The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 86

Chapter 86: An Unreliable Way of Thinking

Ren Baqian himself didn't even know why he felt so impulsive. But, this feeling sincerely emanated from his innermost self, and it seemed as if his deepest desires were similar to just being impulsive.

Killing his doppelganger would imply that there would only be him left in this world.

At this moment, Ren Baqian was unsure if the other party had the same thoughts as him. He resisted the killing intent in him and cupped his fist in the other hand. "Is this the Seventh Prince of Great Xia?"

Ren Baqian did not dare to reveal any of his killing intent at all. If a person like the Seventh Prince wanted to kill him, it would be a piece of cake.

"That's exactly me," the Seventh Prince also suppressed the killing intent in his heart and revealed a suitable look of astonishment before nodding his head slowly.

In a split second, both of them hoisted their intention to kill the other party at the same time.

The slight difference was that, this was the second time the Seventh Prince had seen Ren Baqian.

When the Seventh Prince walked towards Ren Baqian and faced him, the people in the surrounding looked at the both of them and were left dumbstruck.

Never would anyone expect that two people could actually look so similar to each other.

There was more than one person who suspected that the Seventh Prince had a twin brother. But after thinking about it, that was something not very plausible.

"I really feel that I'm looking at myself," the Seventh Prince softly exclaimed after he carefully sized up Ren Baqian.

"This world is indeed magical. Xiu Wu, am I right?"

Seventh Prince's words were directed at the remarkably beautiful woman. That woman came to the Seventh Prince's side and took a look at the both of them. She gently covered her mouth and appropriately exposed a look of astonishment.

Ren Baqian pursed his lips and did not speak. He also found it magical. In spite of everything, he actually found someone that looked exactly like him in another world.

"In the future, you and I may have to be on good and intimate terms," the Seventh Prince patted Ren Baqian lightly on his shoulders. It appeared as though he was delighted about it.

As if Ren Baqian would believe this nonsense. If he believed the Seventh Prince, he would be a fool.

If Ren Baqian was the Seventh Prince and he met a doppelganger outside, he would only have two options: either he would murder the doppelganger or keep the doppelganger by his side, utilizing him as a substitute or even a shield at a crucial point.

And Ren Baqian was now an official in Dayao. Aside from his Storyteller of Qingxin Palace official position, Ren Baqian was at the very least holding a Secondary class, Rank 6 Honglu Deputy. As such, the second option would be very difficult to achieve. In that case, the only option available was to kill Ren Baqian.

This was Ren Baqian's current understanding of the situation.

At that time, Ren Baqian already had that kind of impulsiveness generated in him. How could a person with such a high status like the Seventh Prince, tolerate a carbon copy of him wander outside.

Soon enough, Ren Baqian smiled, "I never expected that my appearance would actually be so similar to the prince of Great Xia. This world is really magical. Perhaps, in some corner of this world, there are other people with similar appearances as well."

The Seventh Prince narrowed his eyes slightly. If someone had said it in the past, he would not have believed them. But, he believed it now.

"Please, follow after me, Your Highness. Even though Your Highness... Am I right to call you that? Even though Your Highness is of respectable status, there are still certain procedures which you will have to go through," Ren Baqian said as he entered the building.

Even after the few of them entered the building, the people outside were still in absolute disbelief.

Qi Heng and Qi Sheng were yakking about it and their faces were filled with amazement. They never expected that there could be such a coincidental thing in this world. When they returned to their nation, they could brag about witnessing such a situation on the dinner table.

The subordinates of the Seventh Prince were even more amazed than both Qi Heng and Qi Sheng.

Along with the Seventh's Prince entrance, the woman called Xiu Wu and another man whom looked like a commander of the horsemen followed after.

En route to the courtyard, the Seventh Prince was still exclaiming how mystical this world was. He suddenly blurted out, "I wonder where Deputy Ren's ancestral hometown is at? Perhaps, it might be Great Xia or even a part of the imperial bloodline that had been left behind. Otherwise, it is indeed unimaginable for anyone that has no blood ties with me to look so similar."

Upon hearing these words, Ren Baqian thought that perhaps if he wasn't from Earth, he would believe it.

But, Ren Baqian said, "I'm unworthy to be associated with your imperial family. The ancestors before my grandfather were all commoners. None of them were even an official."

Seventh Prince turned around and took a glance at Ren Baqian. He then turned his head back again and acted as if it was nothing.

Xiu Wu who was by his side, knitted her brows. Just a moment ago, Seventh Prince grabbed her hand forcefully and hurt her a little. However soon enough, she gripped onto Seventh Prince's hand considerately and transmitted the warmth in her hands to him.

Looking at Xiu Wu who was bent over the desk filling in the paperwork, Ren Baqian got reminded of the task that the empress assigned him with and said," In a few days' time, it will be the annual Great Hunt. I wonder if the Seventh Prince will be interested in participating?"

"I really want to see the abilities of the younger generation in Dayao." The Seventh Prince grinned. "But before that, I require Deputy Ren's help to report that I would like to meet your distinguished nation's empress."

Ren Baqian nodded," I will report it to Her Majesty. As for whether Her Majesty wants to meet you or not, I am unsure of that. In addition, there will be someone to inform Your Highness on the time and venue for the Great Hunt."

The Seventh Prince nodded. "If Deputy Ren has the time, I would like to have a drink with you. Hope that you will not decline."

Ren Baqian beamed. "Recently, I'm somewhat busy and tied up. If there is an opportunity in the future, I will definitely call on you."

Seeing that Ren Baqian rejected his request, the Seventh Prince did not say more and left with Xiu Wu after she finished filling in the form.

Ren Baqian did not see the Seventh Prince off. Once he left, Ren Baqian whopped down on the chair and deeply breathed in big mouthfuls.

He practically could not suppress the killing intent within him just now, so much so that he had the urge to ask Xiong Pi to crush the Seventh Prince on the spot. However, he did not have the courage to do so. He wasn't sure if the other party would die or not, but, he was certain that he would be dead.

Moreover, it was the prince of Great Xia who travelled all the way to Dayao. Ren Baqian would never believe that the Seventh Prince did not have any experts by his side.

At this time, Xiong Pi was at a loss, "Deputy, he looks so similar to you. If I'm outside, I will definitely be unable to recognize which is you."

Ren Baqian ignored him. Let alone Xiong Pi, even he wouldn't be able to recognize himself.

After the Seventh Prince left, the surging killing intent within him finally calmed down.

Even Ren Baqian felt it was weird that he had such a strong reaction towards the Seventh Prince. Prior to coming to this world, he was someone who had never even killed a chicken before. Although Ren Baqian had instructed Xiong Pi to kill a few people over the past few days, his objective was to intimidate the rest. He felt uneasy deep down inside of him.

It was his first time having such a strong murderous urge towards a stranger.

After falling into a daze for a while, Ren Baqian suddenly recalled a movie which he had watched in the past.

There are actually countless versions of oneself among the countless parallel worlds, and each of them has a different destiny.

He felt that the Seventh Prince was just another "him" in a different world.

It was under some kind of coincidence that Ren Baqian arrived in this world. In addition, he was able to encounter the other "him" who belonged to this world.

Although this was an unreliable way of thinking, he felt that it was not impossible for such a situation to occur.

Otherwise, he was not able to explain the killing intent surging within him just now.

In that movie, killing every single self from the different parallel worlds would make one stronger.

According to Ren Baqian's understanding, it was the same life force divided into countless portions. After killing the other parallel world's self, the receiving party would obtain their life force and then became stronger.

Of course, that was just a vain attempt in the movie world.

But, what would happen if the Seventh Prince really died?