looked exactly like him.

Furthermore, that person was the Seventh Prince of Great Xia.

The next moment, Ren Baqian felt an urge arise in his heart, an urge to kill him.