The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Hot Blooded Pig-Ignorant Teammate

"Hong Xian, let's battle. If I win, you will have to return the crossbow to me. I have promised someone else that I will return it to him when the time comes. I can't possibly be an untrustworthy, ball-less girl."

Ren Baqian was roasting the meat when he heard a loud voice coming from behind Immediately, his forehead was filled with black lines created by the smoke.

Untrustworthy ball-less girl?

Did your brain get kicked by a donkey?

You must be afraid that you would not die quickly enough.

He turned his head around and looked at the royal carriage at the back. Ren Baqian ultimately felt that the empress would mark him down regardless if he won or lost. He would definitely have to watch out in the future.

Ren Baqian felt that he had to distance himself from Du Changkong so that he could avoid being implicated by him.

If pig-ignorant teammates were segregated into four different grades; A,B,C and D, Du Changkong would definitely be an S grade.

The roasting of the meat was more or less done. Ren Baqian immediately took two sticks of roasted meat, ran to the back and joined the crowd.

They were all children of court officials. Ren Baqian estimated that Du Changkong would definitely not die but affirmed that he would certainly get a good dressing down.

"Storyteller Ren!"

Ren Baqian just got up and he heard Qing Yuan calling for him. He turned around and saw her waving at him and immediately ran over.

However, the expression on Qing Yuan's face was a little queer, and it caused Ren Baqian to generate negative thoughts in his mind.
Ren Baqian got on the empress carriage and the empress was looking at him with an attempt at a smile, "What did you tell him just now?"

Ren Baqian's face turned ghastly pale.

The "flames" of this issue have now spread to myself.

After all, Du Changkong ran to the back and shouted all that nonsense after talking to me.

It seems that even if I claim that I did not say anything, even I myself,will not believe it.

"Your Majesty is wise, it has nothing to do with your humble servant at all! In my heart, women can hold up half the sky, or even more than half the sky. I indeed do not know how was he being provoked to say such things. I only said that 'a man of his words would abide by his promise.' Since he took my crossbow, he should definitely return it to me. Whatever he said has nothing to do we me at all" Ren Baqian cried bitterly and loudly in excessive grief at once.

The empress took a few looks at Ren Baqian and gently brushed her sleeves. Ren Baqian then felt that he was soaring up into the clouds and flying amongst them.

Ren Baqian slumped onto the ground. Even though he fell onto a patch lawn, he still grimaced in pain.

Ren Baqian felt like weeping but had no tears at all. He was actually duped by a stupid 17-year-old and hoped that the empress eventually did not mark himself down.

He went to pick up that skewer of roasted meat while rubbing his buttocks and limped towards the back of the carriage.

A moment ago, Ren Baqian still wanted to watch the scene of bustle. But now, he was fuming with rage between gritted teeth and wanted to see how that stupid person was being beaten up.

Originally, this circle was bustling with noise and excitement. Some people were roasting meat while some were chatting among themselves. A girl was seated on top of the elephant, holding onto the crossbow and looking through the scope to look afar. A strong sense of curiosity could be seen from her eyes.

Although the scope's ability to look far wasn't that powerful, it still had a certain degree of effectiveness. She was able to clearly see places that were relatively far away and this made the girl very curious. When compared to those treasures she had in her residence, this was certainly way more interesting.

There were also a few other men and women seated in the vicinity of that girl. They raised their heads from time to time, checking to see if the girl sitting on top of the elephant had finished fiddling with the item as they wanted to play with it as well.

Just at this moment, Du Changkong arrived with persistence and unwavering determination displayed on his face. It was as if he was going to sacrifice his life heroically for a cause. He then shouted as he stood at 20 meters in front of that girl, "Hong Xian, let's have a match. If i win, you'll have to return the crossbow to me. I have promised someone else that I will return it to him when the time comes. I can't possibly be an untrustworthy, ball-less girl.."

In a split second, the entire place quietened down.

Everyone was looking at him.

The only difference was that, all the men displayed a look of surprise as they wondered what had gotten into Du Changkong. But soon after, a few tall and burly man burst into laughter. "Untrustworthy ball-less girl? Hahahaha, I'm dying of laughter."

On the other hand, the women at the plaza were stunned at the beginning. But soon after, they felt indignant about what he said and shot their piercingly murderous gazes to Du Changkong.

What kind of words did he say? Untrustworthy ball-less girl? It was certainly too malicious as it included all the aboriginal women as well and more severely, included Her Majesty who was on the carriage.

It turned out that Du Changkong still wasn't aware and gave the girl on the elephant a look of provocation.

That girl named Hong Xian was about 17 to 18 years old. After she recovered from the shock, veins on her head began to pop out. She scowled a few looks at Du Changkong and swung her hands, throwing the crossbow to the people nearby. Hong Xian swung her hips and got down from the elephant.

"Did you say ball-less girls?" Hong Xian glared at Du Changkong as if she was itching to kill him anytime.

"Do you all have balls?" At this moment, Du Changkong's morale was still boosted by Ren Baqian's goading and a gush of hot blood rushed towards his head at this moment.

"Puhahahaha, hahahaha!"

After a brief moment of silence, a frantic laughter exploded.

This time, it was not only the same men who laughed. Almost all the men in the plaza burst into laughter and they were laughing and wiping their tears at the same time. This Du Changkong must have eaten a tiger's gall and obtained its courage?
"Bastard, since you want to die this much, I will grant you your wish." Hong Xian's originally delicate face turned green at this moment and blue veins began to appear on her forehead.

Seeing that Hong Xian was raging with anger, Du Changkong suddenly felt diffident.

It seems like I have provoked her to her limit.

However at this moment, it is too late be a coward.

There are so many people watching this and if I chicken out, I will definitely be not able to face anyone else in the future.

He firmed up his mind and said," If I win, you will have to return the crossbow to me. The crossbow originally belongs to someone else."

If Ren Baqian was at the scene, he would definitely be touched. This fool was looking at someone, who wanted to pull his tendons out and tear his skin off, yet he was still concerned about retrieving the crossbow. Indeed, he was a loyal person.

But, Ren Baqian was on the ground massaging his buttocks, hoping that the Hong girl would not spare Du Changkong and bash him to death.

When he finally limped over, a huge circle had already formed over that side.

"Du Family's son, finally going to be a man today. Must persevere as long as you can."

"Du Changkong, I'm optimistic about you. Do not lose face by all means."

"Hong Xian, teach him a good lesson."

When Ren Baqian arrived, he heard the chaotic and rowdy jeering. These people were here to join in the crowd and not here to meddle in other people's business.

The things in the plaza were moved away by people and on a rather huge piece of lawn stood Du Changkong and a girl who was wearing a set of green clothes. They were standing 10 meters away from each other.

"This is Hong Xian?I wonder if she is related to Hong Luan in any way." Ren Baqian pondered.

Since both of their appearances aren't similar, I guess that they only have the same family name.
Just when Ren Baqian stood firmly on the ground, the two parties in the plaza collided and their fists and feet were entangled in the fight.

According to their body size, Du Changkong was much bigger than Hong Xian. But it didn't mean that the bigger the body size, the more awesome one would be. Otherwise, the empress would not be known as the top expert in Dayao and Du Changkong wouldn't have pulled a long face right from the start.

After exchanging blows for a short while, Du Changkong flew invertedly outwards. Those with good eyesight would be able to see Hong Xian using her fists to prop Du Changkong's arms up. His arms, which he suddenly lost control of, rose up. Following which, she smashed her fists into Du Changkong's chest.

Ren Baqian wasn't able to make out what was going on. Although the actions of the two weren't garish, it was still too quick for him to catch a glimpse of what was happening.

Du Changkong rolled over, got up on his feet and collided with Hong Xian once again. However, he rebounded at an even faster speed. Just when he collided into her, a "bang" could be heard and he was sent flying upside down. Even though Ren Baqian wasn't able to see what was happening clearly, he felt pain for Du Changkong as he heard the loud bang and saw him crashing down onto the ground repeatedly.

"I can't possibly be an untrustworthy, ball-less girl?"

"Whom did you say made empty promises?"

"What did you say about women?"


The entire plaza witnessed Hong Xian kicking Du Changkong around like a ball. She did not even wait for him to get up before giving him another kick, which sent him flying once again.

If it was an ordinary person, he or she would have been kicked to death.

But, Du Changkong was resistant to attacks. He was able to defend his vital points at the very least. Even though he was being kicked and flew everywhere, he still tried to get up time after time.

Seeing that he was being kicked around like a ball, everyone roared with laughed.

A moment ago, Du Changkong had just manned up. But in just a few short seconds, he was being kicked around like a ball.